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4320 University Dr NW

Huntsville, Alabama 35816

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bamacwby  on Silver Dollar

posted on July 10, 2013
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Silver Dollar is officially dead and gone. They closed a few years back, but earlier this year it was sold and a new club opened. Volcano 256 opened the doors back in the spring. I do not know if they are still open due to fact they could not get a beer or liquor license due to zoning bs that had changed since the Dollar was sold a decade ago. Went in to Volcano 256 one time and was two cute black girls dancing, no bartender to serve cokes started to wonder if it was self serve. Owner, security and bartender all were hanging out outside while one dancer got on stage and another was giving a lapdance to the only other customer. Tipped the girl on stage and left doubt will go back anytime soon.

big guy  on Silver Dollar

posted on October 2, 2010
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Go see Mocha she is just plain awsome!!!!

Priscilla Hines  on Silver Dollar

posted on December 3, 2009
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Hi. My name is Priscilla. I'm now dancing at the Silver Dollar. Stop by and tell me you saw this posting and I will do an intorductory lap dance for $5.

Joey Haggermaker aka Thumper  on Silver Dollar

posted on October 17, 2009
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I recently went to the club with one of my guy friends. The dancers there did a vip in the back that let us go both ways so that I could do my guy friend while she rode him too. if you go both ways, give me a call for some action at 256-232-8673

Priscilla Hines  on Silver Dollar

posted on October 13, 2009
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I am a dancer who does private dance parties. I am known as Glitter at most of the clubs. Give me a call at 256-232-3604 or 256-278-8526 or 256-721-0178 whoever answers tell them you are calling for a private dance with Glitter.

Dancer  on Silver Dollar

posted on May 5, 2009
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I am from Nashville, TN and I went to Silver Dollar for a weekend to dance. I was so dissapointed There was hardly a crowd to make any money. I was really working my ass off. I hated the fact the other dancers could get on stage whenever they felt like it. The club is pretty raggedy. I really wish I knew the best club to work

Mariah  on Silver Dollar

posted on March 6, 2007
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Bama_Rebel  on Silver Dollar

posted on February 25, 2007
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Hey jon i do not know what you are talking bout. I was in this club the girls were all black girls so what they were very hot. you said it is in wrong part of town. but i am white went in there alone didnt feel threatened in the least bit every1 was cool !!! We were all there to have a good time and we did!!!!! i recommend you stop in this club the girls are hot and can dance as well!!! and the watriess was even smokin

Jon  on Silver Dollar

posted on August 6, 2006
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This place is a rat hole, the girls in there on average id give them a 2. seriously dont waste your time going in there. its in a very bad part of town. very ghetto. very nasty. i have been in there 2 times, the 2nd time not by my choice. last i heard they dont even take off their clothes, but the look of those girls i wouldnt want to see how they looked under those bikinis. go to jimmys. girls there are so much better and the atmosphere is alot better too

Travelin' Man  on Silver Dollar

posted on May 3, 2006
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Just stopped in here the other night. The girls are all black, as are most of the customers, but my friend and I (both white) did not feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in the least. The atmosphere is very laid-back and friendly, the girls were all good-looking and personable. they don't come on too strong or hustle you for drinks. I got an absolutely fantastic dance from "Strawberry". My friend went with Tracy and had great things to say about her. I get the feeling we would not have been disappointed by any of the girls there. Will definitely make a point to stop back the next time I'm in town.