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11117 - 156 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta T0A 2N0

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Johnson12  on  Saint Pete's

posted on March 18, 2016
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This is a 3.5. Many, many hours and $$ wasted here. I will be brutally honest, its a dive! But thats what a good strip club is. The drinks cost too much but hell is it really the drinks your here for. The dancers are hit or miss. But when they hit BOOM. Anyways by far my fav strip club in E town!

harryharry  on  Saint Pete's

posted on February 5, 2015
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Really bad. it's all about dancers; they can disrespect customers as they wish, with no correction. They just suck your money away as they want. Just a bunch of gold digging bi__ches.

Witness  on Saint Pete's

posted on April 3, 2009
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Bambi, how about you just go back to Winnipeg and learn some manners.

rozwell  on Saint Pete's

posted on October 25, 2008
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This place gets more skidrow by the day. Wow, it's nasty--

and not in a good way either.

Hey Pete  on Saint Pete's

posted on June 11, 2007
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What happened to your website Pete? I don't frequent your club when I do not know who is performing there! Get with the times dude, you are missing out making money!

les  on Saint Pete's

posted on May 11, 2007
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Great place! Hot dancers and excellent venue.

LET'S PLAY  on Saint Pete's

posted on March 13, 2007
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Come and Swing into action with Scarlett and the newest beauties of the new millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interst to see more.

Sexpert  on Saint Pete's

posted on January 27, 2007
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Went to St. Pete's tonite. Not totally disappointed but the girls

are not as hot as Diamond's. The stage is well built and the

lights are awesome.

Ace  on Saint Pete's

posted on December 1, 2006
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Dancers and waitresses are ok, but bouncers are assholes.

1st timer  on Saint Pete's

posted on October 1, 2004
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just turned 18 can i dance here or do i have to be 21