1902 North Black Canyon Highway

Phoenix, AZ85009

SCN ADMIN (management)onJaguars

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

Teanna B.onJaguars

posted on 16 July, 2016
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Fuck this place. Staff is rude as fuck, no customer service skills at all. Beware if you order a mixed drink too because they will only put a splash of liquor in it. Ordered a whiskey sour that was just straight sour when I asked bartender if she could fix it she told me there's nothing I can do about it, asked to speak with manger and he took over 30 mins to get to us plus we had to flag him down. He was just as rude said he will have them remake my drink but the same exact way. Bunch of fucking tools if you ask me and the girls there are ghetto and ugly with pepperoni nipples and nubs. I hope this place goes under.


posted on 7 July, 2016
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Literally the worst. No where online, or on any flyers does it say Jag is a 21+ club, I even called the day before and was told that it was in fact 18+. Got there, was let in, sat down, only to be walked up to and basically shoved out in a super embarrassing way. Like, no explanation at all on why I'm being escorted out during the process. Once outside, I am forced to stand in the rain, still not being told why I was kicked out and everyone was laughing. Then, many workers come out, almost yelling at me because I 'magically' got in, even though I told various people (bouncer, bracelet lady, waitress or whatever you call her) that I wasn't 21. Then, after being told why I was kicked out, I kinda understood. HOWEVER, you can't yell at someone for going in when it doesn't say 21+ only, ANYWHERE WHATSOEVER. Then, the bouncer who allowed me in had the courage to say, "She messed me up." How did I mess you up? Yes, I admit I accidently gave you my military ID first, however if someone clearly tells you that they aren't 21, you don't blame them. On top of that, I was stuck waiting in the rain for about 20 minutes to get my ID and debit card back! Thankfully, the gentleman who gave me my cards back was somewhat nice (he just really didn't talk much, so I really can't judge here). IF YOU ARE A 21+ ONLY CLUB, YOU SHOULD PUT IT ONLINE, AND ON YOUR FLYERS, AND BY THE ENTRANCE. Oh, and teach your staff to take responsibility for their mistakes, no, it wasn't just the bouncer who messed up, it was basically the whole staff. BLAMING SOMEONE FOR YOUR GOD DAMN MISTAKE IS SO PETY, PLEASE GROW UP AND ADMIT THAT IT WAS YOUR FAULT, it makes you and the establishment look bad, and hella shadyOh, and isn't this a strip club? Your dancers should not come on stage already topless, that takes away part of the experience, plus some of them couldn't dance. One was obviously on something or drunk off her ass cause she kept stomping and almost fell on to my table, and she couldn't dance in time to save her life.


posted on 5 February, 2016
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First visit: 10/09/2015 (Review date)Last visit: 01/23/2016Let's start this off by saying that Kristian and I visited Jaguars on a Friday afternoon. Not a Friday night, not a Wednesday night for ladies' night, not a Saturday night, not even a Sunday to watch the games and enjoy $1 drinks....but a Friday afternoon.Most clubs on a Friday afternoon have their D squad working; if that was Jags' D squad then we can't wait to get back for their A Squad because just about every dancer there was beautiful and for the most part they all had some kind of skill and ability (we'll come back to that).We walked in and we were instantly greeted by Steven, not sure if he is a manager or not, but the man knew his business and he was about it and we respect and admire that. He saw that we came prepared with a cash cannon and he made sure that the dancers, the DJ, and the bar staff knew that we were not just there to look and drink; he knew we were there to have a good time. There is a moderate sized foyer area where you pay, but there is also a portable bar right there so you can get started as well as a merchandise stand where you can get your Jags gear which we need to purchase the next time we go back. You enter the double doors and then the fun starts. First...they had angry orchard, so that automatically bumped up the status because no other strip club in Phoenix has had any ciders at all. The bar was to the left as you walk in and it is long and full and it was well staffed. We didn't have to flag down our server at all and from the looks of it, the bar staff was gorgeous too. There's an ATM to your immediate left by the bar and one back in the corner by where the restrooms are which is to the right of the main stage. Speaking of the main stage, it had two tall poles on it and plenty of room with floorboard mirrors. Behind the main stage is the VIP area that we will be taking over on November 21st with 6 cabana couches where you can get bottle service and your own personal server. There are also four other small stages, two each side, each with poles we believe. On the same wall to the right as the restrooms is also another bar; so for those nights when we go back and it's busy, we assume it will be open too. Seemed to be six to eight TVs, if not more for games and fights which is nice. There's not as many mirrors around the club as most places, so they dancers can't just stare at themselves while on stage; they actually have to work.And speaking of dancers putting in work...our girl Tuesday Ray aka Monroe put in some work on the pole. We've been to a lot of clubs and reviewed just about all of them and we couldn't think of one dancer that had pole skills like her. We want to wrap this review up, so we won't go on and on about her, but we could. Saucy also was another one of our favorites, but for the most part there really wasn't one there that was not borderline amazing.Plus there's a VIP area in the back of the club as well that Power 98.3 uses often, so we will clearly be partying with them.


posted on 7 November, 2015
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Best spot to be at when you don't have nothing to do at night. Great music (Mainly trap music) cheap drinks, ass and titties galore. If you're from the Phoenix area be sure to be expecting to run into people you know from back in the day or don't be surprised if you see your ex girlfriend or baby momma on the pole. Either way put them drinks in the air and throw them 1s!

Golden bunnyonJaguars

posted on 5 September, 2015
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Management is to busy trying to fuck you to do their job! Why can't they get it together.

Charles H.onJaguars

posted on 4 February, 2014
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Wow, I love this club. But have the money to afford it. lol Not too many dudes and many beautiful woman. At least on Friday night. :) Alexandria is the best professional dancer i have ever met at this club. :) 19 years old, long black curly hair, no tattoos, no scars, no moles, no pimples. She does have a beautiful belly button diamond looking piercing. :) Perfect body, and perfect personality. :) i had a great time with her in the VIP section. I was a perfect gentleman. I treat woman with respect. I would not be surprised if many men fell in love with her. only drawback is that the cook did not show up so Me and a friend ended up leaving to eat at Denny's. Too bad, i would have stayed longer if i had something to eat instead of beer. I hope to meet Alexandria again soon, i really enjoyed her company.


posted on 24 October, 2013
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UFC stripper cage fight! Enough said.


posted on 27 June, 2013
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I absolutely LOVE this place! I went with two co-workers last night (Wednesday) and it was ladies night! ONE DOLLAR WELL DRINKS TIL MIDNIGHT! I drank 4 in about 30 minutes and was drunk. The inside is beautiful. I love the setup and the lights. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming. Some of the dancers were eh, not very pretty or very good dancers. One even told a bouncer I was taking pictures (which I wasn't) he wasn't rude when he approached me. Some of the girls were amazing. Dances are only 10 bucks. I spent a total of only 20 bucks or so. Definitely worth it. I'll be going back very soon.Oh, did I mention Wednesday is also amature night? You can win 500 bucks by dancing on stage for 30 seconds. The audience picks the winner. It was a good time. I'm thinking about maybe trying it next week.


posted on 6 January, 2013
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Bummed that bare is no longer there. Still a good club, met up with Peru for some amazing dances. VIP is the only way to go in this club, but better than most.


posted on 4 January, 2013
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So when your traveling for thing you always do. Visit a strip club!! Hit it up despite not being highly reviewed, because a friend from Phoenix did recommend. First thing you notice is it is relatively decent sized space. Even on a decently busy night, you got enought room to not feel boxed in.Overall , the layout works and it definitely has a classy flare. Not a ghetto club or neighborhood "strip club". Dancers- A few stunners!! Overall a nice selection. However, man were they upselling. I get it, you are here to make money. But, I am not here to start every girl on a retirement plan. If you impress me sure, but hawking for tips the entire time gets old. DJ- No complaints. Wasn't beat to death with rap ..which was a nice change. Service- Yeah for sure they can use a little work on the service side. Actually had to wait for a bartender to quit chatting so i could get my first drink. Staff is friendly, but just need a little work on being attentive is all. But you are certainly made to feel welcome at all times.

Bob WonJaguars

posted on 18 November, 2012
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Changes at Jaguars - I saw they are under new management. No more nude option in the VIP sadly, but otherwise the same. Enjoyed a dance with Monroe - she's gorgeous, sexy, and totally fun. I miss them going bare but will be back to see Monroe.

New FanonJaguars

posted on 13 November, 2011
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Nice looking club with a great layout. Bargain drinks and several hot dancers coming by made for a good start. Met up with Natalie - she is amazing, so sexy and fun to be with. She's my new favorite by far. This club has a great VIP section.

Happy CustomeronJaguars

posted on 18 March, 2009
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Stopped in as part of my St. Patrick's day celebration, around 3 in the afternoon. Only a couple of customers and 4 or 5 dancers. The drinks were only $2, and I got some of the best dances ever from a tall, leggy blonde named Katrina. She was worth every penny and more, I'll definitely be back to see her. Didn't get a chance to get dances from anyone else, but they were all very attractive and if the dances I got hadn't been as good, I would have sampled them all.

Former CustomeronJaguars

posted on 7 February, 2009
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Anyone remember James the former manager for Penthouse?? Well he is now facing 12 years in N.M. for pleading guilty to being a ring leader of a prostitution ring in Phoenix and N.M. sad for a guy with such potential.....


posted on 5 December, 2008
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this place was the shit when it was called penthouse with the infamuos 2 dollar tuesday that just means more money for the bitches so i would have a blast plus make a coupel of gurl friends to i always sneak the gurls drinks they say they cant drink oh they will if you look good enough


posted on 15 September, 2008
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Pretty nice club these days. There were alot more girls this time than the last time I was by. It's a little outta the way for me but I'll probably stop in more often now. Didn't have a cover charge when I went. The long-legged hostess that always wore pigtails from the east club dances here now!


posted on 15 June, 2008
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WOW you wanna talk about some ghetto bitches!! One girl there was pregnant she look like she was 5 months, her nipples were dark as fuck and shes a white girl that there just says shes 5 months along, then theres another girl there i think her name was april she had jacked up teeth and the girl was trying to sell her self to meee "sex" i thought girls were suppose to stand on the corner and do that!!! GROSS there were only a couple Hot girls there and i don't know what they are doing there!! this place is really nice but not the girls


posted on 15 May, 2008
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Does Olivia still work here???

Clubber LangonJaguars

posted on 19 March, 2008
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Hot Hot Hot Strippers! I don't remember names because I was in euphoria. I didn't get dances from every girls but I sure tried. Music was great. It was the DJs first week but he rocked it! The drink prices were comparable to a regular bar. Did I mention the dancers were fucking hot?


posted on 18 March, 2008
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I heard that Rigo was a manager here now? I would never work for that guy. What an idiot! Thought the owners had better judgment than that. Good luck anyway.

carolina girlonJaguars

posted on 1 February, 2008
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I'm in from out of town, and absolutely LOVE this club! Great music, great girls, And by far the best VIP in town! And I've seen a lot of the clubs in town! Phenomenal place to party!


posted on 10 November, 2007
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The door girl is the hottest girl there, why isn't she dancing???


posted on 29 October, 2007
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Had a great time with Arrianna last night.Hope she's back tonight. What a babe.


posted on 27 September, 2007
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I hear there is soon to be a PEPERMINT DISGO. that makes me happy time, i think ill now go in VIP they have wine straight from goats ass... I likaa wiiiine!!!

tori from east coastonJaguars

posted on 26 September, 2007
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just wanted to say hi and i miss you all.and to tell you all i will be out there soon, my father has some medical problems keepin me from leaving but i will send some pics soon i promise love all you guys and take care.


posted on 9 September, 2007
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has anyone seen or heard from Paulie? Me and my girls used to party and hang out with him and B? but you hav not been by. We always had such a good time! Whee are you? my girlfriend said she called and no answer? does anyone have B's number? Did something happen?????

Get a ClueonJaguars

posted on 3 September, 2007
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Seems to me this place is shooting itself in the foot with that ridiculous requirement to have customers buy a bottle of champagne to use the VIP area. There's a reason that area is always empty. Get rid of that and more people will use the VIP area, the girls will make more money, that will attract a higher quality of girl which in turn will attract more customers. It's not rocket science fellas.


posted on 14 August, 2007
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I think carey is too drunk to notice jesse stinks.

Tit FanonJaguars

posted on 11 August, 2007
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Would somone post on this page as soon as they get rid of that walking stink bomb Jesse. Then maybe i will start coming in again. Does'nt Carey know he is makin him look bad? You would think Carey would want somone with a little bit class. Not Washington trailer trash.

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