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6501 Russel Rd

Gloucester, Ontario 0

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anonamoos  on Oasis Showbar

posted on April 17, 2009
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There are some renovations going on again... rumor from a dancer at Cabaret Canada is that it will become a private smoking club.

Victor  on Oasis Showbar

posted on April 8, 2007
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This bar is close now it as been turn in to a sports bar.

Jacques Campeau  on Oasis Showbar

posted on September 6, 2006
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Oasis is now called JOCKS STRAP. It is a gay bar and were open now. come check us out guys. Gemini is on of our feature girls. Come check us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonamoos@gmail.com  on Oasis Showbar

posted on July 14, 2006
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Confirmed... It's now a roadhouse/sports bar =[

Sad  on Oasis Showbar

posted on June 24, 2006
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Oasis is Closed, it's now a roadhouse

toronto dancer  on Oasis Showbar

posted on June 1, 2006
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Hey whats up ladies and gents...Im making my way through the city of ottawa very soon and I hope to be able to hit up this bar while I'm down working with my girlfriends although the postings are not too promising...please keep posted with as much info as possible as we will be arriving in your city shortly. Thx!

anonamoos@gmail.com  on Oasis Showbar

posted on May 29, 2006
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Over the last 3 years I've dropped in somewhat regularly. The bar does seem dead at times, but the crew of regulars that comes out just to buy beer seems to keep it afloat.

The signs that say no touching, must refer to no touching the signs =]

That said right now (May 29) there is a major renovation going on... looks like a new bar "Jaque's trap" will be on the site. But one of the signs for the Oasis is still up and there is a new door that has been added that says "Showbar entrance" . I'll try to keep you posted

Annonymous  on Oasis Showbar

posted on February 2, 2005
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I went there for the first time tonight and I have to say that it didn't look as bad on the inside as I thought it would. It does have some potential there. They definitely need to charge cover as opposed to the drink minimum and they have to get rid of that stupid NO TOUCHING rule, then they will have some clientel.

crazy  on Oasis Showbar

posted on September 22, 2004
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this is a cop bar pig central always no real people just pigs.....

theres no fun 2 be had here ....ever ......ever ever 2 many under covers to many cops