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230 boul. Harwood

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 1Y4

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info  on Miss Dorion

posted on November 2, 2012
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That club is closed for good.

the sexy black girl  on Miss Dorion

posted on September 28, 2009
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What are you talking about? miss dorion is great. the girls can make alot of money there, maybe not with you because your to cheap and the girls are not slow. were have you been dances are 20 nude and 10 with top off. you can have alot of fun with girls there because you can do whatever you want. its great. n-e ways your probably one of the old dirty guys trying to get everthing for a cheap buck. seee you soon at dorion lol you will be back everyone comes back.

avoid  on Miss Dorion

posted on October 21, 2008
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The super-high contact dances were only $10/song recently and were all-nude with LOTS of mutal touching allowed. There wasn't a huge amount of privacy in the booths though...so no "extras". This club has a reputation for being kind of slow, and the girls here are mostly black and sometimes fat and/or old looking. The stage dances are all-nude and do occasionally include a mild (to put it nicely) lesbian show or two. Go to the nearby Hill Top for more "extra" fun and much prettier girls.

lateniteguy  on Miss Dorion

posted on July 28, 2008
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I was there a few days ago and now they are charging like `15 dollars a song. Too much for a club that doesn't have pretty women dancing.

Raffi  on Miss Dorion

posted on April 25, 2008
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1. During the private dance, Is there any touching of the strippers, and if so, where?

2. Are you allowed BJ's and to have sex with the girl, and how much does it cost?

miss  on Miss Dorion

posted on December 17, 2006
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i its been my frst day tday at the miss im the new barmaid.the place is nice the gurlz are really cute but i need more customers sunday and monday night guy help me up lol

Visitor  on Miss Dorion

posted on May 18, 2006
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This is the first strip club i ever visited when i was 18 years old. 14years later everything is still the same. Nothing seems to have changed much. I went in the late afternoon, there were 2-3 girls working. One very cute and petite 18 year old who was new to stripping. The other two were "older". Dances are 10$ a song.

I went back with the young dancer for a few dances. She let me touch anywhere and as much as i wanted. Very nice and very fun. She was cute asa button.

I went back for a private dance with one of the older dancers. Very diffrent experience. Within minutes she was on me.She was alot more "into" her work. Her hands roamed freely all over me. Dance price very reasonable for what you get in return.

i will return.

Le Grand voyageur  on Miss Dorion

posted on April 6, 2006
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Bonjour à tous !

J'arrive du Miss. L'extérieur et l'intérieur peut vous sembler moche, mais les filles sont très hot!!!

Pour des danses à 10$ les mains de la danseuses se promenait aisément dans mes culottes. Et les miennes aussi se promenait partout. Je lui ai aussi manger le clito et elle a manger mon bonheur et avaler tout ce qu'il contenait. Et le tout pour un prix raisonnable.

Je vous le dit aller à cette endroit, vous ne le regretterait pas.

Mario  on Miss Dorion

posted on August 19, 2005
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Allo! C'est vrai que le Miss Dorion est un peu plate. Mais les filles peuvent être bien le fun après que tu leurs paye un verre ou 2. Ells s'emmerdent souvent et les dances sont parfois très cochonne. Je me suis fais sucer 2 fois par 2 filles différentes. Elles font ça car elles ne font pas assez d'argent. Faut juste le demander dans la cabine privé. Tu sauras assez vite si elle fait plus ou non. Moi, j'y vais une fois par mois et j'en ai pour mon argent et bien plus. Salut...

nightowl  on Miss Dorion

posted on August 14, 2005
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I've been to this bar a few times. Saturday nights are terrible. No customers and very few girls working. Go Friday after midnight. I went 2 weeks ago and spent 60.00 on a black girl(don't remember her name)and it was worth every penny.

Trebor19  on Miss Dorion

posted on August 29, 2004
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I went there on August 23th. I meet Lynda, a black girl. She was incredebile. I pay her a scoth and she went nut. She gave me alomst 20 dances, and I only pay her 120$. And what a dance. She was very sluts. She puts her hand in my pants and start to play with my .... After that she lick me a little bit. After the dance she ask me to go with here at her room just upside the bar. We spend the night together and what a nympho. She also call one of her friend and we fuck all night the three of us. And it was free. So if Lynda ask you a scoth, beleive me pay here you would not regret it