Bandaids Showclub


2548 North 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ85006

SCN ADMIN (management)onBandaids Showclub

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

yanard12onBandaids Showclub

posted on 2 October, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Worst place ever. Bitches tried to hustle me and my friend then told us to f#@k off after we asked to speak to the manager

brandonreshonBandaids Showclub

posted on 5 February, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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Visit: 09/13/2015Hoooooooooooooood! Yes, this place is hood. Not bullet wounds and C-Sectionscars hood, but most certainly a hood spot.It was $6 a piece for us to get in which isn't bad, but the place is verysmall. It's basically a dive bar with stripper poles.It's really small, which isn't bad, but if you are a stuck up stripper (yep,won't even call them dancers) then you are going to stick out. And this placehad quite a few strippers who don't know manners or how to hustle; specificallythe African American dancer with her hair in a bun that walked by and gave us adirty look. We apologize that our money isn't good enough for you ma'am.There were three stages: two small ones in the bar area with one of them inthe corner and the main stage in the club area. Of course there were lots ofmirrors which were where the dancers on each stage were looking.There was a smoke area outside where the strippers can go to smoke as welland then come back to you or by you smelling like smoke.The best part was the signs in the bathroom heavily dissuading prostitution;there were MULTIPLE signs. Usually when you have multiple signs about one topicit is because that particular topic is an ongoing issue. Just saying.

Anthony V.onBandaids Showclub

posted on 21 October, 2015
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LOVE THIS PLACE... Diamond in the rough thats for sure.... small place but dancers aim to please. Wont be going to Jaguars anymore after going to this place!

Johnnyboy123onBandaids Showclub

posted on 8 November, 2014
Joined 6 years ago
144 comments posted

this place sucks worst place in town

new fanonBandaids Showclub

posted on 10 June, 2014
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the club really sucks, but the dancers are hot, nice, and available. had the best time with Claudia. had to enjoy her in the VIP experience. so beautiful and sexy. i will be back.

Out of TowneronBandaids Showclub

posted on 14 April, 2014
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Stopped here in Jan, 2014 but forgot to post then. Great VIP dances from Taylor, She is HOT!!!

Bob WonBandaids Showclub

posted on 24 November, 2013
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Not an upscale but busy with lots of hot dancers, never lacked for attentions. the best were vip dances with jasmine, so nice and hot with sexy soft boobs. be back for more fun with her.

Santa BobonBandaids Showclub

posted on 17 October, 2013
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Several trips to Bandaids were the Best time ever! Does anyone know what happened to Delisious?

adamrodonBandaids Showclub

posted on 21 August, 2013
Joined 6 years ago
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5 star reviews aren't just for the fanciest places on Earth. Oh no. 5 stars within a class. Bandaids is in it's own class of dirty, run down, last stop stripper establishments and within that class, Bandaids is primo. I've never had a bad time here. Never.

SteveHonBandaids Showclub

posted on 27 July, 2013
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this place is small and on the edge of sleazy, but has plenty of hot dancers. I enjoyed every minute with each of them, nice and so sexy. the vip section is def worth it.

New FanonBandaids Showclub

posted on 4 April, 2013
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Bandaid's is kind of a dive and small. However, I resisted bolting out and had a great time. There were lots of hot dancers, all great to spend time with. Really enjoyed Nicole on my lap, she is super sexy and totally fun.

Stickey 1onBandaids Showclub

posted on 19 October, 2012
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Anyone know what happened to Jennifer?

pete y.onBandaids Showclub

posted on 13 August, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

This is a ghetto place, no offense. The girls are happy, customers are happy, but put your game face on when you walk in. The place is a money machine for the owner, low overhead, positive cash flow. Why is this place called bandaids show lounge? Because its small, the dancers wear less than bikinis, and/or the building is long and skinny like a bandaid. There are three stages, really just two 2x2 raised areas, and a bigger main stage. This place could be a set for a movie scene requiring a ghetto strip club. Dont get me wrong, its colorful, lots of character. When it comes to strip clubs, the main thing is the talent. This place has a lot of local talent. And one or two top tier girls, either by virtue of body, youth, personality, or some combination. Saturday this place was crowded up until 2am, of course, it only takes a few people in a small place, but still. Top girl - in my opinion, phoenix. 21 (stated age) and hot. She could be 16, 17, 18. Thin body, white.

joseph1konBandaids Showclub

posted on 26 August, 2010
Joined 8 years ago
168 comments posted

Everything you could want out of a run of the mill strip bar.Decent looking girls..Ok drink pricesgruffy voiced Djbut the SHINING STAR is the new cocktail waitress Heather.... MMMM MMMM good. If only she danced..P.S. I have yet to see anything close to a BJ or HJ, but one never knows what a late visit this week may find...

WILDCATZ CABARET $1.00 U-Call-ItsonBandaids Showclub

posted on 16 September, 2009
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WildCatz Cabaret, Grand Opening Party Friday and Saturday September 18th and 19th ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. The MUST-BE-AT event of the year. $1.00 U-Call-Its. Newly Remodeled, New Owners, New Staff, New Extremely Hot Dancers. Pool table, 3 V.I.P. Areas, Flat Screen T.V.'s. $1.00 blowjobs, do me juice, hot jizz, sit on my face mary jane, plus anthing else you want. Lap dance specials all day and night long as well. Come check us out located on the southwest corner of 32nd st and McDowell. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (602)275-2188.

lookingonBandaids Showclub

posted on 4 April, 2009
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trying to find out if there is a dancer here, blonde, busty, w/ very large nipples and blue eyes that goes by Lisa or Rain.

black and half blackonBandaids Showclub

posted on 30 March, 2009
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picture says a thousand words

Laura R.onBandaids Showclub

posted on 22 December, 2008
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I think Max, Eric & Jason summed this place up pretty well. I dont think I'd ever get a dance here. It was Friday about 10pm-ish we were there about an hour I did not see one attractive girl come out. In fact this was the worst line up I have ever seen...EVAR!! I wont nit pick about the girls I saw but I will not be returning either. Ladies if your feeling down about a little weight gain go here.....hell who am I kidding even i it's a lot of weight gain, do your self esteem a favor and start your night here!!

da bombonBandaids Showclub

posted on 16 October, 2008
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Da bomb..............................................................

Patriot's FanonBandaids Showclub

posted on 7 January, 2008
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Might be heading your way for Super Bowl. Any recommendations on the best place to play...quality of girls and fewest penalties for "illegal use of hands". Like to have some input from the locals.

van halen fanonBandaids Showclub

posted on 25 November, 2007
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I feel in love last night with a girl whos stage name was Karina...any girls work here at bandaids that come to this website..if so tell her the guy at the end of the night last night who kept tellin her she was the prettiest girl in the club wants to get ahold of her on email or myspace or something and leave an addy and ill get ahold of you..

never againonBandaids Showclub

posted on 20 November, 2007
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Nasty. nasty. nasty. nasty. the girls here really do have bandaids all over their bodies.

SINNonBandaids Showclub

posted on 12 November, 2007
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SINN would not hire a Bandaids girl. The only girls at Bandaids that USED to work at SINN are the leftover skanks from the prior management that were fired. There's no compaison. The class of customers and girls between SINN and Bandaids is like comparing a house in Scottsdale with one on lower Buckeye. You are taking a chance of being shot at Bandaids and/or getting rippede off by a tranny.

WendyonBandaids Showclub

posted on 6 November, 2007
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I worked with Mara iin the late 90s. But I don't know what happened to her....

maraonBandaids Showclub

posted on 23 October, 2007
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Does anyone remember Mara? She used to be an Amazons girl 98 thru like 2002, really tall short hair big chest, lost contact with her awhile ago and was wondering if anyone had seen her.

Not rightonBandaids Showclub

posted on 14 July, 2007
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What happened to this club.It use to be a great place to go.I was in there tonight and it was nothing but a bunch of thugs and wanna be something.Real ghetto.Is it that slow, that they cater to the people who do not spend any real money.Take my advice go somewhere else to play.Stay away from here.

catteringonBandaids Showclub

posted on 28 June, 2007
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if u want head, butt, or beat it in the guts you can always find it at bandaids were there will be men an women also he she's they got bullet wounds, stretch marks, and big harry bumpy pussey.

BrittneyonBandaids Showclub

posted on 17 June, 2007
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Has anyone seen her? She has one of the finest asses you've ever seen and she is of far eastern decent. Could be a different name but she would be new and would be drawing attention.

7th st. clubsonBandaids Showclub

posted on 16 April, 2007
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SINN and Bandaids do not have the same owners. They are rivals. Many of the girls work at both clubs because they are down the street from each other. The Bandaids girls are told that they will be fired if they are caught working at SINN due to some dispute. By the way, Elise is a hottie! She's there late at night.

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