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3650 Speedway Blvd

Tucson, Arizona 85716

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XhXeXy  on  Eden

posted on July 22, 2016
Joined 10 years ago
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This place is nice. It is clean and all the girls were beautiful. They offer different drinks like monsters, red bulls and sodas. I was very pleased here and recommend it. They are open from 8pm to 5 in the morning in Friday and Saturdays and until 4 in the morning on weekdays

richard95  on  Eden

posted on January 17, 2016
Joined 10 years ago
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Not much into strip clubs so I didn't expect anything. We were in there for a bit 10 minutes when our party got kicked out (which was alright, whatever) but my main gripe was when I accidentally walked out and forgot my wallet which had ~$220 in it. I walked back in about a minute after I realized I forgot my wallet and I asked to get it back. One of the main guards went and got my wallet for me and as I was on my way home I realized there was about $60 taken out. There's no way to say that they took it because they could just say that I was lying so instead I'm writing this review. If you like money taken from you when you're trying to have a good time then this is the place for you.

adamrod  on  Eden

posted on March 11, 2013
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The cover charge is 11 dollars encounters seating at stage edge include wrapping thighs around head five dollars breast in face legs spread open in direct view vary stimulating all gorgeous women about 20 this is the best place to go too enjoy sexy naked young women who know how to entice you and give you your moneys worth come with more than a hundred to stretch out the night and enjoy every one of them