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Anaheim, California 92804

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Re: Re: Bonded  on California Girls

posted on March 14, 2019
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Re: Bonded  on California Girls

posted on March 14, 2019
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Bonded  on California Girls

posted on March 14, 2019
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by cum.

pussyISlife  on California Girls

posted on February 23, 2019
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I want some honey on my stinger.

V  on California Girls

posted on February 25, 2018
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Jonathanreid  on California Girls

posted on September 18, 2017
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Great club. Women are exotic and sexy

spearmintmaster (management)  on  California Girls

posted on October 20, 2016

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We have a new coupon offer. Free admission.

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  California Girls

posted on October 20, 2016

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Looking for a Doorman/Security

Responsible for verifying guests age / identification upon entry in to the club, in addition to maintaining a secure, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere.

This person must be able and willing to intervene in any altercations while maintaining a calm demeanor, with the ability to defuse problematic

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  California Girls

posted on October 20, 2016

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Looking for a dj/emcee

Keep the music going and create a vibe and mood for the club by operating mixer, fader and all DJ sound equipment from the DJ booth

Operate light board and utilize most effect lighting for stage performances.

Maintain club standards of allowed music at all times.

Stay on top of stage rotation and

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  California Girls

posted on October 20, 2016

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adamrod  on  California Girls

posted on September 1, 2016
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Monday 5p - Waiting 30 mins at a table no girls on stage no cocktail waitress to be found for a drink

GarryWas  on  California Girls

posted on August 19, 2016
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The only reason I come is for Isabella. But other than that I've noticed that the server? I believe her name is (desire) never comes and serves me when I'm with her. I always have to go to the bar, then I lose my seat! It's been happening for the last month. Other days when trini or the other white girl serves us. We have an amazing time. I've noticed that the other server (desire) has something against my favorite dancer and it makes my experience so much harder. I hope management controls this situation because my dancer won't tell me the deal but I can feel the tension. #thesewaitressestho

marlonmoney12  on  California Girls

posted on August 13, 2016
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Unless you sprint to these girls they have no idea how to cater to new clientele. I was here 11pm - closing and not one girl approached me til now. The girls are good looking mostly but when you play favoritism you lose clients. Learn to say hi to your favorites for 5 min not a whole hour. Fucked up mind set here. And never dance with mya

dannyboy7  on  California Girls

posted on February 27, 2016
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Double the entrance price.... Get 2 stars........ I drink straight drinks and Omg....... Bartender pours a molecule.... Wth... Like really..... OK.... I wanted to give you revenue, but I'll just have to drink before I get there. I don't need much, but need some sort of value..... Light drink...... Light tip.... Simple equation. Check out my tip for the guy with the bad attitude that works there. Wanna be tuff guy...... Probably was a bouncer at McDonald's before. Facial hair.... Usually wears a vest and has arm tattoos. He's one of those guys that thinks he's the manager.... "but you're not dude!!" just keep getting ice for the bartenders and act like you're judging everyone. You act like you're doing us a favor by coming in to this place....... We pay your bills you dweeb. Kim (Bartender) Travis (door guy on Tuesday) Are very nice

dopeboy19  on  California Girls

posted on February 18, 2016
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This place was Ok until they try and hustle you paid for 2 for 1 and double price I'll make sure me or any of the people I know even union workers not come here again I paid what asked cause money isn't important 2 me but enjoying myself at a good establishment is

James C.  on California Girls

posted on January 14, 2016
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This place was amazing!! I don't do gentlemen's clubs to often but was recommended Cali Girls by a friend and I had a blast!!!!! I didn't get the bartenders or the managers names but they were awesome!! Girls are gorgeous and 1/2 off drinks I truly enjoyed myself!! If your in Anaheim stop by I fully recommend it!! I will be back!!!

Weedman420  on  California Girls

posted on November 25, 2015
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This place as gone to shits. Use to come in here all the time before spearmint rhino owned it. It's Friday night, few girls are working. Not a lot of variety. The bar staff is better looking then the dancers. Bouncer/bar back seems unaware of anything going on. Too busy on his phone. Prices have gone up and quality had gone down. Over all disappointed in this place. Use to be one of my favorite spots to go to. Not coming back again.

Teddy Z.  on California Girls

posted on October 30, 2015
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Horrible management. Dancer spilled 3 drinks at the bar and the drinks weren't comped. Never going back. Don't recommend to anyone. The other California girls in Santa Ana is where one should spend their cash. Don't expect much. Just a low class establishment.

Holly E.  on California Girls

posted on October 27, 2015
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Love this place. Billy and scarlett are my favorite, not only are they beautiful and talented but they are so much fun to hang out with. Definitely my new spot!

StripClub431  on  California Girls

posted on October 24, 2015
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I've been to 2 different California girl and this one is better than the other one in terms of how the venue looks (cleanliness and decor...the other was a full nude one). Yay for check in offers I got in free and being the only girl in my group it was awesome. The music here is good and has a lot of variety. The bar staff and girls were all really nice. Bathrooms were clean and they're in the front area when you walk in. There's a smoking area in the back that feels kind of claustrophobic but I can't complain (I don't smoke).

Mistercap12  on  California Girls

posted on August 23, 2015
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Thank you for the easy admission! Cool vibe! Totally check it out if you are in the OC

Sheena L.  on California Girls

posted on August 9, 2015
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California girls is a new Gem! New management! Friendly, good looking dancers, bartenders and waitresses. The Music was upbeat and great really great place to bring friends or just come solo, 5 stars! Keep up the great work CG.

felixnada  on  California Girls

posted on August 2, 2015
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Let me start off by saying... "Bravo Zulu California Girls." love this establishment. Beautiful and intelligent Woman, customer service is second to none, prices are fair. Love the promotion nights. Definitely a place to bring your boys out on a night out on the town... (or your girls ;) keep it up Cali-girls.... Maintain the standard for adult entertainment. Definitely recommend for the freshly cashed young man while all hopped up on ambition and charisma. Get it!

Patricia M.  on California Girls

posted on July 29, 2015
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First let me start off with Thank You! I brought my husband and some of his buddies in for his birthday. And I myself am not a strip club fan (and a shy person)but everyone here treated us (especially me) with class. Your girls are beautiful and very tasteful. Your bartender made really good drinks!! (A big plus) my husband had a really good time and I must say I did myself. Definectly will be back!! Let me add your security and management were so nice and made sure we had a great time and to recognize it was my husband birthday. Again Thank You!!!!!!!

maxxy1  on  California Girls

posted on July 8, 2015
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Low cost entrances is good, but it's like a TSA security check. Went on a Friday night and lots of girls. 2/20.00 dance specials. Smoking area in the back, because if you have leave it's another entry fee to get back in. They have a snack and cigarette machine as well.

Timmy W.  on California Girls

posted on November 15, 2014
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Not gonna lie went in with some low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised! Came for the $2 drink special... Left in love. Man the girls inside looked more like Vegas and not like Anaheim! I'm not sure who was hotter the bartender or the dancers and that's a good problem to have! When my bank account recovers I will definitely be back.

Dante E.  on California Girls

posted on October 8, 2014
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I came in to watch Sunday football with a few friends. I figured a great place to have a drinks, get some eye candy, and have a great time. After the whole security inspection at the door, I walked in and realized it was slow. There was ONE dancer working. The bartender was very cute! After 30 minutes the one dancer hit the stage because, as the DJ stated "by popular demand"... Lol that was the line of the day. The manager than came out and you could tell he was having a good time just singing and picking on the bartender. Overall a bad experience. No more Sunday day trips for me and my crew.

eddyL  on  California Girls

posted on September 24, 2014
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So far this place is awesome I love it for me when I went in I was like wow it's busy lol but when I was in the parking lot it didn't look busy at all I only saw one car lol but when I went in I saw like 10 dudes or more lol but man I wish I was there little bit later though i meet this girl name carson wow she is fine she got the sexiest nipples ever dayum and she Filipino I never ever seen Asian girls working in the strip club industry before she was the best if u wanna get a lap dance from her go get it u don't be sorry just don't be creep by only watching at least put some dollar bills on there

Mimi L.  on California Girls

posted on June 8, 2014
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This place is fun! All the good things! Cheap cover charge, only $5 on a Saturday night.Nice lounge, bar and stage, very clean restroom (just extremely cold in there). Beautiful girls, most of them are thin with nice curves, some with a lot of tattoos, very few chubby and older ones. They were not pushy or annoying at all, I liked that! $20 for a lap dance. VIP area 6 songs for $100, that's a pretty good deal, it's very cozy and intimate in there, well.... it's supposed to be....Strong and inexpensive drinks, live DJ with good music. Check it out peeps! Ps. Absolutely no cell phones are allowed in there, can only use them in smoking area.

joseph1k  on  California Girls

posted on March 20, 2014
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Fun but way too fucking loud. Mostly good music. The ladies were solid for a thursday. $8 jack and coke, no cover. Better than the first place I tried.

Nam T.  on California Girls

posted on March 7, 2014
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fun place to hang out and drink. plenty of parking. friendly front door staff. full bar. good sound system. mellow. free popcorn. nice comfortable furniture. psychedelic lighting. great for business meetings.

VL S.  on California Girls

posted on February 26, 2014
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Come here relax and have a cold beer only 3$ domestic and imports everyday from 12-7pm

igor34  on  California Girls

posted on January 2, 2014
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Drinks are cheap if ur lookin for a place to just kick back and drink at. There is no one here today since its new years im guessin. Just a place to kick back and kick it at.

Michael T.  on California Girls

posted on October 21, 2013
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Took my girlfriend here and both of us had a great time. The girls here are better than I expected and the lap dances were above standard in my opinion. We both had lap dances and the girls weren't pushy. We go to our share of strip clubs and this was overall fun.

Harrison69  on  California Girls

posted on February 5, 2013
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Thursday nights here are 50% off on all of the drinks with no cover and the weekend girls start to show up. It ends up to be like $3 for any imported beer and most shots. It serves almost all the hard liquor you want even the 75.5% alcohol bacardi 151. If you want to get hammered and willing to see just 1 or maybe 2 super hot ones to be on stage then this place is good for you. They have a lot of girls but only a few would standout of a crowd.

Bryce C.  on California Girls

posted on October 19, 2012
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Cali Girls is sketchy. But not sketchy like you're gonna get stabbed but you get that vibe. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and drops a blue haired Asian girl in your lap. Wednesday nights are $2 drink nights, so it fills up in there. The smoking section kinda sucks, it's basically a dog run. But, if you go in expecting to have a good time, that's what you're going to have.

Rosy S.  on California Girls

posted on June 29, 2012
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I enjoy this club. They have different specials every day of the week, cute girls at all times I've been there, and the atmosphere is just fun.I go with my boyfriend and it's always a good time. You can tell the girls actually enjoy dancing. They're not all my cuppa tea, but none are offputting. My favorites are Electra, Cupcake, Kitty, Ryan, Khaleesi, Ocean, and Alice.Keep in mind they don't allow you to bring in purses, and no hats. And they don't serve food. But in-n-out is down the street.

richard95  on  California Girls

posted on August 29, 2011
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friendly staff, alcohol, and decent girls.. will try to come back, crowd was chill and good music on a Saturday night

harryharry  on  California Girls

posted on April 29, 2011
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In general, I hate topless bars. Not only is topless weak, but I honestly don't think alcohol and strip clubs mix, despite popular belief. Granted, I don't drink, so I'm biased, but to me, rowdy is best for wrestling matches and truck and tractor pulls. Sexy is the best atmosphere for a strip club, IMO.That said, I cannot believe how good the music is and how hot the girls are on a Friday night at California Girls in Anaheim. Honestly, this club has as many hot chicks as Spearmint Rhino Van Nuys, with the big boobs that I require to enjoy a strip club. If they didn't serve alcohol and had nude dances, I would have given this place a perfect score. It's a loud club, to be sure, but the decor is nice, they have a private dance area in the back, and the cover charge is cheap. If I lived in OC, I'd definitely be there all the time. Check it out.

Mylissa G.  on California Girls

posted on April 18, 2011
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Although I have only been 2 times both times I went there was 1 decent girl each time. I like the 3 for 1 dances. There was 1 rude girl, when I told her she forgot her tip on the stage she said she didn't want it. The music is lame except in between dancers, it's really hard to get ones from the cocktail waitress & sometimes service. We had fun there both times but we were told we couldn't bring in our purses which I have never heard of! They also need to give us more free passes! All in all we had fun & are going back tonight.

AssnTits5  on  California Girls

posted on January 15, 2011
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I still don't consider myself a strip-club kinda guy, but the quality of the experience here keeps me coming back every month or two. What has really surprised me is, after about a 3 month break, the bartender and several of the girls still remembered me and treated me as a friend who never went away! Talk about a great experience! Whereas I had intended to try some of the other local places (even coming within a few feet of Imperial's parking lot), I keep finding myself coming back here. Hot girls, cheap no-hustle entry of $5, no hustle for drinks or any of the other ploys clubs use - just a good honest establishment all around! Throw in that the girls are absolutely Smokin' Hot, and you get an idea of why they don't NEED to resort to hustles to draw the crowd in!Never mind what I said about the bar staff before - I think it was a misunderstanding. They have been wonderful since! Unfortunately the two rude latinas are there, but apparently they make bank on guys who are afraid to stand up to their advances/demands/accusations. Not my cup of tea, but your mileage may vary.Some of my recent friends (favorite girls) are Alice, CeCe, Alma, and Sasha... But I'm sure I will be meeting more - this place seems to be a magnet for talent!Wednesdays are bargain beer days, and thus the busiest night of the week - both good and bad, depending on your perspective!And as previously mentioned, they have 2-for-1 ($20) specials every hour, so you can really maximize your dollar here!FYI - they are now doing pat-downs for added security. Nothing major, and goes to show that the club cares about the safety of their patrons and girls.

fuckery12  on  California Girls

posted on November 8, 2010
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Awesome. Nice range of music. Most all the girls know how to work the poll. I'd say 90% of the girls were the Best looking girls I've seen in Anaheim so far. (seen fritz and seen flamingos) 5 bucks at the door and 4 dollar drinks you can't go wrong at this place. Even the bartenders and servers were easy on the eyes. Don't forget the 2 for 1 $20 dances about every hour. I even went on a Thursday, an off night. I was suprised to see a few couples in there too. I can't wait to go back again.

fuckery12  on  California Girls

posted on August 9, 2010
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I've been 3 times and have had a good time, the Strippers are hot and so are the Waitress's. I recommend this place for a group of guys that want to get into a $5 strip joint before you go hit up a club scene later. Some of the girls are really pushy, but you don't mind cause they sit on your lap.btw: its topless only

ryan123  on  California Girls

posted on May 5, 2009
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Went here with my friends on Monday for 2$ drinks..The Girls here are so freakin HOT! I espicially like the diversity of the club.. Yes there are alot of blonds with plastics.. but theres asian ,spanish and the beautiful dare i say it alll natural petite caramel ebony bunny TIERRA..This girl is the most beautiful tan barbie i have every seen.. She is so down to earth and exciting not your typical push over girl..she really makes you feel like its just you and her...Would i go again.. Well 4 Tierra of she made my night!