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3249 Old Railroad Bed Rd

Madison, Alabama 

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Dina  on Boomers

posted on October 23, 2012
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This depends a lot on how they are nmrebued- some Brit strips just start with strip 1 and run forever- with these if you know the start fate you can estimate the date by jsut dividing it by 312 (the approxiamte number of days other than sunday i na week) It gets tricky when they start using alphabet codes for stories and then the numbers or if they restart the numbering system mid stream!Definitely a headache and too bad as there are a lot of really great british strips to collect and many that deserve more expanded reprints in a book format

MARIAH  on Boomers

posted on March 6, 2007
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MATRIXXX  on Boomers

posted on December 23, 2005
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Thanks I will call you soon.

SC HOPPER  on Boomers

posted on April 10, 2004
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Is this place any good? Do the dancers have big breasts?