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14320 South Western Avenue

Gardena, California 90249

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Re: Barbary  on Barbary Coast

posted on January 17, 2018
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Thanks for the props love Angel

Luis B.  on Barbary Coast

posted on October 27, 2012
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the dancers are all black but if you are into it it is a great club to go to get some high millage for real cheap. dancers are real friendly and dont hold anything back.. only downfall this club has is the obnoxious dj that keeps pressuring you to tip the dancer and buy drink or else to get the fuck out the club

richard95  on  Barbary Coast

posted on November 29, 2011
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Some of the girls here were great while others were plain horrible. Either way me and my ladies had fun! Not the classiest of places, but it was still a somewhat enjoyable experience. Oh, and make sure you bring money for tipping!

eddyL  on  Barbary Coast

posted on February 5, 2010
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This is LA's version of "The Players Club" fact, when Ice Cube was directing that movie, I think he had the old Barbary Coast in mind. Anyway, when I went a few years back there was a sign that asked patrons to please leave their firearms outside. Overall, this is maybe the ghettoest strip club I've ever been to. Twice per set they stop the music and threaten to kick everyone out if they don't start tipping and buying drinks. If you do start tipping the other patrons will start ice-grilling you HARD (if you don't know what ice-grilling means, you should not go to the Barbary Coast). BUT if you do spend money, the girls know, and they show their appreciation. The music is great, the girls are real, and it has that mid-90's rap video vibe, it's a fun place to check out once every couple of months....

Mayhem  on Barbary Coast

posted on November 17, 2009
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They are moving their revolution along slowly to avoid causing dissention among the white idiots that support Obama. By the time they realize the predicament that they are in, it will be too late.

change  on Barbary Coast

posted on November 5, 2009
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Is this place still open..............................................................

Z of Initial D  on Barbary Coast

posted on September 5, 2008
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Been here, It's a great place nude on the stage and reasonable prices Lap Dance prices is $10 for 2 minute songs but the only problem I would have is that the camera is on you the whole time and some girls want dirty so does the men but it's impossible due to the info red that's installed in it which makes security come in say don't touch or get out. There is no VIP so everything is simple and quiet.

Mzgee  on Barbary Coast

posted on August 10, 2008
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Anyone been to the club since July 08? Let me know what's happening up n da club nowadays.

safe  on Barbary Coast

posted on July 20, 2007
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Is it safe for white patrons here?

Angel Girl  on Barbary Coast

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah and the Newest Beauties of the ***New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty".) This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

MG2  on Barbary Coast

posted on November 25, 2006
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Barbary coast is cool and the girls are very willing to please. I have a foot fetish and many of the girls indulged me for no extra charge but I gave 'eem alittle somethin' extra anyhow.

Supaslida  on Barbary Coast

posted on November 2, 2006
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Hey just bumped into this website and it brought back memories. I used to hang at BC back in the day when LA was on my regular run. I remember Angel best of all she was sweet. Whatever happened to her? Is she still dancing or what?

UnKnown  on Barbary Coast

posted on July 12, 2006
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I think that that BC is cool i like a couple of girls in there One is Mulan Second is baby i dont know but that girl got a hour glass body and since she lost her weight she look even damn better.third is that new girl shay she is so beautiful but she is to shy (Girl Brake out of that).Oh but Guys B careful cause there R some crazy girls swho R crack out up there so watch out 4 sinn, Mercedes, and Jade

Heaven  on Barbary Coast

posted on March 27, 2006
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I work days at the Coast now and coming from a white girl club to a black women club, I'M LOVING IT!!! It feels so good to be desired by and dance for real men. Men that are looking for women who possess natural beauty not Malibu Plastic Boob Barbie :-)

Supa Hyphy  on Barbary Coast

posted on February 16, 2006
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I rememba the first time I went here right after I turnt 18 it was off the chain, and to me this is still the best full nude spot in Southern Cali if you like to see DANCERS and not girls just rolling around to weak azz rocc music. Its the closest thing LA has to an ATL or HOU strip club, but I'd say the other cats in there kinda kill it, its a bunch of broke azz lil boys so the girls start to get impatient. Me and my two homies aint ballin at all but we looked like the king shit in there, dropped like 2 bills total. But it was irritating that the DJ had to keep cutting music off to tell niggaz to tip and buy drinks. Still it felt nice to be like the main group holdin it down.

Starsky  on Barbary Coast

posted on May 22, 2005
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Well, I don't know aout what theis place USED to be. All I can say is today they laps are $10 in a semi private are and the girls are not adverse to working a brothers Jimmy until he spoolges. Works for me.

went  on Barbary Coast

posted on January 20, 2004
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last night, sad place. Every time I go same tired lookin girls......

Barbary  on Barbary Coast

posted on January 19, 2004
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This use to be one of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles .... about 10 years ago! That's when the sexy dancers like Dandie, Starla, Angel, Mercedes, Cynthia, Jackie, Sativa, Ming Toy, Winkie, Gypsie, Tai, Dream, Katt, Spice, Devin, Treasure and a whole host of other girls use to serve it up right! Remember when the LA Rams used to come in, and we all flipped for Greg Townsend? Ya'll remember Casanova? He would come in on any given night and drop loot all over the joint!!!! Yep, the old days are gone and the new Barbary Coast is in effect. hmmmm! You should have been there back in the day!