2001 Odyssey


2309 North Dale Mabry Highway

Tampa, FL33607

SCN ADMIN (management)on2001 Odyssey

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!


NIKKIon2001 Odyssey

posted on 7 September, 2016
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Hot little blond with tight arse and fake boobies. Good dances but talks too much and VIP / CR is a waste of time with her. NO extras !!

She likes chicks too !!

Chachion2001 Odyssey

posted on 30 August, 2016
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Does Dakota dance here anymore?

rj1977on2001 Odyssey

posted on 26 August, 2016
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Shzanna East and Richmond McDonald are both child molesters let them know what you think 8202 Downfield Ln Tampa Fl

rj1977on2001 Odyssey

posted on 26 August, 2016
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Shzanna East

Chuckon2001 Odyssey

posted on 21 August, 2016
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Stopped by this club last week and was not impressed. The girl at the door was rude, as was the waitress. Three girls working, none that were noteworthy!

bigdog177on2001 Odyssey

posted on 15 May, 2016
Joined 8 months ago
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I was there on May 14th great place does get a little crowded at times but plenty of eye candy .Just wanted to say had a great time the girls are great .Will be visiting again .

The private rooms are fun with you and the Dancer .I was treated right all night .

If you never been here go see it for your selves .

To the staff that works there they do a great job and take care of them as well .

Thanks for a great awesome night 2001 will be back.

bigdog177on2001 Odyssey

posted on 13 May, 2016
Joined 8 months ago
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hey there is a dancer from IL is she still working there

Burpon2001 Odyssey

posted on 8 May, 2016
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Nice mobile site

Jen?on2001 Odyssey

posted on 17 January, 2016
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Blonde, shoulder length hair, big natural rack, no tatoos from what I recall. Still working here?

Shawnaon2001 Odyssey

posted on 28 December, 2015
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It's been a while since I've been here. Met a thin attractive blond named Shawna. For me, she was very personable. I enjoyed my time with her very much. My favorite part is that she is as much of a hugger as I am. It felt good holding her in my arms.

Glenon2001 Odyssey

posted on 17 November, 2015
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Does anyone know if three dances for 60$ still available ?

Polechickeeon2001 Odyssey

posted on 18 September, 2015
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All dancers interested in the Pole Dancing trade in general, hit up the new FB page called POLECHICK dot com. It's a great page for the trade. Guys are welcome too.

Doc S.on2001 Odyssey

posted on 3 May, 2015
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She's a nurse at TGH now

eddieon2001 Odyssey

posted on 18 November, 2014
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girls looking for the best outfits plz follow me on instagram eddiecolingerie if I don't have it I make it

adamrodon2001 Odyssey

posted on 21 August, 2014
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We were out with a small group of friends and decided to hit up 2001 Odyssey after a friend of mine hit a "minor jackpot" at Hardrock. My fiancee was with me so this was quite the experience. Cover is not free for girls and there is no alcohol served in the establishment. They require everyone to purchase at least one drink... whether it be water, soda, etc. If you've never been a strip club that doesn't serve alcohol, don't let that scare you away. Just pre-game... and all is good. Reason they don't serve alcohol is because all the girls are butt ass naked down to the coochie. We had an awesome time and the girls were all really friendly and considerate to my fiancee. They all asked before shoving their voluptuous titties in her face. I can't say all girls are friendly, because I've only been here once, but from our one visit, I'd say the girls treat everyone well and make you feel comfortable. Good entertainment every now and then. I think I've got a good spot for my bachelor party.

james1412on2001 Odyssey

posted on 20 August, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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If central florida is the house of mouse, then south florida is for the strip clubs (and beaches). If you haven't passed by one of the many strip clubs in your lifetime while traveling in tampa, then are you even in tampa at all? My first strip club experience was in orlando and a majority of the clubs there enforces the use of pasties and a g-string, so going here was a new experience as it was all was NUDE. There is a cover fee for both guys and girls (but the girls cover fee is cheaper), and it is required that you buy one drink. Of course, no alcohol or food is sold. If anything just drink outside, and there is typically a food truck outside the club. Oh and they have a champagne room, and private booths for your lap dance needs. So I guess this is a legit strip club?Compared to the other place I have been too, the majority of the clientele here is male (but you will see females here and there).As for the dancers, you will see a good assortment of body types: from super skinny to thick, big boobs, small boobs, fake boobs, grandma boobs, weird looking boobs, white, black, asians, and hispanics. Majority of them were really pretty compared to the strippers in orlando, and they do not look drugged up at all! However, one thing that I notice is that a majority of them have a serious case of cellulite. I remember when I first entered and saw the first girl in my view, guys probably will notice the boobs or vagina first, but for me, it was cellulite! Cellulite is a peeve of mind and I guess guys will never notice these kinds of things, but the whole night I got distracted by it. Just something funny to add in.Even as a female going into an all nude place, you will still have fun (once you loosen up a bit). I actually think the strippers prefer female clients rather than the male clients. Anyways, ladies, just be prepared to have boobs on your face, your face near their pelvis, or get licked/kisses anywhere. They are clean and hygenic so don't worry about getting a disease. I didn't find any fun with boobs on my face or the dancer's playfulness, but what I was really into was all the tricks they did on the pole! Wowza! Seriously, some of these girls should work for circus soleil. Oh and a fun thing I learned from one of the dancers, is that those poles swivel! I never knew that...the things you can learn in strip clubs lol. Seriously, if you want me to make it rain on you, just do awesome tricks on the pole then boom easy money from me lol. No need to strip or anything haha. Environment wise, it's quite smokey, so it feels like your throat is burning. To reduce this, do not sit near those machines which blows out smoke. They also have a tv which will play football/basketball/soccer/whatever is in season, so if you were forced to go here against your will, the tv can entertain you. As for the bathrooms, female restrooms here are surprisingly super clean! Don't know about the male restrooms though lol.Will I go back? Probably this will be a one time thing unless a friend wants to go, or I am with a group of guys like what happened last night lol. But seriously these girls are so nice and not stuck-up. I told one of the really good pole dancers that I am interested in trying pole dancing and she gave me so much advice haha...for beginners better to use a stationary pole than one which swivels. Anyways, guaranteed you will have a good time.

BJSoxFanon2001 Odyssey

posted on 12 August, 2014
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Last Thursday visited 2001 early afternoon for a quick peek at some ladies. Met an Asian girl named Jayda right away, this girl was on me like crazy and would not stop until I gave her a dance. I am glad that I did, because she let me go all the way for $140 in the UFO. @$$-2-M0uth for $140, never though I would see that in a club, this chick is nuts. Had protect and everything ready to go. Part of me feels really dirty because she is obviously a filthy whore, but dang that was goood.

benon2001 Odyssey

posted on 14 July, 2014
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is alex still working there??? its been a couple of years.

Markon2001 Odyssey

posted on 12 May, 2014
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To the guy from NY asking about Aleah - she the one who danced by Natalya? She moved back to FL a while back and she's a nurse now.

Super Marioon2001 Odyssey

posted on 7 May, 2014
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Spencer is incredibly hit

Auto Loveron2001 Odyssey

posted on 19 April, 2014
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Does Ferrari give good lap?

MMHINCon2001 Odyssey

posted on 14 April, 2014
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Does Kristen still work there? Taller slimmer blonde with lower back tattoo and a very pretty face

Marilynon2001 Odyssey

posted on 27 March, 2014
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Had a dance with a girl named Marilyn and she is super hot and worth the money. Simone is not bad either.

Max Bon2001 Odyssey

posted on 22 February, 2014
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Finally hit the Starship and is was worth every penny. Discount for 15 minutes, but grindin so hard it turned into 30. There is this one tall blonde that's super built. Short pixie haircut and a body that's bangin. Gotta get her name next time. Wish they had alcohol, but me and my boys made up for it with drinks at the after hours. What's up with them 3 girls smoking Sticks n Stones E Cigs? Get them on the pole. Thanks for the free E Cigs and the impromptu lap dance.

cool newson2001 Odyssey

posted on 8 July, 2013
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12R7aK Muchos Gracias for your article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

Total Rip-Offon2001 Odyssey

posted on 6 May, 2013
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Avoid the $400 champagne room. Anything a girl tells you is a lie! There is a sheer curtain at the entrance and you are on infra-red camera the whole time. You can get more action sitting at the stage, really. There is a little known option of $140 for a 15 min spaceship that is the only thing worth it and only with the right girl.

Slickon2001 Odyssey

posted on 17 April, 2013
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Wow what a horrible experience. I was there this weekend and the bar tender was do rude. The dancers were nice but the door girl was very pushy about a tip. When I did a private VIP room the waitress was also very pushy about a tip. Don't go there if you want to have a relaxed atmosphere. Maybe I should have taken the Molly I was offered by the bouncer

clermon2001 Odyssey

posted on 8 January, 2013
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Corina still working at the club?

Chicago Caton2001 Odyssey

posted on 31 October, 2012
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Anyone know if GO GO, Veronica, Persia still dance at this club I will be heading down in Dec.

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