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255823 E. Hwy. 260

Payson, Arizona 85541

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Randy S.  on Pete's Place

posted on July 24, 2015
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Never had more fun. Very nice cabin man cave feeling. Pool table, great people. Owner made my friends and I feel more than welcome. Awesome dancers. Will be a repeat customer for a very long time.

curtis17  on  Pete's Place

posted on April 7, 2015
Joined 7 years ago
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I love this place it really it really is a fantastic work of art. Thanks to the staff there it's a joy to hang out and be part of the excitement. Can't wait to go back.

mathewater12  on  Pete's Place

posted on July 23, 2014
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I went over a year ago but I never got around to writing this review. I would like to reiterate previous reviews and confirm Pete is real, but Pete is not his actual name (though he will answer to it). People keep saying that it used to be a butcher shop which I cannot confirm or deny. However, I was told by "Pete" that the current decor results from the building being converted from a steakhouse. I went with some buddies in the middle of the afternoon because we were driving through and couldn't resist. The girls were great. They were attractive, really nice, clean, and didn't push too much for a private show. They seemed to have a lot of fun with dancing and would try to show off their pole skills and one girl even hula hooped. These girls may have been an anomaly as they told us they lived in Phoenix and only stripped here on random weekends, so the regular girls may not meet this standard. Interesting crowd during the day as it seemed most were just guys driving through town. Overall it was a different experience. Not exactly arousing, but rather more interesting and entertaining.

joseph1k  on  Pete's Place

posted on December 4, 2009
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If you've ever driven up to the rim by turning right in Payson at the Mcdonalds light and going to rim road 300, you have driven through Star Valley and also by Pete's Place. It doesn't look like a titty bar from its sign which has Pete's Place written on it and then standing on top of the sign there is a bull. But, once entering petes place you can make no mistake that its a titty bar. Now the girls working there are the kinda girls you would expect to work at a titty bar in a location that this one is in. And the urinals have ice in them, that alone deserves five stars. Oh and the decor kicked ass as well, it is decked out all with wood. Like some kind of hunting lodge or something. I looked for Pete but i don't think he exists. It boasts that it is Star Valley's #1 gentlemans club, well it better be considering it is the only one in Star Valley. Pete's Place is setting the bar high in Gentlemans Clubs.