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1755 Rue St-Denis

Montreal, Quebec H2X 3K4

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  on L' Axe

posted on June 15, 2014
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guy  on L' Axe

posted on October 16, 2008
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This club is actually now called "Le Gentlemen's Choice" after being bought out by the other club in town with the same name (stupid). The $10/full-contact, topless dances had an excellent grind to them and were well-worth it IMO. I had a great time with an Asian (Chinese) lady from Toronto recently...she really enjoys her work!!

sofie fatale  on L' Axe

posted on June 21, 2007
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hey yo this club ROCKS... i work there and theres alot of nice and sexy girls there !!! come and see us ;) héhéhé ....

Montreal is great  on L' Axe

posted on October 2, 2004
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I would like to reply to this past comment concerning If Montreal sux or not. Montreal is a great place to be and people from Quebec are a lot of fun. Now if the girls from the strip club are not interested on you, maybe there is a good reason... I never had this kind of problems. I think your attitude is not good. So I will say that you shoudn't come back to Montreal because they probably don't want you there anyway...