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Peter  on Grand Tavern

posted on August 22, 2007
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had a real good time with vanessa when are you back around

Rudy from Angies  on Grand Tavern

posted on May 4, 2007
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Any girls looking for a ride to the maritimes, i am going down for a week leaving on May 9, call 905-869-0242

Misses Right  on Grand Tavern

posted on August 5, 2006
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It's a exellent club IF u'r looking for a cheap blow job by by some nasty whore who just got done having sex upstairs with a sweaty gross old man. NASTY is all I have to say.

The Club  on Grand Tavern

posted on May 2, 2006
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The only true place to get your rocks off in K W Check it out A Greek Style Brothel with discount hunnies for the cheap night out. Group rates see KAT.

bs  on Grand Tavern

posted on April 23, 2005
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At the mirage night club the girls there is amazing hottest body ever seen. The club is just the same amazing. It?s not that far from Toronto about 50km drive to Cambridge and it its worth it. The girls there make 800 to 1000 a night. There is also no license V?s so you know that it its good shit. If anyone needs some info call the mirage @ 519 623-2185 ask for vikki.Have a goodtime