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3000, Brunelle Hwy 10 exit 22

Carignan, Quebec J3L 4A7

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customer  on Bar 10-35

posted on February 4, 2009
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re shyla

Watch out for her she will rip coustmers off for money

American Guy  on Bar 10-35

posted on August 11, 2007
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Had a good time at this was very crowded and they were showing both prono and sports on two sets of TVs. Some of the dancers were a little on the heavy and/or old side, but there was something there for almost anyone I bet. There seemed to be a slight shift change at around midnight. They seemed to be open from Noon to 3 AM daily, and this place is definitely a place to stop at while on your way to or coming back from Montreal.

Mississauga  on Bar 10-35

posted on January 23, 2007
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Looking for dancers who want work. Will find you work a numerous clubs in and around Mississauga and Toronto and Northern Ontario. Fees are paid for by the club not you. If interested contact Cash at 416 825 2854 Shift pay will be negotiated for you, as well as any transportation and accommodations if needed. Also will find work for you doing stags and parties. No experienced required, will train and will also help to get licensing if required to work. Already have clubs wanting girls to work. So contact me if interested. ????

Bob  on Bar 10-35

posted on October 23, 2006
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Nice place to be.. but like other guy said... even if you have a good show, keep in mind how many dance you have with the girl. My little trick it's to check when I begin to have a dance with her, and when I stop. After that, ... do you arithemetic ;o)

Mike  on Bar 10-35

posted on August 21, 2006
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I visited the club the last friday, waskind of nice, but the thing is that one of the girls should go back to school and learn to count...She danced 4 times but charges me 7..what the f...what a guys from the club should put a bord to keep the counting accurate.

JD  on Bar 10-35

posted on June 20, 2006
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Looking for a dancer named Maggie. She is very pretty and very nice. Does she dance here? Merci.

chanwd  on Bar 10-35

posted on June 26, 2005
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Came here on our way to Montreal this past weekend.

We were there on Friday from about 5:30 pm to 8 pm.

About 5 girls there, there was petite brunette that was fairly attractive as well as a tall blonde with about 34 C breasts. There was this one blond walking around and convincing guys to get lap dances from her. Ok face, nice rack.

Around 7, some of the girls left and there was no change of shift. My friends and I started to play pool and then eventually the bartender played us a few times and destroyed us.

The bar was empty for at least an hour. We left and checked into our hotel and to Cleopatra's to check that place out.

rich  on Bar 10-35

posted on June 23, 2005
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big fan of ARIANNE!!!

trust worth your money..

Marie-eve is cute to...

Gorgeous Dancers!!  on Bar 10-35

posted on April 15, 2005
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That hawaiian looking dancer was dark skinned with large breasts. She may be spanish. I am not sure. But she is gorgeous. There was also a tall and very thin blonde/brownish haired girl who had a black mesh outfit on. She was also super hot.

Chuck and Pete  on Bar 10-35

posted on April 10, 2005
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Who was the INCREDIBLE HAWAIIAN BABE dancing at 10-35 last night? (saturday night). She was so hot!! I saw her on stage once at about midnight and then she dissapeared? What is her name? what nights does she dance. We are big fans and want dances from her !!!

outsider  on Bar 10-35

posted on April 7, 2005
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sorry guys there are no extras done here, if thats what your looking for then go to Erotica or Chez Diane, we'll tease you and they'll please you.


posted on April 6, 2005
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I was in here the other night. the girls were super hot and friendly. we are coming to 10-35 for a bachelor party this weekend. anyone know if there are "extras available at this club???

Jean Claude  on Bar 10-35

posted on April 5, 2005
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I really want to visit this club. Is any "extras" available?

like  on Bar 10-35

posted on April 4, 2005
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yeah this place not so pretty but girls always looking good, i love being there even if it a hugly looking place :)

someone  on Bar 10-35

posted on March 31, 2005
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went there on a saturday night.I met a very very pretty girl.her name is Ariane or something like that.She is so little, sweet, blond hair..It was the first time i see a girl like that..Had a contact dance whit her, it was great. Guys, you have to see her.Trust me.

friend  on Bar 10-35

posted on March 21, 2005
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it open, i recommend going there thursday or friday, it great place to go becuse it has low cost, girls are pretty and you can enjoy girls dancing on stage every minute yeah u heard it no minute pass without a girl going on stage that how it was for me on friday night.just watchout for cops that parking outside if u drink don't drive!!! Great Place

Bobby  on Bar 10-35

posted on February 28, 2005
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Can somebody can tell me if the bar is still open... because apparently, it's burn again... but I dont know how much it's burn :o( The girl there was maybe too HOT ;o)

Le Premier Choix  on Bar 10-35

posted on February 7, 2005
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These ladies are the hottest in Quebec. The best private dances are here!!

OUVERT/OPEN BAR  on Bar 10-35

posted on January 30, 2005
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This Bar is OPEN. Lots of very hot and friendly ladies there...

FIREMAN  on Bar 10-35

posted on November 14, 2004
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This bar has burn the 14 november 2004 at 5h45 am by a car.