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621-Balmoral St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

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ABC  on Club Fantasy

posted on September 18, 2008
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Club Fantasy is no longer a strip club. It got sold and the new management just wants to run it as a bar with live bands performing.

dogood  on Club Fantasy

posted on September 8, 2006
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i went here for my 18th birthday and would definitely say this club ruled. They treated us especially nice. I have to show my love for Jem Star...she was my first show ever and we playe

d peek-a-boo tee hee.

Hello  on Club Fantasy

posted on August 30, 2006
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I wonder if you guys are looking for new girls?? if so i would like to know how you club work!!! ( touching or not?, price of dances, pay shift, any place we can stay .....)thank you so much im waiting for your answer!!