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3950 Grady Drive

Altoona, Alabama 35952

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Hey  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on December 15, 2017
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gorilla  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on November 27, 2017
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still open, got some nice girls in there. I drop in from time to time.

Brandy (aka Xana)  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on August 23, 2014
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I used to dance with her if this is the same Isis from around 2001-2002. I'd like to find her myself.

richard king  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on September 2, 2012
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Tonigt was the fist time I been to foxys I enjoyed it. Thete is some realy nice girls there I realy liked louann and I hope she is workin next time I come she is beautifull!

re isis  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on September 12, 2010
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she's knocked up. there are hundreds of guys who sould be expectin her looser husband to come lookin to hussel them for money for gettin her pregnant. that why she was fuckin every guy she saw cause she to old to dance no more

re:isis  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on August 22, 2010
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shes probably back in jail. her and her deadbeat husband are drug dealers, and have started pimping young girls, but the two of them together are not smart enough to not get caught.

Isis  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on August 9, 2010
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Looking for a dancer named Isis, Thin brunet, around 35 with small tities. Used to also dance at Fantasia. Any info would be appreciated.

Dixie  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 31, 2010
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Steve you are a dumb ass. Any one who knows me knows I am not lovey dovey...stupid! I am a bitch to the fullest. DUH! I am going to the administrator and having your stalking ass put a stop to. Also, you posting as me is slander and being as you are on probation for beating up Pixie you will serve time. So you need to leave me the hell alone, or go to jail. I have not worked in a bar in 2 years why do you even bring up my name? I will not post in reply to your crap again. For all who are reading this, "TheRealDixie" is Steve Miller. So is Joeing and all the other "Joes" If you see him in Babes or Foxy's, kick his ass for me.

TheRealDixie  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 30, 2010
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Steve I hate it that somebody put all those lies and bad things on here about you, You are one of the nicest guys I have ever met. You treat women with such respect and will give them the shirt off your back. I can't believe that Pixie used you like she did and put you in jail, you were the best person that she has ever met and you did more for her than anyone else in her whole life. Best of luck, You Friend Dixie.

Dixie  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 28, 2010
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Steve Miller, Do not mention me in your psychopathic posts. I am not dating Joe, he is my best friend. You are pissed because to get laid you have to pay for it. You told me one night at the bar you have never had a woman willing except for when you paid her. You are posting here using Joes name because you are too weak to use your own name. Maybe if you would man up and attempt to grow some balls you might get a woman of your very own instead of having to rent one. You should go see a doctor about your nut issue and see if he can do an operation to help your balls drop. Now you can go ahead and be a geek and post that i have AIDS or whatever because you are not grown up enough (at 46) to stop acting like a child.

Joeingram  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 26, 2010
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Pixie is a nice girl, I love her so much, I want to marry her and give her my cattle farm and share her with my girlfriend dixie, I don't care if she does have aids and does all the niggers in the world I still love her no matter, I'd eat corn out of her poo poo and eat her butthole for dessert, I know i'm a worthless pathetic piece of white trash but I think she loves me too even if she does make my balls itch.

Stevemiil  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 22, 2010
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I am such a loser. Pixie is trash but I love her. I am so sorry I am a gutless slug. Im worthless all my famliy pathetic I am. I don't have no friends, nobody likes me and every woman I ever had I paid for. Yall don't no how bad it is to be me.

SteveMill  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 21, 2010
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Pixie is a nasty whore, she will go off with anyone for $20. She accuses men of rape and has stole my phone, and my money. She is dirty, and a bitch. She will sleep with any nig that comes in the bar, I have been dealing with her for a long time, and I am tired of her turning psyco on me. Oh, and did I mention, she gave me AIDS!!!! For the record, the other "Pixie" posts were from me, But I have just now got completly done with her so I don't care if she knows how much I hate her!!!!!!!!!!!

JoeIng  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 19, 2010
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Pixie is a washed up junkie with no talent just a used up meth hoe she will steal your money and cell phone and nark you out to the cops so watch her close, Rest of the girls needs jenny craig and a good dentist.

Howdy  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 15, 2010
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What happened to Sam, she was one of the very nice girl in this place.

bob  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 14, 2010
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pixie has aids, she will put rape charges on you, and put you in jail if she gets a chace, she has rape charges on two guys right now.she wil still your cellphone , and your money , if she gets a chance.

JDog  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 11, 2010
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This place has gotten a hell of a-lot worse than it was a year or so ago, heed this as a warning stay away from Jewel, Cherry and Pixie unless you like aids, these bitches are confirmed aids infested thats the reason they got fired from babes lounge.

Pathetic club  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on April 7, 2010
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This is the most pathetic club in Alabama, and getting worse. It was once a topless club, then a pastie clus, and now it's a bikini club, and not sexy bikini;s, but the ones decent girls wear at the beach. What's the point, not to mention they still expect you to pay a cover charge and over prices drinks. Girls won't make any money at all fully dressed the way they are.

Sorry ass bar  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on April 2, 2010
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went in on a thursday nite. there was a dozen losers and 6 dancers. one dancer was about 200 pounds, another was 40 years old, two looked to be about 15 years old. the orhers were junkies. not sure how they make any money. none of the guys were getting dances or whatever else you can get in the back. don't wast your time. drive to fantasia. anything you want there and some hot chicks to give it to you

Pathetic  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on February 17, 2010
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Club is not closed, but should be. Dancers are decent, but it's a typical Alabama red neck bar. The guys in there are wasted by 10 o'clock, even the ones WITH teeth. You could take all the dancers out and they would not know or care. I don't know how the dancers make any money. I was there until midnite last thursday, and never saw one pathetic redneck take a dancer for a VIP, probably because they don't have 20 bucks between 3 of them. One bright note was a dancer named Bunny, Very hot, but she spent the entire time sitting with 3 of the dopiest looking rednecks I ever saw. Would have loved to spend some private time with her.

re jewel  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on January 28, 2010
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heard she was fired for lettin some rich guy eat her pussy and then blowin him in the vip

re:isis  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on January 24, 2010
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who fuckin cares about that over the hill coke addick. Where is jewel? now that was a hot babe.

Isis  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on December 19, 2009
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Is Isis still there.

Re Bubba  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on March 27, 2009
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No, the girls may not all be centerfold material, but they are very friendly and attentive. They will just talk to you if you are not interested in a VIP. You can't beat southern girls, and Foxy has some of the sweetest around. Besides, look at the men in the place Bubba. I am sure you are not being asked to pose for playgirl magazine either. Why do you think you deserve more. You should feel lucky these girls will give you the time of day. And, for the most part, the model types typically only want your money, and they want it right now. They will not spend time with you just hanging out the way Foxy's girls will. And, Carol is the best waitress in any club.

Bubba  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on March 24, 2009
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dont waste yur time. no better than it was befoir it closed. still ugly dancers and lame vips. some of the dancers looked like 14 years old. one14 year old does not take her top off when on stage cause she has no tits at all. supposd to be a topless club. big joke

local  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on February 22, 2009
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club ain't closed no more. real busy last friday night. about 25 girls, most real hot

Out of town  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on February 19, 2009
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Visited the club last week. Lots of really hot girls. Very friendly, very good vip's.

Bama-Man08  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on April 24, 2008
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This Club has reopened. They had bout 15-20 Dancers when i was there Thursday night. Very friendly and several very hot ones. Much better than its sister club Babes.

ARTY  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on September 18, 2007
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I went to foxy's for the first time last night and let me just say wow!!!!!!!!!! this one dancer named "tiger' was the hottest girl i ever saw. she is a real lady, and a lot of fun to hang with. i wish everybody could move their body with the style and sexy grace she does! the only way tiger could be any better is if there were two of her!

lvnudegrls  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on May 3, 2007
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5/3/07-club open. Not bad for a small off the beaten path club. Southern girls that like to dance.

To Brookville  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on March 26, 2007
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I agree that Foxy's is not a typical strip club, it's more like a neighborhood bar with dancers. But the drink prices are reasonable, and the tips are optional, so how exactly did Foxy's rip you off? I've never seen any evidence of drug use. If it's not what you are looking for, the door swings both ways. No need to trash people like that.

biker cowboy  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on March 14, 2007
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i tell yeah foxys has gotten better they got a few HOTT girls an a few really cute 1's working now.its nice to look at sexxy women an down a few drinks an have a great time.the girls are friendly an have better attitudes then the last time i was there

Scarlett  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on March 6, 2007
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Brookville  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on January 30, 2007
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Foxy's is a joke. It's not what I would consider a strip club.. More like a Rip you off club. All the girls are on Drugs of numerous variations. If you aren't mexican you don't belong there. The girls are Fat, Ugly, Can't dance, and for the best part.. half of them are mothers of children. They think they're doing something they like. They are.. drugs, and drinking. I've spoke my peace... Not like anyone reads this crap anyhow.

b  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on June 17, 2005
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Foxy's is a great out of the way place that is very enjoyable. My wife always wanted to go to a strip club so we chose Foxy's due to its laid back atmosphere. She ended up doing a few dances of her own. Great place!

user  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on February 4, 2005
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Stevie is a very sexy girl. i love her lap dances. she is the best. i will see you soon baby.....

iminuse  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on October 8, 2004
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Hey Boob boy , , , , , you don't know much. Foxies has a lot of very nice girls. you can't judge a club by only going one time or just thinking that bikini is not sexy. see ya at Foxies......

boobboy  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on September 28, 2004
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who the hell goes to a bikini club???

Sex Kitten  on Foxy's Lounge

posted on June 5, 2004
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I wouldn't waste my time in this place. The girls are all fat or ugly and they can't dance worth a crap. The place is dead...not at all what it was 4 years ago.