Coyote Ugly


218 Duval Street

Key West, FL33040

SCN ADMIN (management)onCoyote Ugly

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

harryharryonCoyote Ugly

posted on 7 January, 2016
Joined 7 years ago
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This can be great, depending on what you're looking for. We played pool in the back and had a great time. It was quiet (we were there early, 8:30pm). Four pool tables in the back, and we haven't found that many pool tables anywhere else. Games were $1.50, and they have a change machine. Their cues could use new tips, but they functioned okay. We got our drinks quickly as well, and the bar seemed pretty standard. Perfect for pool before things get busy and crazy on Duval.

Pablo C.onCoyote Ugly

posted on 24 September, 2015
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This a corporate back location with the following problems:1. The touch tunes juke box is filtered..( only certain types of music can be played) we'' know by doing this obviously your crowd is going to be (staying politically correct here, not very mixed)2. Place need to cleaned up considerable, restrooms are dirty.3. Drinks are priced higher than lots of the locations in the immediate vicinity.4. Staff are sometimes attractive (no matter how pretty attitude goes a long way).5. Last but not least .... I know comparing the Key West location to the one in Vegas isn't fair but to put that Coyote name on a business you have a reputation to uphold and their definitely not doing it.

Harrison69onCoyote Ugly

posted on 21 September, 2015
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Grim place; very poor. Bad attitude bar maid tried to rip us off and was really bullying one of the new girls

Mark S.onCoyote Ugly

posted on 13 August, 2015
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The managers are very disrespectful and need attitude adjustment twds her employees aka gingerShe should not even be allowed to manage a bar and they wonder why they get know business between 1am & 4 am

rogerrab2onCoyote Ugly

posted on 9 April, 2015
Joined 3 years ago
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Nope, never getting sucked into this place again stone cold sober. Got 2 vodka soda doubles and paid $32. If the price wasn't bad, it was the drink that tasted like all soda. We walked across the street to Irish Kevins and paid $20 for 2 long islands. I guess I should have paid attention to the fact that one bar was slammed and the high priced one was completely empty.

Johnnyboy123onCoyote Ugly

posted on 4 March, 2015
Joined 6 years ago
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Fun place, not many people participating, took a long time to get drinks, and a ton of smokers, I left feeling like an ash tray, but it was fun, we would return

XXXbeastonCoyote Ugly

posted on 23 February, 2015
Joined 3 years ago
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Yuck.There are WAY cooler bars in Key West than this dump with the dumpy dump dump dancers. Do yourself a favor, if you're looking for a cheap beer, get one at the door TOGO (they were $2), or heck, bring a road sody from home. There are a million and one places to get a coozie, so pack one in a coozie, and enjoy that. Don't waste your time here. bad music.

joseph1konCoyote Ugly

posted on 30 January, 2015
Joined 8 years ago
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The bathrooms are disgusting in the middle of the day. You expect more out of Duval St places

adamrodonCoyote Ugly

posted on 27 December, 2014
Joined 6 years ago
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This place has gone down hill in the past year. It is filthy, the bathrooms are beyond disgusting, I told them two days ago and they made no changes... Will not be going back,

danceronCoyote Ugly

posted on 24 November, 2013
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The owner needs to do something about the bouncers they sit on their phone all night or hire more guys, and do something about the 2 girls that has staff infection how gross is that. Your business is slowly going down the drain, the other 2 clubs are doing better than yours get off your fat ass Dave Johnson and get it together do something, ......

RondaonCoyote Ugly

posted on 12 March, 2013
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Yes I still work there!!

dic eonCoyote Ugly

posted on 13 February, 2013
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does Ronda still work days there? Tall blonde florida chick?

AssnTits5onCoyote Ugly

posted on 22 November, 2012
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I stopped at the Key West bar last month (early Oct. right before Fantasy Fest) and it was just plain boring, 1 girl behind the bar serving drinks and 1 girl on top the bar attempting to dance (she really couldn't dance) and trying to get people to do body shots. I didn't bother ordering a drink, got bored to quick and had to move on.I'm happy to go into a bar and drop some cash for a good time, but these bars (CU across the country) seem to be losing energy, no wow to get people excited!

Mark L.onCoyote Ugly

posted on 9 November, 2012
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Went during Fantasy fest, wife loved the dancing on the bar.. Great place lots of fun, well run my a manger from Wisc. this week.. I'm sure it's just as good during the non fest times.. Drinks are average price, they will let you walk in with food from outside.. Lot's of room to walk around... Not for families... Stay for the water show it's pretty cool.. Girls a friendly and it's just a fun place to drink and check out the hot chicks, on and off the bar..

Ryan B.onCoyote Ugly

posted on 26 October, 2012
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Ok so there we were on a Friday night. Just off the plane and checked into a hotel. My boys and I hit Duval Street for the first time to see what was up. It was after 1 AM and there didn't seem to be a lot happening on the street. So we started a slow bar crawl and ended up here. It's one of those places that looks small from the outside, but it's bigger inside. The music is cranked up LOUD and they only seem to play Rock n Roll and Country. Coyote Ugly is known for girls dancing on the bar, so yeah that's what we got. The bartenders are of course all female. They take shifts dancing on the bar and tending the bar. There might be one that is the master of ceremonies and carries a microphone singing with the music, narrating, and calling you out to come up and take a body shot. I had fun watching them. It's a good concept. Rather than just hanging out at a bar and trying to talk to your friends over the loud music, you can just sit back and let the girls entertain you.Every now and then they'd call one of us out by beckoning with a finger and saying "C'MON, BODY SHOT TIME!" I fell for it. I went up and paid $30 for a Patron body shot, where they get all provocative over each, lean my head back onto the bar, and they sensually gave me my shot with a lime chaser. Was it anything compared to a lap dance in the back room? Hmm, let me But it was fun because it was interactive. And I was already buzzing. And I was there with a bunch of dudes that were also buzzed and testosterone levels were high. Coyote ugly is one of the only bars that stays open until 4 in the morning. And you'll hear the MC yell "DRINK UP!! WE'RE PARTYING TIL 4 IN THE MORNING!!!!!"Any girl patron is welcome to get on the bar and dance. That's always fun to watch. Sometimes they KNOW what they're doing, sometimes they look awkward, and sometimes they are in an inebriated state and all modesty has flown out the window.One night a girl got up there and did the Gangnam style dance, and did it well. Just from that statement you can tell that I visited on more than one occasion. Here's another tidbit. One night we were watching this one girl dancing on the bar dressed in the daisy dukes tight t-shirt, and cowboy boots (ok, they all just about dress that way). She was a GOOD dancer. She points to me, calls me over and says "You don't remember me do you?" My mind quickly fumbled through its database trying to sift through the drunken episodes on how the hell I would know her. Then she said "I was the bartender at Bare Assets last night!" At that moment I had an epiphany and was like "DAAAAAYAAAAAAM". The previous night she was covered in black , was not dancing and showed no indication of what I was seeing at Coyote Ugly. Women sure are a mystery!Anyway, when in Key West and hanging out after hours, this is a really great place to party if your a man or woman. Make sure you're rested up and your alcohol tolerance is high.

RichardonCoyote Ugly

posted on 24 January, 2010
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Hi, can anyone tell me if Heather is still there this days ???

In The Know...onCoyote Ugly

posted on 8 January, 2009
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As the official party headquarters, 2001 Odyssey is the place to be if you are an entertainer and want to work in Tampa for the Superbowl! The NFL Experience kicks off the weeklong event list on Saturday, January 24th! Get a spot early!

RE: AshleyonCoyote Ugly

posted on 13 October, 2008
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yes ashley is still there,

Customer PaulonCoyote Ugly

posted on 1 August, 2008
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Does little Ashley still work here? She was blonde curly hair, fake boobs, hard body from Ga, ? coming down soon

DononCoyote Ugly

posted on 29 June, 2008
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Does anyone know if ALyssa still works here. I spent my birthday with her last year and I'd like to do it again. She was so hot and so sweet. I would do or pay anything to be with her.

secretonCoyote Ugly

posted on 5 June, 2008
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How is money in the club for dancers ? Do they hire American women ? How much is tipout.Do Si and Dave still own the club ?

MayhemonCoyote Ugly

posted on 11 May, 2008
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I had such a great time at this club. I spent a fair amount of time with a beautiful woman from Argentina. Her stage name is Sybil (spelling?). I highly recommend spending your money on her, her company is worth every penny! If only I had a picture of her, I want to see her beautiful smile again.

stillcummingonCoyote Ugly

posted on 21 April, 2008
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does anyone know if Marilyn (Dess) is still working here?

D_forAlisaonCoyote Ugly

posted on 21 November, 2007
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I had such a good time Monday talking to Alisa. I did not want the night to end. She was bewitching. If she reads this please remember me because I will be back. What a birthday! If some one else would tell her about this message I would appreciate it. She is so beautiful and so authentic. Can't think of anything but her. She is a dream that I want to have again. I hope someday I will.

HedgieonCoyote Ugly

posted on 7 November, 2007
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Any slender, petite argentinians or czecks at this club or is it all oversized women?

JensonCoyote Ugly

posted on 15 October, 2007
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Helenka is awesome. Spent 2 1/2 hours with her in the champagne room. So fiesty... mmm.

GeorgeonCoyote Ugly

posted on 4 October, 2007
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I left home with Samantha (czech)the other night, She gave me the best BJ ever.Thanks girl.She looks innocent but She is definately not ppl.

jackonCoyote Ugly

posted on 1 September, 2007
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Can anyone tell me if the ladies from Czech Rep., Petra the bartender, or Kathy the dancer, are still working at the club. Let me know, and I'll come down to KW and have a little Grey Goose.

BonCoyote Ugly

posted on 21 July, 2007
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Does the dancers read this. If so, Taylor thank you for the Sunday evening dance and show.

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