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15411 Valley Boulevard

City of Industry, California 91746

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 October, 2016

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 October, 2016

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 October, 2016

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Looking for a cashier

Provide great customer service to our guests!

Process cash and credit card transactions utilizing POS system.

Greet customers and collect entry fees.

Rings up cover charges, dance fees, Rhino Chip purchases in the POS system, collects payment, balances all receipts and follows proper cash handlin

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 October, 2016

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Looking for a bartender (No alcohol Service)

Provide great customer service to our guests!

Serve non-alcoholic drinks for patrons.

Keep bar stocked of all bottled products and glassware.

Work as a team with waitress/servers to fill drink orders.

Clean bar, glassware and service areas.

Rings up all drink and food orders in the POS system,

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Weedman420  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 24 September, 2016
Joined 4 years ago
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***WOMAN'S REVIEW****COUPLES***OK...So this place has a vibe unlike every other I've been to. I love that as you walk in all eyes aren't at the enterance...being a woman guys stare as soon as a female walks in as if they can smell your scent from a mile away, very akward at times. The place is dark but the stage is very well lit. There is plenty of seats and they don't look as cheap and cum spotted as other places (yes...I said cum spotted) I'm sure you didn't think that was juice you were sitting on...right?Anywho, I've been here more than twice and one night was incredibly slow...so slow only ONE dancer went on in a 30 minute period. A blonde with no ass, big @@ and a big ass nose. She was the only one to offer VIP which we were willing to pay but not if we're not attracted to her. There was 1 girl by the juice bar (no alcohol here boys) but she was conversating with a guy the whole time there. Pretty much a shit show if you ask me.Second time...Literally walked in the door and the security said they were no longer dancing only doing private dances...I thought HELL YEAH! FINALLY!!... We walk in take our seats in a pretty lonely environment and just wait for someone to come up to us. "We're here for VIP bitches"...But no one NOT one came to our rescue. Two girls to left by the fire place just on their phones and one walking out the vip with the fat guy. 20 mins in...I had to drink my expensive ass juice first and we took off...HORRIBLE. Such a great establishment to be such a let down. I just wanted to join my hubs on having a great time but nope not here. GET MORE GIRLS! YOU DID BEFORE AND THEY WERE HOT!

scladmin (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 23 May, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Join us with the XXX Duo Kenbdall

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fritter17  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 15 May, 2016
Joined 6 years ago
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About the lighting, I mentioned it before but I was referring to you actually being able to see around the club. What I forgot to mention is it seems that no matter where you sit in the club, you're bound to get a few beams to the eye from the stage lights, which will quickly get annoying.

scladmin (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 21 April, 2016
Joined 2 years ago
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Come hang with us at Abby Lee Brazil. The event kicks off on April 28.

winston12  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 4 September, 2015
Joined 5 years ago
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This place used to be my "go-to" club when I was in LA. The girls were friendly and the VIP room was great. They actually took some time to hang out with you.Seems like they've got new management with an emphasis on taking every last penny they can. The DJ keeps saying "these girls don't work for free", the waitress tries to push drinks and wasn't very friendly the time I went. I hate the whole "buy the girl a drink" thing. I did, and 10 minutes later the waitress took it away, untouched. And their pricing on VIP rooms is misleading. Well, heck - it's just a lie.I made the mistake of doing the VIP room with Belle - she upsold me twice. After watching me put the whole thing on my credit card (which seemed to take forever), she informs that I didn't get enough money (or chips, or tokens, or whatever). She then blamed me for not understanding the whole program. I just got sick of it and wanted to leave.Will never go back to this club again, and my advice is don't do the VIP room until you know what you're getting and how much it costs .... and btw, they will never tell you what you're getting or how much it costs.**Oh - final thought - the whole way they hit your credit and say they can't refund money is ridiculous. Once I realized I was getting taken, I tried to stop the whole transaction and they said it was too late. Not true - they could have credited me like any other business does**

Johnnyboy123  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 3 January, 2015
Joined 7 years ago
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I can say we wouldn't go back. None of the girls approached us being me and my fiance were together. None of the girls well except one knew what they were doing. One of the girls just kept spinning on the pole I was wondering if she ever got dizzy, there was no action from her. Mostly all of them had fake breast, that's not our cup of tea. If you like fake by all means enjoy, this is the place for you. There was some naturals but it still wasn't enough. After the experience we both said we should have watched a porno, that had more action. PROS: CONS:Nice interior None of the girls looked Very spacious happyDj off the hook A lot of fake breastWaitresses were nice Stage to big and Good admission fee should be centeredAlot of girls No action

eddyL  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 28 January, 2014
Joined 8 years ago
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hey nice place to go and have lots of fun with all the sexy girls

HARLEY69  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 8 June, 2013
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What happen to riley cute little blond had a star tattoo where did she go

Zaraki K.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 4 January, 2013
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Lets see, where do I start... The interior of this place is nice. Not too big, but it's not too small either. The strippers here are talented and gorgeous. The music here isn't too bad and neither are the dances. But I was pretty grossed out by the white stains on most of the chairs there. I can assume it's jizz but you know it's dark in there and I wasn't Inspecting the chairs like CSI... The bartender seems to pop out of no where each time you're about to receive a dance and she pushes you to purchase the dancer a drink. They work hard so that doesn't sound bad until you hear that they charge $7 for monsters... So you want me to pay $20 for a non nude dance and then an extra $7 for a drink. $27 each time you want a dance seems pretty dumb to me... I'm not baller enough to keep paying $27 for 2 minute dances. I would be broke asap! But hey, if I win the lottery, I'd spend a few hundred bucks on the talent here. Very gorgeous women! And WATCH OUT FOR THOSE DIRTY CUM STAINED CHAIRS!!

Shari H.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 23 July, 2012
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I recently visited the club for the second time and was more disappointed than the first time. The interior of the club is nice with the cushy seats and couches, however that is all that I can say is positive about the club. What the heck is up with the damn wooden pillar on stage? So, depending where you sit, it blocks your view of the dancer on one side of the stage.Why is there such a delay between dancers? I mean, really, it seems takes 10 or more minutes between dancers even after the DJ announces who is supposed to come up next. Even then, the dancer seems to take a looonnngggg time getting to the stage. The time even gets longer if there is 2, 3, or 4 for lap dance special which you end up having to endure the DJ announcing which song it is in the special with no girl on stage .I get it, the girls work for tips. When I sit at the rail, I ALWAYS tip and reward the dancers when there is some sense of connection with me or my companion. It does not have to be much, but at least more than just going through the "motions."My last experience has definitely convinced me that it is time to find another club to spend my money on. The Spearmint Rhino name may be the only thing that this club in City of Industry can rely on because the quality of the experience tarnishes the brand.

Crod  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 6 May, 2011
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What happen to Daylen

P T.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 19 January, 2011
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A good place to explore your freelance gynecology hobby whilst drinking non-alcoholic beverages.A descent line up of girls, sort of clean inside, easy parking, a good DJ spinning some Dubstep, the Cult, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Cure.

AssnTits5  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on 2 May, 2010
Joined 9 years ago
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This is the best strip club EVER! If I could give it 10 stars, I would. I'm not a slime ball, but I've had my share of strip clubs. Hey, don't judge . . . they were for birthday events . . . yeaaaaaaah. Girls: Like every strip club, there are some trashy looking girls here. The reason why I love this strip club is because the ratio was quite different. Instead of having a 1/6 hot girl to average/ugly girl ratio, the Spearmint Rhino had a 1/3 hot girl to average/ugly girl ratio. If you know anything about strip clubs, that is an amazing ratio! Service: No, not that kind of service! The guys at the front door and front desk are very nice. They are really welcoming and have excellent customer service. The dancers are all nice, even the hot ones. Go figure! I probably had the best lap dance of my life here. I kid you not.Environment: The environment is somewhat clean but very dim. I prefer to go to strip clubs with a "club-like" atmosphere, but the hot girls made up for it.I must say that I was very happy spending my money here. The girls were really cool and super nice. On top of that, the dances were great. Besides, a girl's gotta eat, right? The Spearmint Rhino Club in the City of Industry blows away the Spearmint Rhino Club in Vegas. The girls were hotter, nicer and it was less crowded. Without a doubt, the Spearmint Rhino Club in the City of Industry was the best I've ever been to. Cheers to you!

ex dancer  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 11 March, 2009
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she started fuckin the owner and came up. Would you dance anymore?

paul  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 14 August, 2008
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has anyone seen harlee lately?

Christopher C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 25 April, 2008
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I may be in a minority here, but I'm not a big fan of strip clubs for the sheer fact that they rob you blind in the moment you are most weakest...horny and staring at gorgeous naked women, hypnotized by deliciously perky breasts and seductive dance moves *BOING* ... whoa, where'd my money go????The fancy digs don't really impress me. Looks like purple velvet threw up in here. I do like the music though. They play some good jams up in this mug! There are a lot of girls, but only a handful worth noticing really. The rest are the desperate ones that hit you up a dozen times for a lap dance, and you just keep turning them down over and over again. But I do LOVE that sweeeeeeet stripper smell, Mmmmm mmmm mmm... yummy! Lap dances are often awkward cuz I don't know if I should be the nice guy and ask them about their day or their feelings or just be the asshole that treats them like the whore they really are. KIDDING! You can't really get turned on anyway if you're on a 2 for 1 song special, and they cut off the songs after a quick minute, and that annoying announcer voice keeps reminding you that the song is almost over. WTF man, we're having a moment here?! Shut up! And do these girls really expect me to buy them drinks? How bout you just take a sip off my $7 iced down diet coke? Better yet, you buy ME a drink with your purse full of dollar bills? Hmmmm?Ok, so the $20 cover already leaves a dent in my wallet, so getting a couple of lapdances, a few drinks, and it does add up..and what do you have left? An empty wallet and blue balls. Whoopdeefrikkendoo.

Dippy  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 11 March, 2008
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Does anyone know if Madison still works here? She's about 5 feet tall with big tits.

rena  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 7 July, 2007
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you are fucking pathetic

Alan C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 6 July, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Theres tons of naked girls, how could you go wrong? I would give the Rhino 10 stars if I could.

hotbob  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 4 July, 2007
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8 dancers tested positive HIV

dancer  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 3 July, 2007
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I have worked at the Spearmint Rhino & the Rouge. You can make alot of money but the club takes alot from you. Its easier to make money in California in the nude clubs versus the ones in Vegas. The best clubs in vegas sell alcohol so there is more competition. I will warn you, i have never been talked to so badly then in California. Guys were telling me to grab their dick and expecting it and more. I will say if that is your cup of tea, come to vegas.

sugarray  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 30 June, 2007
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Was here on a Saturday afternoon. What talent that was there was pretty high quality. About 10-12 girls. Got dances from Holly, Zooey, Melani. Zooey and Melani are real hot brunettes. Mia is a Latina hottie who just oozes sexiness. The topless laps are pretty high quality. They are $20. They have the 3 nude dance special for $120 which is in a semi-private VIP area. The lap dances are high quality enough with topless that I probably would not get any more nude dances. Especially not at $40 a piece.

vietboi84  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 23 June, 2007
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Why is the VIP nude dance here $120? While the VIP nude dance at Rialto is only $60? Is the VIP nude dance here longer or what? Can any one let me know?

guardian  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 11 March, 2007
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Hey is SAM E still the waitress there?

Stormy Nights  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 7 March, 2007
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Swing into action with **Mariah** and the newest beauties of the New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

Curious...  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 2 March, 2007
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I heard theres a cute petite white girl named Kaylee that works there...anyone know of her and when she works???

Zephlis  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 27 February, 2007
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SR in City of Industry has a great atmosphere it is also the best nude bar I have ever been to. It is $20 to get in, $40 nude and a lot of pretty girls. Most of them are well attached and like to talk a lot and I mean a lot. Tera Patrick was there also it was an amazing experience.

Dancer Named Marina  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 28 January, 2007
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Anyone know if a girl named marina dances here? i was too drunk to remember at which spirimint rhino she dances.

unknow  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 October, 2006
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Very beautiful attractive exotic looking females. some look worn out, milf's willing to do extra on the side for $$$. asian, brazillian, mexican, romanian, brazillian- mixed dancers. 18- all the way up to 30's. Lots of sillicone, plastic surgery. Dark haired females. Hair extensions. so so bodies, mostly females with no butt's with huge fake d's.

..................  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 8 September, 2006
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if u havent sen them in two yrs. then there prob. done stripping.

Darren  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 July, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Anyone know what happen to Jenna?? How about her sister Nicole? Haven't seen them in about two years.

Thanks  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 28 May, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

do you dance? if its a prob id like to chat with you or any dancer about it there...im 20 and i plan on moving there no later than this time next yr, so if you wanna talk write back... thanks

Answer for the dance  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 27 May, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Those kind of bucks will be rare. Think about it, all the hot girls in the world come to southern CA. There are so many hot girls and clubs here competition is high. Not sure what it is like in Pittsburg but nude clubs in the LA area are, can?t think of a term that will get by censors, but a lot is expected. If you are young and hot you can avoid most of it, but with an older MILF needing to support her kids you?ll find a lot of money being spent on them. Oh and another thing, to keep your standard of living up you will need to make 1 and a half to twice that here. I wish you luck.

booze  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 11 May, 2006
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can u get booze here?

Dancer from Pittsbug  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 4 May, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Ladies... i have a ? 4 you, i was just wondering if you make a good bit of $$$ when you work. Im planing on moving to L.A next yr. and stripping i can make $1, 500+ on a fri. and sat. so i just wanted to see if this club was the one that i should work at when i move... thanks

J  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 16 April, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

I can't get enough of Summer!

Sam Y.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 8 March, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

The best strip club in the LA area. I haven't been there in years and years but from friends who still go (mainly my bosses), they say its still the spot. That's if you are into these kinds of places. Go to the one in City of Industry. Strip clubs aren't really my kind of spot (check out my spots if you wanna know where I am always at) but this is the rolls royce of adult cabaret.

Jon  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 20 February, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Heard Nicole is still dancing. I would like to know too.

Micky  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 17 February, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

What happen to Nicole? Is she still dancing? Where? Thanks

KoOpA  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 7 February, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Charmaine is THE hottest girl there... Haha irelis was pretty good on the stage gave a really good lap dance... But damn charmaine. I'm definitely going back for her.

wallyburger  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 15 September, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Teanna Kai is dancing tonight and I am hundreds of miles away. Life is not fair!

jim  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 23 August, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

planning to go to this club for the first time and was wondering if it is worth checking out. any girls in particular that are hot? thanks for any comments and info.

New in town  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 19 June, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

New in town and thought I'd try out this club! I had a great time. Girls werent very good looking, but very easy. I got to suck on breasts and finger two of the girls. Also got a blow job from one girl with HUGE breasts (fake of course), Security kinda "looked the other way". It was great!

AL  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 11 May, 2005
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great place to be..took my girl for the first time and the stripper ate out my gf and gave me a handjob and got to lick her tits...it was great!!!

Bill  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 1 April, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Great club in every respect sans booze of course. Single stage is a little crowded but the VIP dances are why you show up. They can go from very good to amazing. I got to spend lots of time wtih DATY which was a huge bonus. As always YMMV

Dorst  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 19 March, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Been in the spearmint on Friday night. Club was full. Many beutifull girls. The best I had ssen in this visit (new century in SF and bare elegance in LA). The main problem is the very very low light, that you almost cannot see anything on the stage and on the cauches (and in the VIP rooms) - this kills all the fun. Nude lap dance ($40) include a lot of touching. There are 3 for 1 songs, which make it very good deal. Overall, for touch I prefer SF, for the stripping Bare Elegance wins for better viewing and nastiness of not much less beautiful ladies.

bobby  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 27 December, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

This club is great. I got masturbated by a girl once. Plus you can suck breasts. I've sucked breasts on 2 strippers, they let me.But that's it, can't go beyond.

Bandido  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 2 October, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

The only bad things about this club is the shortened songs which prohibit the girls from getting too nasty on the stage, and some of the dancers are looking a little worn out, but they are fun to be with during lap dances where almost anything goes. Got to see one of them go down on my female companion and got to dine at the Y as well. I think she was a porn star.

Braden  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 8 September, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

looking for a dancer from along time ago , named nicolett...dark hair, light skin...ring any bells?

hot dancer/Chgo.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 22 August, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

I want to move to Calif. but is this place always busy to make a lot of $$ or where should a hot girl go?

steve  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 10 August, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

had a dance with april, very hot body, claims to be a personal trainer, though she had no nipples to grab... very sweet girl

muttyeaha  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on 18 March, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

can someone please describe what does this NICOLE girl look like? White?

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