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1230 St-Laurent

Montreal, Quebec H2X 2S5

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  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on June 14, 2014
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T-Girls?  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on March 23, 2013
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Are there T-Girls here? Which days, how many, etc? Thanks

Petey L  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on June 24, 2011
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One word: SMELLY. Ladies smelt like dog shit out their buttocks during lap dances

info  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on October 15, 2008
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No Asian girls or porn stars here from what I saw recently. The dancers here recently were mostly old or fat, but there were a few gems though. The "private" dances were held along two of the walls of the club, and they were basically in full view of the club with only a black (but shear) curtain between them and the rest of the club. The contact looked to be high enough from what I saw through the curtains. There are much better clubs than this in downtown Montreal though.

Randy  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on February 28, 2008
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Has anyone been here lately? Do you know the hours? How much are laps now? Are they full contact?

meo  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on July 8, 2007
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i was there tonight and i was happy to see one of my favorite stripper and she did a few dance for me

T O guy  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on April 18, 2007
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Can anyone tell me if Caprice the montreal porn star works here?

Nothing new?  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on November 4, 2006
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Nothing new on this forum anymore? Can't believe nobody have anything to say.

new york guy  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on July 10, 2006
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hey pierre i think we are looking for the same girl. did you see her on insomniac with dave attel? did you find her?

js_master  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on May 25, 2006
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Was planning on coming to montreal from Toronto and wanted to know the best clubs where the asian girls are at. please post club suggestions, thanks

Pierre  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on April 9, 2006
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Hey, does any one knows if there is a girl called maybe Valerie working there, she's a brunette, about 5'8" awesome 38D-26-38, very sweet, puppy brown eye ? Let me know and Thanks !

wolfshadow  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on January 10, 2006
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Jennifer i miss you!!!

Rob from Toronto  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on August 29, 2005
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I went on Thursday night based on what people said below. I didn't find it too worthwhile. First of all it isn't a nude club as the girls keep a g string on and panties over that for dances. They also have too many layers on top (bra and something over that) so it takes them a while to become topless. The girls aren't that good looking generally and the cabins don't give you as privacy as some other clubs. I didn't find good contact as you can just touch their boobs.

sniffer  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on June 27, 2005
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I think the legend of cleopatra is a bit overdone. In my experience, the mileage is not great...perhaps better than other downtown clubs, but overall not that much better. Of course, I stick with girls I find attractive, and there are quite a few here that aren't to my taste, along with many who are. So maybe you can get good mileage with one of the girls I have avoided.

chanwd  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on June 26, 2005
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I came here on Friday night with a few friends and sat for about an hour and half.

Lot of girls, some fairly attractive, but no one with a nice big natural rack. Lot of the girls were giving lap dances and from looking through the curtain, some seemed like air dances.

My friends and I were disappointed but we plan to come back in the future to make sure we didn't miss out. We figure if there is so many people posting on this board, praising it, we must've come at the wrong time or wrong day.

Serge Denis  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on April 3, 2005
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Is there NUDE SHE MALES dancing in here???

pur laine  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on February 27, 2005
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I have a funny story about this place. I had to take a major piss, and I didn't want to go on the sidewalk like a typical quebecois. So, I went into Cleopatra. The guy asked me for a tip. Then, I went down the stairs to take a piss. As it turned out, it was the ladies' dressing room. I just walked right in. Nobody stopped me. I felt really stupid.

Le Tranny Chaser  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on January 19, 2005
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The gorgeous ladies upstairs are HOT SHEMALES with a tasty extra treat in their g-strings....

Fricition Freddy  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on December 25, 2004
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How good are the private dances at Cleopatre? We went to many other clubs on Ste. Catherine and the dances were totally lame!! Is there any strip clubs downtown that have action similiar to the steaming hot Chez Diane or the Erotica in Ste. Athanase?

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on December 23, 2004
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Upstairs is the bar of transsexuals. so whatever you scored with was a man who had a sex change. downstares is the nude bar with women. the best place in downtown to get lapdances and has a woman for every taste.

lap adict  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on September 24, 2004
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This is a fav of mine. Something for every taste and lots of grinding. True that some days are weak but generally you will find what you like. Daytime; try Julia from Venuzvella, and veteran Issabelle (Blonde), Plus the Skinny perfect body brunnet, but get there early for her, she has many regulares that hog her time. Night; You must try Roxanne (Goth chick), She is one of Montreal's top 2 grinders (Marie-Chantal during day shift at Solid Gold being the other). Roxanne usually has a line-up waiting for her services. She just may be the wealthiest dancer in the city. Never a hassle over song count. Sensual Mileage. A must.

sniffer  on CafĂ© Cleopatra

posted on August 25, 2004
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Does anyone know where dancer named "Penny" might be working now. Worked here about a year ago..or a little more. Probably early 20's now. Brunette, short hair. merci.