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San Francisco, CA 94133

Lacey Black   on  Centerfolds

posted on 23 September, 2016
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Lacey Black Adult model and dancer Lacey Black

Username laceyblack

Gender Female

Location Florida

Relationship Single

Age 24

Ethnicity Caucasian

Hair color Blonde

Eye color Green

Height 5'6"

Weight 108.0 lbs

Hey everyone! My name is Lacey, I love to interact with my fans on here!

If you have anything you want to know about me just leave a comment and I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

SCL Admin (management)  on Centerfolds

posted on 22 September, 2016

With the first presidential debate coming on Monday, Donald Trump has moved to a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton, his biggest advantage since mid-July.

Strip Club List: Job Opening (management)  on Centerfolds

posted on 30 June, 2016

Job opening at Club 390 in Chicago, IL:

Manager needed to run all Club Operations. Great customer service skills and reliability are a must. Nights and Weekends required. Please submit a resume, a photo, and your salary expectations. Hiring immediately.

Contat Club 390 directly at 708.758.2582 or fill out an online application by clicking the link below:

Click here to View Position

Mr. Smith  on Centerfolds

posted on 28 June, 2009
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I paid cover at Deja Centerfolds. So, I only had to buy 1 drink minimum. However, it's $10. I thought I'd get a soda or a simple beer and get 2 drinks. I get the soda and no credit for another. $10 for a coke or beer? I also had no seat, only the bar. The security/usher told me there were no seats available. I noticed 2 tables with reserve signs and 2 others with only 1 guy there. There were 3 empty seats for awhile. It was 11pm , so I might as well leave since I got some fun at Deja Centerfolds already. I think there were more pretty girls here than Centerfolds, but didn't really get a good look. I don't know the L.D. policy or payment plan either. It was rather dark in there. I like to see the girls easily not with difficulty.

Don  on Centerfolds

posted on 26 January, 2009
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Was there a couple of times towards the end of 2008. Does anyone know where "Destiny" went? She's a very nice girl that recently moved to the east bay and is very talented in the culinary arts. Any thing on her whereabouts would help. Awesome club, great service, and the girls are very nice to you.

miriam  on Centerfolds

posted on 27 December, 2008
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happy new year showgirls.

Jason  on Centerfolds

posted on 28 July, 2008
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Yasmeen is nasty Both a buddy and I slept with her and caught something I care not to admit too. She wines to much and is a bad dancer. She is way to quick to get in a guys pants with her hands.

SA  on Centerfolds

posted on 6 April, 2007
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I agree with BRAZIL. I'm sure you're doing a lot better across the street. The girls (whites and asians) and staff there SUCK! Latin Girls RULE!!!

BRAZIL  on Centerfolds

posted on 22 March, 2007
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I just wanted to say that, showgirls is lightweight racial. i auditioned and got sent away, , but yo look i work @ the showgirls across the street and that club is way more upscale. i guess they already had their token black chick. but im not even black im cubana.

Mariah and Scarlett  on Centerfolds

posted on 7 March, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH/SCARLETT and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more...

To mike  on Centerfolds

posted on 7 February, 2007
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Sorry u though the dance sucked :( but everyone knows no money back policy. Maybe you should smarten up a bit and maybe do a $20 dance before the 3 for $100 package.

Mike  on Centerfolds

posted on 5 February, 2007
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I want to say some negative comments about this club. I went to the club on sunday 01/04/07.I dealt with the dancer $80 for a dance (3 for 1) . We started the dance half but that is not we dealt with and I ask the dancer for money back. She said no and let me speaked to the guy who is manager. The manager also said no money back and speaked very rude to me. I will never ever go this club again.

Dances Prices  on Centerfolds

posted on 26 January, 2007
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$20 at ur chair or 2 for $60 at a booth. Didn't go upstairs because prices for upstair's dances are really high.

PC  on Centerfolds

posted on 26 January, 2007
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Went to this club tues & wed. Met a cutie from Nebraska. Club was kind of slow not to many girls actually sat and chit chatted. I do have to say many cuties and a few not so good as all clubs go. Great staff and watress. Will be back.

Amber  on Centerfolds

posted on 22 August, 2006
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Blue is the hottest girl there!

Bruce  on Centerfolds

posted on 1 August, 2006
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Most go club! See Kioto!! Very, very nice, good hustler, but worth every dollar. Softest skin I have ever touched. Must be that principals secret.

SG VIP  on Centerfolds

posted on 8 June, 2005
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for those who asked about roxy - she is still at Showgirls and kicking butt. In fact, I think she is looking better than ever - tighter body and tones. hehe Despite the fact they have the most "gentleman-like" table dances, they have the best girls working there. If you go there make sure you say hi to roxy as well as nori, jennifer, and london!

Jasmine  on Centerfolds

posted on 18 January, 2005
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Is jasmine back from L.A?

stripgoer  on Centerfolds

posted on 10 January, 2005
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well... the girls dont get there till 10:00 mostly. doesnt get goint till then.

Hogan  on Centerfolds

posted on 13 December, 2004
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Went to Showgirls last Wednesday evening and had a great time. The entire staff is friendly, the club is clean and upper class. I spent most of the evening with Jasmine. She is top-notch from the looks to the personality. I had a great time and spent some extra time upstairs in the VIP room. WELL worth the time and money. I'll be back, without a doubt!!! They do have valet parking, which I missed because the sign was so small. Take advantage of that as the lot across the street is the same price, but you have to step over a few homeless to get to your car.

Evan  on Centerfolds

posted on 2 December, 2004
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The girls at this club are the best. Everyone here is so beautiful most of the girls could be models. One of the best girls there is a dancer named roxy. She is physical perfection. She look's like she stepped out of a victorias secret catalog. She is very tall, very thin, with long black hair, super long legs, and big full lips. She also has a personality to match. She is a clean dancer and a blast to be around. You really cant go wrong here. But roxy is the best. If anyone knows what days she works please let me know. I have stopped in a few times since my last visit and have not seen her. Hope to see her next time I visit the club.

Doug from LA  on Centerfolds

posted on 10 August, 2004
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This club is the best. There are so many hot dancers here. Chase, berlin, roxy, shelbi, veronica. The hottest women on earth. Spent every last dollar getting dances from these ladies and it was worth every cent.

John  on Centerfolds

posted on 6 August, 2004
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This is by far the club with the best looking girls most are 9/10. The staff was also very cool. Even the bartenders are hot here.In my opinion the only club even worth going to in san francisco.Espically if you perfer quality over quanity.

Roland  on Centerfolds

posted on 30 July, 2004
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What is available here besides dances?

Just One to post  on Centerfolds

posted on 24 April, 2004
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a comment, you only had one and are in last place

mikhail  on Centerfolds

posted on 15 April, 2004
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this club is the shaz natty

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