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727 Iberville Street

New Orleans, LA70130

SCN ADMIN (management)onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

Kindreck G.onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 20 September, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

This place double charged me for two drinks with $150 dollar charge. I contacted to inquire about the charge and was explained that the waitresses are to inform customers when opening a tab there will be a $150 authorization charge which will remain in your account for 3-5 business days. Fallon (who appeared to hate her job btw), our waitress did not explain anything to us as I would never open a tab with $150 authorization for only a few drinks max if this was known. Outside of this, Penthouse was boring and stale. This is the best gentleman's club in NOLA but that's not saying much. Dancers are boring, all stay huddled in corner on cell phones, and are plan boring. If you're not from NOLA then lower your expectations for this club and all others.Edit: Two drinks we had were good so rating gets bumped up to 2 Star

felixnadaonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 6 June, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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A BUNCH OF CROOKS...AND VERY LITTLE "TALENT"!! Three points should sum it up (and hopefully make you think twice about visiting this dump):1. Mediocre talent (and saying this is a stretch, disgusting might be more fitting). Most girls were thin on top, many were heavy on the bottom half; no classic Penthouse pinup figures in this place if that's what you're looking for. Most of the guys in the place probably had bigger breasts that all but one of the girls we saw dance. Pole dancing -- forget it, no talent when we were there (Barely Legal had some excellent pole dancers, however).2. Priicccceeeeeyyyyyyy. Cover charge $12/person (and wouldn't wave it for my lady). Three drinks came out to be $49.75 (with tax and tip). Whew! At least they had a bit of alcohol in them.3. CROOKED, DISHONEST MERCHANT. We were there for about an hour, had 3 drinks, no dances, then left. Got a phone call from Capitol One's fraud dept the next day. SOBs at Penthouse charged us for an additional $150!! Capital One caught it and flagged it as fraud immediately. Of course, my card was compromised so couldn't use it the rest of the trip (good thing I had a second card!). Conclusion: There's absolutely no reason to go to the Penthouse club unless you want to bore yourself watching not-so-attractive women, pay for expensive drinks, and have to possibly deal with fraudulent charges and these RIPOFFS!STAY AWAY!! P.S. I learned my lesson in NOLA as this was one of two fraudulent transactions in 3 days -- go to an ATM, pay in cash. The character of most of these merchants stinks worse than Bourbon Street!

GarryWasonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 3 May, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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If you are going to NOLA this is the spot hands down. 5 of my friends and I went in two nights in a row both nights as soon as we walked in we got a table immediately and that was walking in around midnight or so the place was packed the cocktail waitress were on point the drinks wernt watered down like most places. The ladies were exponential. The doorman was friendly remembered our faces like we were bestfriends. The funny part is you can watch what the girls are doing they stay away from sleeze balls. Most importantly cant really go in to detail (what happens at the penthouse stays there) my advice dress nice act casual and you will have one hell of a night to remember. Also be ready to lay down some money after all it is a high end gentlemen's club. PENTHOUSE FOR PRESIDENT!

StripClub431onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 30 August, 2015
Joined 3 years ago
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This is the best club in New Orleans! Right off bourbon street they have the hottest girls !!No rift raft, higher end clientele and top of the line entertainers. Staff is great, music is awesome. Head over for the best strip club experience in the Quarter!

winston12onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 28 June, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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I give it between 3 to 4 stars for my experience on Friday night.On Friday, as you should expect, it was ultra packed. The girls are all 5 stars, but because it was packed, I didn't really interact with any of them, nor did they interact with me. Personally, I look for interaction rather than a show. So, I can't rate the quality of their private dances, because I wasn't given any opportunity to get one. I'm sure if I really pursued, I could've gotten one, but I wasn't that motivated to squander my money.One girl was really amazing on the pole, though. I asked her to give my friend a lapdance. He enjoyed it, so that's a plus. She wasn't very friendly though, and said up front no touching, so that was kind of eh.The place was clean and well-lit, so that's another plus. Anyway, just know what you're getting into if you go. Pay a ($14, I think?) cover, gradually take over some bar stools so that you and your friends can sit, see some beautiful girls being busy with the many other guests that are present, and debate whether you want to go out of your way to spend a lot of money on a private dance.

XhXeXyonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 8 May, 2015
Joined 7 years ago
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Security are a bunch of dicks, accuse me of doing something in the bathroom I was obviously not doing and kicked me out. Other than that my experience was great. Security sucks a big dick!

mathewater12onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 21 October, 2014
Joined 3 years ago
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My husband and I thought we would visit on our last night in NOLA since it wasn't a far walk from our hotel. It was $12 each to get in and you can get stamped on your arm to go in and out as your please-just don't wash it off! It's a small quaint place but beautiful inside, our Penthouse is much bigger in St Louis. The drinks were not cheap, but a good amount of alcohol in them. The girls were very pretty, but it was all the nice bootie team. I don't think one girl had boobs bigger than a small C (if that), so if you're a boob guy, it's not your place. A private lap dance was $40 but the beautiful girl I chose made it too quick and you could tell she didn't care. Otherwise it was a good time. Good people watching and the waitresses were very attentive.

larry1onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 29 June, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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Shake those fine a$$ ti....oh sorry. Yeah, I'm reviewing the Penthouse Club. I don't really know how these stack against the other strip clubs in New Orleans but from others I've visited elsewhere I'll say:- First topless, not full nude.- Entrance fee (about 10 bucks) but drinks are definitely strip club priced, like 8 bones for a cheap beer.- It's very bright in there and not too quiet in case you wanted privacy to whisper sweet nothings.- There are TVs if you're not down with ogling.- What I was kinda blah about was unless you go private lap dance, the stage interaction is on the lesser end. Girls are more on the acrobatic/pole dance end than the get in your face and shake what their doctor gave 'em end.- That said more on the classy end of strip clubs if you feel uncomfortable about the whole thing.Now you know.

Amalia Y.onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 14 May, 2014
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one of my favorite stops during mardi gras was the penthouse. if you're gonna do NOLA, do it right. and classy, of complaints... mostly because i got in for free, got free drinkies, and was fawned over by one of the girls. pretty sure she was serious about coming home with us....yup, great night.

igor34onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 14 November, 2013
Joined 4 years ago
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My posse's on bourbon. For all you sir mix a lot fans out there. Most of the gentleman club's have their dancers out front to coax you in. Penthouse does not. You can walk into a swanky bar lobby area but the dance area is hidden. Charging a cover I was a little hesitant going in without knowing what I was in for. I must admit I wasn't enticed by the other clubs at all but my reservations were quickly nullified after taking a seat. The women here are much higher caliber than anything I witnessed on the strip. Drink prices are high priced and I wouldn't use the ATM there. GO for the ladies!

FranklynonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 27 June, 2013
Joined 6 years ago
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Felt comfortable going ( 2 females), much cleaner and nicer than the skanky ones on Bourbon. Bartender was real nice BUT they held $150 on my ccard (for a $48) tab and it's still on hold 4 days later---that sucks!

Daniel M.onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 17 May, 2011
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It's a strip club. Much cleaner than traditional Bourbon holes and 80% of the girls are FINE. It's always packed on weekends and has a total party vibe. It's more like going to a club where half the girls are nekkid (I say half b/c there are LOT'S of girl patrons here). As with any establishment of this nature, expect high prices.

richard95onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 8 March, 2011
Joined 7 years ago
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One of my favorite places for ass and tits. Vibe is nice and there's always pretty girls! It's one of the nicer strip clubs compared to the others. Place is always clean. Great place to hang out with great eye candy.

Carpet MuncheronThe Penthouse Club

posted on 22 July, 2009
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What are the prices? Does this place get busy?

LoganonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 26 October, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Casper ... you friendly ghost ... isn't so friendly ... girls watch out and dont fall for this wanna be pimp. Makes every club in New Orleans get a bad name. Especially this one! This club isn't the same as before. They had awesome girls, but now all the girls that are linked to him are Terrible. Bunch of scam artists. I got my wallet stolen from a girl that gave me a lap dance. Called security and didn't do anything about it. This guy that pimps girls out, he actually trains them to be steal wallets, phones, etcs... so watch your belongings guys!!!

Bare NecessitiesonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 19 October, 2008
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Ladies 18-30 years old: We are seeking 20-25 more beautiful ladies that are fun, and love to have a great time. We are the largest class A escort service in New Orleans, and we are always busy! If you want to have a blast and make money at the same time, then give us a call at 636-375-2938. Ask for the director of Bare Necessities.

jjonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 29 June, 2008
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Does Logan work at this club?

HoneyonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 17 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Do you need a license to dance in New Orleansor Lousiana?

G-String AwardsonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 7 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

For the most part the features are good looking but I must give my opinion about one that I met. She said her name is Honey De La Cruz but she looked more like a cruise ship. I have seen NFL linemen smaller than her she must have weighed in at about 150 pounds with a horrible make up job and to top it off she had the worst attitude out of anyone there. Dont waste your time going and ever seeing her.

CustomeronThe Penthouse Club

posted on 1 February, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Most of the girls here are very nice but there is one who thinks that she is to good to be there. To the "dancer" who does not take off her clothes and refuses tips from people, please find a new job you are not good at being a dancer.

Book GuyonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 13 January, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

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the asian gemonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 18 October, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

The penthouse club is a franchised name, they are all over the country and no this one is not connected to the one in NY. If you had worked there you would already know that. There are no clubs that don't want a girl because she is asian and if you had worked anywhere, you would know that. (except maybe in asia) The cartoon picture you posted that was apparently supposed to represent you was such a moronic idea that if you are having trouble getting hired, the problem is you and not the fact that you are asian

To Asian GemonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 25 July, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

To Asian Gem: you're asking at the wrong place. This website isn't owned by Penthouse Club, it's a REVIEW site. The management might not EVER check here, or they might check daily. Go to the website OWNED BY THE CLUB in order to contact their management. And BTW, so far you're doing a great job of keeping up with typical dancer mentality ... :)

2 asian commentoronThe Penthouse Club

posted on 24 July, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

you sound like a putz. ignorance seems to suit you fine.

The Asian GemonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 27 June, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Again, I ask, would I be a welcome addition to this club? I would like to also know what the house fees are lately plus any other fees. Thanks ahead of time!

The Asian GemonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 27 June, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

To the person who had a comment regarding my posting. Who are you to call someone a liar? There are people who are mixed with other nationalities in this world. So, instead of being an ass, perhaps you can learn to just accept the world as it is and keep your mouth shut unlesss you have something intelligent/nice to say.

Management?onThe Penthouse Club

posted on 27 April, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Does this club have any job openings for entry-level management? If so please post an email address for the general manager or owner so I can send them my resume. I am currently living in Lake Charles, and I am seriously considering moving to New Orleans. I will be there for a few days in the near future to investigate employment options. Thank you

out of towneronThe Penthouse Club

posted on 24 April, 2007
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To the few girls who are asking if the Penthouse is good...IT'S VERY GOOD. I was recently in New Orleans for about 4 months and did totally killer. Penthouse and Visions are the only ones worth really working. Visions is a little more liberal. I had to leave and go back home. Boyfriend problems, but plan on coming back within a couple months.

AsiansonThe Penthouse Club

posted on 2 March, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

No go work in a nail salon because your a liar. Half Italian my ass your straight off the boat from some rice picking country. Why do these pure asians want to say they are half something else??? I love Asians but not the kind who come out with lies from their first sentence.

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