Pin Ups Strip Club


2788 East Ponce de Leon Avenue

Decatur, GA 30030

Club Desire (management)  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 2 December, 2016


We are looking to hire dancers to work nights and weekends at club desire. Please apply online

click here

or call the club at 401-274-5560 or if you do not have a phone feel free to come in to the club in person.

Club Desire

1 Franklin Sq

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401.274.5560

felixnada  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 2 September, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Good time. Came with my husband and anothwr couple. The DJ was good. Came during happy hour so the drink prices were perfect. The girls looked good, very flexible lol. Definitely worth checking out

AssnTits5  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 18 May, 2016
Joined 8 years ago
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Came on a Sunday almost 12am. $10 to park $5 to enter. So $15 to enter basically. Drink cups where rather small. For $8 I shouldn't take two sips and be done my drink. The ten pieces of ice in the rather small cup isn't necessary either. $5 dances but they aren't gonna dance for a full song for $5. I don't blame them. A few decent girls who made it easy for me to spend my hard earned money. It is ratchet. Smoking while dancing not even done...looking like they didn't even try. Then , there are the few decent girls who made the trip here worth it. They have pool tables. I would go back again.

dannyboy7  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 19 January, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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This bitches in this club are so dirty looking titties be touching they belly buttons . Gun shot wounds . Weaves were terrible . My phone was more interesting than the strippers $10 to get in . Drinks are cheap . Would only recommend if you are a corny nigga that gets no bitches at night .

M'Siba I.  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 9 May, 2014
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Of the many clubs I've been to, this was one of the lower end ones. The girls (at least on a Tuesday night) aren't cute. Maybe one or two. Blah. There was some guy who kept getting on the mic and on the stage...stomping around acting a fool. I don't know what that was about. :-/

Chris H.  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 28 April, 2014
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I'm going to give this club 3 stars and here's why. It really depends on what time you go. If you go during day shift then it's a four star experience. No entry or parking fee. The girls are friendly, a bit aggressive but friendly. The reason it wouldn't be a five star day shift experience is that they don't take credit cards. At night it's a 3 star club because this club will tax your pocket before you take your seat. They want $20 to park your car upfront and $20 coverage charge. Then the bar is a cash bar. The night shifts are much better looking than dayshift. Management should examine this credit card option because the drinks are ten dollars a piece and takes away from the money the girls can make. They have to compete with others dancers and the bar, shame on management for this shallow thinking.

ryan123  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 5 July, 2013
Joined 8 years ago
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Maybe I came on the wrong night. It was free for all Sunday. $10 parking. There was maybe 1&1/2 girls that was attractive to say the least. The girl on stage had a gut and just walked around the pole. No dancing on it or any real entertainment. Just lazy as hell.

sam brown  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 21 May, 2013
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i was ask to leave the club on 5/6/13 reason a dancer said she was under comfortable with me there. i did not say a word to her yes i knew her but there were 2 others that i knew and they had no problem . i don't understand why i had to leave

Curious  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 21 May, 2013
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Is this club hiring dancers at this time?

fritter17  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 28 March, 2012
Joined 5 years ago
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This place is hot trash. The girls are alright. Friendly, but the lap dances are extremely short. The waitresses are the worst part. Waited 25 minutes to be served and then the broads expected a tip and had the nerve to be angry when I didn't tip her. Steer clear of this place. Someone needs to memo these chicks that they don't have an education and it shows.

harryharry  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 6 December, 2011
Joined 7 years ago
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I think Amber Rose works here...or maybe it's her look alike. Saw some pregnant girls too...or maybe they just looked pregnant. Hmm...I'll give it 3****

Franklyn  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 19 August, 2011
Joined 6 years ago
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A great place to relax, Mon-Wedn. Drink speicals Sunday free admission..

Johnnyboy123  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 18 December, 2010
Joined 6 years ago
88 comments posted

hood but good, been here a few times and never let me down, no up tight type of stuff here, jeans and j's are ok, lots of 1's

Feygens S.  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 17 November, 2010
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This Is Atlanta!!! What More Can I Say??...This Is A Strip Club...100+ Strippers, Porn Stars & Dancers, D-Boi's Throwing Rent and Car Note $$$$ Away!....This Again Is ATLANTA!!!...LOL Strip Club Capital Of The WORLD!!

eddyL  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 11 October, 2010
Joined 7 years ago
102 comments posted

If you're looking for booty bumpin itty gritty hood ass strippin, this is the infamous pin ups. lol. it's definitely not a class club. $5 goes a long way if you know what i'm sayin. cover is $20 but what can you expect. if you're going to the strip club, you're payin $$$$. the music is fantastically ghetto. i'm always seeing something new. have you ever seen a stripper surf on top of another stripper while on the pole? you'll get that at pin ups

richard95  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 6 October, 2010
Joined 7 years ago
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They don't call it home of the $5 lap dance for nothing!After going to Pin Ups I learned that anyone who is willing to take there clothes off can be stripper...Thick, thin, stretch marks, stab wounds, c-section scars, doesn't matter as long as you have some variation of a bubble butt.My friend got a birthday lap dance and the stripper stuck matches in her nips lit them and let him blow out the flame... Still trying to figure out how she did that.Drinks were way overpriced but we got in for free because it was a Sunday night.The place was really spacious, had a few pool tables. Lot's of girls walking around butt naked asking for money.I didn't really feel like I was in a strip club. It seemed like any ATL "hood club" there were an equal number of girls and guys.It got really crowed after regular club areas because they are open till 7am. They have a breakfast buffet that features cheese grits... We left before that...

joseph1k  on  Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 23 July, 2010
Joined 8 years ago
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Pin Ups is hit or miss. I've been many times and its a different experience each time I go. Not all the chick are bad looking, but if you're looking for the bullet wounds, stretch marks, and busted; Pin Ups will accommodate. Its a cool spot for happy hour during the day to have a some drinks, but don't go in looking for the cream of the crop, because you might come out disappointed. The positive: its nice size strip club with a bar on each side, and a big parking lot where you can park for free.

Kenya  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 18 June, 2009
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Any of your girls having a hard time getting an apartment? If you are a dancer and you are in need of an apartment call me at 404.792.7771. 2 Bedrooms $765.00 going fast!!!! Call today.

In home hair  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 23 September, 2008
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services by Shantal, I can come to you! Sew-ins $75, bond-ins $55, w ponytails $30, relaxers/sets $65 wash and set $25 just call 786.380.2517 and the first visit $5 off!

rambo  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 5 August, 2008
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I went there on a sunday night 07/2008. angel gave me a good dance. cover was $15.00. lap dances were $5 but sometimes they did not play the whole song. dancers were mostly big asses. some contact . i did not try vip . overall not a bad value for money.

clubgoer  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 22 July, 2008
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One of the most spacious strip clubs in Atlanta. A LOT of dancers. The bouncers are definitely rude, but you will enjoy it if you like black girls of all shapes and sizes. I'm pretty sure you can't have sex in there. The VIP room is in plain view.

a stripper chick  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 17 April, 2008
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I worked there for about a week. If you like ghetto shit this is the place for you. those ladies are loud and they don't get there feet done. And if you like to pay for sex, take your ass there!

Clubbie  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 28 January, 2008
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It's a mixed club, but most of the dancers are black.

lee  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 28 January, 2008
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what kind of dancers are up in there? white, black? i like both, but i like girls that are thick, with booty's and pretty faces...not skinny girls. i heard this club has thick that tru?

Jason  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 28 January, 2008
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I was at Pin Ups this weekend because of Battle of the Bands. I went kind of early (around 8 or so) so no one was out charging for parking. Now if you go around 10 and later, parking will be around $5-10, all depending on the time. Admission is a flat $10.00 And dances are $5.00 per song. However, the song is NEVER played in full, so be mindful that when the song switches, that's the end of that one dance. They do have a VIP but I didn't have that kind of money on me. It's a decent place with good lighting outside, and it's pretty off to itself. I felt safe. I will be coming here again and again when I hit the ATL.

Gary  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 8 July, 2007
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Is there a dancer named Chocolate at this club that used to be at Roosters?

wannabe  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 26 June, 2007
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Do they have any slim tight dancers! You know well proportioned Ciara type chicz?

CALI BOY  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 29 April, 2007
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I agree with the fam chico. the old school turnstyle to enter the club. should be moved out i seen big people get stuck in it. they hold the line when it's not even crowded. if you like to waste money then have fun....

Chico  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 30 March, 2007
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It seems that we think just because a chick got a big a$$ or titties that she is fine. I saw some big asses in here but as for the fine part, NOPE! I was a little skeptical because of the mixed comments on here but decided I'd try it anyway. WHY DID I DO THAT? Man to men these chicks aren't that hot.Lots of strech marks, I wanted to tell them to go home to their kids! I've been to better, much better places.

Leon  on Pin Ups Strip Club

posted on 27 March, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

I suggest everyone be vaccinated and up to date on all of you shots before going here. Or you will probably leave sick! Cars get broken into in the lot because there is no where to park and you gotta park in other places. Just not a safe or clean place.

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