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601 S Raymond Avenue

Fullerton, California 92831

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mike b.  on 601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on April 23, 2016
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One star for the 601. They have a stupid rule here, "No colors or patches" anti motorcycle clubs. Fuck this place

tonycluber  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on September 8, 2015
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Call me an idiot. I went over there to check it out and ended up having a lap dance. My wallet was emptied and when I tried to get $ out of the ATM machine this lady "helped" me and tried to withdraw $ several times. The ATM did not dispense the bills so she kept trying until I was able to get like $60.00.- Woke up next morning with calls from my Bank about suspicious fraud activity... so beware!!!I just drank a couple of draft beer and they were Ok.

Andrea B.  on 601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on March 15, 2014
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This place was pretty cool. They have manikins around the place for decoration. A stage, clean bathrooms, an eating area, the bar booth (of course ), and pool tables. The bar tender was a cute girl named Jackie. She was so sweet (: I wasn't really digging the choice of music (country) but it's all good cuz at the end of the night that won't matter ;)

adamrod  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on November 1, 2013
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Way better than slide bar. I loved this place, perfect mix of dive bar and rock club. The owners will book just about any type of music and the drinks are reasonably priced. $10 cover charge sucked, but there were five bands playing on a Friday so... It is new and still working some bugs out with the sound system and wasted bartenders fighting in the parking lot. They have a great sports bar scene too, with all the big screens you should be able to find the game your hoping to watch with some fellow fans. I will return!

curtis17  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on October 26, 2013
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The place has potential....however service is really bad, slow getting food & drinks!! Inside is very rock'n roll. But the service will kill off repeat customers. Thats a shame too cause the food is good & drinks are fine..........SERVICE PLEASE !!

richard95  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on August 27, 2013
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Came here to watch my boyfriends band play, but I guess they have a new bartender that doesn't know up from down because it literally took me 40 minutes to get a beer!! It's a Thursday, so it's not terribly busy. Long story short, get a bartender that knows what the F they're doing.

joseph1k  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on June 14, 2013
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House Party, played there last night (Thursday) and will be there every Thursday. This was my first time at 601, and I was really impressed with the look and cleanliness of the place. The bartender was very friendly, the prices were good and I enjoyed a wonderful piece of cheesecake. Very nice. I'm glad we will be back.

maxxy1  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on June 7, 2013
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Such a change!!very nice,i stopped for lunch and had a hamburger and onion rings,very tasty,my co worker got $1.50 beer and a pizza.Good value and great specials.we will come back.Good job for the new owners.

Travis W.  on 601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on May 14, 2013
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Its amazing what a outside/inside remodel can do for a place. I worked right by this spot and had driven past the banana yellow building a ton of times but never stopped in. I saw that they remodeled and relaunched the location and figured I would check it out with a co worker for drinks. What you get is a nice little local watering hole. The inside looks like Bar Rescue came in and redid the place. And that is not a bad thing, the place was really nice inside. The staff was all really cool and on top of the tables and bar patrons. Some reviewers say it was better before the model but this place is still worth checking out if your in the area. Place would also be good for a group of a thirsty crew. I am a beer guy and you get the usual line of domestics that you would see. Don't expect to see any rare brews pop up at the location. But hey as long as the drinks are cold we are good to go. CHEERS!!!!

Harrison69  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on April 15, 2013
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This place sucks!! Don't go here!! They have like 5 bartenders and not one of there, half clothes bartenders will wait on you! There draft beer is WARM AS HELL!! Don't go!!

harryharry  on  601 Gentlemen's Club

posted on April 8, 2013
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Such a step up compared to the last bar that was here.The decor: They completely changed it up. The inside has a more modern/industrial look to it. Lots of black and red. Sheet metal looking slabs on the walls/bar. The only thing i don't like about it is they painted the bricks!!! NOOOOOO. you should never paint bricks, looks so tacky. Ive also always thought they should create some gated off patio seating as well so there aren't people lingering outside smoking, its just a bad look. Other than that, it's a huge improvement.The food: Excellent. I had the ability to thank Sam, the chef, for making an amazing mushroom veggie burger. Everything about it was perfect. The mushrooms were sauteed and the bun was lightly toasted and tasted amazing. He even told me they're working on more menu items for the near future so i'll for sure be checking that out.The bar: I got a cactus cooler cocktail for $4.50 and it was perfect. Not too weak, not too strong, and didn't burst my wallet open. The service: The waitresses were welcome, smiling, helpful, and most importantly - SOBER and FULLY CLOTHED. the last bar had a reputation for trashy, drugged out, half naked bartenders and i'm sooo glad that they have shed that reputation. Overall this place is definitely doing something right and i'll be back countless times because i live super close. I'll be recommending the new 601 bar and grill to everyone i know.