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6608 S. Tucson Blvd

Tucson, Arizona 85706

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SCN  on  Christies Cabaret

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Dancers Wanted Sunrise Go Go NJ

Make $500 to $1000 PER NIGHT!

Come on down for (DANCER) Auditions: NO experience needed easy to train. Call our office at 973-279-1200

Lap Dances you keep all money you collect, champagne room gratuity you keep all money, when you have customer buy you a cocktail you get $5 chip to hand in at end of night ,you keep money, $5 chips, stage money your keep also.

We are located at 556 Straight Street in Paterson NJ, right behind St Joseph's Hospital. ALL NEW DEVELOPED AREA .Very clean , safe , indoor parking on the Clifton side of Paterson.


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Or visit our website

SCN  on  Christies Cabaret

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Help Wanted

Icon Gentlemen's Club in Hudson Florida

looking to hire a Shooter Girl

We are currently hiring for a night time shooter girl to serve shots.

Please apply below or call us at


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Strip Club News  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 3 February, 2017
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An $800 "he said-she said" over a night out for two pals at a Midtown strip club has ballooned into a $75 million Manhattan lawsuit.

Rene Zurita and Matt Friedman claim in their mega-dollar suit that three bouncers and a stripper swiped $776 from them, attacked them and then told police that they robbed the unidentified dancer at Rick's Cabaret on W. 33rd St. last February.

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SCN  on  Christies Cabaret

posted on 25 January, 2017
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You can apply online Click Here or visit

Scores Cadillac Lounge

361 Charles Street

Providence, RI 2904

Phone: 401.521.7469

We are now auditioning for new entertainers!! Contact one of our Entertainment Managers for more info. 401-521-7469 or via email Come join our team!!!

SCN ADMIN (management)  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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marlonmoney12  on  Christies Cabaret

posted on 5 May, 2016
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Delicious free lunch (I had the turkey panini), a killer happy hour ($2 well or draft), gorgeous (and friendly) women, and up to date music.Classiest and cleanest club I have ever been to. I had a fantastic time! Special thanks to Bo (Manager) and Adam (DJ) for making my visit great!

Mirko N.  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 5 November, 2015
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This place rocks BJ FOR ONLY $50. The nose candy fuck me it is good. You will love this place. The girls are hot the alcohol is a good price. All in all a dam good place to have fun for $100.

re: dancer  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 29 July, 2010
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No touching allowed? For me, that translates into no money being spent. Waste of my time.

Dancer.  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 10 January, 2008
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Theres no touching allowed hunny, sorry.

Mikki from Tampa  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 18 September, 2007
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can anyone please tell me if Roxy is still working there? she is blonde with her nipples pierced and its imperative that i speak with her. if she is not working here please give me any info you may know. thanks

Prospective  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 12 September, 2007
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Will be visiting Tucson soon and I would like to know what the rules are regarding lap dances. Are there two way dances, or do you have to sit still with your hands out to your sides pretending nothing is going on?

Mike  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 1 December, 2006
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Excellent atmosphere and top notch group of dancers. All very beautiful and hospitable...definitely worth a visit.

Samuel  on Christies Cabaret

posted on 21 November, 2006
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Was at this club in like July of 06. Spent some time with this chic named Nikkita in the v.i.p. Anyways I was just wonderin if she still worked there.

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