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4516 North 19th Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85015

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hunter  on The Roxy Showgirls

posted on June 22, 2016
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This place has been closed for months.

dopeboy19  on  The Roxy Showgirls

posted on February 15, 2016
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Visit: 09/13/2015So this wasn't a bad club. We visited on a Friday night because we were looking for a place to watch the Mayweather/Berto fight the next night, so we thought we would check it out.$12 entry fee. It's definitely a small club. There's a bar to your left once you get in; seemed to be a full bar even though they didn't have Angry Orchard. The stage was rather small, much like a bikini bar type of stage with two poles on it and of course lots of mirrors. There were VIP tables in the back with couches; seemed to be a very clean area and clean club all around. There were couches lining the wall opposite of the bar and a long mirror going along it as well.At first we weren't sure if there was nudity allowed because the first two dancers didn't remove their tops at all, but then finally some titties came out from this tall and well built gorgeous dancer. And she was flexible; well all of the dancers seemed to be very flexible as if it was a prerequisite.Celina was one of the dancers who worked on the pole the entire time and her body was not bad. But she literally worked the whole time. She was quite possibly the only one cash cannon worthy that got on stage (more about that in a little bit).Fantasy was an African-American dancer, tall, long legs, flexible, but she could have exhibited just a little more effort. Just some work and we might have liked her.The two females we liked the most and we wished they would have got on stage was our waitress Alexys who was very cute and had a fun personality, PLUS she was dancing over by the bar and seemed to be a little more talented AND probably one of the baddest females we've seen in a strip club Ms. White Dress. We don't know her name because she apparently wasn't dancing that night....but damn. She had the greatest body ever and she clearly knew it because she didn't feel like dancing since there was no one there. We even got more singles and loaded the cash cannon because she went to the locker room...but we got our hopes up for nothing.Overall, not a bad club. We would go back specifically to see Ms. White Dress and cash cannon her all night, but that's it.

dressmaker  on The Roxy Showgirls

posted on December 5, 2006
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To the management, I am a dressmaker in New York who will be coming to AZ mid month. I am wondering, is this a gown club? If so, who do I contact to arrange dress sales? Thanks, Michelle

new to town  on The Roxy Showgirls

posted on April 7, 2004
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Hustler honey my ass Yuck! If that is what hustler is coming to we are all in trouble. This club sucks

SlowHand  on The Roxy Showgirls

posted on February 20, 2004
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Thanks for the advise - double the regular dance price got things hot, by the third dance I was nicely inside for a wild ride.