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8237 Canoga Avenue

Canoga Park, California 91304

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CrimeStoppers  on Wet Spot

posted on June 21, 2019
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joseph1k  on  Wet Spot

posted on May 26, 2015
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Old nasty women stripIf you're looking for a cheap buck and a cheap fuck them this is the place to go bring your dollar dollars y'all because this is the dollar dollar strip 0 Fuck Place

lvpaladin  on Wet Spot

posted on January 1, 2009
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This is a very good spot. I've been to well over 200 strip clubs over the last 15 years and this spot is in the upper 50%. See my review for a basic description of the club. The comment from DANCER is an error. She was describing the bikini bar, Wet Spot, which shares the same building (and sometimes dancers go between the two). So, you go to Xposed and get stamp for complete in-and-out priviledge then head to Wet Spot to chug a beer or down tequila then return for the nude show. I had great time with a real sweetheart named Sienna. A real lap dance artist (be prepared or leave with your own "wet spot"). Remember: tip a few bucks when you're at the stage. Karma means "you get what you deserve".

big dog  on Wet Spot

posted on December 6, 2008
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Quality of girls has gone way down in the last few months. Come during the day to avoid the nasty ones.

DANCER  on Wet Spot

posted on June 10, 2008
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this place is ghetto. I came all the way here to dance and I left right away. The place smelled like ass and smoke. The club was tiny and the stage was even smaller. The 3 girls that were there looked like skinny crack hoes

Customer  on Wet Spot

posted on July 11, 2007
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New girl Jayden is beautiful! I was there the other night... she said she just started dancing again after taking a break to do porn. Shes an amazing dancer... keeps you focused on her. Great body. Nice tits and ass. Best lap dance of my life. Check her out, you won't regret it. She gives away free videos of her if you buy 5 or more dances... AWESOME!

Curious  on Wet Spot

posted on May 17, 2007
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How much are the dances here?

Tony  on Wet Spot

posted on April 5, 2007
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God, I exploded in my pants, gizz was everywhere, I didn't know what to do so I just let her keep grinding away.

Harley  on Wet Spot

posted on March 17, 2007
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I was thinking about coming to CA this summer and was wondering if this place is good to work at. Let me know.

Perfact Lips  on Wet Spot

posted on March 8, 2007
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Swing into action with **Mariah** and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

Bryan  on Wet Spot

posted on March 6, 2007
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My friends and I went to this club and WOW the GIRLS are HOT. Got a nude from a beautiful blond, she was really into it and gave a great performance. The lights in the club are a bit dim but the girls were all very nice and you get your money's worth.

Damien  on Wet Spot

posted on October 30, 2006
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Mostly nasty looking girls straight off a shuttle bus from South Central, and the rest are major ice smokers. At least the dancers use enough make-up and the lights are dim enough, you can't see most of the speed soars until they get up close. More drugs at this place than Wallgreens. The place next door claims it has bikini dancers, but in 3 trips I never saw one. It was better than the dance club though, better to be around drunks than tweekers. If you go, bring your glass pipe.

pooky  on Wet Spot

posted on August 26, 2006
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why the hell is there no phone number for the club???????

Slug  on Wet Spot

posted on December 21, 2005
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Xposed is a great club and I had a wonderful time. Not your usual all blondes or brunettes club - lots of variety, very exotic girls, which I love. Asians, latinas, beautiful black girls and a few blondes and brunettes tossed in for good measure. Friendly, fun and the $20 flat fee cover - and all the drinks - makes it more enjoyable than most clubs where you're pressured the entire time to buy more $8 cokes. Very good lap dances also.

terry  on Wet Spot

posted on September 1, 2005
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ive been to a lot of clubs. all the girls pretty much dance alike.but i love the way the twins poison & ivy dance. very good i must say. take my word for it go see them live, well worth it

Lou  on Wet Spot

posted on May 23, 2005
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This club wouldn't let me and my buddy in on thursday night. We're from Illinois and the tall fat bald dude in leather bouncer thought our ids were bogus. Illinois ids have watermarks and holographic images. It may also have to do with me being asian. My buddy is white. This club could've made at least $300 if they let us in that night. I don't want to knock the club, but that idiot bouncer has to go.

Desire  on Wet Spot

posted on May 16, 2005
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I have only been there on Friday nights when its busy. I love it here. Tons of girls who are friendly, pretty, and who can dance well.

Steve Nelson  on Wet Spot

posted on December 21, 2004
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Haven't been in a while, but my good friend Annie Body works there now and will really show you a good time!

Cherry Bomb  on Wet Spot

posted on November 1, 2004
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I no longer work here- there has been a hole in the stage for over 6 weeks, terrible management, and yes my nipples need to thaw. Come explode with me at Valley Ball- my Cherry is waiting for you to enjoy!

Simon says-"A Bust"  on Wet Spot

posted on October 30, 2004
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Only onne stage and almost 20 minutes between dancers. They have the air conditioning on so strong, the girls nipples have nipples. They do have a $5.00 off coupon on thier website, but still a $20.00 door chatge is NOT WORTH IT. Stay away!!!

Mad Max  on Wet Spot

posted on October 11, 2004
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I love this club- incredible dancers like Cherry Bomb had me exploding in my pants! Her dances are the best; they have bed & lap .Bar next door- waterfalls, great place to party alone or with a group.

charlie  on Wet Spot

posted on September 18, 2004
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the club is very laid back. all of the girls are very attractive, and friendly. small club but nice. will go back anytime


posted on May 13, 2004
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The girls here are all shapes and sizes. No one is obese. Some do need to visit a Gym. The nude part is juice and soda. Right next door is a go-go bar with a full bar. This is an okay bar. You'll have a good time, if you spend some money. Tipping the girls, or getting dances.

Trinity  on Wet Spot

posted on April 30, 2004
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don't go here ... the girls at fat and nasty! Vomit looks better than the girls that dance here!