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1950 Boul de Maisonneuve E

Montreal, Quebec H2K 2C8

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giovanni  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on August 5, 2007
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I love this club, hottest dancers in all montreal

Martin  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on December 20, 2006
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Taboo is a better bar now than 2 years ago.They have some older dancers too.Diego, a beautiful Brazilian dancer has been there for many years and has a very big dick that he loves to show.

Joel  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on December 14, 2006
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Taboo is a great bar for those who love skinny men and young dancers.Taboo under old management was questionable.Their

manager Tigidou refused to hire any dancers who were over 22 or looked over 22.Many dancers were turned away, even if many clients would have liked them.When Tigidou was fired, he pretended to be shocked.But why did he not allow older, good-looking dancers to work there?Under the new management, dancers seem to be of a better mix, but older dancers must get hired there.They have a wonderful website there.

Gerry  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on September 9, 2006
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Taboo had a beautiful, masculine but handsome dancer called Bruno who was a treat to watch on stage three years ago.They

should have older dancers like him, with a great personality.Bruno , I heard had a very bad accident with a car while on his bike.I hope he will be well.

Franco  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on February 17, 2006
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Taboo is a free bar ---now that the police have dropped charges

following the May 2003 raid.I saw a beautiful dancer at Taboo a month or two ago----he was older than the other dancers----his naked body on the stage excited many.He got many private lap dances, including one by me.Older dancers on many nights get more private dances than younger dancers.It depends on the night.Taboo must not discriminate against older dancers.

Francois  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on January 11, 2005
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Forget this place. We took a short trip to Providence, Rhode Island and went to Trixx. It was AWESOME and 100% Gay..

Larry  on Taboo (Gay)

posted on October 15, 2004
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Taboo has very few dancers who don't look like teenagers.Some are very good-looking, but they could add older dancers too.Not

everyone likes only dancers who are only under 22.Many people like dancers who look between 25 and 30.