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SCN ADMIN (management)onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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yanardonPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 2 December, 2016
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What an amazing experience! We were treated with warm chocolate cider while taking some grip photos. Before your dinner, you are welcome to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in a room separate the dinning space. Leading into the room are wall to wall wine cabinets. There's a piano and stain glass windows, and of course lots of Disney memorabilia. The drinks are unique and wonderful! Dinner is to die for. All meals are served at the same time with a cloche which are all removed simultaneously. So many deserts to choose from and all are wonderful! We tried the beignets with dipping sauce. You do have to be a club 33 member or a guest of a member but if you can swing either, this restaurant behind the doors just outside of pirates of the Caribbean and up a staircase is sure to make a memorable experience.

brattlebop18onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 11 November, 2016
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*This review is for the updated Lunch Menu at Club 33 and no, I don't have membership, we were just lucky enough to be invited again.*-I personally think their lunch is better than the dinner! It's a 4 course menu: appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. Between all of us, we tried the whole menu LOL. The lobster rockefeller and pumpkin bacon tart were the standout appetizers, the lamb and filet mignon were the standout entrees and the favorite for dessert was the Dark Chocolate Budino which is also offered on the dinner menu. Photos of the lunch menu and food attached!-We also ordered from the kids menu, which was so cute! Its 3 courses and we split a lunch between two very young toddlers and the food was definitely enough for them both! Our kids greatly enjoyed the grilled cheese and tomato soup, chicken breast entree and dessert.-Chip and Dale dropped by to visit, and the staff was nice and courteous as usual. Lunch moves faster than dinner, which is good if you have young children in tow. The food was delicious and I highly recommend checking out the balcony!

Rob J.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 23 October, 2016
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I've had a family Christmas dinner party here for 13 years and it is always awesome! This is a high end food place that serves a full bar in the Magic Kingdom! The food is amazing and the variety is perfect, I've had lamb, made to order pasta, shrimp and lots of other things and it's always done right! The service is great and the people are very friendly, and you have to love that they have a full bar! If you want a beer, wine, gin and tonic or a sip of Louie Trey they have it! If you get the chance to go you should since it's a private club and not everyone can just walk up for dinner. It's got a cool vibe with the door outside with 33 next to it where you know to let them know your there. In side is a elegant atmosphere which an old elevator and pull chain toilets to give it an old English charm. We stand out on the balconies and watch the boat show and fireworks and don't have to deal with the crowd, so if you can go and do it, it's worth it.

dopeboy19onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 5 October, 2016
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S T.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 August, 2016
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Our party of 5 really enjoyed our 4 hour dinning experience, the food and wine pairing was amazing. The service was good but not superb, but they were trying.It should be a bit more seamless and coordinated, delivery of the plates, wine poured with the bites, not much later. The Sommelier was extremely knowledgable and delightful with information. I felt the price was fair for the experience and would go again.

GarryWasonPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 15 August, 2016
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I don't even know where to start because I still can't believe that I actually got to experience dining at Club 33. Going to Disneyland is already enough for me but being able to visit Club 33 was in one word: magical. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!My friends know someone who is a member of Club 33 so they were able to get us a reservation. We arrived promptly for our 11:45 a.m. lunch reservation and went to the famous blue door and rang the bell. Once inside, it was almost like we were transported to another time. The grand staircase leading up to the restaurant is truly a sight to see and it really didn't feel like we were even in Disneyland.The inside is absolutely beautiful with floor to ceiling windows, various shades of blue, plush seating, and dreamy murals and paintings. There was literally something to look at in every corner. Since we were visitors, we were only allowed into the restaurant portion of Club 33 but from what I saw of the members-only bar, it is equally as impressive as the restaurant.Their four-course lunch menu will cost you $80 + whatever drinks you order and it is absolutely worth every penny. For lunch, I had:-Crab cakes-Lafayette salad-Salmon Nicoise Salade w/ quail egg-Pecan and coffee bundt cake-Moscow Mule ($9.75)Everything from start to finish was full of flavor and pretty much made to perfection. While I enjoyed everything I ordered, I have to say what stood out to me the most were the crab cakes and the bundt cake. I also had a couple bites of my sisters filet mignon and it was delicious. The entire menu is very thoughtful and there is something for everyone. The kitchen staff is also very conscious of food allergies and dietary needs.As far as the staff goes, they were absolutely amazing and attentive. Shout out to Lisa and Mark for being so professional, fun, and efficient; we all really enjoyed talking with them and learning more about the Club. What stood out to me most about the staff was that no one ever rushed us through our meal and even after we were done. They let us take all the pictures we wanted and let us hang out on the balcony for a bit.I sincerely hope that this isn't my one and only visit to Club 33 but if it is, I'm so happy that I was able to experience it. If you have the chance to dine here, TAKE IT. It is definitely worth the time and money to make your trip to Disneyland that much more amazing.

justinlkonPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 10 August, 2016
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The food was awesome and so with the service! This place has really cool history and the waiters tell you who has come through and where the decorations and furniture come from. And of course the dessert bar is delicious.

Jennifer D.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 19 June, 2016
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The club 33 experience was such a special treat. There is a door hidden in plain sight, where if you swipe your magic card you may enter. We had lunch reservations at 12:30 but came a little early to enjoy drinks in the bar/lounge area. I enjoyed a nice Napa Red wine while relaxing on a big fluffy couch, listening to the Jazz music being played by the haunted mansion ghosts. Yes, that sounded odd... The Instruments play by themselves and the specters are projected on the wall on and off when their instrument plays. This lounge is a nice relaxing escape from the heat and the crowds of the Disney park down below. I say down below because the dining area is upstairs. You can take the lift or walk the beautifully decorated staircase. There are many hidden objects and characters to be seen throughout the club. Make sure you leave some time to explore all the paintings and artifacts. I used the restroom to freshen up and was happily surprised that it was just as amazing as everything else in the club. There were beautiful decorations , a vanity area, a sitting area, individual stalls with nice doors, lotions, mouthwash, dental sticks, and oh so sparkly clean. The menu recently changed, I posted the lunch options in a picture below. Each patron chooses an appetizer , soup or salad, a main course, and dessert. Everything was quite flavorful and presented well. There are many options, so even the pickiest of eaters should be happy with something. The dining area is spread out and not overly crowded like most attractions at Disneyland . There is a nice veranda that overlooks the New Orleans area. It looks like it would be a nice area to watch the fireworks or have tea. Make sure to look at the club 33 gift shop area. They have beautiful memorabilia that can only be purchased there and nowhere else in the park. TIPSMust be a member or guest of a memberMust have a reservation Be on time or earlyDress code is enforced Get club 33 fast passes that can be used at either park on any fast pass ride in any time frame. We never waited longer than 15 minutes for any ride. Be prepared to have a lovely time

Amanda G.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 8 June, 2016
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Our family of six were guests at our recent visit. The atmosphere was absolutely fitting and couldn't be more perfect for Disney New Orleans square. It has charm and service perfect to fit. Everyone was great with our girls which are 9, 9, and 10. The food was perfect and the drinks were fabulous. The best was the service at our table and how they were so great with our family. The host stands up and downstairs were very approachable and knowledgeable about the restaurant which gave us an appreciation for the dinner. They are what made the visit the best ever.Thank you Club 33

Elisha P.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 5 June, 2016
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There's not much I want to stay about Club 33, I feel the overall mystic is an important part of the Club's iconic history & only serves to remind us that there are some things best left unsaid. Set up by Walt Disney in 1957 as a private club in the heart of Disneyland's New Orleans Square, Club 33 has long been the subject of folk law & Bucket List's. The Club itself is a truly gorgeous oasis; a true piece of Disney history. Attention to detail is everything here, from the food to the many spaces, nothing is placed by chance. The decor is majestic & vintage pieces carefully selected by Walt Disney scattered throughout, only add to the Club's magical allure. I've been lucky enough to dine here a handful of times & have always found the food to be nothing but sensational. Everything fine dining should be. With a seasonal menu & a wait for membership of up to 15 years, it's easy to see why Club 33 is one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth.

moneyman2onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 3 June, 2016
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Been there three times now. By far the best restaurant overall experience anywhere. Angela is amazing!

felixnadaonPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 13 May, 2016
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I was very lucky to recently be invited to dine at Club 33 with a longtime member. It was, in a word, spectacular. The entire experience is elegant and luxurious. We had time to enjoy a cocktail in the lounge before our reservation, and it was absolutely beautiful. The level of service we received was second to none.For dinner, Terry took extremely good care of our party. She had waited on the host on numerous occasions, so she had an immediate rapport with each of us. We were well attended by all the staff throughout the meal. In addition to a creative and thoughtful menu that blends elements of French and American cooking, the wine list is extensive and extremely impressive. As others have mentioned, the balcony overlooking the park is a wonderful spot for people watching, and the large window in the dining room provides a perfect view of the evening fireworks. Only time will tell if I'll have another chance to visit. I certainly hope so, as my experience there last week was nothing short of magic!

Tracy Y.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 24 April, 2016
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Finally getting around to writing this review. I have been fortunate enough to go to this place twice, once for a friend's 21st birthday and once for an anniversary surprise for my boyfriend. There is nothing bad I can't write about this place.Hint: This place is not really easy to find. Tuck in the alley around the New Orleans area, this place is past the Bayou restaurant and past the old large blue door where the old entrance used to be. Twice I went to this door and twice I have asked Disney staff where the restaurant is. Both times, they have no idea what I am talking about. Once you finally find the door, you will buzz in and let them know when your reservation is. Once you enter, it's like entering a beautiful hidden kept secret. There is a beautiful garden staircase where you can wait until they take you to your table. Once you enter, it's looks like a high end hotel hallway with only 15 tables in the dining area.I only have been here for lunch. The menu consists of either 3-4 set courses. The prices ares $65 or $80, which is reasonable for the food. The appetizers especially the blue crab or the quail is to die for. In addition, the steak for the entree is cooked to perfection. I felt full from just getting 3 courses especially since I couldn't help myself devouring their bread.The service is phenomenal. The first time I went for my friends 21st birthday, they wrote out happy birthday on her dessert and gave her a free pen. Not those cheap, but those nice thin heavy, engraved Club33 pens that they don't sell. I definitely recommend this place if you can go. Only members can get non-members reservations to this place. There is a dress code, so make sure you are dress nicely, else they may not let you eat here.

C. H.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 28 February, 2016
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We arrived the allotted 5 min early, my daughter rang the bell, I gave them my name and the door opened. (I was blessed to go twenty years ago and things are different now with the remodel). But still awesome! We went into the foyer for a few minutes then took the elevator up one floor were we arrived to another reception area. The ambiance is amazing. All the subtle hints of Club 33 logo surround you. The lady that seated us showed us around and told us about all the furniture pieces and paintings we were seeing. Everyone was so gracious!We were seated with a great view. OMG, the Club 33 plates are beyond anything I have ever seen. They were gorgeous! Everything was so perfect. Menu options were a 3 or 4 course lunch. The three of us opted for the four course lunch, why not, right? The food was amazing. Actually the whole experience was so special. We were treated like royalty, the food was top notch. And the company, my mom and daughter were so appreciative to be there too. If you ever get the chance to go. Just do it. It's worth every dollar I spent. Lunch took over two hours, but that was ok. We really didn't want to leave. Club 33 is a place I will never forget. Thank you Walt Disney for coming up with the idea of this club. I am sorry you were never ever able to experience it, but your representatives did you proud! This place is simply AMAZING!

fritter17onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 26 January, 2016
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A delightful evening with my family at club 33. Wonderful service and food was great. Two thumbs up. Will be back

Nancy G.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 24 January, 2016
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timmykillaonPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 January, 2016
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Perfect afternoon with perfect people. Food was delicious, the environment was relaxing and soothing.Well deserved.

Weedman420onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 December, 2015
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Amazing experience, but the price only allows me to come here once a decade. We came at Christmastime, and Mickey and Minnie were in the lobby in their holiday attire. They also had carolers walking table to table taking requests. So classy.Food was amazing, but the appetizers were the highlight for me. Because we were there with a group of 7 (4 adults, 3 kids), I got to try a little of everything. The salmon tartar appetizer was my favorite dish of the whole meal. Dessert was interesting. I don't recommend the apple crumble with the cheddar cheese ice cream; it was a little out there for me. The cheese assortment with panna cotta (yes, for dessert) was a little different, also not for me.

Dana R.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 8 December, 2015
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Cool fun place. Came here with my family. Very nice and amazing experience. Best part was I was able to sip on Blue Label while at Disney land!!

Ida C.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 6 December, 2015
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Club 33 is something that has always been on my bucket list and I honestly thought I would never get in. When the opportunity came up, I seriously almost cried. No, I am not a member. I am just a normal person who got extremely lucky and happened to know someone who knows someone who knows someone (at the right time). I still can't believe I had the opportunity to eat at this 10,000 a year dining club.My group and I had reservations at 12 for lunch. Just FYI, they no longer have the brunch buffet. Major sad face. I was always told before by many people that the food at Club 33 was not good and that you just "pay for the experience." While it is mostly true, I actually thought the food was pretty good. I think they improved the menu after renovations.Once I entered the magical doors into Club 33, I was in awe of how beautiful (and peacefully quiet) the Court of Angels was. It is an escape from all the crowds outside. When my group rang the doorbell and waited for the door to be open, there was a crowd of people that stood outside of us whispering, "oh my God they are going into Club 33!" I did indeed feel special for a few minutes.Don't forget to pick up a memorabilia! I ended up spending over 80 dollars on merch. No regrets whatsoever.I accidentally walked into the lounge (there were no signs) that is only permitted for members. My friend and I got scolded. It kind of annoyed me a bit because there were honestly no signs and it wasn't like we were trying to sneak in or anything.Also, don't forget to go to the bathrooms! So nice and decorative. Even the napkins had the 33 symbol. One of my favorite part of my time there was seeing Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (from Once Upon a Time). I was kind of starstruck so I didn't ask for a picture. You never know who you'll run into at Club 33 :)

DexterRexteronPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 23 November, 2015
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It was damn delicious, glad I didn't have to pay for it. Thank You AT&T

williamronPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 November, 2015
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A must for any Disney fanatic. Let's be honest for a second. You're more than likely not coming here for the food. More than likely you're coming here for the experience. If you want that magical experience, come here for dinner.Before the renovation they had the buffet lunch that transitioned into only a buffet dessert bar after the remodel. I know a lot of my friends preferred lunch due to the buffet option. Now that that's gone here is why I prefer dinner here over lunch.With the five course meal plan to spend around three hours here. You'll be able to watch two Fantasmic showing right on the Rivers of America and a showing of the Fireworks all while enjoying dinner. Nothing, I mean, nothing inside Disneyland beats this experience.The food and service here is good. Yes, this place is supposed to be the flagship dining experience inside Disneyland but it's not a Michelin one yet. Not everyone is dressed to the nines here. Some people look like they just came from the park. If you do decide to change you can use the restrooms they have. They're so much nicer than the ones inside the park and the cast members are very accommodating.Of all the things I ate what stood out the most was oddly the salad. The strawberry salad with buttermilk dressing was delicious!If you enjoy drinks do get the Moscow Mule. If you prefer shots, the person that gets the last shot that emptied the bottle gets to keep it as a souvenir, how cool is that!?Overall be preferred to spend around $300 for two people here. If you're not a Disney fan I can see why you won't like it. Food and service is good for somewhere in Disney. Just don't expect it to be a Michelin restaurant.

Kim T.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 26 October, 2015
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5 Star for service, presentation and food! Oh, and service! Service! Service! Carolyn was the absolute best ever and is so knowledgeable with such a rich remembrance of all the history and experience - kudos. Food was superb, as always! Wonderful new finishes, but I do miss the old history of things. Nice to see the vulture! Lol. 10 people in our party. Everything was great. We all did 4-course lunches.

Connie V.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 9 September, 2015
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Fantastic experience for Disney enthusiasts.Well prepared meals, souvenirs for purchase, and tour of Disney behind the scene.

Sarah Kouoon Y.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 2 September, 2015
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Nichole E.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 August, 2015
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Times magazine listed Disney's Club 33 one of the 10 exclusive places people will never get to see! I am a Disney Fanatic and I still can't believe I had dinner there! Definitely bucket list worthy! And something I never thought I would get to experience "dreams do come true!" I had gone last November for my birthday formal dinner attire of course. Fine dinning, stiff drinks (only place is Disneyland you can drink alcohol), and friendly staff (lots of Disney history and celeb name drops/stories). We had river side dinning and were able to watch Fantasmic twice while enjoying dinner and soaking it all in. We had 6pm dinner reservations and stayed after hours! We had a private escort who allowed us to take pictures in the park on the empty Majn Street in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! It was definitely my best birthday yet! If you ever have the chance to experience Club 33 for yourself take me with you! Lol It is an experience I will never forget!

Johnson12onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 9 August, 2015
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an exclusive dining that only club members can get in to. luckily my aunt is a member so we got in. theres just a door that says 33 on it. so discrete. you go in and they greet you immediately. talk to you by your first name. thats how personal it gets. well theres a 10+ year waiting list. so people who in stay in forever. the menu changes all the time. its like blue bayou but better and way more costly. sit down with fancy tables. waiters serve you real quick. best service ever. the bathrooms are like made of gold or something. like a throne. this is where celebrities eat. its like you arent at disneyland anymore. but you are! no screaming kids and strollers to weave around. no stress. no heat exhaustion. just a nice relaxing meal in a very nice restaurant. probably one of the best dining experiences ive ever been to. better than any michelin star restaurants. you do pay the price, its close to 3 figure for a lot of the entrees. but so worth it. if you arent a member and you get in, order everything because its a once in a lifetime opportunity. i wish i was a member to eat here all the time.

Latisha P.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 29 June, 2015
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A big thanks to my sister for getting me in! This has been on my list for far too long so I had pretty high expectations. I thought the food would be mediocre since there is so much hype on its exclusivity, but surprisingly the food is really good! DRINK:Moscow mule (5 stars): Surprisingly the best I've ever had! They use really good ingredients here and it makes a difference! FOOD:Amuse bouche compliments of chef (5 stars): Breaded chicken with buttermilk sauce. Lobsters Rockefeller (4 stars): lobster on the bottom was very flavorful. Fried oysters on the top was good and well cooked but the fried batter overtook the flavor. Pea soup (4 stars): Very fresh. Strawberry salad with buttermilk dressing (5 stars): The strawberries they use are of great quality! Lots of flavor. I'd definitely recommend this. I liked this better than the pea soup!Lobster Sausage (4.5 stars): Great sauce and tender sausage. Pheasant (4 stars): So full by the time I got here but cooked Very well! Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.Monkey bread (4.5 stars): Wasn't as warm as I'd like it to be but it's really good. Especially With the ice cream and caramel! Chocolate lava cake (3.5 stars): Very, very rich. And heavy. After dinner the Fantasia show and fireworks started so we stayed and watched that. Chase was great and had us move to better seats to see the show. A lot of trees are in the way but you get a clear view of fireworks.SERVICE (4 stars):Mat and Chase were great! Very attentive and on top of all our requests. Made us feel very welcome. Mat gave great food suggestions! Love when they actually point out specific items they think are good instead of hearing the untrue,"oh everything is really good on the menu."The ladies at the entrance and the ones who take you up to the club are just a tad awkward and not as welcoming. I asked for a tour but was told they don't do that anymore )= They should really do a better job pointing out specifics about the restaurant or mentioning the memorabilia area. We never saw the memorabilia and walked out totally forgetting I wanted to buy something!! Was able to get back in and asked to be shown where it was. It's to the side near the elevator (which we were not shown either), not very noticeable. Everyone is still nice in here, but you lose the Disneyland hospitality. Also, I was told I need to cover my shoulder since sleeveless tops weren't allowed but behind me walks in someone showing more skin than me and nothing was said to her. Blah!More on dress code: People were not dressed up at all. I've seen people dressed better in restaurants in LA. So the class must have decreased from what I read about dress code before. I was in a dress and wedge heels and felt like I was overdressed! Anyways, yes it's awesome, and if you have the chance you should definitely go! But for the amount people pay for membership and the hype it has, every part of the experience should be amazing! Especially from the start!! And the first people we met there definitely didn't portray amazing. Chase and Mat saved their service review for sure!Definitely ask to change in their bathroom rather than the park bathroom if you spend the day at the park before dinner. They didn't have a problem with us doing that and their bathroom is A LOT nicer than the park bathrooms.

Shery P.onPeaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 17 June, 2015
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This restaurant is an absolute gem!!! I've been wanted to check it out forever. However, we all know it's not the easiest place to get into. It was definitely a treat. The food was amazing, as was the service. The sommelier did a fabulous job of pairing each dish with the perfect wine. Everything was spectacular!!

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