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3790 Grand Ave

Phoenix, Arizona 85019

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hunter  on Minks

posted on June 22, 2016
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this place is a dive. best dance just defected to cheetah. save your money. mostly ugly fat dancers.

Manager Angel  on Minks

posted on June 1, 2010
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No she's not but club has been remodeled with new ownership, management and girls so cum check us out

looking  on Minks

posted on April 7, 2009
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trying to find out if there is a dancer here a little older, blonde, busty, w/ very large nipples and blue eyes that goes by Lisa or Rain.

TR  on Minks

posted on August 31, 2008
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Is lisa still shakin it here?

Azn Monger101  on Minks

posted on September 12, 2007
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I was there on Wed, 9/5 at about 9:30pm. The place was dead, 4 customers (including myself and friend) and about 4 - 5 dancers. Stage was ok, high pressure sales on lap dances. $15 per dance and wanted $5 tip before dance. It was a lame dance, no mileage whatsoever. It was even lame after a few dances.

High Pressure ?  on Minks

posted on March 20, 2007
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This is not a bad place but it sometimes does not have enough dancers and customers to open... The lousy business explains the selling of dances.....they really do need the work...

BoomBoomRoomLover  on Minks

posted on May 7, 2006
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This places sucks!!! i had went there approximately 10 years ago and it sucked then. i decided to give it another try after ten years and it still sucked. if any management is reading this please take hear to this: if i want a private dance which i usually do get one i will walk up to the dancer myself, i do not need a high pressure sales job from the waitress of all people after only being in the club for 3 minutes. leave me alone, for christ's sake i am suppose to be having fun, not listening to high pressue sales pitches.