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65 Monte Ryan

Mont Tremblant, Quebec JOT 2HO

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hey!  on Faucon Bleu

posted on February 15, 2013
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I am a dancer from Ottawa, me and a couple of my dancer girlfriends were thinking of working here, is it worth the trip? Theres no action on this thread since 2009 so I suppose not so promising? Any info would be great! thanxxx

faggots???  on Faucon Bleu

posted on March 12, 2009
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Hey, is nobody going to stare at gash after a day of skiing? Come on boys, give the low down on this place. Is it worth the hike from the hill? Any take out offered?


back in black  on Faucon Bleu

posted on January 22, 2009
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bitchies... cummin back to tremblant tomorrow night.. hope there is some little whore to suck me in the dj's booth!!!!!!!


blow my load!  on Faucon Bleu

posted on December 5, 2008
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bitches... I will be in town tomorrow night! Hope some little hottie can make my night!

ski season  on Faucon Bleu

posted on November 30, 2008
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Hey everyone, another ski season is upon us. Anyone been in the blue falcon lately? Can't wait to get some french cooze to suck my dick!

jesse  on Faucon Bleu

posted on November 24, 2007
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ya tu une fille qui sappelle vanessa qui restais au nouveau-brunswick....qui travaille la...si oui dite lui dappeler murielle ou jesse on est inquiete

Sex-Analyst  on Faucon Bleu

posted on January 30, 2007
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I've been here in May 2006 and had a great time.

Nice clean club, and some pretty girls, dancing is similiar to Pigales.

But, I later went to the Pony Express and had even more fun, with higher miledge dances. 1) Can anyone confirm if there still open 2) Can someone post their address or phone number, I've seached the internet and can't find it. Thanks !

andré  on Faucon Bleu

posted on March 24, 2006
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je voulais vous dire a tous que je n'est jamais autant apprecié des dance comme celle de mélissa samedi passé c'etait tellement hot quelle femme extraordinaire d'une beauté incroyable je vous la conseil a tous

English Tubbs  on Faucon Bleu

posted on March 16, 2006
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We have just returned from a week in Tremblant and are pleased to say that our visits to the Faucon were the highlight of the holiday. This club is the best of its kind in the world so far found by our team. The entrance is free, beers are sensible prices, bar staff very friendly and efficient (Sylvia & Audrey). The dancers were great, some better than others as always in this type of club. Interactive entertainment is encouraged so long as you don't over step the mark. The private dance booths are great value, $120cdn for ½ hour is very enjoyable and good clean fun. Special mention to Carolynn, Julia, Vanessa, Annie. Missing you already.

We must return to Tremblant if only for the Faucon.

Long Live the Faucon Bleu.

Falcon Fun  on Faucon Bleu

posted on October 6, 2004
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Great place, but very smoky and extremely loud. Great private dances.... lessee, two songs, twenty bucks Canadian is about the best $14 US you can spend. Bouncers are active chaps but keep the place nice and civil. Girls extremely friendly and not greedy. Will look forward to my next excursion to The Blue Falcon.

@Viarga@  on Faucon Bleu

posted on August 30, 2004
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I went there last Saturday, there are champ... in private dance are very good. if you go Mt Treblant don't miss there.