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Cdn_Fraser  on  Club Friction

posted on July 16, 2016
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This place has been converted into a church

Elite Club needs new faces:  on Club Friction

posted on July 21, 2009
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No License required, Call Tom at 519-426-7989 *Between hours of 4:30 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. Tuesday - Saturday

Toronaga  on Club Friction

posted on October 31, 2008
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This club is closed. The building is used as a church.

How about updating your list.

joeblow  on Club Friction

posted on July 9, 2006
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Yeah the Club Friction is closed it no longer exist it's been shut down for quite a while now

Juan  on Club Friction

posted on August 15, 2005
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Catherine is not dancing anymore she works as a MPA at Alpha Care Spa on Finch just west of Dufferin. Across the street from peekaboos.

Club Friction has been sold and is now a church FYI

fortyniner88  on Club Friction

posted on May 14, 2005
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looking for dancer "Catherine" who used to work at friction. Late 30's, blonde. any one know where she is dancing?

Louie  on Club Friction

posted on April 1, 2005
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They sold it to a community church group. The brass pole is now on the pulpit.

bill  on Club Friction

posted on April 1, 2005
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why is this place closed down is there any other place like it near by have they relocated

Cannonball Guy +  on Club Friction

posted on March 25, 2005
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Forgot to mention the waitresses are hot and one in particular very cute blonde was very attentive :) and witty! She got a nice tip from me for having to bend over (in my face) to pick up my lighter.. silly me droped it.. I though, how absolutely considerate of this young rack of prime?

Cannonball guy  on Club Friction

posted on March 25, 2005
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I love this place, hottest strippers. period. They have it all ! My personal faves are the Latin Beauty?s.Go for the Costarican and Mexican girls. They have the whole package, amazing body's, face, mind . oh yes.. and ASS !!! Marianna see you soon mamasita !!! Black chicks are smoking, and theres a nock out brazilian. Even russian girls that speak english!!!

No VIP or door cover. I've had solid :) experiences.

lil' miss  on Club Friction

posted on March 7, 2005
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Looking to chat with (this) you claim this bar is garbage, due tell all. i've just spent the last 3hrs. reading all this non-sence. i seems like there are no good bars left. oh, for all you flee bags who have posted " good girls are in the wrong bus" you're wrong! hottiez with style and respect are quite capable of giving a fun dance, well worth your dollar. this doesn't include peel region strippers ha!

Iceman  on Club Friction

posted on February 4, 2005
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Are there any clubs left like Friction used to be? Heavy on the action?

ACE  on Club Friction

posted on January 16, 2005
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Item in today's news:

IT'S NOT too often a voyeur's row is transformed into a place of holy worship but that's about to happen in Markham where a strip club is set to become a church. What began as a joke is becoming a reality after the Olive Branch Community Church concluded a deal this week to buy and renovate Friction Gentleman's Club, a notorious Markham strip club.

Furniture Man  on Club Friction

posted on October 29, 2004
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Well, they got busted again and now have re-done the VIP to keep their license i guess. Everyone on the floor can see whats going on in there through a white picket fence. Dances that once were outstanding are now lame at best. New manager from Manhattan is a dick so all the girls that were there before have left. Try Peek-a-boos, more BANG for your buck, and only 5 to get into the VIP.

Dr. Dude  on Club Friction

posted on September 11, 2004
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Went there tonight. Not too bad, not exceptionally good either. Most of the girls were 7's or so. A few good ones, but they looked new/unpolished. Bouncers are fine, VIP guy is a total dickwad. Got some VIP dances, girls were very personal and you can get away with more than some places. Sucks that the VIP is $20.00 just to get in and $20.00 per song with a girl. The girls also don't tell you how many songs have passed so pay attention. The bank machine there charges 20% on your withdrawl, so take coin with you. Local to me so good in that respect, otherwise I would look elsewhere for $$$ to entertainment ratio.