Dream Palace


815 North Scottsdale Road

Tempe, AZ 85281

Lacey Black   on  Dream Palace

posted on 23 September, 2016
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Lacey Black Adult model and dancer Lacey Black


Username laceyblack

Gender Female

Location Florida

Relationship Single

Age 24

Ethnicity Caucasian

Hair color Blonde

Eye color Green

Height 5'6"

Weight 108.0 lbs

Hey everyone! My name is Lacey, I love to interact with my fans on here!

If you have anything you want to know about me just leave a comment and I will gladly answer any questions you might have.


SCL Admin (management)  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 September, 2016

With the first presidential debate coming on Monday, Donald Trump has moved to a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton, his biggest advantage since mid-July.


Strip Club List: Job Opening (management)  on Dream Palace

posted on 30 June, 2016

Job opening at Club 390 in Chicago, IL:

Manager needed to run all Club Operations. Great customer service skills and reliability are a must. Nights and Weekends required. Please submit a resume, a photo, and your salary expectations. Hiring immediately.

Contat Club 390 directly at 708.758.2582 or fill out an online application by clicking the link below:

Click here to View Position

afficiando  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 January, 2015
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Check out the Elite Caberet .. New club. Voted Best in PHX 2014. Down the road from Dream palace.. take a left on Curry and right on McClintock, , 910 N McClintock... Check out the Elite Caberet website.. prepare to be amazed!

jake  on Dream Palace

posted on 29 June, 2012
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Beware of the vip room upselling!!! i'll make it real simple for you...tipping in the vip room is not optional. its recquired just to stay back there. they don't tell u how much tip they want until they get their room fee that starts at $60. once u pay that then they tell u they want a 100% tip! thats right 100%. the problem i have with it is they don't tell u how much it really cost until u pay them $60. its just lame

Screwed over  on Dream Palace

posted on 3 February, 2012
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This is the worse strip club I have ever been to the hustle is on they bait you with a low price then try to up sell you do not go herer

Sam  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 May, 2011
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How is this place still in business, I can't believe that they get much repeat business.

What a Ripoff!  on Dream Palace

posted on 22 March, 2011
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Run like hell in the other direction! Way too much hustle with not much returns.

Buster H  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 February, 2011
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Dam deze bitchez iz hot!!! Dimin I luv u gurl!!!

Pete N.  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 January, 2011
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I see alot of negative reviews about money or not getting sex and I don't think that's very fair. It is what it is and its a little stupid to bitch that a strip club isn't a brothel.You should expect to drop at least a few hundred at ANY stripclub as well.

WILDCATZ CABARET $1.00 U-Call-Its  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 September, 2009
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WildCatz Cabaret, Grand Opening Party Friday and Saturday September 18th and 19th ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. The MUST-BE-AT event of the year. $1.00 U-Call-Its. Newly Remodeled, New Owners, New Staff, New Extremely Hot Dancers. Pool table, 3 V.I.P. Areas, Flat Screen T.V.'s. $1.00 blowjobs, pearl necklace, rugmuncher, cum shot plus anthing else you want. Lap dance specials all day and night long as well. Come check us out located on the southwest corner of 32nd st and McDowell. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (602)275-2188.

customer  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 November, 2008
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was there just the other night with a few buddies and i thought to myself while getting a lap dance that it said full nude? It suppose to be but this place is a rip off!Not 1 girl took off her bottoms and when i asked nicely the bitch got upset. do not recomend this club ever, and its filthy dirty just like the girls there

SOME DUDE  on Dream Palace

posted on 17 April, 2008
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I was there a few days ago. They have the club rules posted when you walk in the door. The usual stuff like no touching. Then I go in and some hostess tells me that if I get a 30 minute dance in the VIP for $80 that I could touch the girls and the girls could touch me. This is the classic "clip joint" setup. Imply that you might get laid but you keep having to shell out more money and then you get laid. The bottom line is you never get laid and the second you complain you get thrown out minus your $500 or so you spent in there. I didn't stay for long and had nothing to do with the VIP room. I would not recommend this club.

First timer  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 September, 2007
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I went there last night and I got a own private show. Man that left a big hole in my wallet total it cost me $400 dollars. This was the first time ever going to a strip club so I didn't know what to expect. I got a girl named kimee and man she was hot. She let me touch her only because of how much I paid her plus I got free drinks for the night and two free no cover charge passes. Honestly if I do go back it will only be for the pole show because I am in college and I still need to buy food. She was great but still a great con artist. She tried to convince me to do the executive private show but I said no I need to get back. I am going to try other clubs and hopefully it wont be as expensive.

Paul  on Dream Palace

posted on 16 August, 2007
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When you walk in two girls will walk over and tell you how cute you are and ask you if you have a girlfriend. Don't believe it they do it to everyone.

ripped off  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 June, 2007
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Worst place i have ever been to total rip off hated it would never, ever go back

Your #1 white boy  on Dream Palace

posted on 10 June, 2007
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Fuck this place!!!!! The bitches are retarded, they all have chubby fuckin mid sections and they over charge the shit out of you. They even let bitches that are 6 months pregnant Dance the stage.............

tom  on Dream Palace

posted on 26 April, 2007
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is verconia still there i wouldn't mind taking her to the vip

AZdick  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 February, 2007
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Keep in mind that the VIP charge is only the house fee and you are expected to tip the dancer an equal amount. Usually you will spend $240 -$500 and the VIP dances are no better than the $20 dances just off the stage floor area. In fact my last $20 dance just before I left was better than the expensive VIP that I had earlier in the evening. Don't be conned into the VIP.

Customer  on Dream Palace

posted on 27 February, 2007
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Went to DP very misleading as to a "nude club" all the girls were only topless and for a $20 lap dance better off going somewhere else where the majority of the girls are fine as hell. As for the $80 VIP 1/2 hour dance didn't try it cuz I knew it was a suckers bet to waste that much amount of money for really nothing.

Looking for info  on Dream Palace

posted on 4 February, 2007
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I will be in the phoenix area for business in a few weeks. What are the best clubs in terms of mileage? Not necessarily looking for extras, just maybe a good grind and a little touching. I hate air dances. Thanks for any info

Tom  on Dream Palace

posted on 26 January, 2007
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Could any of the employees, managers, or dancers on here let me know if you hire Male barbacks and bartenders?

PC  on Dream Palace

posted on 20 December, 2006
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Hey Add (or anyone else)- how much contact do you think you'd get for a $345 tip? I've been to DP before, nice place but I never got a private dance. My man went and got the private dance and tipped that much on top of the $92 charge. Ok ok be honest, I can take it. What kind of contact do you think that would buy?

Doug  on Dream Palace

posted on 2 December, 2006
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Kid is right. If you go here only do the $20 dances which are on a level just a little higher than the stage but private enough. You will probably get a better experience and not get ripped off.

Kid  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 November, 2006
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Add is exactly correct. I was only discussing the VIP. The best option is just to resist the sales pitch and do the $20 dance. I actually got better dances from that approach than in VIP for $240

To Add-  on Dream Palace

posted on 23 November, 2006
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The amount of contact in the back depends on how much you tip. matching the tip with the vip amount may get you an air dance. There's 3 levels that the cocktail will discuss with you- My recommendation is that if you do go, no matter how much you get badgered (you will) just go with the 20.00 lap dances. It wont break you.

Kid  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 November, 2006
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Just remember that they quote you a fee like $120.00 for VIP and then you are expected to "tip" another $120 before you get the dance. It is a very deceptive technique. No, you do not get much opportunity to touch or extras. Almost every other club in the area that I have visited is better.

Club Reviewer  on Dream Palace

posted on 19 November, 2006
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This club uses your basic bait-and-switch tactics. They aren't concerned with repeat customers, so they try to shake you by the ankles immediately. I am definitely not coming back. I often entertain clients at these types of clubs and this place is one of worst in terms of ripping off customers. They skim a lot from the dancers which is reflected in the incredibly high cost of private dances. If you're looking for a good-time, value, and quality, avoid this club at all costs. However, if you're desperate with a lot of money to burn, this is the place for you.

Brooke  on Dream Palace

posted on 5 November, 2006
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Does she still work here?

Observation  on Dream Palace

posted on 15 September, 2006
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How does this place stay open? I can't believe too many people go back a second time. How do you girls live with yourselves the way you decieve people? You girls do know that there are other clubs out there that will let you go home with a clear conscious don't you? Your money may not be quite as good elsewhere but at least you can sleep soundly knowing you didn't rip somebody off, that's worth something isn't it?

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