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3580, St-Dominique

Montreal, Quebec H2X 2X4

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Asian  on Kamasutra Club

posted on November 27, 2014
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Any asian action here?

jj  on Kamasutra Club

posted on June 4, 2009
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interrested only in ur money she dont give a fuck bout your back message Lolll moron

Looking for...  on Kamasutra Club

posted on November 18, 2008
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Isabelle. About 5'6" w/o heels and very fit. Blonde and big breasts. Used to dance in Ottawa for the longest time.

guy  on Kamasutra Club

posted on October 21, 2008
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The setting here is very Middle Eastern looking with tents everywhere (not kidding). The full-contact, topless dances are basically $15/song. It's up a long hill from the Saint-Laurent Metro station. Check it out as they have a wide assortment of very exotic ladies to choose from!

Attention Ladies!!!  on Kamasutra Club

posted on May 13, 2008
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Airport Strip Mississauga is Now under New management and looking to hire some hotties. Enjoy your Stay at a nice Hotel by theAirport ..accomodations ARE fully paid by the club and recieve a shift pay. Make $$$ guaranteed! For more info call (905) 677-3798 between 4pm & 2:30am and ask for Mauro

  on Kamasutra Club

posted on May 7, 2008
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New dancer  on Kamasutra Club

posted on November 19, 2007
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Hi ! i would like to know the rules about bookings at kamasutra...(how many hours do i have to do in a shift minimum, how many days a week i have to work minimum, is it lap dancing, can i keep my g-string on in the private dances.how much is it for the bar service there...i work at pigale in gatineau right now and i do really good there already, but i am looking for a good place to work in the montreal area cause i am moving soon closer to you guys...wope it's worth it...that's what i heard anyway... thank you !

American Club  on Kamasutra Club

posted on July 14, 2007
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Didn't get a chance to visit this club recently, but I learned that they are open 4 PM-3 AM on Tuesday and that they are just south of Prince Arthur St. (and north of Sherbrooke)...kind of out of the way from what I consider to be downtown, but I'll check them out sometime...

Incognito_NYC  on Kamasutra Club

posted on March 16, 2006
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Had the pleasure of discovering this club on my last trip to Montreal in February. Much classier than all the places down along Blvd. St. Catherine. Lots of nice ladies too. The private booths are very private - no bouncers babysitting while you enjoy a girls company. My personal favorite was a cute little French-Canadian named Jezebel. Those lips, those eyes ...Wow! I enjoyed her company while she enjoyed the full-body massage I gave her. Sweet.

To J'Nae  on Kamasutra Club

posted on February 5, 2006
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You don't need a licence to work anywhere in Quebec. I like this club alot, But the girls are verry teritorials. You gonna get the attitude when you start there, but after a while, they're gonna open up to you. They're acually verry nice girls. The club is small and they book too many girls at the time. The managment sucks big time, with the biggest attitude. The girls are verry preatty and there is some money to be made there if you can handel the bullshit with the girls and the management.

J'Nae  on Kamasutra Club

posted on May 29, 2005
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Hello Everybody,

I was thinking about coming to work in Montreal for the weekend. I wanted to know if any of the female strip clubs require linsences and if so how would I go abouts getting one?

Thanks in advance :-)

John  on Kamasutra Club

posted on August 28, 2004
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the gorilla doorman is the only reason i need to not go back there.