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910 N McClintock Dr

Tempe, Arizona 85281

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posted on February 27, 2020

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fritter17  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on October 9, 2016
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September 2016I believe that Kristian and I came into this club with high expectations based off of a stripper we met in Vegas last year who we thought worked here. Maybe she does or maybe she just says she does to drum up business for the place; I don't know. All I do know is that the club was not what we expected, yet we did our best to have a great time.The location isn't bad; not far from ASU's campus and close to the 202 in the South Scottsdale/Tempe hybrid area. The parking wasn't bad. If you go on their website and join their newsletter or like them on FB or follow them on IG, then you get a free pass to get in. We did this and it worked, but we paid because we were curious how much it was a person to get in: $15.When we arrived, the lovely door girl asked if we were dropped off by a taxi or if we drove ourselves. This question explains why our party bus was so determined to have us come here during Labor Day Weekend; kickbacks. Which although unethical if abused by taxis and drivers, it is smart by the club.There is a pretty nice sized bar to your right as you walk in with plenty of seating and TV's. There were 10 TV's in total inside (we didn't look to see if there were any outside or not. To the left when you walk in is a raised seating area which we assumed was VIP; it was located next to the DJ booth, had a pole in the middle of it, and had couches lining the walls. The main stage was in the center of the club. It had two poles on it, but they were possibly only 6 to 6.5 feet poles (very curious how tall dancers make that work); was not a lot of room to do a lot of pole tricks. Around the stage were five to six tables, which were all reserved. Luckily enough for us, the place was dead and the bouncer told us to go ahead and sit up front since he saw he brought our cash cannons.There were a lot of dancers for as dead as it was on a Thursday night. Devin was awesome: very personable and she took care of us when our night went south. And then Medusa, it was her first night there, but most certainly not her first night dancing. She was incredible. Had the house money girl been able to properly do her job, then we could have tipped her very well. The rest of the dancers were...okay. It seemed that they put two girls on stage at a time either after 9 or after we cash cannoned every dancer that went up. So all of them got two songs.The outside patio area was by far the crown jewel of the establishment. A huge stage as if it were used for concerts, a pole on the lower part of the patio area, as well as 10 private cabanas for private dances. This is also the smoking area.So up until this point, we've saw the whole club, walked around, talked to a few dancers, cash cannoned almost all of them, already exceeded our ATM withdrawal limit and needed some house money for the rest of the night. Now we weren't sure if there was house money considering how small the club was, but we saw a booth area that looked like it would be where the house money was. Kristian went up to the girl working behind the booth and asked her what the booth was for, her reply, "I run credit cards." He wanted to clarify before he handed his card over to this random stranger, so he asked her if she meant ran cards for house money. Her response, "Why are you asking so many questions?". That right there was the end of our evening.lol.He walked away from her shaking his head and said it was time to go. Devin came up to us, asked us what happened, we told her and she apologized, but it wasn't her fault.

moneyman2  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on June 11, 2016
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This might be the worst strip club I've ever been to in my life. I was here for 20 minutes and saw three titties. I had to get the fuck up outta there.

maxxy1  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on March 6, 2016
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One of the worst strip clubs I've ever been to! I got up to use the bathroom for 2 seconds and someone took my almost full beer wtf not to mention not one dancer even asked for a lap dance how do they even make money if they don't offer lap dances lol

igor34  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on November 3, 2015
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The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because of the management. We had a girl pushing my rookie bro to fork out $200+ when we made it clear that we came with a certain amount. Then when we were leaving he accidentally tripped over a girls shoe and she said where's my tip. So my boy pulls out his wallet and she tries grabbing his $20 bill. I snatched that and said you don't tip her $20 for bumping into her lets go, next thing I know the girl who tried hustling him and the girl who he bumped into came at me calling me a bitch, saying "for you to have worked in this industry, I'm gonna call you a dickhead!" Then after me telling them off this chick tries to shake my hand and say come to my stage I'll shake my ass for nothing because I believe In karma. I told her "you jus called me a dickhead cause I was looking out for my boy who's having his second time EVER at a strip club, I'm not shaking your fucking hand because you and your co worker jus called me a bitch and a dickhead, go make your money, we're leaving!!!" I have worked in the industry as security and a brief time back in the day as a stripper for the Male Review. I've met the good ones and I've met the bad ones in the industry. When we were leaving a management position guy said the girl my boy bumped into said we owe her money!!! I lost it. I told him what happened and what she tried to do. The management guy said wow ok I'm sorry you guys are good to go. Aside from those two shady women overall the place was kool. Jus upset that my boy had to experience a couple of hard ass rookie hustlers that turned nasty.

ryan123  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on October 16, 2015
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I went into this place last month while in Phoenix on business and had a blast! The girls were mostly hot and the club had a different vibe than other clubs I've been too (in a good way). I told the manager (Gunther or Gunner) that I came to spend money and have a good time, he waived the $10 cover and went out of his way to introduce me to 4 or 5 of the hottest strippers in the club. Ended up spending a little more than planned with "Vanessa" but had a kick ass time. I highly recommend checking this place out and will definitely be back next time I'm in AZ.

larry1  on  Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

posted on September 30, 2015
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Horrible. Don't bother even pulling in. Stopped by and told private room was $50/fifteen minutes "+ tip". Ok...reasonable but after I head back there with the best looking girl in the place (a 5.5 at best), she demands another $300...for 30 mins? Turned around and walked back to bar. No refund of $100. This place is a dump, the chick's are beat....drive on by. Go to reputable place like Christies, Bourbon etc.