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Weedman420  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on August 8, 2016
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How is this place still open!!!.. This is a front for some laundry place.. Trump 2016!!! Hope this place finally gets a look at....COPS LOOK AT THIS PLACE!!!!

Jordanp  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on July 23, 2016
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Had a great time eating sushi and watching strippers from the 2nd floor. For having sushi at a strip club, it wasn't too bad! I've had better sushi but for a strip club... I'd totally come back lol

rickywho2  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on March 23, 2016
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Grant R.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on October 10, 2014
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We've been looking all over Orange County and have spent a bit of money trying to find a great sushi place. Some places have been good, but this was shocking great. When you eat your sushi, you can taste the quality of the fish being used is excellent (not a pun). I would recommend this place to everyone to at least try, you will be blown away!! We heard of it from friends, and thought a sushi place inside a strip club was questionable, but you will not be disappointed.

StripClub431  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on September 22, 2014
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When you get invited to a VIP party to see topless beautiful women dancing at a posh vegas style club, you dont say no. I was already excited when I walked in. Two floors with an elevator. Main floor with full stage, VIP rooms for private dances and full bar. Elite VIP on the top floor. That's where I be.I was ready to Pop bottles like a G6. Feeling fancy and ready to make it rain. By making it ran I mean $1 bills not $20.The song " Cake " by Rhianna starts playing It's not even my Birthdayand he wants to lick the icing offI know you want it in the worst wayCan't wait to blow my candles outCake Cake Cake Cake CakeCake Cake Cake Cake CakeIt's on. The lights are dim and the first girl comes out. She's gorgeous and I'm waiting for her to slide up and down that 20' pole. But none of that. She barely touches the pole and the song is already over. The next girl on stage is as gorgeous but I think she took some nyquil because her moves were like a dead fish. Finding Nemo is that you? If I was skinny, didnt have a muffin top, had an entire bottle of Patron maybe two and had a paper bag to put over my head, I would have worked that pole like theres no tomorrow. Let's keep it real. People pay to see you perform, so handle the business. I wasn't expecting a Cirque Du Soleil performance, but at least make believe your listening to a Lil Jon song and own it.A few of us wanted something more exciting so we each got lap dances. We went to the private rooms and my girl started dancing. She was trying to make a sexy face and it was NOT sexy. During the middle of the song I could have sworn she passed gas. Alcohol mellowed me out or else I would have died laughing. What an experience. Girls can make or break a club. Maybe it was just a not so great night. I would give it a second try. No lap dances for me next time. Staying away from Stripper gas.Three stars

mathewater12  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on June 17, 2014
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Don't judge me, it's a party! I hosted a party for 15+ and ordering sushi rolls and planning this event was fairly simple. The only thing is, they want half the down payment, they talk up what is booked and all that good stuff and turns out the place was a ghost town. Overall, I just swept it under the rug and say the booking process could have been smoother. There's no special sushi chef behind the counter, however all our rolls came out aesthetically pleasing and everyone was happy with the selections. They have a huge variety and my only peeve was a bunch of rolls were California roll based. What do you expect at a strip joint? The chef was nice enough to prepare some fish that was not guaranteed gluten-free, but at least they get an A for effort. The service was attentive and we had an awesome waitress who played along with the boys' teasing throughout the night. I must say though, the set up is pretty sweet. The gentlemen working at the door will show all entering guests to the glass elevator to the second floor. It's fairly dark, but there's sufficient light in the dining area. It was definitely a little tight for 15+, but the extra tables surrounding the area came in handy. The strippers stayed downstairs and the food is prepared upstairs. Far away from each other, this place is sanitized. The cushy set up, with provocative photos were just enough to make this place appear to be a classy looking joint. To sum it all up, there was some great talent and some just shabby. With a huge party like this, we definitely made it rain. It was a thunderstorm of dollar dollar bills and obviously with a few drinks, we were the life of the party. The average was about $40/ person for the sushi not including any alcohol and we made sure the party was satisfied with the amount of food. They waive the entrance fee when you order dinner or get on their mailing list for comp tickets. I'm going to be a bit brutal here and that's just my take on it. The ladies are not that pretty, but they do make up for it with good attitude and enthusiasm. You have some decent ones, but nothing mind blowing.

rogerrab2  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on March 4, 2014
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LOVE this place! I am not a sushi person and to tell you the truth I was skeptical about a sushi place in a gentleman's club... I enjoyed so much that I have to brag about it. The sushi was FRESH and the service was superb! Every single sushi had a distinguished taste and I love it!!!It was my first time and I can't wait to come back!

Jamie K.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on February 3, 2014
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Sushi at a strip club has long been a bad idea...I have frequented the venetian for their club downstairs, and never ordered their sushi....until one day we decided to give it a try. Everything we had was wonderful! SEX ROLL was our favorite, and we tried about 4 different rolls....I did want to order uni, which is my favorite, however I was told that they only serve it on friday nights, which was a bit of a bummer....but other than that the sushi was great. I will definitely be back...on a friday. :)

Diane V.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on January 30, 2014
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Naked girls pole dancing and sushi....need I say more? I made a reservation here to avoid the $10 cover charge and was pretty impressed when I walked in. The place itself was a bit classier than I expected. I really liked the lighting and color, and the size of it made it all the more intimate. The second thing I noticed was a girl wrapping her naked legs and boobies around a pole and whipping her hair back and forth, Willow Smith style. Throughout the night though, the dancing just got lamer and lamer. I've seen better dancing at an Oktoberfest by middle-aged men. They kind of just stood there by the pole and moving their hips a little. But I would consider any of that exotic or sexy in the least bit. But while the dancing and music were weak, the sushi was pretty good - a little on the expensive side, but I think part of what you're paying for is the free half-naked show downstairs.The restaurant is actually in the upstairs and gives you a sound view of the stage from up top. Since you have live entertainment downstairs, any waiting you would have had to do was quick, but we were fortunate enough to be the only ones there and receiving fast service. The chef was very good about his recommendations and the rolls were quite good. I actually preferred them to the sashimi. The sashimi wasn't as fresh-tasting as other places, and I even had to use soysauce with it, whihc I don't normally do with sashimi ever, but these ones called for it. The chef served us salmon wonton chips, which I highly recommend, and we also ordered the garlic edamame, the rainbow roll, some salmon roll, and ahi tuna appetizer, all of which were good. Not the best sushi I ever had, but for the ambiance and all, it was a good way to go. Rolls are about $10-$15 per roll. I did felt a bit hurried , as the chef took my edamame way before we even finished it - and on two occasions, so I felt like I should have been owed a new one. Or at least ask before you take something away. Though I didn't drink that night, they do have a full bar as the gentleman's club is only topless and not full nude. It looked like it would have been a great time with friends, male or female, and being upstairs, you were safe from being solicited for lap dances - unless you want them, you still have that option too =P Credit cards are accepted at the restaurant, and you must be 21 and over to enter. Don't forget your dollar bills, folks!

Regina A.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on September 28, 2013
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Honestly I was nervous.. I'm a huge fan of sushi, and I'll admit, strip clubs are not so bad either. But both of them together? Umm I did not know what to think.. My Co worker kept raving about how much she loved this place, so a bunch of us decided on a girls night out at the venetian, we went through the front, so we walked right passed the pole and all the half naked girls *flushes* and for a second I forgot we were here for sushi, forgive the pun. After a very slow walk upstairs to the sushi bar we sat down where Sushi Dave greeted us. My co worker didn't order anything off the menu, Sushi Dave already knew what she liked and he kept the rolls coming. This chef really knows what he's doing, the sushi was fresh, his sauces were amazing, and we had a great time. Not to mention the drinks were flowing, and we couldn't help but keep peeking over the balcony to see the girls. Obviously this isn't your normal family friendly sushi bar, but I'm guessing anyone who is into sushi and/or strip clubs would have a great time here, and enjoy the food very much. If you are a little hesitant like I was, just go for it. You won't regret it, and its an awesome place to suggest to your friends.

Chrys M.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on August 30, 2013
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Ji T.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on August 22, 2013
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sushi dave's the best, his jalapeno sauce, amazingmy friend Luke L and David L accompanied me to this fabulous destination sushi spot. I cannot stress enough how awesome this sushi tastestuna tataki: omg amazing, i can eat this all day, great appetizerkitchen sink hand roll: amazing assorted sushi, 7 bucks for a gigantic handroll, amazing jalapeno sauce, i can put that shit on anythingsalmon lime roll: surprisingly was the lesser but still great of the three devils in terms of cut rolls, great roll, i especially loved salmonspicy domo: omg yes, i want more, every bite tastes like going back to your old fling for the very first time. just as the menu suggests, must try!!heartbreaker: imagine a philly roll with spicy habeneros, spicy, amazingi also got to taste my friend's one night stand, that eel...oh soft and buttery...i wanted morealso, once you get dave's card, just text him your rsvp time and guests and he'll send you a flyer to waive the club entrance fee of 10bucks, also voss water is 6bucks, i just got a mixed cocktail for 7, they have a full bar go to if you are interested in buying his jalapeno sauce, it's asked for soy sauce, but once i had that jalapeno sauce, i didn't even touch the soy badalso, you get to watch girls do their thing while you eat food, sometimes, some girls will climb up the pole and smile at you ;)dinner and a show, except this sushi is out of this world amazing also the dancers dont bother you when you're eating which is both greatly appreciated and nice

marlon e.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on February 19, 2013
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Pussy and sushi.... The reviews i've read says that if you spend 20 bucks per person you'll get your $10 entrance fee back... but that sh*t didn't happen to us..... so screw you!!!

adamrod  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on February 12, 2013
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What is the appropriate amount of time to wave one's empty glass at a bartender before walking out of a place?Call drinks are expensive and expect to drop even more for a shot-sized drink for a dancer.We showed up at 4:30 so we'd be in place for Sushi Dave at 5:00. At 5:20 we left with just 1 drink and no sushi.Visit 2 was the opposite of visit 1. Should I go back for a tie-breaker?

richard95  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on November 18, 2012
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Not sure if I'm giving 4 stars because of the food or the women! Did the taste of my food seem better because of the show going on over the railing? Quite possibly, but no one may ever know! If you're coming for the sushi, make sure to get a reservation so Sushi Dave will send you a flyer for free admission to this establishment! Flash the doorman (with the flyer) and you skip paying the $10 admission. Don't want to see beautiful women? Don't look left, go up the elevator on the right. At the top, just look up and see your way straight to the sushi counter that seats about 8-10. Do not turn around. Wait, what the hell? Turn around and enjoy the show all you want! We were seated at a table next to the sushi counter since I came with a party of 10. These are sectioned off table areas, so you can dine without the commotion of what's going on at the tables around you. The walls are glass, so you get to watch the show from your table. 2 poles that reach 2 stories. The ladies that climb to the top will often wave to you if you're watching! Lots of fun with the guys, but I think the sushi is good enough to bring the ladies in for a nice meal. My Venetian roll took forever to come out because the waiter forgot about it, but at least I was being entertained. Geez, almost forgot to review the food! The Venetian roll was pretty good. It comes with a healthy strip of Sushi Dave's jalapeno sauce, which it pretty damn good! I also got the Kitchen sink roll that was very enjoyable. The prices are slightly higher than normal, but you're paying for good food and a show. The ladies are nice, not trashy, and the alcohol is moderately priced.Tip: No hats allowed

Kevin D.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on November 16, 2012
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More about quality than quantity the girls here are really sexy. $10 bucks at night at the door and $20 a song i believe

Lu T.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on October 9, 2012
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Yeahhhh, where's that fishy smell coming from? The sushi or the ummm, forget it.Yeah this place is so cool I'm kicking myself in the nads for not coming up with the no-brainer combo myself. I'd classify the sushi more as creative fusion type rolls than real authentic sushi in the traditional sense. But then again, it's inside a strip club so I really wasn't expecting anything traditional.Good food, boobage, a delicious secret sauce and a surprisingly not-so-trashy ambiance made for a delightful evening.I'd come here again, the novelty is just too great to ignore and the sushi is actually quite tasty. Everyone wins!Tips:1. Print out the coupon off of the website if you're eating so you get free entrance.2. Don't wear your silk leopard print boxers at the sushi bar.3. Call in advance to make reservations, seating is limited.4. Careful what you put your wasabi on.

Melissa B.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on August 10, 2012
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At the door we were told they had 30 girls on a Saturday night. We asked the door man if we could take a look inside, he said no. We paid $10 per person and took our chances because it looked so nice on the outside.The inside was beautiful as well - but there was 2 girls working and maybe 5 people at the bar. Definitely not 30 girls! We walked right back out and asked for our $$ back. After debating with the doorman and manager for 30 minutes - we received HALF of our $ back and 2 passes! PSH!!!When a business rely's on customer service, you give people their $ back! We would have totally came back on a busier night if they did! Instead - we went to Fritz and spent a fortune!!Will never go back there.

Marcia D.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on July 28, 2012
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Pretty good sushi. I was brought here by a fan of Dave's. The place is small but apparently people who know him just call ahead, so I wouldn't throw a huge party here unless you are there for the strippers! The kitchen sink roll is really good, as are the salmon lime rolls and Venetian rolls. I don't really see myself returning to a strip club to get my sushi fix; I go to Asahi in Corona for that. But this guy has lots of loyal followers and yes, his rolls are really good! It was a unique experience!

Moe G.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on July 24, 2012
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So at first when my friend wanted to take me I was like sushi and strippers I figure this was going to be an interesting and bad night. Boy was I wrong. Got there and sushi Dave was greatPersonally this is the only place I really do sushi now. I live in San Diego and travel the 2 hrs for this. But personally as much as I like strippers and hot women I only go here for the food. Don't believe me ask everyone I bring.My first trip my friend told me he was great so I didn't even look at the menu I requested Sushi Dave to make me something Awesome as he did. I had the Venetian roll and it was great I think I ordered 2 more of that roll afterwards. The Salmon Lime is great to. I have had everything on the menu many times and it's awesome. The girls don't even bug you unless you ask for them to come on over. He doesn't just make sushi. Sushi Dave's Tuffles APR's [Automatic Panty Remover ( I call them APD drive David nuts) are great. I have personal taken a few dates here and there has been no complaints I make it here at least once a month or more. Sushi Dave also has an awesome hot sauce that comes with his Venetian roll if you get a chance buy a bottle from him. I put it on everything, and I can't eat spicy or hot foods to often but his food and sauce is on point. I have been a returning customer for over a year and I bring a lot of co-workers, friends, and family here. The food is great and women are nice to. See you again Sushi Dave and I'm still wanting that Bday present you promised me last time I was in. LOL

Darren K.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on April 18, 2012
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Thanks Sushi Dave! You proved me wrong. I thought you couldn't get good sushi at a gentleman's club. I stand corrected. You know what your doing, keep it up.

AssnTits5  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on January 6, 2012
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You must ask for the Venetian, or the Yellow tail, jalapeno roll, or New Zealand baked clams, the Kitchen sink,... anything that Dave suggests, you can't go wrong.

Heather Rae T.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on October 23, 2011
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Garrett B.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on September 29, 2011
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David David DavidThis is the man that makes all this happen!I recently went for a bday party of a friend. David hooked us up with a private party room upstairs where we all enjoyed beer, cocktails and amazing sushi.We had the Salmon Lime roll which is my favorite roll I've had anywhere, and I love me some sushi.He then made his own special cut roll made out of cucumber, with spicy tuna inside and other veggies and meat, so amazing!!!I would love to come back again!

larry1  on  Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on September 6, 2011
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I could care less about the ta tas since I have a set of my own, but the sashimi/susi is amazing! I've followed David fr a while. And the proof is in the pudding. :-)

Kelly K.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on June 23, 2011
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It's really classy in here. Most of the girls were really pretty and the majority of them did some pretty fancy shit on that pole. The clientele wasn't creepy. The drinks taste good, but I knocked off a star for the price. Also, the bouncers weren't necessarily rude, but they weren't very friendly either.

Mike H.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on April 19, 2011
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David's sushi is number one in my book. This is a totally unique experience as far as going out for sushi. You kind of feel like your in a special club when you get waved in by the door guy's "I'm here for the sushi.." "one for sushi.. elevator going up.." then you get to sit at the intimate sushi bar and watch sushi chef David work his magic. secret tip: friend sushi at the venetian on FB to get secret updates on fish just purchased fresh from the fishmonger. The foods amazing and the atmosphere is nothing less than electric. I have a great time every time I visit.

Joseph R.  on Venetian Gentleman's Club

posted on March 11, 2011
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