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SCN ADMIN (management)onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

fisherdex1onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 13 September, 2016
Joined 12 months ago
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I had a chance to visit this club with a few asian friends of mine. I stood face to face with a female bartender and she refused to serve me. She serve everone around me even the guy behind me. I spoke with the manager he told me "she's like that" and gave me a beer on the house . The fact that the bar let's someone dictate who's served by race is discusting.

dannyboy7onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 15 April, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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So I don't come in here often, and there's a reason why. Don't get me wrong, the dancers are attractive and friendly.The bartenders on the other hand are the most hostile people I've ever met (as far as bartenders go).If you are not young and attractive, forget about service. You can stand at the bar for 1/2 hour and ask for service.You will be ignored. It doesn't matter how much you tip, if you are not under 35, you will be ignored.In short get your drink on before coming here, because you sure won't get it while you're here.

brandonreshonThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 13 April, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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2$ Tuesdays are pretty crowded! If you're lucky you can find a place to sit. The servers are pretty friendly and come by at the right time to get you drinks. There's a 10$ cover charge for everyone. 20$ for lap dances. Chill place to grab a drink with friends!

stripforme123onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 6 March, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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+ The new facelift is great+ Very clean, one of the cleanest strip clubs I've been to+ Awesome women here, friendly and not annoying+ Tuesdays is the day to come $2 domestic beers + Taco Truck!I recently came here for my birthday week with a couple of my buddies, and had a great time. It has definitely been a while, and you know what, it's still a great place to come and enjoy a Tuesday night. Tuesday nights, you're welcomed with $2 domestic beers (just purchase a bucket and you're set for the night) and some great eye candy. The ladies here are awesome, they know not to be too intrusive if you don't want a dance, and they definitely know how to talk lol. Also, I can't get over how clean this place is, especially compared to other gentlemen clubs in the SoCal region. This has to be my favorite place.Also one thing - If you're getting kicked out of here or being declined service, there HAS to be something wrong with you. I'm a dark, bald Asian guy that's allowed to step in wearing some damn basketball shorts.. yet I'm treated like a regular customer and allowed to have a great time. You can't possibly do worse than me in terms of presentation and then be turned away from entering.. All in all, this place is great and can't wait to visit soon.

Emily G.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 14 January, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Warning! Never bring a lady to the Library. My man took me tonight so we could have some drinks and throw $300 down on the strippers. They didn't let us in saying my man was "too intoxicated". NOT TRUE. We were mellow and excited for a few lap dances. Super rude and disappointing. Never go there again.

DexterRexteronThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 5 January, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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Best place to study, chill near the 562, thanks to Lauren and Vanessa for making my bros 21st epic

dopeboy19onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 27 December, 2015
Joined 1 year ago
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Cool place

rickywho2onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 27 November, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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"Shawty, I don't....miiiind, if you dance on a pole that don't make you a hoShawty, I don't....miiiind, when you work until three if you're leaving with me (ahhhh)Go make that money, money, money, your money, money, money" --UsherThis is the one library that I've been to where everyone's busy studying the material. There are various volumes you can check out, some are thick and voluminous, others are light reads with pretty covers. Some don't look that interesting, but once they open up you can see that they're the most exciting. If you've checked out a book for too long without paying, the librarians will try to guilt you into paying an overdue fee. They have private study rooms you can rent for a short period of time if you're really dedicated. In all seriousness, I went to The Library for my boyfriend's friends birthday. He felt weird going alone, and, having never been to a "gentleman's club," I was curious. being one of only a handful of girls not there to work was an interesting experience. Cover was $10 each on a Saturday, and we immediately beelined to the bar anticipating that we would be less awkward while slightly intoxicated. It was $6 for Lagunitas IPA (not bad), but 3 shots of fairly cheap stuff came out to be $29 (jeez). The rest of the guys were seated directly under one of the side poles. Do NOT sit close by one if you aren't ready to cough up some dolla bills for the lovely ladies. You will inevitably get all the disgusted looks if they don't make enough. Sometimes the girl will immediately see a shower of bills so I didn't feel bad, but there was the occasional girl I had to give pity money to because nobody was showing her love. Oh, and there was the woman with quite impressive twerking skills that I had to show my appreciation for. All of them were super sweet to me and appeared to enjoy dancing. The main stage had the topless acts and the most elaborate performances. You can't help but be impressed with how fit these girls have to be in order to do such acrobatic things with the pole. There were also points in the night when VIP guests were brought up to the stage to be barraged with girls. Each one would do a specialty move, and one particular girl was just violently thrusting into the dude's chest. Made me moist for sure...Anyway, after those periods they called out 2 for $20 lap dance specials which sounds like a good deal to me, I always thought lap dances were more expensive. Ultimately, I don't think I'm in any rush to go to a strip club. It doesn't do much for me, but I did leave kind of impressed with their skill and with a strong urge to enroll in some pole fitness classes. It was a rather pricey experience, and I'd rather go see someone in concert. It was fun-ish, but I still prefer my libraries with actual books in them!

felixnadaonThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 22 November, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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I really like coming to this strip joint. Especially on Tuesday nights. You can't go wrong with $2 drinks and watch some beautiful girls perform.

Dirty S.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 4 September, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

I used to love this place. Would have given it 5 $tars, but since the last time I been, so much has changed. Tuesdays used to be soo awesome now they are just ok. No longer $2 you call its. Now its only a couple well drinks. Also, the lap dance area sucks now. Used to be awsome. Also, there is a new security guard there that makes the experience uncomfortable. All up in the area leaving no privacy. I will probably never opt for a lap danve there again. I will only be going there for drinks and convos with friends now

Maria Y.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 16 August, 2015
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I swear this is mine and my husbands favorite strip club! The ladies never disappoint and the service is amazing! We seriously love this place. We're celebrating my husbands bday and I must say he is enjoying himself.

nickstriponThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 1 July, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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Just stop by today for the Cadillac that I have always enjoy at this location it seems like they added a new bar tender excellent idea especially when is beautiful one, it seems like it's pulling in a lots of new customers, not putting down the previous bartender because he had great customer service and new his drinks, I guess what I'm trying to say beauty isn't everything, reason why i say this , I ask for a Cadillac , she responded with her face expression like Cadillac what??? Looking at me as If I was dumb And I responded Cadillac margarita what kind of liquor? 1800 so she went and to prepare and it brought to me and said $12.00 so I said ok so she repeated her self 12.00 dollars I said I heard , so then I ask if she's going to top it off with the grand mariner she look lost oh yeah went to the register and came back after topping it off and came back with a new number 15.00 dollars ad so I tought to my self why pay more for somebody mistake, either way I spoke to the manager Lauren and he went ahead and to took care of the issue made sure I pay for what I order this is exactly what management represents thank you Lauren ones again

Tim F.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 19 June, 2015
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This is a very fun place. The door staff is friendly and helpful the barkeeps are on their game. This is a good place for couples. My girlfriend and I have been there on both a Friday and Saturday and had a blast both times. The girls are very sexy and not pushy which actually prompted us to get a private couples dance that was totally worth it.

Mistercap12onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 18 June, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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Great atmosphere, staff and drinks. It's not too dark or too light. They are always updating it, and making it look classy. I highly recommend this place!

Jairo A.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 12 June, 2015
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50 women $2 drinks and a taco guy ARE U SERIOUS???!!! Welcome Vegas in Westminster, Bring ur girl or the boys doesn't matter u will have an amazing time!

Juan C.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 5 April, 2015
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Come on a Tuesday! Taco Tuesday Specials and their quesadillas/ tacos are out by the smoking patio served by some of the most coolest catering company in the OC. Great location to for a guys night out and the staff is awesome when you bring women as guests! Although pricey lap dance deals, the gals are clean and location is a lot more different than your average SoCal Strip Club. On busy nights, you might get lucky and see a good acrobatic dancer and two go-go dancers on either side of their main stage. Getting drinks at the bar is a pain in the butt so make sure to drop by earlier to guarantee your seats and also have waitresses get your drinks asap. There's two pool tables outside in the smoking patio if you do not mind people smoking and couches all around! And guys- Dont forget to tip your Restroom Host Noah =]

Sarah S.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 25 January, 2015
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Best club around - super hot girls who are also super sweet! The girls remember you and actually have fun! Its not all serious, and its super clean with a full bar! Good prices too! Everyone here is nice and accommodating! My phone was dead and one of the girls let me barrow her charger and one of the bouncers watched my phone while it charged so I could save my table. This is the spot!

Gabe P.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 25 January, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

Drink specials are awesome on Tuesday nights. I been here before and always have a great night. Yesterday the service was ok but there was an issue with a drink order. They always had gentleman jack on sale so I ordered some, the guy came back and told me the discounted price thenn says wait they are not on sale. So I told him to take it back. Then he said no I couldn't so I thought it was shitty that he didn't know and tell me before ordering. Other then that the night was good.

Summer J.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 31 May, 2014
This comment was posted anonymously

Went to this place the other night, after hearing some good things. I was very disappointed with the dancers; most of them seemed very bored with their job. There was also quite a bit of lighting inside for my liking. Needless to say, we ended up going to another club :/

Refresh ..onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 14 May, 2014
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Best and only strip club worth going to I lived in Vegas trust me ;)

Dani S.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 8 May, 2014
This comment was posted anonymously

Our naughty 'field trip' continues...My yb Joe P brought me here to continue our boob gawking tour... Yes, he is bad influence and polluting my innocent mind! We came around 9pm on a week night and the place wasn't too busy. We sat near the stage to see the girls perform on stage and I have to say the girls are pretty HAWT and each one is unique and had a different look. They all had nice bodies and nice facial features. This place is only topless so they do serve alcohol. I do think that the pole skills of these girls are not very good, they just walked around the pole and did nothing fancy. Jumbo clown room still has the best dances hands down!The guys that comes to this place seem more normal than other strip joints, and the girls are not overly aggressive which is nice!

Matthew Y.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 25 April, 2014
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I have never been here but I'm gonna give this place 5 stars on the name because when your wife calls asking where the hell your at you say I'm at the library Hun. That way your not lying. I love it!

larry1onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 8 January, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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One of the best strip clubs ive been to. They have alcohol and table service. Most of the dancers are at least decent looking and the waitress is very attentive.

Erik P.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 8 December, 2013
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Gotta come here sometimes to catch up on some reading and to relax on the stress that evolves around my life.

Michael T.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 5 October, 2013
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I've been to a few strip clubs in my time and by far the library has some of most attractive girls. Lap dances were simple, clean. It was fun, enjoyable, and I will return.

Harrison69onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 31 July, 2013
Joined 4 years ago
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2 dollar beers and taco Tuesdays. This is probably the only day you should go to The Library. Some of the better strippers come here that travel to Vegas on the weekends. Can't blame them because that's where the money is at! Any other day...forget it...

Schel H.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 1 July, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

So it is Taco Tuesday and you wanna grab a few beers and some tacos. Yet you don't wanna go to the regular taqueria down at the corner... you are ready for something new exciting and stimulating. What are you going to do?Well you could go to the library. Its perfect. Hey Mom, Hunny, etc I am off to the library for a bit... Who will be mad about you ever doing that? Seriously... its purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfectly labeled for a fun night. So you roll in early (parking sucks otherwise) unless you pay the valet fees...Pro Tip: Additional free parking across the street. So in you stroll into the velvet lined seductively lit interior covered in mirrors TVs and coyly placed spot lights intermingled with neon or red mood lighting... Check the tables since that is the best option for where to sit. Grab any that are open with a few chairs and enjoy the show. The waitresses will come to ya and get you what you want to drink... Don't worry on Tuesdays Its $2 dollar Tuesdays! All basic domestic beers (you know the watery ones) are $2 ea, well drinks are $2 ea and they have a few specific regular drinks for $2 ea like Jack n coke etc...Tacos are by tits n tacos and out on the patio $2 ea or 3 for $5. Separate review for them!Pro Tip #2: $5 cover charge when we came in around 8-8:30pmThey have a patio area where the tacos are at as well as a couple of pool tables and I believe you can smoke out there as well. It's a nice contrast to the rest of the facility.Then there are the ladies. All are wearing various states of lingerie or bikinis with accoutrements. Some covered in ink and some without. They come in all colors, flavors, hair styles, and condition. They have gym rats to dancers to regular not doing anything special girls. Pro Tip #3: They have 2 for 1 dance specials throughout the evening. By far the best bang for your buck... no pun intended...Now an interesting observation; I have never seen so many women in a venue like the library. They came in with groups, pairs, and even one or two solo. It was very interesting to observe this. So not the typical cabaret by any means.Overall it was a fun time. I enjoyed this taco Tuesday quite a bit. My buddy whose birthday it was was having a great time as well. I believe that I will return here with my friends another time at some point.

Thomas Jude K.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 12 May, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

Love the Library! Always have a great time and a huge upgrade since the new ownership. Melissa and Vanessa are the nicest hottest bartenders around and Dave the owner is great cat! Wish i could go every night

James D.onThe Library Gentlemen's Club

posted on 5 May, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

Damn, I go to a lot of these clubs and I'm not normally impressed by their woman or service but the library is on point. I had a great time with my buddies thanks to Ciara. She was very attentive, sexy, yet classy. One of the best dances I've ever had so far. I highly recommend Ciara. She keeps me coming for more and I can't get enough.

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