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10125 Richmond Ave

Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 0A1

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Jason  on Showgirls (was Avenue Hotel)

posted on August 14, 2013
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The "VIP" chairs are still ragged. The girls working the stage are pretty good, better dancers than what I've seen in Ontario. In the private dance area the manager was pushy for a tip prior to the dance which is never a good idea. That alone I won't go there unless others are going. Still $30 a song. Packages are offered without much extra provided.

Dave  on Showgirls (was Avenue Hotel)

posted on September 8, 2012
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Was disappointed. Club was a bit run down. Dancers were pretty but lots of empty stage time. When there was a girl on stage they put pitchers between their legs and you threw coins in there for a poster. Not anything I was used to.

VIP(private dances) were outrageous. $60 for two dances and then the manager bugged you for a tip on top of that. Couches in the VIP room looked like they had been clawed by bears.

Witness  on Showgirls (was Avenue Hotel)

posted on April 3, 2009
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Bambi, how about you just go back to Winnipeg and learn some manners.

Roxy  on Showgirls (was Avenue Hotel)

posted on November 13, 2007
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Looking to work in GP any clubs have any openings? i have an agent if needed. Me and another girl looking to come up .... please email me seriouse responses only, we have pictures...

Let's play...  on Showgirls (was Avenue Hotel)

posted on March 13, 2007
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