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SCN ADMIN (management)onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!


livinlikelarryonJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 14 October, 2016
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I love this place the strippers are really hot. I really like big fat women and skanks and they have both here. I love the booze and the music really gets me going and the lap dances are so good and cheap I would go home to my cat but I have to stay here longer because I really love this place. If you want to have a great time and get your mind off of what a loser you are this is the best place to come I have been unemployed for such a long time that I have to smoke pot and go to strip clubs. I will review my favorite pot place next but I have to say again the I really love this place. Come here and be nice to the strippers at least they have jobs!!!!!! Bye

dannyboy7onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 4 October, 2016
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This place is disgusting; the bartenders and bouncers are homophobic. I went to this bar as a novelty with a few friends and ended up getting called a "faggot" by the bartender and bouncer. I was very hurt that people can still be this ignorant.

justinlkonJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 29 September, 2016
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Brought the wife here as a surprise..she thoroughly enjoyed this place..its small and quaint..drinks were good service was good..the girls were all beautiful..very tasteful place..would definitely come back..some of these girls skills!!! Wow!!

Johnson12onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 26 September, 2016
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This was the worst experience at a public place in my life. If there was a negative number I would use it to rate it. This was my first time at a strip club without nudity. I'm an open minded person.The door man even asked and explained the min charges using a card and where the ATM was. It was my cousins bday and she choose to have a group of 6 here. We arrived around 11 PM and I'm pregnant so I had to pee first thing after a car ride. While I waited for them to get their id's checked out side I sat by what I thought was an empty seat/booth. A dancer walked up with a mean look a rudly asked if I wanted a lap dance. I politely said no sorry. She said the seat is for lap dances only so get the fuck out. I said I'd never been here so I didn't know. She then said well NOW YOU KNOW and pushed me away. I was so mad I walked outside and said we are not staying- they don't deserve out business. Jeremy was standing next to us and said he was a manager and overheard. He said sorry, can you tell me what happened and,i pointed out the lady. He said it wasn't the first time she has done something like that (maybe tiger)? He offered service of getting in if there was a line in a weekend. Because he was nice we decided to stay. We proceded, the place was packed and the only where to stand was near the door by the bar. Everyone was ordering drinks but it takes time in a crowded room and we were deciding what my bf was in the mood for. We only saw 1 lady dance and it might have been about 5 minutes and the bartender (older women) pointed at us two. A dancer (i think her name was closer to sophia maybe didn't catch it). Asked if I was drinking and I said no. She said I had to drink or I had to leave. Long story short I said I had a rude experience and I was waiting for my cousin to finish a drink so we could go to another bar and we had already talked to Jeremy to let him know what happened so please leave me alone. They got security and told me I was taking up space so they made me wait outside. She also grasped my arm tight, and I told her not to touch me. I told Jeremy again what happened. Also asked to contact the owner. The door man said that I was in the wrong place if i didn't drink.I told him I wish someone would have just told me how it worked there instead of a attitude. I could have ordered a soda but the 4 others already had drinks and planned on drinking a lot. I was going to buy them shots. Plus I had cash to tip dancers but they never even gave us a chance to go to the stage because the harrassed us from the first moments we got there. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED with them not only in customer service but as normal human beings. We know an accantiance who is a professional nude exotic dancer and have hung out with her friends. Totally normal people. I am a very nice person and just didn't have a clue how that place worked. I will 100% make sure to spread the word to everyone that there are plenty of bigger and better clubs in LA than this and to avoid the people. The staff was so disrespectful, and I have 5 witnesses that were there to see it. I am not an antagonist and I am not violent. I was just trying to have fun with my friends. I'm writing this truthfully from the bottom of my heart, hoping some kind of good kharma may come out of this. People should be held accountable. I don't expect to be given a 5 star star hand and foot service, I just wanted to be treated as a normal human being. Really uncalled for.

timmykillaonJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 31 August, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Bouncer is a super douche. My party of 15 people were waiting in line for 45 minutes. And when I went up to him to ask him if just I could pee and come back, he said no. Like how the fuck is that ok??? I got upset cause I don't think thats right. He kicked us all out of the line and said we didn't need to be there. Bouncer was an Emotional douche bag. I hurt his feelings? Like you try not peeing all night. And I'm pretty sure you could have used my party. That place was hurting.

navidonJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 7 July, 2016
Joined 7 months ago
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I went to Jumbo's yet again! Yes I do love that place. I never know what to expect. It's like going on safari! I go every so often. One night this one woman was fantastic but broke the ceiling. It was amazing!!! This last time I went it was like performance art. Each girl had their own performance, but it wasn't your usual I'm sexy look at me. This was some extremely creative stuff. There was some masking tape involved in one performance. Another girl was angry and used Saran Wrap, she was my favorite. That was a statement piece!! All the while keeping it sexy, go figure. I love Jumbo's, I'm actually going back soon. I will give another report!! Happy days. I'm not a pervert! I enjoy oddities Jumbo's is am oddity!!

Danica N.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 1 July, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

The girls are great, but I literally got charged $5 for a Shirley Temple here. That's bullshit

Russell S.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 4 May, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Fair note: we went on a Wednesday afternoon, didn't expect the best of the best, but still a bit disappointed. Before we went, we checked out their website. It states clearly there is no cover, and that the dancers aren't "cookie cutter" but alternative tattooed and pierced. "That's right up my alley!" I thought. I'm used to the strip clubs in Portland, and that's hard to find, so I was STOKED to see a little dash of this in awkward L.A./Hollywood area. This was awkward: So while there isn't a cover, they charge $7 for parking in a strip-mall kind of parking lot with plenty of other tenants. And while it's entirely possible that I'm blind, there isn't a sign posted stating the price of parking, we didn't know until the guy at the door told us it's $7 for parking. That's right, not a parking attendant, not a pay-box, but the bouncer at the door took our $7 for parking. Street parking around there is free or cheap, I could have left but I was already there (and totally ready to see some sexy rocker chicks "strip", so what the heck, have my $7. While their spirits might be stiff, we had beer, and it was expensive, somewhat appropriate for the area, but not appropriate for a dive bar type atmosphere. Beyond that, there is the pressure to tip $1-$2 per song, which is definitely an understandable amount at a normal strip club, but only when you're actually sitting at the dance floor, but there is no nudity. I'm sorry, but with a [sort of] cover & expensive drinks, I would hope they paid their dancers more and considered it more of an entertainment in the background. Last but not least, none of the dancers were alternative, they were all cookie cutter strippers. They WERE beautiful, don't get me wrong, but they were all typical looking dancers. Ultimately - you should absolutely check it out, I would hope most people have a better opinion that I do. But park on the street, and don't expect sexy tattooed rocker chicks.

Jim H.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 1 May, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Goofy fun. A Hollywood institution by now. Not a strip club more a burlesque show. No nudity kinda the PG version. Hip crowd as many women as men. Sounds sucky ? Nope. I think the bad reviews were looking for something else. This is a parody people. Chill, enjoy

moneyman2onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 28 April, 2016
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Bouncer was a douchebag hitting on a girl for 10 minutes instead of doing his job. Kept 4 customers outside waiting while he hit on a girl rather than let them in to tip the workers. Outstanding establishment otherwise! Fantastic dancers and well worth the visit!

DexterRexteronJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 12 April, 2016
Joined 1 year ago
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Jumbo's is a fun dive bar with unconventional dancers; the poor man's Cirque du Soleil. We bring friends from out of town for a proper Hollywood night out. Nudity on stage here is mostly accidental - its more like burlesque. The kind of place a fellow can bring his girlfriend (preferably with a group, might be weird just to bring her there on a date unless she's super into it). The music is much better than your standard strip club fare and the girls don't seem to have bruises or cigarette burns, nor do they appear to have arrived at this profession due to psychological damage. There is also a noticeable and pleasant lack of one of the standard strip club installations - that one creepy guy sitting right up front absorbed in some unspoken dialogue with the dancer (at least in his mind) like she's there just for him. Jumbo's is much less intense. It can get crowded and parking is difficult, but it is worth experiencing.

Nic V.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 11 April, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Went here last night for my first time. I'm gonna give this place 2 stars because I did have a fun night here! However!!!! I experienced a nasty attitude with one of the dancers in the ladies' bathroom. She was a super c u n t. I hope you're reading this: lose your attitude!!! You can't work in an establishment and be nasty to customers. Another thing that was off was the music... Why are strippers dancing to music by A Perfect Circle and Portishead? The crowd isn't gong be into this! My next issue for taking off stars is that not just one, but a few of the dancers got pissed off that they didn't get more money. It's one thing to vent your frustrations backstage to your fellow performers, but don't be unprofessional on stage and huff and puff, "It's a Friday night, you people are being cheap, this is ridiculous," etc at your customers while you're still on stage collecting your singles on your hands and knees. Be grateful. You're a stripper. Get over it if people in the crowd don't like your song, your dance, or you.

Alessio D.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 27 March, 2016
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Went last night fun bar great price for drinks ! Best thing about it was the show! It was amazing my favorite was Charlie her never ending legs where flying through the bar like a flag on the wind! Amazing I'll be definitely go back to see her

Peijean T.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 1 March, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

[NOTE: This is a continuation of my first review. Please check out my 2/15/16 review to get my full narrative on Jumbo's!]Other dance numbers included a woman dressed up in a lit-up Iron Man costume dancing to the Black Sabbath song. There was also a Ghostbusters number, where a woman came out in a Stay Puff marshmallow outfit and another as a fluorescent green ghost. There was also a group number where a woman was dressed as the Pope along with a few nuns and school girls on stage. By far, our favorite was when a lady came out just eating a slice of pizza, and then more ladies came out gradually and finally the last one with a big pizza box until the whole stage was just women dancing and eating pizza slices.After watching about a dozen dances (we even scored seats at the bar!), my friend and I had our three favorites, including that first tiny woman we saw who clearly had once been in the circus. I ran into another favorite dancer in the bathroom and despite being fuzzy on $8 well drinks (so well priced here! lots of ice, but heavy on the pour) I had to tell her how talented they were and what a great show they were putting on. I was determined to ask for their stage names. I look forward to seeing Ophelia and Misty again!I originally figured we would stay for 30 minutes, just to get a flavor of Jumbo's, but once inside there was no way we were cutting out early. I talked to a bunch of people around us, and all of them were there for their first time as well. Mostly people in their 20s and 30s, maybe some 40s. "How did you hear about this place?" I kept asking. "A friend of a friend told me," they would say. "I saw it on Anthony Bourdain!" I returned. A young guy walked by and excused himself after he bumped me. "Did you just get here?" I yelled. "No, that's the funny thing!" he replied.I've never been to a stripper or topless club and have no desire to go to one. I've been to burlesque shows where the women strip down to very little and even that's too much for me. I absolutely enjoyed Jumbo's and can't wait to return with different friends who would be open minded enough for this truly unique LA experience.

Nick O.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 26 February, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

I went here during my last night in LA. I must say- these girls are beyond amazing. Their skill and body strength is unbelievable. I sat right up front and gave as much money to these beautiful goddesses as I could. My boyfriend got me a lap dance from Roxy, she was a peach.

Alicia S.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 18 January, 2016
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Just wow. Wow. Seriously, wow. These women defy the laws of physics. I don't really understand what I saw here tonight, but I want to see it again.

Dani T.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 11 January, 2016
This comment was posted anonymously

Do question if you have to pay a door "cover". I have never had to pay a cover at the door there. Been coming to jumbos for many years and this last ( Saturday Jan 2, 2016 ) this white guy tells me it's $20 bucks to get in .... Found out later some people paid ... Some didn't ... Basically It feels like I got robbed by their staff door person... Did I!?I had friends from out of town and I have always told them that they should come to Jumbo's .. Telling them what a great place it is ... we all ended up having a real bad experience . Thank god for the dancers that no matter how stupid people are they still put out a good show... Pretty sure they didn't see any part of that " cover " money either. When you pay a cover you usually expect that maybe they got more staff to keep up with the crowd or give u a free well drink ... Or something ... but instead it was really sad how two out of the 3 bartenders were completed waisted .... Chatting away to each other while people were eager to buy drinks ... Oh yeah they saw us all holding that cash to get a drink but instead they looked at you like you are interrupting their good time ...Only this one brunette girl behind the bar was helpful.Unfortunately this experience was so bad and embarrassing to my friends that i will never want to go back nor recommend this place to anyone else:( it truly sucked !!!!

williamronJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 8 December, 2015
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this is NOT a strip club. just an FYI. also, my girlfriend and i got kicked out for making out even though i had $100 sitting on the table that i was using to tip. LAME. not going back.

Katie T.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 24 October, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

My favorite dive bar in LA. This place is really small but a lot of fun. You can valet park and sometimes they make you buy merchandise to get in. I truly enjoy the art of pole dancing. The beautiful and talented dancers are the reason I love this place. They definitely have skills and don't just walk around the pole. Every dance piece is different with a theme. It's fun to see what they come up with. The bar-goers seem like chill people who just want to have a good times. There are girls and it's not nudity so I highly recommend to bring the ladies.

David C.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 12 September, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

Divey, but not seedy, and super entertaining! It's definitely something to experience if you're in LA. The night I went was a diverse crowd, from a bachelor/bachelorette party to regulars to tourists and of course, a few creepers/perverts. All in all though it was a fun and friendly environment, something I would not expect when watching scantily clad women pole dance.I left the place being really impressed with the girls and how athletic they have to be to do some of the moves they do. They all really do put on a good show. And as with any dive bar, drinks are really affordable with beers ranging from $4-6. The only complaint I'd have about this place is the small size. We were waiting in line for almost 45 minutes on a Saturday night while waiting for people to leave, but any larger and it'd take away from the charm and intimacy of the place.

Mistercap12onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 7 September, 2015
Joined 2 years ago
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Burlesque has maybe made some of these bikini bars hipster destinations, and I'm guessing that's what happened here, because no one was there for the show. The only people at the tipping rail on a Saturday night were a gay man and his unconscious friend. We joined them for two rounds of drinks and threw handfuls of dollar bills at the ladies. "Ladies" is pushing it. They were picking each other's noses and eating boogers to Car Wash when we came in. I was like, "Aren't the clowns supposed to wear red noses and funny wigs?" Some of the pole work was ok, though the ceiling is low. It kind of reminded me of the Cheetah in Las Vegas or a few spots in NY like The Pussycat Lounge or Billy's Topless before they closed. I've seen some talented dancers in those clubs, but the girls at Jumbo's are all tatted up and bruised, and I don't get this stomping their platform heels for tips thing they do. I thought they were maybe hurt, because it sounds like a hooker getting thrown out of a moving car, and then I realized it's what they do. They also fart in your drink and flip you off onstage. Former dancer Courtney Love left her mark.

Cody C.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 30 August, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

Door man was rude when there was no one in there...I work in nightlife, I get it's tough...but when someone is rude to me and my friends for no reason ...naw we'll take our biz elsewhere. Otherwise, overall usually I enjoy this place. The performers are great to watch!!! My roommate and I come here a decent amount and always spend a decent chunk of change and brings in new biz constantly. I really hate to give this place a bad review because other than the door man and an occasionally bitchy bartender I really love this place. Oh well. Cheers. We'll go to a different strip club. :)

Don B.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 14 August, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

Coming from the strip club capitol of America (Portland) I really had no idea what to expect in Jumbo's. You see, any time someone tries to take me to a racy bar in any other city, including Vegas, my usual reply is "don't bother, it won't be as good as Portland" and when I'm forced to go, I'm right 100% of the time. Don't believe me? Come visit. You'll see why. However obviously from the stars atop this review, that percentage just dropped. Jumbo's is anything but a sad attempt at a seedy strip club. It's quite the opposite, and I'm downright impressed. Jumbo's is incredible. First off, the place is small and intimate, which makes for an exciting, communal vibe. The decor is a mix of dive bar, circus showtime, and clown nightmare. The stage is the focus - you can't escape it. And the ladies? They're not there to just strip down and act sexy. They put on a damn fine show. It's not typical throwback burlesque, but I guess you call this burlesque. No actual nudity, but close enough. Themed performances with costumes and music to match. Incredible pole skills (core strength!) and dance moves. Pure performance, with a little bit of skin. Okay, a lot of skin, but still in the realm of PG-13. The style. The swagger. The rock-n-roll vibe. The classic feel. This place has it all. Instead of skeezy dudes putting dollars in front of them and hoping for a semi-lap-dance over the rail, groups of guys, gays, girls and everyone in between was cheering and making it rain. It wasn't about the 1:1 interaction, but instead seemed to mostly be about hooting, hollering, throwing cash, and a show. It may not be like that on all nights, but the Saturday of my visit it was pretty much perfect. I don't do the strip club/burlesque thing as much as I used to, but this would definitely be a fun place to go with bros, with the wife, or even groups of friends. Beware the line... your best bet is to get there before it starts. And save $20 for a hat. The hats are true keepsakes. Color me impressed. Jumbo's, I'm a fan.*Credit to this experience goes to my local LA buddy Dan, former PDX resident, and knower-better of all things strip club related. I knew I could trust him to do right by us in taking us here.

Kiyo O.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 3 August, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

hipster central now. it's more of a trendy burlesque show now rather than a dive bar. dances are short so you're tipping every few minutes

Joe P.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 25 July, 2015
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Awesome time at jumbos. Had friends in town and wanted to give them the full Hollywood experience. When it comes to having delicious beers and watching babes you really don't get any better. One dancer, Charlie, was the absolute best. Never walked away happier after dropping 200 bucks!

Heather S.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 13 July, 2015
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Waited in line for over 45 minutes. The line did not move at all except for people in front of us leaving. The guy at the door kept telling us 10 minutes whenever we asked. A group of people came up the door and got right in, so after waiting an hour and seeing that, we left.

Brooke B.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 12 June, 2015
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So I had to check it out from all the hyped reviews, but I found a small one pole strip club without topless or nude dancers. It is more entertaining than the average bar however I was disappointed in their pole and the dancers. The pole is short only about 6 feet. I was expecting the best dancers twerking on the ceiling with reviews like these. There is also not the best selection of beer on tap available but it works. Parking is $5 apparently.

Debra O.onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 20 April, 2015
This comment was posted anonymously

I was a little hesitant about going but after all the hype I decided to give it a go. I went in really early (8pm) and there was no line. It was also very empty inside. We stayed for a couple of hours. Definitely got better as the night progressed. I read reviews about the drinks being strong. I didn't find that to be the case. Which was disappointing. The bartenders were a bit unpleasant. There's a 20 minimum which I have no problem with, yet when I went to get my second drink they told me I had already had two many?! They ended up charging me about $10 total. Which was also fine with me. But was just a weird. Why have a drink minimum? Eh I'm not a drinker anyways so I was ok, just kind of off - putting. But the girls were FANTASTIC!! Holy Molly what talent. A big shout out to Fox she had the crowd going!! I hate that they have to get their own tips. Definitely would go back and I would recommend it to all!

yanard12onJumbo's Clown Room

posted on 19 April, 2015
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It's a dive bar where the bartenders are generous and the dancers are highly entertaining. Having just visited a depressing strip club the hour before, I may have been biased. But W and I agreed that the mood inside far eclipsed anything we had collectively seen in any adult entertainment venue. With AC/DC blasting from the walls, dim lighting, cracked mirrors on the wall and ceiling, and that one awesome dude in the leather jacket whoo-ing his head off in the front row, we didn't miss nudity one bit. W happily noted the high ratio of ladies to gents in the audience, and commented on the smiles all around. Get there before 10pm or be prepared to wait outside. Or buy a t-shirt for $20 to skip to the front of the line. Inside, it gets crowded real fast. The ladies perform individually to rock-heavy music, and occasionally all the ladies get on stage together for a song in a variety of lingerie/clothing. Everyone is welcoming and well-mannered, and the dancers mingle around the crowd between their sets. W's hypothesis is that these ladies do flirty fitness in their free time, and perform here with their friends/so's in the audience. To which I say, rock on.As our taxi driver commented, "Jumbo's? It's a real classy place."

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