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76 Simcoe St

Collingwood, Ontario 0

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donnie 705 431 7517  on Georgian Saloon

posted on January 31, 2011
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looking for isobel fiesty greek girl 34

Wondering  on Georgian Saloon

posted on April 30, 2006
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Is this place open, what are the hours, is it any good?

curious from niagra  on Georgian Saloon

posted on April 18, 2006
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can any one tell me about a dj by the name of james who used to work there?....he seems kinda shaky....details anyone?...thanx

Koom  on Georgian Saloon

posted on January 20, 2006
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to the last comment.......sounds like a nice place.......LMFAO.......wealth of crustacea........LMFAO

George  on Georgian Saloon

posted on August 18, 2005
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Place was a shithole, , , Waynes lazy ass, , , daughter, fatter than a turkey for 20 was behind the bar, , her unemployed boyfriend, , , , who only hung out with that fat cow, because of the free beers she was slipping him, , , was there to sell dope., , , , I knew Wayne (the former owner), , , when he was a real estate agent, , , then he saw God one night and became a bible thumper, , , until that got boring, , , ending up buying this sorry excuse for a strip club, , , I mean, , , the girls sliding down the filthy brass poles, , , left a streak of wilnots and shit smears that only a 2250 psi pressure washer could get rid of, , , , , , but hey, , , , , if you like small crabs, , , , the urinals held a wealth of crustacea.

bs  on Georgian Saloon

posted on April 23, 2005
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At the mirage night club the girls there is amazing hottest body ever seen. The club is just the same amazing. It?s not that far from Toronto about 50km drive to Cambridge and it its worth it. The girls there make 800 to 1000 a night. There is also no license V?s so you know that it its good shit. If anyone needs some info call the mirage @ 519 623-2185 ask for vikkila ter

MadJack  on Georgian Saloon

posted on September 26, 2004
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Will be in Collingwood for a weekend in this place worth going to?