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1278 Rue Saint-André

Montreal, Quebec H2L 3S9

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  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on November 9, 2008
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Help  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on October 3, 2008
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Can anyone tell me of any male clubs other than 281 that will let female customers in? If a man wants to see a male or female dance they get their pick of any club they want but if a woman customer wants to see a man dance we only get 1 club? That's crap.

Tony Ribe  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on September 27, 2008
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Johnny Castle danced naked at Stock one evening as a guest.

He should be invited to dance again at Stock.I was in Vancouver

on a visit when Johnny Castle came to town.

I hope clients who gave Johnny Castle a private dance in the back were all satisfied.

Johnny Sax  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on September 24, 2008
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Their cover charge is too high.Why pay $3 at Stock for entry when you go to Campus without cover charge?Stock does not seem to pay dancers to get naked on stage.Clients pay dancers through private dances, gratuities and so on-not the bar owners.

Clients have wide tastes.If you want more clients, hire men of all races.It is boring to only see white or black cocks.

Charles L.  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on August 4, 2008
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Why are there no open auditions at Stock bar?Years ago, Thursday used to be the day for open auditions at Stock.Many clients used to like that.

Robert Boz  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on June 29, 2008
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I like dancers at Stock like Raphael and Maxime.But Stock on its website says that clients can see cocks of all colors and sizes at Stock.Many dancers at Stock have big cocks, but other than 1 black dancer and 2 Latino dancers, I rarely see other

nonwhite cocks at Stock.

Be true to your website and hire men of all races.

Peter  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on September 28, 2007
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Aaron is a very good-looking dancer at Stock, along with the two brothers Mark and Jay who were or are nude male dancers at Stock.Both are very good-looking and both are uncircumcised.Is either Mark or Jay gay?Both could do a shower dance together----that would be great.Stock should use more gay dancers, they must hold open auditions for dancers and eliminate the cover charge on most days.

Joseph  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on July 13, 2007
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They could eliminate their cover charge if they want more business.They need to hire more gay dancers too.One of the best-looking dancers on the Stock bar site is Mathieu.All the other dancers on their website I have seen naked dancing on stage.It would be nice to see Mathieu naked on stage.He could do a free promo for the bar's website.Mathieu is very good-looking.

Roget  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on June 30, 2007
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A few years, Stock used to hold open auditions for dancers on Thursday.I hope Stock still holds auditions on Thursdays-----they do not seem to advertise them.I do not like their cover charge too much, but their dancers are handsome.Many clients like to see

dancers audition.

Nero  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on April 18, 2007
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in Montreal, male strippers have only four clubs to choose from.Female strippers who get rejected at one strip club can go to 50 or 75 other clubs to dance.Just because you one or two Latinos or one black dancer in Montreal strip clubs, it does not mean racism does not exist.What about the other races of dancers like Vietnamese, Arab, Chinese, Pakistani, East Indian, Iranian, native Canadian dancer, etc, who almost never get hired?And even among the one or two black dancers that get hired, they usually correspond to the gang member look----that stereotype is continually enforced.You do some Latinos for sure, but not every week.In any case, to see one black and one or 2 Latino dancers out of 60 or 70 dancers is not much.

Lance  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on December 14, 2006
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Stock bar should have a cover charge only on special occasions like New Year`'s eve , Gay Pride weekend, Labor day, etc.Otherwise, many of my local Montreal friends do not want to go to Stock as often as before.Their cover charge is not liked by many.

Edwin  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on December 13, 2006
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Stock has no doubt some very good-looking dancers, but some are too muscular for my taste.Strangely, other than a black dancer I saw there and a Latino dancer I spotted there, in my last three visits over the year, I have never seen any other minority

dancer there.Why do Montreal gay strip clubs only hire white French Canadian dancers and Latino dancers?What about all the other races and 10 to 15 other ethnic groups?Clients have different tastes in the gay community and even among bisexuals.

Mandy  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on November 30, 2006
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Stock bars are very muscular mostly, but 10 % of them are slim.I do not like their cover charge--if I do not like the dancers on a particular night, I feel I have wasted money.Stock bar could hire more slim dancers too.

Mel  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on November 7, 2006
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I like some Stock dancers, but ever since they have introduced a mandatory cover charge to enter the bar, I have stopped going there.Other Montreal gay male strip joints that I visited do not

have cover charges.

NYC GAY  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on December 26, 2005
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I was at Stock bar this past week. I got dances from Roberto, what a cute guy. He made me feel so special and the money was well spent. I will be back soon next month to get more dances from him. I can't wait!

Jerome  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on September 11, 2005
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Over the Labor Day weekend I visited Stock and had a good time

-------there were a number of handsome dancers like Raphael etc.One dancer in his slow dance after stripping naked showed his ass in slow motion to the audience and the crowd loved it.He

spread his asscheeks and bared his pink rosebud to the audience.There was a lot of applause for him and he was pretty.Some other dancers gave nice shower dances.Wish more dancers would spread their ass on stage---it would give them more lap dances.I gave the young man who spread his asscheeks on stage a lap dance.

Marcus  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on March 12, 2005
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I went to Stock recently and liked their dancers.But I found very few uncircumcised dancers.Just surprised.Somebody posted this comment here last week;it was removed.It is not wrong to say many clients like uncut guys.Why the censorship?Also, it is true that most dancers don't show their ass

Rob  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on February 22, 2005
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Last I went a week ago, Stock had some gorgeous new dancers

and some older ones too.They had more leaner, pretty-boy dancers than I would have expected.My friend from Halifax liked

seeing Alex, a skinny, young, tall guy with a nice dick and very thin body but a superb six-pack and very tightly toned body.Another beautiful French Canadian dancer Ghyslain was

lean, but beautifully proportioned and handsome face--he was very good-looking but during his slow dance he barely opened his jeans and took his dick out for only a few seconds.If he had stripped naked, removed the jeans and showed his beautiful ass, he would have gotten a lot of private dances.But my friend still ended up giving him a lap dance.

Phillipe  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on February 7, 2005
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"TRIXX" in Providence, Rhode Island is the HOTTEST gay strip club in North America.. I cannot say enough about it... Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Black, Asian.. Its #1 !!!!!!

Pierre  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on December 18, 2004
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The bar has some gorgeous dancers.Almost all are well-built, some are very muscular.But the bar must not hire only muscular dancers-many clients like skinny dancers too.Taboo

is the only bar that now caters to those who like skinny guys.How about Stock hiring a few leaner dancers?Their nude

shower dances are great-it would be fun to see a slim dancer and a muscular dancer having a shower together.

ANTONIO  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on November 24, 2004
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Why are very few dancers at Stock gay?I saw a number of them leaving with girlfriends when the bar closed.The girlfriends were

waiting outside.I am sure thay must have some or many gay and bisexual dancers.Why can't we see dancers who are each other's lovers in real life?It is a gay bar.Gay.

Henri  on Stock Bar (Gay)

posted on September 24, 2004
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The bar has some great-looking dancers, but too few are gay and most pretend to be straight.I would like to see more lean dancers and not just muscular, big guys at this club.