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The first step is to browse the listings and find a club or several clubs that you are interested in.

Using our tools, you can search for specific types of clubs, and also select individual requirements such as transferrable licenses and club size.

Each club listing will also show the club's previous year's net and gross, the current lineup of services and other club specifics.
When you have found a club that you are interested in, you simply click the inquiry-button and we will receive a notification and assign a representative to you.

We then use your contact information and set up an initial meeting or phone call between all parties involved to get things moving.

The negotiation phase is always different for each club sale due to the many factors involved, but our experienced staff are always present to guide and advise you.
Finalization of sales terms takes place only when you are fully satisfied with the seller, the club and our services.

During this stage, we will work closely with you and the seller to structure the sale and transition. We are able to provide escrow services and tax advice to ensure maximum satisfaction.

When all this is completed, you are the new owner of the club that caught your eye among all the clubs listed here on Strip Club Realty!

Welcome to Strip Club Realty!

Are you thinking about buying a gentleman's club?

When it comes to buying a club, access to opportunity is critical, but that alone is not enough. There are many poor opportunities for every good one.

What about the one right opportunity? What is a good buy? What else is available? Which due diligence should be performed before closing?

The professionals at Strip Club Realty draw from a wide range of experience in the gentlemen's club industry to help you with all your business needs.

Looking to Sell Your Club?

Strip Club Realty can help you sell your club faster and more efficiently than doing it on your own.

Your Strip Club Realty-broker can maintain confidentiality, offer advice and consultation, save you time and money, professionally handle negotiations, coordinate the transfer process, provide escrow protection and bridge the gap between you and the buyer.

Visit Strip Club Brokers to learn more!

Advertise With Us

The Strip Club Network provides advertisers with a premier marketing and advertising medium. Our diversity of brand-name sites provides media buyers with one-stop shopping for creatives, content and market penetration.

Advertising in the appropriate areas can greatly increase your business! Customized programs are available, including targeted local advertising, national and international run-of-network and pay-per-click campaigns.

Or call toll-free: 888.652.3737 and speak with a representative now!

Professional Services

We offer a wide variety of professional and specialized services:

  • Licensed and bonded real estate broker for selling and buying clubs
  • PCI compliant online and point-of-sale payment processing and merchant banking
  • Branding opportunities for online properties and social media
  • Website- and software development, website hosting and e-commerce
  • Online marketing via e-mail, social media and on-site advertising
  • Professional consulting in all gentlemen's club matters

Or call toll-free: 888.652.3737 and speak with a representative now!