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SCN  on  Adonis (Gay)

posted on 31 March, 2017
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SCN  on  Adonis (Gay)

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Strip Club News  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 3 February, 2017
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An $800 "he said-she said" over a night out for two pals at a Midtown strip club has ballooned into a $75 million Manhattan lawsuit.

Rene Zurita and Matt Friedman claim in their mega-dollar suit that three bouncers and a stripper swiped $776 from them, attacked them and then told police that they robbed the unidentified dancer at Rick's Cabaret on W. 33rd St. last February.

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SCN  on  Adonis (Gay)

posted on 25 January, 2017
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SCN ADMIN (management)  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

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Rob Belbin  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 27 September, 2008
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Gabriel is a good-looking nude dancer at Adonis.He has a nice body and looks more mature.Adonis must hire many more older dancers like him.

Sebastien Belasse  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 2 August, 2008
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Veuillez garder Tiguydou juste comme animateur, pas comme gerant.Il ne choisit pas bien les danseurs.Trop restrictif.

Ronaldo S.  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 19 July, 2008
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Adonis needs the formula it had from 1995 to 2000 in order to attract more clients.More dancers, of all nationalities and ethnic groups, as well as guys of different age categories and bodies.

Adonis was a great bar with the best nude male dancers, but now buisiness is suffering.Bad policies in management may be to blame for 50% of the decline in business.

Wayne D.  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 13 July, 2008
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It is a good thing that Adonis finally has a website.But why is there no email address given so they can clients can contact the bar and write emails to them?Is Tiguydou afraid of criticism?

Other gay strip clubs with websites mention their email address so that clients can write to them.

Hartley  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 12 July, 2008
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Adonis, under Tiguydou, chooses dancers by age.It is better to see a 30 or 35 year-old with a 8-inch penis than a 20 year-old with a 5-inch cock.Why is age the main criteria for hiring dancers

at Adonis now?Seeing only young dancers is boring for many.

Carl Menn  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 28 June, 2008
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Tiguydou has made Adonis Tabou no 2.Tiguydou 's ideally would belong to Tabou, not Adonis.I want older dancers at Adonis too.

Jay Bob  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 10 May, 2008
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I went one recent weekend evening to Adonis and found that there were very few clients as well as dancers.Adonis seems to have very few clients nowadays.

They hire too few dancers and also only young dancers.It is boring to see only dancers under 23.Dancers of over 25 and 35 are also popular naked at Adonis.

Tiguydou does not like dancers older than 24, but many clients do.

Drop the age limit for dancers and hire more dancers.

Edmundo  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 11 November, 2007
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In 1995, Adonis used to hire 60 or 65 dancers a week.Now they hire 30 to 35 dancers a week, I think.In 1995, they used to have double the clients they have today.Many more tourists, hustlers, local young men as well as their regular clients would fill up the bar.Today, clients have dropped off.By having more dancers, even if many are not good-looking, business can go up.Different clients are looking for different things.

Roscoe  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 13 October, 2007
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They have very few young clients unlike Campus-when bar Idem was open, Adonis had more younger clients on some days.If there are few clients, clients rarely spend time at Adonis, even if the dancers are good-looking.And I plus my buddy who goes to strip clubs do not care about the age or body of the dancer, but the personality and intelligence of the dancer.

Jon  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 22 September, 2007
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Last December and November, I saw an older and well-built dancer called Mitchell at Adonis who was very good-looking.When he would strip naked on stage, many clients' eyes were on him.He looked easily over 25 or 30 , but both times I was there for an hour he got 5 or 6 private dances, while most of the younger dancers under 23 got only 2 or 3.Last time I went to Adonis, I did not see Mitchell.Did Mitchell quit on his own or is the new administration under Tiguydou not hiring him?I hope Mitchell is still at Adonis or will be rehired.Adonis needs many older dancers like him too.

Jarvis  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 15 September, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Tigidou is liked by many as an animator, but he must not be in charge of choosing or hiring dancers.A lot of dancers and clients criticised Tigidou for hiring very young-looking dancers, when he was the manager at Taboo.He mostly ignored all his critics, and dismissed all the criticism.At least 3 or 4 dancers I know were pushed away by Tigidou at Taboo when they asked to dance there, because in his eyes they were too old.After the police raid, Tigidou got a heart attack.There are those who love Tigidou, but many of us do not want him to be in charge of choosing dancers at Adonis.

Ray  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 11 September, 2007
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My boyfriend was a stripper at Adonis last year for 4 months and loved it.He made a lot of money some nights, and I used to go see him dance on stage sometimes.My boyfriend wants to go back to Adonis again to dance now, but because Tigidou is now the manager, he does not feel happy about it.Someone told me Tigidou is only looking for dancers under 24.If that is the case

and if Tigidou discriminates by age and refuses to allow older dancers to dance, me and my friends are boycotting the bar.My boyfriend is very good-looking---patrons of Adonis love dancers

of all types.Tigidou, change your style or lose clients.

Jean-Luc  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 4 September, 2007
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Now that Tigidou, the former manager of Taboo is taking over Adonis, he will make Adonis like Taboo, hiring only Taboo-type young dancers.Adonis clients like a mix of young men and men of over 25. Many clients will abandon Adonis if Tigidou does not hire older dancers and dancers over 25.Also Adonis dancers are more masculine than Taboo on the average.Keep it that way.

Curious guy  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 27 August, 2007
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I'm psyched to be coming to Montreal next month - and checking out the clubs. Can you get nude lap dances from the male strippers here? Is there any contact? Which is the best club?

Stan  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 30 June, 2007
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Adonis in 1995 and even until 2000 or 2002 used to hire 60 or more dancers per week.I used to live in Montreal full-time then and clients had more choice.Nowadays, they hire 30 dancers per week and they have fewer clients.Even if you hire very good-looking dancers, but hire only 25 instead of 60, you will lose clients.When I went to the bar a few weeks ago on Saturday and Friday nights, they had fewer than 10 dancers in the bar and fewer than 10 clients.Clients pay the dancers;hire more dancers who come in.

Chad  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 12 April, 2007
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These days, the bar just seems like Campus or Stock on many nights with muscular dancers.Those who like skinny dancers are left with only Taboo.

Harvey  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 17 February, 2007
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Gay strip clubs are apparently strange in Montreal.Last month, January, I was at Adonis in the evening and apparently a newcomer showed up to dance.He danced on stage-he was average in dancing, but when I saw him naked, he had a dick of at least 7 to 8 inches.They did not hire him.He was not bad-looking at all.I ask how and why they choose some dancers, but not others- even if they have a big cock.I feel sorry for the dancer.

Come to peel  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 23 January, 2007
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Looking for dancers who want work. will find you work a numerous clubs in and around mississauga and toronto and northern ontario. fees are paid for by the club not you. if interested contact cash at 416 825 2854 shift pay will be negotiated for you, as well as any transportation and accommodations if needed. also will find work for you doing stags and parties. no experienced required, will train and will also help to get licensing if required to work. already have clubs wanting girls to work. so contact me if interested. .................

Featured Act  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 23 January, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Comedy Act, anyway. I'm sure it's more bizarre than this, and perhaps with some other players.

Linden  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 16 December, 2006
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I have been living in Montreal for 2 years.Am from Maine originally.Montreal's gay strip clubs are fun.But Adonis is a twink bar for predominantly skinny and pretty dancers-some nights Adonis looks as though it tries to be Campus, with its big, muscular dancers.I hope though Adonis stays a twink bar.Near Adonis when I walk on Papineau and Ste.Catherine, I come across many beautiful young French hustlers----some of them have very good faces and also bodies, apparently.Adonis could use some of these guys because they often are just as good-looking as the dancers, and often better.I would not sleep with some of the street hustlers, but seeing them naked on stage or giving them a lap dance would be fun.

Yann  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 7 December, 2006
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Montreal's gay strip clubs have very clear target markets.At

Campus and Stock, 90 percent of the dancers are very muscular.

At Taboo, 90 percent of the dancers are skinny and very young.At

Adonis, on some nights, most of the dancers are muscular.On

some nights almost all dancers are young and skinny or twinks.One never can predict Adonis.Also, one wonders

why at strip clubs like Adonis , Campus or Taboo, customers actually have very little control over which dancers are chosen.Customers pay the bills, buy beer, play machines, etc.etc--

but they have no say.All they can do is clap.

George  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 17 November, 2006
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I visit the bar a few times every year and the dancers change very fast here which is fine.Some good-looking dancers hang around for a few years, others you never see a second time even if they are handsome and with good personality.The best dancers are for me and my buddy, not guys with great muscular bodies but those with great personality and faces.Some muscular strippers and even twinks cannot even carry a two-minute conversation with you.I have given private dancers along with my buddy to average-looking dancers because they are very charming or smart.A big dick helps and we love to see uncircumcised dicks because I

live in Ontario.Some nights there seem very few uncut dancers.

arold joseph  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 27 August, 2006
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je suis en manque de queu , vous pouver me joindre au 514 249 9225. tres envie

Ben  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 18 August, 2006
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I am my friends from Ottawa, Montreal and Chicago can't go in Montreal bara and strip clubs and smoke anymore-it seems excessive.Have always loved Adonis , with its mixture of gay and straight dancers.Love Pierre Fitch and a beautiful slim dancer called Kevin.During the outgames I went to the bar twice and it was ful of action;but then I went just last week on the weekend, and it was almost empty.Dancers do not have to be muscular or very young-some of the older dancers get a lot of interest too.In the long run, the friendliness of the dancers and personality as well as different racial mix of dancers will get more clients than hiring just big dancers , like at Campus.Montreal has a lot of good-looking, young men who would look great naked.

Rio  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 9 May, 2006
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I just found out recently that Pierre Fitch, the cutie pornstar also dances in Adonis. Has anybody seen him at all?

It was too bad that I only went to this place twice and didn't get the chance to see him at all. I would've really liked to watch him dancing anyways.

Does anyone know when Pierre normally dances? I'm gonna make sure I'll watch him when I go back to Montréal! =)

Jonh  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 20 April, 2006
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Its my first time here, but I find the guys very pushy some ugly one and some are ok.I spoke to one other guy and he told me he's doing that for the drugs.I think there is to much drugs in this place.Drugs are very bad for the healt and the mind.

Rio  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 9 April, 2006
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Dans ce club ADORABLE, Jai fait connaissance d'un mec SUPER sympa avec une SUPER bonne personnalité, sa m'a surpris comment il pouvait avoir une conversation bien chaleureuse avec moi en dansant sur tout mon corps.. y était bien génial, et imaginez que dans une session de danse privé d'une quinzaine de minutes, on a déja parlé de tout, y compris sa date d'anniversaire et le sport qu'il fait!

Y était tellement tellement joli, je me rappelle bien que ses cheveux blonds étaient bien doux, comme cheveux de bébé...

Et une chose que JAMAIS je pourrais oublier, c'est son sourire.. Ca m'a vraiment tué.................

Ahhhhhhhhhhh je crois être tombé amoureux...INCROYABLE!

Joe  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 21 March, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Thanks Manny........for a wonderful Saturday afternoon...and a new learning experience for me. Your help and patience were greatly appreciated. Hope to see You again.

Glen  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 15 March, 2006
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I went to Adonis last month and loved a gorgeous dancer they had called kevin.He is beautiful both naked and with clothes.I am from Albany, New York.

Gerard  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 25 August, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis is quite small areawise----hence whom clients mix with can often easily be seen by staff or management.However, the

bar video lottery terminals are quite accessible and the dancers are easy to see on stage from up close.But some nights, many dancers do not strip naked ---they just lower their pants.Only some dancers show their ass to the crowd.At Taboo, all dancers strip naked.Some of the most muscular dancers are not always

the friendliest dancers.

Ken  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 18 August, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis has better choice of dancers than the strip joints offering

very muscular dancers.I see young and skinny dancers like at Taboo and also muscular dancers.But many weeks or nights, they have very few gay dancers.Also, it would be nice to see more uncircumcised dancers.Adonis has the reputation of tough street dancers---but I have taken out two or three Adonis dancers to restaurants-----they were very nice and intelligent.What a dancer does in his private life----whether he works as an escort or sweeps floors in restaurants, it is not the

clients' business nor the bar's business.

Jean-Claude  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 17 August, 2005
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I go to Adonis occasionally;a few years ago some of my friends

used to go there regularly.It is true that Adonis does not have enough dancers on some nights and some dancers are just not capable of talking.They must hire a lot of dancers part-time 1 or 2

days a week, especially those who have danced before.This way the bar would have enough dancers and have more choice.By keeping just a few dancers full-time, the bar is less appealing.One dancer I loved in 2001 tried to go back to Adonis to work part-time a few months ago, but they did not want to give him one day a week.Too bad, because the boy is still very beautiful and I met him in a restaurant where we talked.

Jason  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 16 June, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

I went to Adonis once in 1998 on SAturday.At that time 50

dancers auditioned.I am from Chicago and loved it.Last month

I visited MOntreal and went to Adonis on Saturday.They had some pretty dancers, but very few dancers.Auditioning a lot of old and young dancers would be fun to watch again.Next time I am

at Adonis, I hope they have even more dancers.

Carlos  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 3 June, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

I went to Adonis recently with my friend who was visiting Montreal

from Costa Rica.We saw a very good-looking, uncircumcised dancer called Roberto.But the bar did not have many dancers, even on a Saturday night.The bar announces auditions on Saturday outside ----they should hire enough dancers.There

should also be many gay dancers in a gay bar.

Angus  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 27 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

I agree that Steve, the waiter, is very sexy.My friend and I had 2 extra drinks because of him.It would be great to see Steve

naked on stage.A lot of clients would love that.Also, does Adonis hire men based only on muscle or youth?Many nights, none of the dancer has erections.My friend cares more about a nice ass

and dick than big muscles.And of course, some dancers are very friendly.They help keep customers.

Norman  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 26 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

At Adonis, I meet some friends of my own age and also occasionally very good-looking dancers or other young clients and hustlers.But the staff and bouncers do not always seem to like customers freely mixing with other customers.I have left with

other clients, dancers and hustlers from other gay strip joints in Montreal and noone has been bothered at all.But at Adonis, some dancers do not seem to like it if a client leaves with another dancer or another client.Adonis has had many doormen over the years, some very nice and some bad.They have lost clients when doormen become too interfering.I can mix with whom I want.

Levon  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 19 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Steve, the waiter, is indeed better-looking than many of the dancers.Adonis is the bar my American friends like the most.

But they do not seem to hire as many dancers as before.The

bar must hire dancers who are skinny, muscular, older, young and of all races and backgrounds.Adonis has a better choice of dancers than other clubs, but some weeks all the dancers seem white Francophones, with one black dancer put in.They could hire

naked guys of so many other races.I mean French boys are pretty, but customers want other faces and bodies too.

Karl  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 16 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Why does Adonis these days hire very young dancers or very muscular dancers?The last time I went on the weekend, there

were six bodybuilders----the bar looked like CAMPUS.I walked

out in 5 minutes.Usually I stay for 45 minutes there.

Jason  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 13 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

The Adonis has a lot of handsome dancers, especially French Canadian pretty boys and Latinos.But they should use dancers

of other races too.I sometimes get very disappointed when I go

to the bar and my favorite dancers from before ae no longer there.Campus and Stock seem to retain their dancers a lot longer.

Henry  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 11 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

I visit Montreal from New York once every 2 months on average for business and always go to Adonis and Sky.There are a lot of pretty dancers at Adonis, but some are rude and some cannot speak English at all.I always find slim dancers and dark-haired, skinny

men sexy---they are more fun to watch than bodybuilders.Sometimes none of the Adonis dancers have erections on stage, whereas in some other clubs 70% of dancers

have erections while performing.I find sometimes handsome young men at the neighborhood bar Idem and at Adonis who are

willing to give me a good time at the hotel.A bar with only old clients does not attract some people-----sometimes the hustlers and young clients are just as interesting as the dancers.

Jeremy  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 5 May, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

A few years ago, I went to Adonis and found a very pretty American boy called Zack .I hope they would hire him again.He

was very nice bodywise a beautiful, uncut dick.I miss a lot

of old dancers from Adonis who used to work in 2000 , 2001 and 2002/2003.Some of them are still working.I wish many of these other dancers would work again too part-time at Adonis.Adonis has a sexy waiter called Steve.If he is gay, he must be having a wonderful personal life.Steve, the waiter, would attract a lot of clients by dancing on stage.Last time however, when I went to the bar, only 1 out of 13 dancers was uncut.Why are so few dancers


Jared  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 4 March, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis some months seems to hire only dancers like Taboo-18 to 22.Other months they seem to only have muscular, straight dancers.It is very unpredictable.By the way, can they hire more uncircumcised dancers?I am American and I like uncut meat.

Curtis  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 4 March, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis has one polite young bartender who looks like a dancer.2

YEARS ago when I went there, there was a bartender who was rude to a number of clients in order to get more tips.Rude bartenders are not liked.They have a nice young waiter who would look good as a nude dancer himself.But I don't like the fact that Adonis does not or cannot retain many of its good-looking members.A few years ago, I liked a lot of their dancers.They should use older dancers too because customers like familiar faces and favorites.It is good they hire some new dancers every week too.

Hugh  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 12 February, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

It's great that Adonis is hiring new dancers, but they have to get rid of some of these old ones. John and fat Mikael have got to go.

Phillipe  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 7 February, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Bored with phony straight dancers? Go to "TRIXX" located in Providence, Rhode Island. It is the HOTTEST gay strip club in North America.. I cannot say enough about it... Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Black, Asian.. Its #1 !!!!!!

Branden  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 20 December, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Campus and Stock both actually attract more young clients than Adonis.Adonis has young clients only on some nights.

Rupert  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 19 December, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Stock bar, the other gay strip joint, also attracts quite a few young clients----Adonis only sometimes attracts young clients.Why?

Sammy  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 2 December, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Other than one or two muscular black dancers and one Latino, Adonis has few nonwhite dancers.Some of Their white dancers are very good-looking, but in acity full of minorities, they could hire more dancers who are exotic or members of cultural communities.

JIMMY  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 26 November, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Last time I went to the bar on a Friday, not one Adonis dancer I

spoke to said he was gay.I hate giving lap dances to only straight guys.A year ago when I went to Adonis, 4 out of 8 or 9 dancers I spoke to said they were gay or had boyfriends.Why

is Adonis hiring so many straight guys?

Jerry  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 24 November, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Yes, the clientele at the bar is often old or much older.They could

encourage young clients too.And by the way, they audition very few dancers on Saturday----that is what I saw when I went there

a few weeks on Saturday.Forget auditioning 55 naked men like

many years before---they auditioned no more than 20.Some of the

dancers were very good-looking.

stephan  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 24 November, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Really fat disgusting old men go here to feel like they are a "somebody." They will pay a lot of money to get a stripper to sit with them, and then when they leave the stripper laughs at what a joke the disgusting old man is, and count up the wad of cash he got from the piece of crap, fat old man - because no one else on earth would have anything to do with a fat old man otherwise.

Keep the cash coming, and we'll keep laughing!

David  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 20 November, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis in 1997, 1998 or 1996 used to audition more than 55 or 60

naked men, young and some old, every Saturday afternoon.Now they often audition fewer than 30 dancers on Saturdays.Their old policy was much better------It was more interesting.I used to take

my friends from Ottawa, Toronto or New York once or twice on Saturdays every month to Adonis.They could adopt their old policy again-----it is more fun for clients.They also must hire both skinny and muscular, old and young dancers.

Josh  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 13 November, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis has some very good-looking dancers and some pretty boys.They have cute French boys, some hot Latino dancers too.But they can also use other or more ethnic dancers.Montreal is full of exotic men.I went to the bar 2 days ago;I am from Wisconsin.I went to the bar twice in the last two years.I like

skinny or slim dancers.

Pierre  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 22 October, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis could use older dancers too.2 or 3 years ago I saw two

beautiful dancers, Roman, a 27 year-old and Vladimir, a Russian-Haitian-French mixed dancer at Adonis.I have been back to the bar 5 or 6 times since then, hoping to see them again, but could not find them.

Larry  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 15 October, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

Adonis could use more gay dancers----also some of the dancers

speak no English-----they could not communicate with me----I

am visiting Montreal from Vancouver.The dancers seem good-looking in a number of cases and some were very friendly, but others seemed unfriendly and cold.Also, I did not see any

dancers who were not white----except one black dancer who

danced very well on stage.

Bruce  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 14 October, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

I am a 58 year-old businessman from Ottawa who visits Montreal once a month and often go to this bar.This bar has good-looking

dancers, but the atmosphere is strange and the bouncers are not always pleasant.I was drinking a beer at the bar last week and taliking to Daniel, 22, a customer who had moved to Montreal from Trois Rivieres.He was very good-looking and pleasant.A bouncer

came and sat between us---ruining my fun.I left in 2 minutes.It was unpleasant.Last month I was talking to one of my favorite dancers and another bouncer called him away.I was disturbed.Why do they have such strange bouncers who harm their business?I

Larry  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 10 September, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

The ADonis dancers are ok, but one dancer Calvin is very good-looking.He looks like film star JOaquim Phoenix.I wish the bar would have more uncircumcised dancers.

Jerome  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 8 September, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

The last time I went to Adonis, the dancers were good-looking, but few of them were removing their pants and most were only getting half-naked on stage.

Lester  on Adonis (Gay)

posted on 4 September, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

My friend and I visited Adonis on Saturday after not having been there for 3 years.The bar has pretty dancers, but I was surprised

that on their audition day, the bar auditioned only about 20

dancers all Saturday afternoon.When we last visited Adonis auditions on Saturday a few years ago, we saw more thasn 40 or 45 dancers strip naked on stage for auditions.

Adonis could audition more guys and use more lean dancers, not just musclemen.My friend and I love skinny guys.

The waiter at Adonis who served us was very friendly.

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