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815 North Scottsdale Road

Tempe, AZ 85281

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posted on 3 February, 2017
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An $800 "he said-she said" over a night out for two pals at a Midtown strip club has ballooned into a $75 million Manhattan lawsuit.

Rene Zurita and Matt Friedman claim in their mega-dollar suit that three bouncers and a stripper swiped $776 from them, attacked them and then told police that they robbed the unidentified dancer at Rick's Cabaret on W. 33rd St. last February.

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posted on 25 January, 2017
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You can apply online Click Here or visit


Scores Cadillac Lounge

361 Charles Street

Providence, RI 2904

Phone: 401.521.7469

We are now auditioning for new entertainers!! Contact one of our Entertainment Managers for more info. 401-521-7469 or via email caddyhousemom@gmail.com Come join our team!!!

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posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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Glen S.  on Dream Palace

posted on 28 October, 2016
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These people are crooks. They took advantage of a drunk guy aka me. I had a lot of money in my wallet when I was in the private room and stole majority of my money. I was also incorrectly charged getting charged over 300 dollars when it was 120 and I had to cancel my credit card. Never coming here again

adamrod  on  Dream Palace

posted on 31 July, 2016
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I was at your establishment over the weekend for the 1st time. I was scammed and lied too about everything. Scammed at the door with the entry fee and scammed about the private dances. The hostesses and entertainers surrounded me and spent over 30 min talking me into this great private dance. It was one of the worst dances I've had. What they pitched about the private rooms are confusing, unclear and untrue. They simply lied about the service and the end result was that I was ripped off. The fees just kept adding on and I had to pay all of these fees before I even got a dance. I was completely shocked to receive such poor service after all the talks and build up by the staff. The fees are extremely expensive for the quality of service you get at this place. They consciously misrepresent their service and said everything to get you to pay upfront. I couldn't wait to leave and will never be going back. I didn't get anywhere close to the quality of service I was promised. I will be disputing the charges with my bank and reporting the facility for the scams and fraud they are running. For anyone looking to go to this place, STAY AWAY! IT'S A FRAUD.

Jay S.  on Dream Palace

posted on 24 June, 2016
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Shit looked like a quinceanera but with a worse sound and lighting setup. Saddest strippers I've ever seen in my life man. I called my mom and apologized afterwards.

rogerrab2  on  Dream Palace

posted on 2 June, 2015
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Saddest strip club i've ever been too in my life. Outrageous cover charge, lazy ass dancers, half of them looked like they rather be asleep than make money. What a rip off. Went in and sat down for about half an hour with the lady and was not even approached once. My lady started to give me a lap dance instead since none of the dancers cared and immediately the staff came and told us to leave. Rude!!!

richard95  on  Dream Palace

posted on 5 February, 2015
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Wish I could give this place 0 stars. Unbelievable. 100 dollars just to go into a room. That means NOTHING ELSE. been to Vegas clubs and New York clubs. This place will rob you blind for nothing more than looking. No erection. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! Please I implore you to take your business elsewhere. Easily the most violated I have ever been in my life. Can't even begin to describe how horrible this place is. And NO BOOZE! Are you fucking kidding me. Please my friends take your business somewhere else.

afficiando  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 January, 2015
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Check out the Elite Caberet .. New club. Voted Best in PHX 2014. Down the road from Dream palace.. take a left on Curry and right on McClintock, , 910 N McClintock... Check out the Elite Caberet website.. prepare to be amazed!

XhXeXy  on  Dream Palace

posted on 26 December, 2013
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This club needs to be demolished. I would even accept low income housing on this spot as a better alternative to this ripoff establishment. Does Tempe even regulate what the hell goes in here or are we really in the Wild Wild West? Your free passes mean nothing and the lying girl at the ticket booth (get a real job honey) says we are good for unlimited drinks. Of course, being all nude means that there is NO ALCOHOL served, so unless your drinking ten cokes this is a joke. They will try and charge you $20 at door (at 8pm) even with your pass. Once inside, they had nobody dancing and we got to watch a female manager clean the pole and also witnessed one stripper eating her dinner from a foam box. A bogus tour followed and then she explained the rules, but nobody was working or dancing. She claims you can molest these worthless chicks, but molesting has a price. After two other tourists came in and we alerted them to this fly by night operation, the grungy manager agreed to give everybody a refund. At least, there was that happy ending.

AssnTits5  on  Dream Palace

posted on 25 November, 2013
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Went there last night after watching the boxing fight at Westgate and didn't want to end my night at 2a.m. so I stopped by here. I called before and asked if they were full nude and they said yes. I got there and the entrance was $17. I went inside and there was like 3 small stages in the middle of room. I was waiting for a chick to come ask for a dance and I guess they're balling because they were not asking any of the guys or me. Finally some older blonde chick that works there asked some guys next to me if they wanted a dance and I asked if they have private vip and she said yes. The price is $60 for 20 minutes she asked what kind of females I like I said today I like a blonde and she brought one to me. She asked if I wanted a free tour of the vip and I said sure. I went into the back on the side and saw this little tiny ghetto room. She sat me down and the two started busting out with prices I was like wtf in my mind haha. So I said I just wanted the 20 minutes she said ok and said that the $60 was for the club only I would have to tip her the same or more. Ok $60 so now it's $120 for 20 minutes. She started dancing and she told me she had 3 levels of how the private dance was going to be and the time limit. $200, $300, $400..I passed not worth it.. I wasn't feeling her or this dance half the time she was talking to me and stopping looking at her cell and wasting my time lol. Sorry but this is the worst place I have seen in Arizona and California with the crazy prices not worth my money I rather save up to go to Rialto and visit Spearmint Rhino.

fuckery12  on  Dream Palace

posted on 16 September, 2012
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Went last night after bar hopping at Tempe Marketplace. $16 entrance fee, supposed to be full nude, no alcohol. Out of 20ish girls. Only one went full nude. One even went so far as to say I only take it off for tips. Pffft Its your job! some chic hugged a ceiling beam and humped the roof. about as exciting as it got. one girl went so far as to mention the pink taco only appeared with tips. its a FULL NUDE BAR. lol i don't even know how the place stays in business. of all the pole clubs in phoenix, this is by far the worst. btw girls all seemed to be tatted by same person. they all had tats under their boobs.

Christina N.  on Dream Palace

posted on 1 August, 2012
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Okay, so pretty much there is not going to be a whole paragraph on this place. It's pretty simple really.The cover charge to get in is ridiculous...the ATM fee is outrageous. On the other hand, the music is not bad.Some of the girls can actually dance. My main problem is what is with all these girls with no curves?? Hmmm...I am totally straight, but really?I felt at certain points that I was watching young pretty boys up on the stage!

jake  on Dream Palace

posted on 29 June, 2012
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Beware of the vip room upselling!!! i'll make it real simple for you...tipping in the vip room is not optional. its recquired just to stay back there. they don't tell u how much tip they want until they get their room fee that starts at $60. once u pay that then they tell u they want a 100% tip! thats right 100%. the problem i have with it is they don't tell u how much it really cost until u pay them $60. its just lame

Screwed over  on Dream Palace

posted on 3 February, 2012
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This is the worse strip club I have ever been to the hustle is on they bait you with a low price then try to up sell you do not go herer

Sam  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 May, 2011
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How is this place still in business, I can't believe that they get much repeat business.

What a Ripoff!  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 March, 2011
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Run like hell in the other direction! Way too much hustle with not much returns.

Buster H  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 February, 2011
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Dam deze bitchez iz hot!!! Dimin I luv u gurl!!!

Pete N.  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 January, 2011
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I see alot of negative reviews about money or not getting sex and I don't think that's very fair. It is what it is and its a little stupid to bitch that a strip club isn't a brothel.You should expect to drop at least a few hundred at ANY stripclub as well.

larry1  on  Dream Palace

posted on 18 December, 2010
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I can't really go into more detail than the prior reviewers. The marketing wizards at Dream Palace litter Tempe with business cards touting free cover charge. But when you get at the door, they still charge five bucks. I'd like to know how that's legal.I'd head West into Phoenix if you want a decent strip club, this place just sucks and is a total ripoff. Dream Palace, right. It's more like "Ream Palace" as you watch your money vaporize into thin air.

WILDCATZ CABARET $1.00 U-Call-Its  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 September, 2009
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WildCatz Cabaret, Grand Opening Party Friday and Saturday September 18th and 19th ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. The MUST-BE-AT event of the year. $1.00 U-Call-Its. Newly Remodeled, New Owners, New Staff, New Extremely Hot Dancers. Pool table, 3 V.I.P. Areas, Flat Screen T.V.'s. $1.00 blowjobs, pearl necklace, rugmuncher, cum shot plus anthing else you want. Lap dance specials all day and night long as well. Come check us out located on the southwest corner of 32nd st and McDowell. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (602)275-2188.

customer  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 November, 2008
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was there just the other night with a few buddies and i thought to myself while getting a lap dance that it said full nude? It suppose to be but this place is a rip off!Not 1 girl took off her bottoms and when i asked nicely the bitch got upset. do not recomend this club ever, and its filthy dirty just like the girls there

SOME DUDE  on Dream Palace

posted on 17 April, 2008
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I was there a few days ago. They have the club rules posted when you walk in the door. The usual stuff like no touching. Then I go in and some hostess tells me that if I get a 30 minute dance in the VIP for $80 that I could touch the girls and the girls could touch me. This is the classic "clip joint" setup. Imply that you might get laid but you keep having to shell out more money and then you get laid. The bottom line is you never get laid and the second you complain you get thrown out minus your $500 or so you spent in there. I didn't stay for long and had nothing to do with the VIP room. I would not recommend this club.

First timer  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 September, 2007
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I went there last night and I got a own private show. Man that left a big hole in my wallet total it cost me $400 dollars. This was the first time ever going to a strip club so I didn't know what to expect. I got a girl named kimee and man she was hot. She let me touch her only because of how much I paid her plus I got free drinks for the night and two free no cover charge passes. Honestly if I do go back it will only be for the pole show because I am in college and I still need to buy food. She was great but still a great con artist. She tried to convince me to do the executive private show but I said no I need to get back. I am going to try other clubs and hopefully it wont be as expensive.

Paul  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 August, 2007
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When you walk in two girls will walk over and tell you how cute you are and ask you if you have a girlfriend. Don't believe it they do it to everyone.

ripped off  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 June, 2007
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Worst place i have ever been to total rip off hated it would never, ever go back

Your #1 white boy  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 June, 2007
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Fuck this place!!!!! The bitches are retarded, they all have chubby fuckin mid sections and they over charge the shit out of you. They even let bitches that are 6 months pregnant Dance the stage.............

tom  on Dream Palace

posted on 26 April, 2007
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is verconia still there i wouldn't mind taking her to the vip

AZdick  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 February, 2007
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Keep in mind that the VIP charge is only the house fee and you are expected to tip the dancer an equal amount. Usually you will spend $240 -$500 and the VIP dances are no better than the $20 dances just off the stage floor area. In fact my last $20 dance just before I left was better than the expensive VIP that I had earlier in the evening. Don't be conned into the VIP.

Customer  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 February, 2007
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Went to DP very misleading as to a "nude club" all the girls were only topless and for a $20 lap dance better off going somewhere else where the majority of the girls are fine as hell. As for the $80 VIP 1/2 hour dance didn't try it cuz I knew it was a suckers bet to waste that much amount of money for really nothing.

Looking for info  on Dream Palace

posted on 4 February, 2007
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I will be in the phoenix area for business in a few weeks. What are the best clubs in terms of mileage? Not necessarily looking for extras, just maybe a good grind and a little touching. I hate air dances. Thanks for any info

Tom  on Dream Palace

posted on 26 January, 2007
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Could any of the employees, managers, or dancers on here let me know if you hire Male barbacks and bartenders?

PC  on Dream Palace

posted on 20 December, 2006
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Hey Add (or anyone else)- how much contact do you think you'd get for a $345 tip? I've been to DP before, nice place but I never got a private dance. My man went and got the private dance and tipped that much on top of the $92 charge. Ok ok be honest, I can take it. What kind of contact do you think that would buy?

Doug  on Dream Palace

posted on 2 December, 2006
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Kid is right. If you go here only do the $20 dances which are on a level just a little higher than the stage but private enough. You will probably get a better experience and not get ripped off.

Kid  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 November, 2006
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Add is exactly correct. I was only discussing the VIP. The best option is just to resist the sales pitch and do the $20 dance. I actually got better dances from that approach than in VIP for $240

To Add-  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 November, 2006
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The amount of contact in the back depends on how much you tip. matching the tip with the vip amount may get you an air dance. There's 3 levels that the cocktail will discuss with you- My recommendation is that if you do go, no matter how much you get badgered (you will) just go with the 20.00 lap dances. It wont break you.

Kid  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 November, 2006
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Just remember that they quote you a fee like $120.00 for VIP and then you are expected to "tip" another $120 before you get the dance. It is a very deceptive technique. No, you do not get much opportunity to touch or extras. Almost every other club in the area that I have visited is better.

Club Reviewer  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 November, 2006
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This club uses your basic bait-and-switch tactics. They aren't concerned with repeat customers, so they try to shake you by the ankles immediately. I am definitely not coming back. I often entertain clients at these types of clubs and this place is one of worst in terms of ripping off customers. They skim a lot from the dancers which is reflected in the incredibly high cost of private dances. If you're looking for a good-time, value, and quality, avoid this club at all costs. However, if you're desperate with a lot of money to burn, this is the place for you.

Brooke  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 November, 2006
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Does she still work here?

Observation  on Dream Palace

posted on 15 September, 2006
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How does this place stay open? I can't believe too many people go back a second time. How do you girls live with yourselves the way you decieve people? You girls do know that there are other clubs out there that will let you go home with a clear conscious don't you? Your money may not be quite as good elsewhere but at least you can sleep soundly knowing you didn't rip somebody off, that's worth something isn't it?

Dances...  on Dream Palace

posted on 3 September, 2006
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Was in last night. Beautiful girls but beware of the cocktail waitresses because they can be very persistant and pushy in trying to get you to pay from a back room show. It ranges from anywhere between 80 and 120 for the house fee, and then once you get back there, be prepared for more upselling. Essentially you are tipping equally to the girl (ex. 80 house/80 tip) for a pvt 1/2 hour. Then after that the price goes up if you want contact (non sexual). Each girl sets her own negotiations. A cheaper bet is you can have a VIP dance in the booth for 20.00 a song, no touching. It can be sort of cramped at times with other dances going on, but usually if you go early it's not too bad. I would recommend for the girls alone.

Eden  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 August, 2006
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what are the dances like? High contact or low?

Brooke...  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 August, 2006
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Stopped in the other night (Thursday)and had a 1 hour VIP with her and she was a blast to hang with. She's a sweety so behave with her...your welcome for nearly putting you to sleep...any longer and you would've been snoring ;)

Me  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 June, 2006
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i dont care whatever you say about this place, but i was there last night, and it was amazing. great looking girls, very friendly, and gave wonderful lap dances.

dirtythummer  on Dream Palace

posted on 7 May, 2006
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i used to work at this place, and when i did, it was all about the quality of the show and always keeping the guest satisfied, lo and behold that is one of the reasons that i dont work there any more, it is about the cash, not the good times had by all. and by the way, taylor and kendra, you should know who this is so get in touch with "E" and call me!

drag palace  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 April, 2006
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this place looks like its been built in the 1500's. came in and the place is so small and girls are in the 5-6s. didn't stay too long.

DPGrl  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 April, 2006
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I will dance in panty hose and spike heels but I dont know how to respond to group. Call me computer illiterate...lol. Anyhow please give me full instructions on how to respond and I will get back to you.

dancer  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 March, 2006
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I went to dp once last year and i loved it. ALLL the girls were super hot.

customer  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 March, 2006
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Woundered if any of the dancers would dance in a pair of pantyhose with spike heels for extra tips? If interested please respond to group and include stage name and times available. I'm willing to compensate them for this special request.

DPGirl  on Dream Palace

posted on 20 March, 2006
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From the looks of it most of these comments are coming from girls, girls who work in little mexico (aka: Sonnys) because they were too ugly to make money at Dream Palace. I have been working at Dream Palace for 4 years and 90 out of 100 faces I see in there I see again. I cant fatham why they would be coming in over and over if Dream Palace really sucked that bad. There is no one there over 30 years old so I dont know where the old ugly hustler comments are coming from. There is a certain look you need to have to work at Dream Palace and ugly is not one of them. I do not know one ugly girl who works there, and if I was a gold digger I would tell you all that everyone is ugly but me but I cant do that because they are all hot.

DANCER ALEXIS  on Dream Palace

posted on 20 February, 2006
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Im the best dancer in this club come in to see me

????HMMM.....  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 February, 2006
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Who cares??? this is arizona bitch not wisconsin. 50.00 for a 1/2 hour in vip? thats shitty...wisconsin must be poor...anywayz....we are discussing dump palace k? thx

Club Fees...  on Dream Palace

posted on 4 February, 2006
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What this place charges its customers the girls is very different from the club I work at in Wisconsin. There the girls are charged a 27.00 Tip out (3 bouncers x 5.00 & 1 DJ 10.00 & 2.00 for ACE) and out of every dance the girls pay the house 5.00 and then 25.00 for a VIP Room which is 1/2 hour for 75.00. On Sundays the girls get to keep all their money from Lap Dances. A far cry from 30%

DUMP PALACE SUX!!!  on Dream Palace

posted on 4 February, 2006
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By the way....i meet guys all day long when im working at sonnys and all of them that have been to this dump have had a very bad experience otherwise if they have not been there i tell them how terrible it is and a rip off so im sure they wont get robbed then....i feel so good afetr doing a good deed....i meet a lot of guys too cause sonnys rocks so dump palace....your going down down down even farther....

Recent  on Dream Palace

posted on 2 February, 2006
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This club was right across the street from my hotel and I had a VIP pass from someone handing them out in downtown Tempe at The Library (an offshoot of Hooters). Anyway, free cover charge with the pass but you pay $5 upfront for a non-alcohlic drink. I was in this past Tuesday and the club was busy but not overly. A lot of hot looking women including the cocktail waitress. It was a slow night for tipping apparently though because no sooner did I sit than two girls immediately rushed up to me and plied me for an 80 -120 dance with mutual touching. I shied away and by the comments made below, glad I did. By the way, the girls tip out 30% at the end of the night of their earnings and pay $50 to work

BESTGRL  on Dream Palace

posted on 24 January, 2006
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Used to work at dream palace and yes it is bullshit with the levels of shows....they are the same even if you give us $3000 which the old, nasty, hustlers that have been talked about will get from you if you give in to them....of course u would have to be drunk. which i highly reccomend if you do go there make sure ur sober or leave ur atm card home!! the clubs managment sux.they are too pussy to discipline the girls and they let them run the club....they decide who works there, if u make more money then them, youll get fired. there will never be any new girls b cuz any girl could make more money then them..i could go on forever but i dont really have to since i can see that 95% of the comments are negative!!! good job smart was-customers.

still horrible  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 September, 2005
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well even though it's in Tempe and not Scottsdale, it is still awful and if anyone wants to waste their money; go here! If not go pretty much anywhere else

Geography  on Dream Palace

posted on 14 September, 2005
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Hey genius - Dream Palace is in Tempe... Thought you might want to know...

I agree-horrible!  on Dream Palace

posted on 14 September, 2005
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Scottsdale should leave Babes and Skin alone and get this place shut down. This has got to be the worst club in the valley and the biggest rip-off ever. Skin and Babes are both really nice, but go ANYWHERE ELSE than here!

THE  on Dream Palace

posted on 13 September, 2005
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I used to work at DP. When u get a private dance you are told that all the $ you pay for the show goes to the house. In actuality, the dancer gets 30% of that $. The dancer takes off her top and tells you how u have to tip her. There are 3 levels. U learn that 3 is by far the best, if u don't tip u often won't get a show. The sad part is there is no difference between a $10 lap dance and any of these shows. The levels are NOT different and they are a COMPLETE rip-off. The worst part is that at the end they want u to tip them some more. This place is full of ugly hustlers that will take you for everything you are worth if you give them the chance. You could just go down the street to Babe's and have a much better dance with a perfect woman!

To Joey  on Dream Palace

posted on 20 August, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Judging by your spelling and grammer I deon't think I will give your comment very much weight. Dream palace is a nightmare.

Joey  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 August, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

I had the best time at The Dream Palace tonight. I had no cover charge...but a 1 drink min ($5). All the girls were very nice and beautiful! One girl that really stook out to me was Madison. She was nice, caring, sexy, and real...which is hard to find. I got a show with her and it was well worth it. Altho private shows are expencive, it is a hell of a good time. Very much worth it...definatly recomended!!!

Joseph  on Dream Palace

posted on 26 June, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

This is the grossest club in the valley! The girls are DISGUSTING, FAT and UGLY!! I visited it last year (2004) and saw some of the most unattractive oldest strippers I have ever seen. For instance there was a fat blond who must have been at least 40 with a huge belly and cellulite ass. Then a horse-faced blond with the stubbiest most manliest body I've ever seen. I'm warning EVERYONE don't visit this club. It is a waste of your money the girls are NOT hot, and you will be disappointed. Also, there are some good clubs in AZ where the girls are quality. Try Skin or Babe's, but please please don't visit Dream Palace. It is a cess pool.

phxgirl  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 June, 2005
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thank god for this website so i can blast this stupid strip club, and see that other people agree with me. my friend was coming in from dc and wanted a good strip club the sign said nude...im not used to strip clubs but to me nude is no clothes? anyways we paid 30 dollars to get in we got free soda's from the angry waitress that was mad because she wasnt up their stripping or something. the girls are nice until you see them in the bathroom in the real light...lord save me from their nasty old sagging faces. the girl who gave me a lap dance was laughing the whole time. and did the same damn move over and over again and it was a stupid un-attractive mood. whatever to this strip club

...  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 June, 2005
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Ok... I was at Dream Palace tonight and whoever the girl in the orange that looked like Kirstie Alley needs to die. I just wanna tell her I didn't want that dance from her and It's going to take me hours to get the herpes out of my clothes.

Hate2Haggle  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 May, 2005
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Overall my experience taught me a leason - research the club first. The Good Points: The girl I spent an hour with looked like your average dancer and had more personality than most. Also I had a fairly good time when I wasn't thinking about all the money I just spent. The Bad Points: It cost $500 of which I had only planned on spending $200 at most. The Hostess talked me up from 1/2 an hour ($80) to an hour ($120) in a private room by making me think she would shorten up anything less. Then the dancer tried to get another $600 out of me, she got $360 and I think I that was suppose to be a good deal for what I got. But I don't go to strip clubs to haggle or to be swindled. All cost options should be clear before you take out your wallet.

visiter  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 March, 2005
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well i went on vacation to arizona. i am a dancer and decided to visit a few of the clubs. The girls are way to pushy with the selling of there dancers. So i picked the nice none pushy ones and got a couple of lap dances each. Word of wisdom? dont b pushy or rude to the customers. Regardless of who they are. U will lose out on money. there is a difference in bein a hustler and being pushy.......

randolph  on Dream Palace

posted on 2 March, 2005
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rip off place that up charges for any private dance and provides nothing for your money

AZKID  on Dream Palace

posted on 24 February, 2005
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Very expensive VIP dances - about $400+ which have nice girls but Christies has just as good a dance for a fraction of the cost. When you pay the house and then tip the girl one or two times as much for a regular lap dance it is a waste.

1st time 2 this club  on Dream Palace

posted on 3 February, 2005
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$10 for entrance, includes 1st drink. Place isn't big but it's nice. A lot of the girls are hot, didn't see any that I didn't find attractive. Had a surprise for bachelor friend and they did that pretty well. Would definitely come back here.

k  on Dream Palace

posted on 12 January, 2005
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i think this club is the best club in the valley.. the girls are cute and its not alot of money to have fun... Thats if your not a cheap a$$. i would regonament this club to anyone who likes to have fun and unwind..

Taylor  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 December, 2004
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JR - Yes, Hollie still works here, she should be back in the middle of January, please feel free to come in and see her any time.

jr  on Dream Palace

posted on 14 November, 2004
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does holly still work here? shes hot. if so, please give me info when i can see her.

ditto  on Dream Palace

posted on 2 November, 2004
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My friend and I had exact same experience as Tallerdude. Not until we each paid the $80 for the 20 minute "private" dance were we informed that the dancer "expected" at least that much in tip and $240 if we wanted full nudity/intimacy. Supreme rip-off so we didn't stay to sample the VIP room. Unbelievable.

lookin  on Dream Palace

posted on 12 October, 2004
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Anyone seen JR. worked here a wile back

tallerdude  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 September, 2004
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This place is the ultimate rip-off. High pressure sales tactics at the door, lure unsuspecting patrons into an expensive "private dance". The dancers ask for their tip upfront, or shall I say bribe. I spent $80 for a 20 minute session plus I had to bribe the dancer another $80 on top of that. She pressured me hard to bribe her $160, I stood my ground. Her performance was lackluster, to say the least. Afterwards, no communication, and she never visited me back in the main seating area. However, I did meet a nice dancer (Treasure) who gave great lap dances in the VIP room. My advice, if you go, avoid the "private dances" and stick to the $20 lap dances in the VIP room.

Detroit Star  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 September, 2004
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I think I figured out Dream Palace. Its not like the other Clubs. If you want to go in and sit there and have girl all around you then its not the place for you. If you want a cool intimate dance with a beautiful dancer than this is a great place for you. Yes yes I know all about the Sale attitude of the waitresses but if you know what you want to spend they will treat you good. just dont act like a hot shot cause then they WILL try to rape you. find a dancer you like and then ask for a semi-private dance. Its Half the price and the the same dance. get the tip out of the way before you go back so there is no preasure on the dancer. You can get the hottest girls for $200 an hour, including tip. Not bad

Captain Hot Tub  on Dream Palace

posted on 30 August, 2004
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I was there last year and I got torched for $200. Nothing ever changes in this place....

greg  on Dream Palace

posted on 12 May, 2004
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Worst club ever!!! rude people, girls were the worst. don't bother horrible, i really hated it.

Dissapointed  on Dream Palace

posted on 12 April, 2004
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This place is a rip off, first of all they don't know the difference between a half hour and a hour. I paid for a hour private dance with two girls and the hostess breaks it up a half hour later. There was no way of arguing it. The girls pressure you like crazy and its all about the money. How can a guy have fun when he's worried about all the money he's just spent and then on top of it getting ripped off? The girls were great but the management seriously sucks.

AzZelph  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 April, 2004
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Agreed. Club owners in the Valley are dumb. They have not learned how to make friends in high places in order to preserve their rights (alcohol served in nude clubs, private rooms in Phoenix) and too many customers got ripped off. And when you dare criticizing them on a forum they first insult you and call you cheap, and then post fake reviews like "what a great club! I had a blast! will definitely come back!"

AzZelph  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 April, 2004
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The girls are not willing to please. They want your bucks. Period. I would have spent some had the hustler been a little less pressing and had there been girls dancing on the stage, instead of letting the patrons sitting there alone, staring at each others. How would you say... gloomy?

Pat D.  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 March, 2004
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I meant Dream Palace not Pleasure Palace in the preceeding comment. Sorry for the error.

Pat D'  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 March, 2004
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To AzZelph, Probably our experience at the club was slightly different but it was also at different nights. However the inactivity on the stage happened several times while I was there also. I apologize for trying to interpret your experiences. But I felt that you left out the plusses offered at the Pleasure Palace such as nice girls who tried to please and did! The facilities are pretty good also. The biggest obstacle to a satisfying experience was the hustling of the hostess and the effort to secure an expensive private dance while dicouraging you from watching the stage and saying "the private dances are a lot better deal" . Actually my private dances with Destiny were great.

AzZelph  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 March, 2004
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I do not think I was unfair either as I reported exactly what happened to me. I was about the put a few bucks on the stage for the dancers but guess what... there was no dancers for 15 minutes. Not my fault if all two girls assaulted me at one point and then were called back to the bar? I did not make up the insult from the hustler either.

PAT  on Dream Palace

posted on 9 March, 2004
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Thanks to the dancer who confirmed that my comments were fair and not totally off the mark. However my lap dances were in a larger area to the left of the stage behind the windows with a nice chair and table so I did not understand the comment about small booths. Desite the waitress pressure(hustling!) the girls were nice as I said before - especially Monica and Destiny. Are they still there? The biggest problem was the lack of explaining the fees as it was unfair to the girls. I usually am very generous with tips but after the way the girls had to get theirs i.e.after the house got $120, the dancer had to request another $240.for a private dance. The laps are o.k. at $20 or $30 and fun.

dancer (not here)  on Dream Palace

posted on 9 March, 2004
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I worked here a while ago and the shows are a rip off, done in a little tiny booth, not even a room. The managment tells the girls to not tell about tips up front, that way the house gets paid even if the dancer doesn't. (the dancer keeps like 30% of what you pay for the room). Also the waitresses hustle you untill you don't even want to be in the room anymore. I would never work there again, so yes Pat your comments are fair.

AzZelph  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 March, 2004
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No I am not a cheap ass. I get a lot of lap dances and comment on them as well. You have not read all of my reviews. I also criticize those who just sit there and do not put give anything to the dancers. I usually give at least $1 per dance on stage, if not 2 or 3. I also hate hustlers and places that are not well maintained and girls who should do something else.

Pat D  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 February, 2004
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Doran, I agree that AzZelph was unfair but did you feel my comments were fair? There were some really fun dancers there who were nice to talk with between dances. If the VIP solicitation were toned down a bit and the costs more clearly communicated it would be more well received. Destiny and Monica really made me feel welcome and were worth what I spent. Good luck girls and thanks for the entertainment.

doran  on Dream Palace

posted on 11 February, 2004
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To Azzelph I've seen your comments on other clubs. Dream Palace might be a big scam, but it seems like you just go from club to club to get a free show then criticsize everything. just admit you're a cheap a**

Pat D  on Dream Palace

posted on 3 February, 2004
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Recently, I visited Dream Palace with some mixed feelings. On the positive side, I met two really nice girls, Monica and Destiny, who entertained me nicely. But the waitress/hostess was not forthright about the fees. She led me to believe that the $120 was for a 30 minute "VIP ROOM" lap dance etc. but then I was expected to tip the dancer at least that much additionally. It would be much more pleasant to clearly communicate the costs upfront. Also the stage dances were not particulary well done and often long waits between dances. However, Monica was good in the VIP room and Destiny was fun for the lap dances.

AzZelph  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 January, 2004
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I just went there. Waitress is a big hustler & tried to sell me a "VIP dance" with a girl I know was at Kitty's before (big dump on Indian School in Phoenix). I refused because I know these "VIP dances" are a rip off anyway. Then, for 5 minutes, no girls on stage, just the patrons staring at each other like "hmm ok what's going on?" Ok then a girl goes on stage, and she could not dance. After drinking my diet coke I decided I had seen it all. At that point, the waitress started to yell at me, asking me why I was leaving and because I totally ignored her, she started to insult me, common behavior with hustlers.

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