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Atlanta, GA30324

SCN ADMIN (management)onTattletale Lounge

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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tonycluberonTattletale Lounge

posted on 21 February, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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Surrounded by shady massage parlors and a cheap "lingerie" store, one of Atlanta's sleazier strip joints. An older woman patrols the girls dressing room and provides them with condoms when they find an enthusiastic customer. Strong drinks and stereotypical drug addicted girls that are trained by management to go all the way for $ in the VIP lounge and get the customers telephone # to coax them back and turn them into regulars. If you are into that kind of thing, ask for Erin! If not, steer clear, this place has STD written (or should I say smeared) all over it!

STEVEonTattletale Lounge

posted on 5 April, 2011
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I have not been in atlanta in a few years and was wondering the best clubs now. i will be visiting next week and just remember clubs by name such as cheetah, pink pony, doll house, gold rush and tattle tale. is this club the one that was down the street and across from the club that was closed by nba players a few yrs ago? also which club has the best looking dancers and the best lap dances? how do the lap dances here compare with the ones in tampa, fla? as much contact? i dont recall lap dances last time i was here. anyway thanks for any help.

Will 42onTattletale Lounge

posted on 20 February, 2011
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Enjoyed watching Torri Saturday evening. Would have loved to had a V.I.P. from her but she was busy, maybe next time

StanonTattletale Lounge

posted on 28 April, 2010
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I have been out of town for a while. I used to be regular at the old 24K on Chishirebridge Rd. I was trying to find some of the ancers I used to know from the 24K club. Does anyone know if any of the old 24K club dancers Eve, Siren, Hannah or Nikki work here now?

GeorgeonTattletale Lounge

posted on 13 December, 2009
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She is there during the day.

Mountain ManonTattletale Lounge

posted on 15 November, 2009
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Anyone know where Abby (blonde with pigtails) went? She always looked like she enjoyed her dancing and she is no longer working here. Any help would be appreciated.

NateonTattletale Lounge

posted on 14 May, 2009
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I have 2 Questions (1) Is this club open on Sunday night? I will be in ATL on Sunday (2) Do Hunter and Danielle still work here? Thanks in advance

Sindy?onTattletale Lounge

posted on 6 December, 2008
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Does a big tit blonde named Sindy still work here?

Nate from NashvilleonTattletale Lounge

posted on 1 December, 2008
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I met Hunter and Danielle numerous times last year and I enjoyed VIP Sessions till about Mar this year. Do either Hunter or Danielle work there? I would love to get together with either or both at Tattletale.

Jay from SavannahonTattletale Lounge

posted on 22 July, 2008
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Went back again when I was in town on a Monday night. Kinda slow night, but the club is very laid-back and relaxed. Met Eliza, a sexy, brunette, rocker chick. Very flirtatious with a curvy, sexy body. And she liked to party....only problem...drank too much and during our VIP, she sat down and chatted a little too much and didn't dance much. Will see her again though. Had a good time.

JayonTattletale Lounge

posted on 17 June, 2008
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Went by on a Tues. nite. Was looking for Carolina who was there last month, but wasn't there. Club is nice and laid-back atmosphere. Most of the dancers were young and very skinny. Prefer someone with some meat on her bones. Still a good club, but kinda slow.

new to the AreaonTattletale Lounge

posted on 22 May, 2008
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well i have not yet made it to ANY strip club in the area but shoot, well when i put my cowboy boots on and get a new cowboy hat im going to mosey on down to see that girl next door zoe.

Joseph D.onTattletale Lounge

posted on 12 March, 2008
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I was a bad boy tonight. I came here after a show at the Drunken Unicorn with a friend of mine. Needless to say I was well on my way to a high time tonight by the time I got here. However, once I got here that high time hit a brick wall.I don't know if it's really fair to judge this club having not been to any other Atlanta adult entertainment venues, but with that being said, I doubt I'd have been more bored had I been at a 24 hour laudromat. This is your Friday night roster? The biggest tip of the night was a mistaken $20 to the girl who got me matches from the bar who, upon returning to our table, didn't even acknowledge me. What, you think I would've asked for it back? Thanks, but no thanks sweetheart.And since when did boobs go out of fashion in places like this?

realistonTattletale Lounge

posted on 23 November, 2007
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went to tattletales on 11/19/07 a monday night. the dancers were nice but too old. i am guessing nearing 50 at the youngest. there were some younger ones but they were out of shape (fat). the waitress was very friendly.

whatonTattletale Lounge

posted on 7 November, 2007
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county is tattletale's in?

need some helponTattletale Lounge

posted on 30 October, 2007
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Thinking of moving . want'ed to know what the clubs are like? Do I need a Lic. to work there? I have been in the business for 18 years and i am looking for something NEW, but i don't know where to start, thanks for your help, Dj Boomer

re: will 42onTattletale Lounge

posted on 13 September, 2007
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can you tell me how the club is and what the crowd was like.. can you have fun... do they get a big crowd any info highly appreciated

Will 42onTattletale Lounge

posted on 2 September, 2007
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Last night, Saturday, the waitresses and bartender were the most attractive girls in the place. Shame.

stunnedonTattletale Lounge

posted on 31 July, 2007
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Zoe really gone? Cant believe it! What about Sin-D, the red head, or Deana, the bartender/waitress?, or even Elaina, the beautiful russian connection? If anybody reads this and goes in, Tell Smoothie the bartender that the Fatboy driver from Charleston say hi.

* HottestBytches*onTattletale Lounge

posted on 30 April, 2007
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Come check out the two hottest chicks that roam the tattletale lounge... have you ever had the fantasy of two young, hot, exotic, slim beauties, standing right before your eyes??? if you havent then your missing out on kalis & adeja... yes, they were smokin!!!! the drinks were great... music was a little l.ame, but the girls made up for it with their great dancing skills and awesome pole tricks!!!! ...

BlueberryonTattletale Lounge

posted on 24 April, 2007
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Nice club with a wide assortment of women. Nice choice of beers and drinks, reasonably priced. All my thanks to Desiree, Jackie, Alex, Heidi (my fantasy girl), Shea, and several others for some interesting conversation and enjoyable table dances.

BluevberryonTattletale Lounge

posted on 19 April, 2007
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To Strip Club Fan, yes, this is the club mention in the Crue song. To Zoe fans: She left the business and got married. Sigh. Since the hours aren't mentioned on the club page, the club opens 1PM weekdays and 4PM saturdays until at least 3AM, and closed sundays. VIP prices do vary somewhat by the girl, so my advice is to shop carefully and fully understand the "rules". You don't want to spend that much money and feel like you've been hustled.

strip club fanonTattletale Lounge

posted on 12 April, 2007
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Is this the club Motley Crue sings about in the song Girls Girls Girls if so is this club worth coming to while i am on vacation this summer.

new to ATLonTattletale Lounge

posted on 20 March, 2007
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New to the ATL, What's a good strip club in the ATL, this city is so big but reading all the reviews sounds like every club sux (didn't have this problem in Memphis or St. Louis). Looking for white-in shape -good looking-not bitchy girls. So far sounds like cheetah is a good place though the bitchiness factor may not work out. Any ideas? A plus would be a place where it would be cool if I want to bring my girlfriend and the possibility to hook up with a dancer for 3-way (so if any of the girls at certain clubs like the "white girl" or rolling another plus)

just want to knowonTattletale Lounge

posted on 29 August, 2006
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So what is it that makes Zoe's vip so great? Dose she do things other dancers don't? Just want to know why all the chat is about her? PS Can u see her out side of the club or something?

TABLE DANCES R WEAKonTattletale Lounge

posted on 13 August, 2006
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Any black girls in this club?

stalker wanna beonTattletale Lounge

posted on 8 August, 2006
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VIPs are 200 for some girls maybe a little more for others. Blondes are worth it, red heads aint. Love ya Z

hgonTattletale Lounge

posted on 6 August, 2006
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whtz the vip cost here

ZOE FANonTattletale Lounge

posted on 4 August, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Zoe, not only do you have a fan- looks like you also have a stalker haha

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