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851, du Conseil

Sherbrooke, Quebec J1G 1L5

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mtnjack  on Bar le Charlot

posted on March 23, 2007
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last time i was there, i saw a lovely, lithe blonde toying herself onstage. A tall brunette came and sat at the table with me and told me she liked anal sex and motioned to go outside, being cautious, i did noot follow as it could have been a set-up to roll me , or something else.

French Fries  on Bar le Charlot

posted on November 5, 2006
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Or should I call them freedom fries?

Panzer  on Bar le Charlot

posted on September 26, 2004
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ca fait littéralement pitié...

pas de danseuse réellement présente...

sinon la qualité est plus que mauvaise...

le seul pointpositif: la serveuse présente est très sympathique