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11859 Notre Dame E

Montreal, Quebec H1B 2Y2

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Does a dancer  on Studio Sexe

posted on January 20, 2008
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Name Dapne work here?She has really curly hair?Im looking for her ?she is thin please let me know !

to michelle  on Studio Sexe

posted on June 6, 2007
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maybe it is your attitude! I was just there and saw a token fat chick on stage as well as a few non anorexic types I bet they don't hire total primadonnas or maybe it all the coke you do

Tony Michael  on Studio Sexe

posted on April 14, 2007
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This club is a joke. There are two major problems with it.

1. If you don`t have a drink in front of you every second you are there then hassled by either the DJ, the doorman or the blonde bartender.

2. Most of the girls there except for Alexandra who is hot treat alot of the customers with disrespect and they treat each other like crap to.

Michelle LaBelle  on Studio Sexe

posted on March 9, 2006
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This club discriminates against black girls and girls (black and white) who do no fit the barbie doll mold. I was refused because of the color of my skin, even though I called in advance (he said he changed his mind he had enough black girls for the night, there wre 2 others). I have white friends who went there, they said that they were called names and asked to leave because they were not tall and annorexic looking. Girls beware of this club if you do not fit the perfect image or you have colored skin. I do not want any other girls to go there just to get their feelings hurt.

frankie the spankie  on Studio Sexe

posted on November 4, 2004
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Denver wow!!!!!!! i love denver i love denver spank me again i want you to spank me again and hard!!!