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yanard  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 2 December, 2016
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What an amazing experience! We were treated with warm chocolate cider while taking some grip photos. Before your dinner, you are welcome to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in a room separate the dinning space. Leading into the room are wall to wall wine cabinets. There's a piano and stain glass windows, and of course lots of Disney memorabilia. The drinks are unique and wonderful! Dinner is to die for. All meals are served at the same time with a cloche which are all removed simultaneously. So many deserts to choose from and all are wonderful! We tried the beignets with dipping sauce. You do have to be a club 33 member or a guest of a member but if you can swing either, this restaurant behind the doors just outside of pirates of the Caribbean and up a staircase is sure to make a memorable experience.

brattlebop18  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 11 November, 2016
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*This review is for the updated Lunch Menu at Club 33 and no, I don't have membership, we were just lucky enough to be invited again.*-I personally think their lunch is better than the dinner! It's a 4 course menu: appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. Between all of us, we tried the whole menu LOL. The lobster rockefeller and pumpkin bacon tart were the standout appetizers, the lamb and filet mignon were the standout entrees and the favorite for dessert was the Dark Chocolate Budino which is also offered on the dinner menu. Photos of the lunch menu and food attached!-We also ordered from the kids menu, which was so cute! Its 3 courses and we split a lunch between two very young toddlers and the food was definitely enough for them both! Our kids greatly enjoyed the grilled cheese and tomato soup, chicken breast entree and dessert.-Chip and Dale dropped by to visit, and the staff was nice and courteous as usual. Lunch moves faster than dinner, which is good if you have young children in tow. The food was delicious and I highly recommend checking out the balcony!

Rob J.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 23 October, 2016
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I've had a family Christmas dinner party here for 13 years and it is always awesome! This is a high end food place that serves a full bar in the Magic Kingdom! The food is amazing and the variety is perfect, I've had lamb, made to order pasta, shrimp and lots of other things and it's always done right! The service is great and the people are very friendly, and you have to love that they have a full bar! If you want a beer, wine, gin and tonic or a sip of Louie Trey they have it! If you get the chance to go you should since it's a private club and not everyone can just walk up for dinner. It's got a cool vibe with the door outside with 33 next to it where you know to let them know your there. In side is a elegant atmosphere which an old elevator and pull chain toilets to give it an old English charm. We stand out on the balconies and watch the boat show and fireworks and don't have to deal with the crowd, so if you can go and do it, it's worth it.

dopeboy19  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 5 October, 2016
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S T.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 August, 2016
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Our party of 5 really enjoyed our 4 hour dinning experience, the food and wine pairing was amazing. The service was good but not superb, but they were trying.It should be a bit more seamless and coordinated, delivery of the plates, wine poured with the bites, not much later. The Sommelier was extremely knowledgable and delightful with information. I felt the price was fair for the experience and would go again.

GarryWas  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 15 August, 2016
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I don't even know where to start because I still can't believe that I actually got to experience dining at Club 33. Going to Disneyland is already enough for me but being able to visit Club 33 was in one word: magical. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!My friends know someone who is a member of Club 33 so they were able to get us a reservation. We arrived promptly for our 11:45 a.m. lunch reservation and went to the famous blue door and rang the bell. Once inside, it was almost like we were transported to another time. The grand staircase leading up to the restaurant is truly a sight to see and it really didn't feel like we were even in Disneyland.The inside is absolutely beautiful with floor to ceiling windows, various shades of blue, plush seating, and dreamy murals and paintings. There was literally something to look at in every corner. Since we were visitors, we were only allowed into the restaurant portion of Club 33 but from what I saw of the members-only bar, it is equally as impressive as the restaurant.Their four-course lunch menu will cost you $80 + whatever drinks you order and it is absolutely worth every penny. For lunch, I had:-Crab cakes-Lafayette salad-Salmon Nicoise Salade w/ quail egg-Pecan and coffee bundt cake-Moscow Mule ($9.75)Everything from start to finish was full of flavor and pretty much made to perfection. While I enjoyed everything I ordered, I have to say what stood out to me the most were the crab cakes and the bundt cake. I also had a couple bites of my sisters filet mignon and it was delicious. The entire menu is very thoughtful and there is something for everyone. The kitchen staff is also very conscious of food allergies and dietary needs.As far as the staff goes, they were absolutely amazing and attentive. Shout out to Lisa and Mark for being so professional, fun, and efficient; we all really enjoyed talking with them and learning more about the Club. What stood out to me most about the staff was that no one ever rushed us through our meal and even after we were done. They let us take all the pictures we wanted and let us hang out on the balcony for a bit.I sincerely hope that this isn't my one and only visit to Club 33 but if it is, I'm so happy that I was able to experience it. If you have the chance to dine here, TAKE IT. It is definitely worth the time and money to make your trip to Disneyland that much more amazing.

justinlk  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 10 August, 2016
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The food was awesome and so with the service! This place has really cool history and the waiters tell you who has come through and where the decorations and furniture come from. And of course the dessert bar is delicious.

Jennifer D.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 19 June, 2016
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The club 33 experience was such a special treat. There is a door hidden in plain sight, where if you swipe your magic card you may enter. We had lunch reservations at 12:30 but came a little early to enjoy drinks in the bar/lounge area. I enjoyed a nice Napa Red wine while relaxing on a big fluffy couch, listening to the Jazz music being played by the haunted mansion ghosts. Yes, that sounded odd... The Instruments play by themselves and the specters are projected on the wall on and off when their instrument plays. This lounge is a nice relaxing escape from the heat and the crowds of the Disney park down below. I say down below because the dining area is upstairs. You can take the lift or walk the beautifully decorated staircase. There are many hidden objects and characters to be seen throughout the club. Make sure you leave some time to explore all the paintings and artifacts. I used the restroom to freshen up and was happily surprised that it was just as amazing as everything else in the club. There were beautiful decorations , a vanity area, a sitting area, individual stalls with nice doors, lotions, mouthwash, dental sticks, and oh so sparkly clean. The menu recently changed, I posted the lunch options in a picture below. Each patron chooses an appetizer , soup or salad, a main course, and dessert. Everything was quite flavorful and presented well. There are many options, so even the pickiest of eaters should be happy with something. The dining area is spread out and not overly crowded like most attractions at Disneyland . There is a nice veranda that overlooks the New Orleans area. It looks like it would be a nice area to watch the fireworks or have tea. Make sure to look at the club 33 gift shop area. They have beautiful memorabilia that can only be purchased there and nowhere else in the park. TIPSMust be a member or guest of a memberMust have a reservation Be on time or earlyDress code is enforced Get club 33 fast passes that can be used at either park on any fast pass ride in any time frame. We never waited longer than 15 minutes for any ride. Be prepared to have a lovely time

Amanda G.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 8 June, 2016
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Our family of six were guests at our recent visit. The atmosphere was absolutely fitting and couldn't be more perfect for Disney New Orleans square. It has charm and service perfect to fit. Everyone was great with our girls which are 9, 9, and 10. The food was perfect and the drinks were fabulous. The best was the service at our table and how they were so great with our family. The host stands up and downstairs were very approachable and knowledgeable about the restaurant which gave us an appreciation for the dinner. They are what made the visit the best ever.Thank you Club 33

Elisha P.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 5 June, 2016
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There's not much I want to stay about Club 33, I feel the overall mystic is an important part of the Club's iconic history & only serves to remind us that there are some things best left unsaid. Set up by Walt Disney in 1957 as a private club in the heart of Disneyland's New Orleans Square, Club 33 has long been the subject of folk law & Bucket List's. The Club itself is a truly gorgeous oasis; a true piece of Disney history. Attention to detail is everything here, from the food to the many spaces, nothing is placed by chance. The decor is majestic & vintage pieces carefully selected by Walt Disney scattered throughout, only add to the Club's magical allure. I've been lucky enough to dine here a handful of times & have always found the food to be nothing but sensational. Everything fine dining should be. With a seasonal menu & a wait for membership of up to 15 years, it's easy to see why Club 33 is one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth.

moneyman2  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 3 June, 2016
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Been there three times now. By far the best restaurant overall experience anywhere. Angela is amazing!

felixnada  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 13 May, 2016
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I was very lucky to recently be invited to dine at Club 33 with a longtime member. It was, in a word, spectacular. The entire experience is elegant and luxurious. We had time to enjoy a cocktail in the lounge before our reservation, and it was absolutely beautiful. The level of service we received was second to none.For dinner, Terry took extremely good care of our party. She had waited on the host on numerous occasions, so she had an immediate rapport with each of us. We were well attended by all the staff throughout the meal. In addition to a creative and thoughtful menu that blends elements of French and American cooking, the wine list is extensive and extremely impressive. As others have mentioned, the balcony overlooking the park is a wonderful spot for people watching, and the large window in the dining room provides a perfect view of the evening fireworks. Only time will tell if I'll have another chance to visit. I certainly hope so, as my experience there last week was nothing short of magic!

Tracy Y.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 24 April, 2016
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Finally getting around to writing this review. I have been fortunate enough to go to this place twice, once for a friend's 21st birthday and once for an anniversary surprise for my boyfriend. There is nothing bad I can't write about this place.Hint: This place is not really easy to find. Tuck in the alley around the New Orleans area, this place is past the Bayou restaurant and past the old large blue door where the old entrance used to be. Twice I went to this door and twice I have asked Disney staff where the restaurant is. Both times, they have no idea what I am talking about. Once you finally find the door, you will buzz in and let them know when your reservation is. Once you enter, it's like entering a beautiful hidden kept secret. There is a beautiful garden staircase where you can wait until they take you to your table. Once you enter, it's looks like a high end hotel hallway with only 15 tables in the dining area.I only have been here for lunch. The menu consists of either 3-4 set courses. The prices ares $65 or $80, which is reasonable for the food. The appetizers especially the blue crab or the quail is to die for. In addition, the steak for the entree is cooked to perfection. I felt full from just getting 3 courses especially since I couldn't help myself devouring their bread.The service is phenomenal. The first time I went for my friends 21st birthday, they wrote out happy birthday on her dessert and gave her a free pen. Not those cheap, but those nice thin heavy, engraved Club33 pens that they don't sell. I definitely recommend this place if you can go. Only members can get non-members reservations to this place. There is a dress code, so make sure you are dress nicely, else they may not let you eat here.

C. H.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 28 February, 2016
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We arrived the allotted 5 min early, my daughter rang the bell, I gave them my name and the door opened. (I was blessed to go twenty years ago and things are different now with the remodel). But still awesome! We went into the foyer for a few minutes then took the elevator up one floor were we arrived to another reception area. The ambiance is amazing. All the subtle hints of Club 33 logo surround you. The lady that seated us showed us around and told us about all the furniture pieces and paintings we were seeing. Everyone was so gracious!We were seated with a great view. OMG, the Club 33 plates are beyond anything I have ever seen. They were gorgeous! Everything was so perfect. Menu options were a 3 or 4 course lunch. The three of us opted for the four course lunch, why not, right? The food was amazing. Actually the whole experience was so special. We were treated like royalty, the food was top notch. And the company, my mom and daughter were so appreciative to be there too. If you ever get the chance to go. Just do it. It's worth every dollar I spent. Lunch took over two hours, but that was ok. We really didn't want to leave. Club 33 is a place I will never forget. Thank you Walt Disney for coming up with the idea of this club. I am sorry you were never ever able to experience it, but your representatives did you proud! This place is simply AMAZING!

fritter17  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 26 January, 2016
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A delightful evening with my family at club 33. Wonderful service and food was great. Two thumbs up. Will be back

Nancy G.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 24 January, 2016
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timmykilla  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 January, 2016
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Perfect afternoon with perfect people. Food was delicious, the environment was relaxing and soothing.Well deserved.

Weedman420  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 December, 2015
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Amazing experience, but the price only allows me to come here once a decade. We came at Christmastime, and Mickey and Minnie were in the lobby in their holiday attire. They also had carolers walking table to table taking requests. So classy.Food was amazing, but the appetizers were the highlight for me. Because we were there with a group of 7 (4 adults, 3 kids), I got to try a little of everything. The salmon tartar appetizer was my favorite dish of the whole meal. Dessert was interesting. I don't recommend the apple crumble with the cheddar cheese ice cream; it was a little out there for me. The cheese assortment with panna cotta (yes, for dessert) was a little different, also not for me.

Dana R.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 8 December, 2015
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Cool fun place. Came here with my family. Very nice and amazing experience. Best part was I was able to sip on Blue Label while at Disney land!!

Ida C.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 6 December, 2015
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Club 33 is something that has always been on my bucket list and I honestly thought I would never get in. When the opportunity came up, I seriously almost cried. No, I am not a member. I am just a normal person who got extremely lucky and happened to know someone who knows someone who knows someone (at the right time). I still can't believe I had the opportunity to eat at this 10,000 a year dining club.My group and I had reservations at 12 for lunch. Just FYI, they no longer have the brunch buffet. Major sad face. I was always told before by many people that the food at Club 33 was not good and that you just "pay for the experience." While it is mostly true, I actually thought the food was pretty good. I think they improved the menu after renovations.Once I entered the magical doors into Club 33, I was in awe of how beautiful (and peacefully quiet) the Court of Angels was. It is an escape from all the crowds outside. When my group rang the doorbell and waited for the door to be open, there was a crowd of people that stood outside of us whispering, "oh my God they are going into Club 33!" I did indeed feel special for a few minutes.Don't forget to pick up a memorabilia! I ended up spending over 80 dollars on merch. No regrets whatsoever.I accidentally walked into the lounge (there were no signs) that is only permitted for members. My friend and I got scolded. It kind of annoyed me a bit because there were honestly no signs and it wasn't like we were trying to sneak in or anything.Also, don't forget to go to the bathrooms! So nice and decorative. Even the napkins had the 33 symbol. One of my favorite part of my time there was seeing Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (from Once Upon a Time). I was kind of starstruck so I didn't ask for a picture. You never know who you'll run into at Club 33 :)

DexterRexter  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 23 November, 2015
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It was damn delicious, glad I didn't have to pay for it. Thank You AT&T

williamr  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 November, 2015
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A must for any Disney fanatic. Let's be honest for a second. You're more than likely not coming here for the food. More than likely you're coming here for the experience. If you want that magical experience, come here for dinner.Before the renovation they had the buffet lunch that transitioned into only a buffet dessert bar after the remodel. I know a lot of my friends preferred lunch due to the buffet option. Now that that's gone here is why I prefer dinner here over lunch.With the five course meal plan to spend around three hours here. You'll be able to watch two Fantasmic showing right on the Rivers of America and a showing of the Fireworks all while enjoying dinner. Nothing, I mean, nothing inside Disneyland beats this experience.The food and service here is good. Yes, this place is supposed to be the flagship dining experience inside Disneyland but it's not a Michelin one yet. Not everyone is dressed to the nines here. Some people look like they just came from the park. If you do decide to change you can use the restrooms they have. They're so much nicer than the ones inside the park and the cast members are very accommodating.Of all the things I ate what stood out the most was oddly the salad. The strawberry salad with buttermilk dressing was delicious!If you enjoy drinks do get the Moscow Mule. If you prefer shots, the person that gets the last shot that emptied the bottle gets to keep it as a souvenir, how cool is that!?Overall be preferred to spend around $300 for two people here. If you're not a Disney fan I can see why you won't like it. Food and service is good for somewhere in Disney. Just don't expect it to be a Michelin restaurant.

Kim T.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 26 October, 2015
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5 Star for service, presentation and food! Oh, and service! Service! Service! Carolyn was the absolute best ever and is so knowledgeable with such a rich remembrance of all the history and experience - kudos. Food was superb, as always! Wonderful new finishes, but I do miss the old history of things. Nice to see the vulture! Lol. 10 people in our party. Everything was great. We all did 4-course lunches.

Connie V.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 9 September, 2015
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Fantastic experience for Disney enthusiasts.Well prepared meals, souvenirs for purchase, and tour of Disney behind the scene.

Sarah Kouoon Y.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 2 September, 2015
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Nichole E.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 21 August, 2015
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Times magazine listed Disney's Club 33 one of the 10 exclusive places people will never get to see! I am a Disney Fanatic and I still can't believe I had dinner there! Definitely bucket list worthy! And something I never thought I would get to experience "dreams do come true!" I had gone last November for my birthday formal dinner attire of course. Fine dinning, stiff drinks (only place is Disneyland you can drink alcohol), and friendly staff (lots of Disney history and celeb name drops/stories). We had river side dinning and were able to watch Fantasmic twice while enjoying dinner and soaking it all in. We had 6pm dinner reservations and stayed after hours! We had a private escort who allowed us to take pictures in the park on the empty Majn Street in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! It was definitely my best birthday yet! If you ever have the chance to experience Club 33 for yourself take me with you! Lol It is an experience I will never forget!

Johnson12  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 9 August, 2015
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an exclusive dining that only club members can get in to. luckily my aunt is a member so we got in. theres just a door that says 33 on it. so discrete. you go in and they greet you immediately. talk to you by your first name. thats how personal it gets. well theres a 10+ year waiting list. so people who in stay in forever. the menu changes all the time. its like blue bayou but better and way more costly. sit down with fancy tables. waiters serve you real quick. best service ever. the bathrooms are like made of gold or something. like a throne. this is where celebrities eat. its like you arent at disneyland anymore. but you are! no screaming kids and strollers to weave around. no stress. no heat exhaustion. just a nice relaxing meal in a very nice restaurant. probably one of the best dining experiences ive ever been to. better than any michelin star restaurants. you do pay the price, its close to 3 figure for a lot of the entrees. but so worth it. if you arent a member and you get in, order everything because its a once in a lifetime opportunity. i wish i was a member to eat here all the time.

Latisha P.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 29 June, 2015
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A big thanks to my sister for getting me in! This has been on my list for far too long so I had pretty high expectations. I thought the food would be mediocre since there is so much hype on its exclusivity, but surprisingly the food is really good! DRINK:Moscow mule (5 stars): Surprisingly the best I've ever had! They use really good ingredients here and it makes a difference! FOOD:Amuse bouche compliments of chef (5 stars): Breaded chicken with buttermilk sauce. Lobsters Rockefeller (4 stars): lobster on the bottom was very flavorful. Fried oysters on the top was good and well cooked but the fried batter overtook the flavor. Pea soup (4 stars): Very fresh. Strawberry salad with buttermilk dressing (5 stars): The strawberries they use are of great quality! Lots of flavor. I'd definitely recommend this. I liked this better than the pea soup!Lobster Sausage (4.5 stars): Great sauce and tender sausage. Pheasant (4 stars): So full by the time I got here but cooked Very well! Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.Monkey bread (4.5 stars): Wasn't as warm as I'd like it to be but it's really good. Especially With the ice cream and caramel! Chocolate lava cake (3.5 stars): Very, very rich. And heavy. After dinner the Fantasia show and fireworks started so we stayed and watched that. Chase was great and had us move to better seats to see the show. A lot of trees are in the way but you get a clear view of fireworks.SERVICE (4 stars):Mat and Chase were great! Very attentive and on top of all our requests. Made us feel very welcome. Mat gave great food suggestions! Love when they actually point out specific items they think are good instead of hearing the untrue,"oh everything is really good on the menu."The ladies at the entrance and the ones who take you up to the club are just a tad awkward and not as welcoming. I asked for a tour but was told they don't do that anymore )= They should really do a better job pointing out specifics about the restaurant or mentioning the memorabilia area. We never saw the memorabilia and walked out totally forgetting I wanted to buy something!! Was able to get back in and asked to be shown where it was. It's to the side near the elevator (which we were not shown either), not very noticeable. Everyone is still nice in here, but you lose the Disneyland hospitality. Also, I was told I need to cover my shoulder since sleeveless tops weren't allowed but behind me walks in someone showing more skin than me and nothing was said to her. Blah!More on dress code: People were not dressed up at all. I've seen people dressed better in restaurants in LA. So the class must have decreased from what I read about dress code before. I was in a dress and wedge heels and felt like I was overdressed! Anyways, yes it's awesome, and if you have the chance you should definitely go! But for the amount people pay for membership and the hype it has, every part of the experience should be amazing! Especially from the start!! And the first people we met there definitely didn't portray amazing. Chase and Mat saved their service review for sure!Definitely ask to change in their bathroom rather than the park bathroom if you spend the day at the park before dinner. They didn't have a problem with us doing that and their bathroom is A LOT nicer than the park bathrooms.

Shery P.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 17 June, 2015
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This restaurant is an absolute gem!!! I've been wanted to check it out forever. However, we all know it's not the easiest place to get into. It was definitely a treat. The food was amazing, as was the service. The sommelier did a fabulous job of pairing each dish with the perfect wine. Everything was spectacular!!

Adam B.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 22 May, 2015
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Great serene location in the middle of the craziness of disneyland. Had a 3 course lunch for $70. The quail was OK, the strawberry frisee salad was amazing and the lobster salad was enjoyable but nothing special. Enjoyable lunch but was expecting a bit better due to the 4.5 star rating... perhaps it's more because ofthe location/hype than the food.

Helen Y.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 20 April, 2015
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Was invited by some friends to this "exclusive" restaurant at Disneyland. Unless you are informed of where the place is located, you would not be able to find it.Upon entering into the foyer, we were greeted and sent into a waiting area. The wait was 10 minutes, but we were early for our reservation.The menu include 5 or 6 courses, where you select one item from each course. I found the food to be just okay. The experience was something both my husband and I would remember, but would probably not go again.A little on the pricey side, but the ambiance was very pleasant.

N'Higel B.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 13 April, 2015
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I can absolutely just go and die now! I finally got to go to Club 33! It was not at all what I expected; it was much better! There is no way I could never have imagined the food and experience! We were planning on going for dinner, but could only get a reservation for lunch. We were totally okay with that because it would be a little more casual and less money, which is always good. Our reservation was for 2:15pm. We rang the doorbell around 2:05 and they let us right in. The hostess checked in and lead us to the outdoor waiting area where there was water for our wait. She told us that we may have to wait until closer to 2:15 but we only waited for about 3-4 minutes before someone came down and lead us to out seats. Just the walk in was breathtaking. It is beautifully decorated. Be sure to take it all in! When seated, we were immediately greeted by our waiter. He informed us that he and another cast member would be helping us out for the duration of our meal. The lunch menu is broken up into four sections: Appetizer, Soup / Salad, Entree, Dessert. You can chose from a three ($70) or four ($80) meal. I chose the three courses because I had a feeling that I would be too full to have dessert. For my appetizer, I had the Warm Blue Crab and Artichoke Gratin with Lemon Chervil Glasage. It was not at all what I expected, but was so delicious! For my soup, I got the cauliflower soup with duck confit and almonds. My entree was Iron Seared Fish of the Day with a Poached Oyster, Leek and Potato Stew. The fish of the day was salmon. And let me tell you! I eat a lot of salmon and that was the BEST salmon I have ever eaten in my life. It was crunchy and soft in all the right places. For drinks, I decided to opt out on the cocktails and went for the lemonade. They had an apple and an orange option. I asked for the apple lemonade but was served the orange lemonade. I did not complain because it was so good! The waiter came back and asked if I wanted to try the apple lemonade. Because that is what I had originally requested, I said yes. Once again, really good! Don't be fooled though. This is not a refill. You are buying a completely new drink. I was too much in heaven to really care though. The whole meal took about 2 hours. Seems long but you really do not even realize that you are there that long because you're talking, eating, and having a great experience. You'll want to sit there and soak up the atmosphere. Do not forget to go check out both of the balconies. They are beautiful and gives a great view of New Orleans Square and the Rivers of America. Overall, if you are ever fortunate enough to get a reservation to this amazing restaurant, do not hesitate to take it! I can finally mark it off of my bucket list! I will never forget the experience.

Amor S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 13 April, 2015
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My husband got us invites to celebrate Valentines and my Birthday here this past February. The experience was so memorable and lovely. The venue was lavish and service was courteous and attentive. The 5 course meal was as delicious as it's plating was beautiful. After dinner we stepped out onto the balcony and enjoyed the view below of the bustling shops of Orleans. We also got to peak through the trees to watch a bit of Fantasmic and just soaked the night in. It was one of my favorite Birthday celebrations, and I'm super lucky to have experienced this once in a lifetime chance to dine here.

Justin S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 2 April, 2015
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I thought the food and setting were amazing. I really didn't know much about Club 33 prior to being invited to dinner. I understand the exclusivity and I really appreciate that. I have to give it 4 stars because I felt the service was not what it should have been and it brought down the overall dining experience. Don't get me wrong, it was good service, but it was not the "wow" service I had expected. I knew I was eating somewhere special, but the service did not make me (us) feel special. Additionally, I saw some very basic service standards being ignored such as touching the table without removing empty plates and glasses. Our pre-dinner (empty) martini glasses sat on the table until after the 2nd course. Had to ask to remove the glasses. Had to ask to take the wine menu. Had to ask for more bread. Wine pairing came half way into the salad. These needs are usually anticipated in an establishment of this caliber. Furthermore, it's kind of expected when $200 per person is being spent. I also felt the host staff was very relaxed, carrying on side conversations as we exited without acknowledgment. Again, this was a good experience, but it rode primarily on the coat tails of the mystique behind the restaurant. Had it not been for that, this would have just been a so-so experience.

yanard12  on  Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 31 March, 2015
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BUCKET LIST NUMBER 2!!! Ever since I got my season pass at Disneyland, I've wanted to come here. Reservation is impossible unless you are a member or get invited by a member. This is probably the hardest club to get into in America!Entrance is not the green door/elevator with the big 33 door sign anymore. The entrance moved down Royal Street a little more after the remodel. It is a white door with a small 33 sign and a door bell on the side. You cannot follow the numbers anymore since the new door is out of order. When you walk through the entrance up the stairs to the restaurant, you try to soak up all the Disney magic you can. The setting and decor is unexplainable.Restaurant itself only had about 10-15 tables. Max occupancy sign said 87. Pretty small. The outdoor balcony was awesome, overlooking New Orleans Square and getting to people watch. Service was excellent. Very friendly. Refilled our water every few minutes. Allowed me to order something that was not on the prix fixe choices. Had a few issues with the food coming out wrong but they fixed it. Lunch - 4 Course Meal - $80 - took about 2 hours to finish.Starter - Brioche Bread - Fluffy and buttery. I usually never go back for seconds on table bread but this was so pillowy and delicious. Appetizers - Blue Crab - Ton of crab. Cheesy. Artichoke was cooked exactly like potato gratin. I liked it with the brioche bread over the baguette slices it comes with.- Grilled Quail - Quail was cooked and seasoned perfectly. They were like little juicy poultry lollipops. The green coulis was a nice dip for the quial. Pears and peas pieces were a nice garnish.Soup & Salad - Wilted Kale Salad - Kale was wilted nicely, kept the crispiness but took some of the raw kale taste out. I liked the apple and pecans. Mixed with the bacon vinaigrette, it had a ceasar salad taste. - Tomato Soup with Mini Muffuletta - Was not on the menu when I came but I told our host I really wanted to try it after seeing all the pictures and they were nice enough to make this for me. Muffuletta had the cold cuts topped with the giardiniera. Bread was crispy and buttery. Tomato soup was as simple as it sounds, great tomato flavor, perfect for dipping the sandwich.Entrees- Petite Filet Mignon - Great steak. Got mine medium rare but it came out a little over then I like. The beans, onions, and potatoes were a great addition to the steak. Cabernet Jus was thick and paired well with the steak. Desserts- Chocolate Tart - So much thick rich chocolate filling with creamy bourbon ice cream to help cut it.- Monkey Bread - Tiny biscuit pieces topped with gooey caramel. Mix the candied pecans with vanilla ice cream and eat it with the monkey bread, perfection!Ramos Fizz - $11.75 - Wife enjoyed it. Said it had a lot of orange citrus flavor and was not strong. Had to get a drink at the only restaurant in Disneyland that serves alcohol. Club 33 Pin - $18 - Had to buy a pin since they only sell it in here. Season pass discount does not work for this store. This experience was amazing. I was so happy the food tasted just as amazing. The best course meals I have had. If you ever get a chance, do not pass up coming here!

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posted on 8 March, 2015
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I absolutely Love this place. I've eaten there over a dozen times and everyone I've taken has also enjoyed it immensely. Lunch or dinner, the menu is delicious and filling, the drinks are made well, and everything just satisfies. Eating there is a treat and I recommend it to anyone.

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posted on 24 February, 2015
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That's me, a lucky ducky who got to go to the famous and uber exclusive Disney Club 33!! Thankful for the opportunity and the experience -- top notch all the way around! The food, the service, the ambience with all the hidden magical meanings of artwork and history as all Disney fans will share, was well worth every moment. Plus getting to hang with friends who just make life special as we hung out here was the icing on the cake! What I noticed hanging with people who are "regulars" here, is that the staff treat them almost like extended family. They knew each person by name and had knowledge of their favorites (food, drinks, speciality items, etc.). These staffers were ON IT all the time and super welcoming to those who were just visiting for the first time too.

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posted on 15 February, 2015
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I have been here maybe 15-20 times and I have seen it change over the years. I miss things like the pasta bar, the hot bar and I miss the Belgium Chocolate. If you are lucky enough to go I suggest Sunday brunch which comes with champagne and a visit from the characters (usually Mickey and Pluto). There is not really much more to say that hasn't already been said. I will say this: for a few people who I have taken with me it has brought some of the magic back that hasn't been experienced since childhood.

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posted on 22 January, 2015
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Great place, but our waitress almost ruined the experience.I was proposed to at the doors to Club 33 on the day we went, so it was a very special day for me. It was also my birthday, so I was thrilled to be going in such a doubly important day!The person who brought us to sit down seemed to be more excited for us than our actual waitress, and she brought me several disney buttons to wear because I felt like she noticed what a grouch our waitress was and felt bad for us. I told our waitress that it was my birthday, hoping that they would sing or bring out desert like I had seen before, and she responded 'congratulations' and did not mention it for the rest of the night.The food was nice, I recommend the monkey bread for desert or the breaded pepper appetizer. The ratatouille was okay, but I thought it was somewhat bland.At the end of our meal the waitress comes back and says 'we don't do anything for anniversaries or birthdays.' I know for a fact they do celebrate birthdays, check the photos in here to see that they do, and I have had friends go in their birthdays.I felt SO disappointed, even Olive Garden celebrates your birthday! Why lie and say you don't?For a place this exclusive and expensive, customer service should be key! I am very disappointed with our waitress.

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posted on 3 January, 2015
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posted on 18 November, 2014
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I feel very blessed that I got to go and eat at Club 33. I enjoyed the food and the experience. Our waiter and the whole team was amazing. (I forgot his name but he was from Alaska). We had our reservation at 6 so it wasn't too late but after a day at the parks and the relaxing experience our 6 year old fell asleep after the 3rd course and we had two more to go. The staff noticed this and recommended us to put two chairs together so he could lay down and even made a pillow for him. My husband and I could finish enjoying our meal and our son was comfortable. They gave us the time and friendliness that you expect from disney that you don't always see in the park anymore. One more note about the food- the kids menu was amazing as well. My son liked everything he got and of course I had to try it as well and we both gave it two thumbs up.

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posted on 15 November, 2014
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The one and only Club 33. The exclusive members only club at Disneyland. It was on my bucket list and I finally received an invitation in November of 2014. My boyfriend's friend was generous enough to extend the invitation not only to me but to my little sister also and that is how we found ourselves inside Club 33 for lunch surrounded by the splendor that is Disneyland upgraded to that old school-old money feel. Lunch for us started at $70 for a three course menu, and $80 for a four course menu. All of us opted for the three course menu since you can actually pick and choose which three dishes you want from any category except for the entrees. So what most of us did was eat two appetizers and an entree and skip the dessert. Warm blue crab and artichoke gratin with lemon chervil glacage: Rich and almost buttery. The crab flavor definitely came through in the dish. Came with some crostini that was a tad over toasted in my opinion but still a strong start. Grilled quail with southern green coulis and roasted pears: My favorite starter out of the four. Perfectly cooked quail with a delightful coulis that my sister and I couldn't get enough of. We sopped it all up with some of their house bread.Country sausage and pate maison with apricot mustard and grilled persimmon: A miss. Too heavy on that meat flavor. No acid to brighten it up. The flavors did not work well for me and it left me with an aftertaste on my tongue that I did not enjoy. Zucchini blossom stuffed with mushrooms on fresh field pea coulis: Who knew zucchini blossoms could be so delicious? Stuffed to the brim with deliciousness.Perfectly cooked and seasoned just right. PLT: plowmans pork with lamb bacon, toasted brioche, shaved radish, creole mustard: Presented open faced and it was beautiful to look at. I learned that I am not a fan of lamb bacon because of that gamey taste and that this was probably the fanciest sandwich I've ever eaten. Iron seared swordfish with a poached oyster and leek, potato stew: The leek and potato stew on the bottom was a delight. I ate all of it with their buttery house bread. The fish itself was seasoned properly but was a tad overcooked. The broth underneath saved it by giving it the moisture it so needed. Petite filet mignon, tender haricot verts, cabernet jus: Melt in your mouth delicious. My only complaint is that they totally screwed up the temperature and we had to send it back for a new one. Still, tender, juicy, and seasoned right. Classic opera cake, manjari chocolate, coffee liquor, almond cake and caramel creme: A beautifully presented dessert. Big enough to cut into 4 to share with all of us. Good caramel creme too. I loved the coffee flavor that came through. Overall, a solid lunch experience but like everything at Disneyland, severely overpriced for what it is. If I was rating Club 33 just on the food and service itself, it would probably just be 3/5. No lunch no matter how fancy it is should take three hours. But the fact that this place carries so much history, and that it's a part of Disneyland that most will not see, it earns that last star. If you ever get invited for this unique experience, you would be a fool to turn it down. 4/5

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posted on 28 October, 2014
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I was very apprehensive that I wouldn't like the remodel after reading the reviews. The major change that still saddens me is the logo change (and of course the women's toilets :) but the food was stellar. Our entire party loved their meal. Interior was very fresh but still classic. Our waiter was awesome (Patrick). I am going with 4 stars because although I loved the food I was sad about a few of the changes. The lift in the bar, the logo change, bathroom change and the fact that the address doesn't line up. The entrance isn't the 33rd address it is more like 35.

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posted on 7 October, 2014
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Some of us fear change, some of us embrace it.After 6+ months of being closed for refurbishment, Club 33 opened its doors mid July. Luckily we landed a reservation within the first few weeks. The changes? As many have probably read, the entrance is no longer the small door next to the Blue Bayou. They replaced the old ornament store and the Court of Angels as the club's new entrance. A small light blue door with a buzzer with the new club 33 logo and a small glass window above the door gives away the entrance. Upon entering the door, there is a glass cabinet displaying some of the new merchandise. You enter the courtyard where you're greeted with a small fountain, refreshments and cold towels, perfect if you've just ran thru the park to make it by reservation time!Anyway. Now you have the option between 3 or 4 courses at a fixed price. Lunch is cheaper than dinner of course. There is no more lunch buffet. The drinks here are amazing, top quality and crafted to perfection. I had a Bloody Mary and Diamond Martini, of course I had it made my way with the cocktail onions. The martini comes with a diamond shaped ice. No they do not use heatless copper molds like at Carthay/1901. They're special order.The staff was great too. One of our servers, AJ, asked if I was celebrating my birthday. I told her I didn't get to this year because the restaurant didn't finish on time. She came out and surprised me with a sorbet trio. So sweet!Reservations made for non-members are now limited in numbers per year. The lounge is for members + guests only. I love all the changes from rules (makes it more exclusive) and the decor. Some say they hate the new logo, but I think it's fitting with the new look. The older logo would not match.Until next time.

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posted on 6 September, 2014
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I was fortunate enough to eat here because someone I knew made a reservation for me. I had seen it featured on a documentary on E! called "Secret Societies of Hollywood" and was thrilled when I found out I had the opportunity to go. I wasn't sure what to expect so I Googled it to try and find out information and I found a website that said to make sure to dress formal and to arrive to the park at least an hour before the reservation. Well, I spent so much time trying to find something nice to wear, I didn't get to the parking lot until 20 minutes before my reservation, which left me RUNNING through the Parking Lot, Downtown Disney AND inside the park to try and make it on time. We ended up being about 15-20 minutes late, which I thought would definitely lead to a cancelled reservation, but to my surprise they were super nice about our tardiness and didn't treat us differently at all. The way that they greet you and seat you is so exciting and special, you really feel like royalty. The prices are steep (I believe it was around $105 for a four-course meal and $125 for a five-course meal) but that's expected and not a problem. Everybody in the restaurant was having a great time and the servers were magnificent: Friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely attentive. Also, we got to go on the balcony and watch Fantasmic (you can just leave your food there anytime and go outside on the balcony) and also the fireworks show. I think we spent about 3 1/2 hours eating and enjoying the night. I really didn't want to leave once we were done!

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posted on 22 August, 2014
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My daughter was treated for her birthday and this was such a blessing. Clubb33 is beautiful and Randy was such a nice waiter. The chief came out to talk with us and I heard he very rare does. The food was awesome and so tasty. It was an honor to be there. Then later on we went to the lounge for drinks and coffee. They have the most delicious coffee I have ever had. It could of been a tab stronger but no complaints here. The people are so nice and treat you very well. It would be a dream come true to be a member. It was such a nice gift from my friends David.

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posted on 5 August, 2014
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Ok, so this is one of those restaurants that you visit just to visit. I mean, when offered a chance to come to Club 33, you don't turn it down. It's practically a myth in Disney Fanatic folklore. People take pictures in front of the sign, and position themselves just so that they can see inside when the door opens. The food is pretty good. Certainly not the best I've ever had, sadly. It should have been for how much it costs to belong to the club, however. The steak was Chateaubriand when I went. And fine, that really WAS the best steak I've ever had. But everything else was just nice. Not mind blowing. BUT that being said, if offered the chance to dine here, TAKE THE DAMN OFFER! It's not like you'll regret it.

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posted on 28 July, 2014
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Good times are here at Club 33. It's one of a kind and it's too bad not everyone can visit.

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posted on 8 July, 2014
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Club 33 has been the #2 item on my bucket list for sometime, so I had some pretty high expectations. As a passholder for 3 years, someone who has done competitions to ride all the rides at Disneyland in one day, and someone who has read about this history of Disney- you could say that I am an enthusiast/pretty devoted to the theme park. When my friend called me telling me had an "in" and invited me, I was literally shaking holding my phone. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE. This was truly one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received. I went on 12/28/13 - picking up the passes at Guest Services by the DCA entrance. We had lunch reservations, and 5 minutes before our reservation my friend rang the buzzer and we let in. Inside the lobby is decorated with a regal red and a large mirror opposite the grand staircase and French lift. While the hostess got our names, I proceeded to take pictures of the Mark Twain impressionist painting, the lift, and of course, me standing on the stairway and next to the Christmas tree by the stairway. In true fashion, my friend and I went up the (very cramped) lift. After exiting, we walked through a hallway with windows overlooking the hoi polloi of New Orleans square. We walked by nostalgic paintings of Walt, the bookcase of souvenirs, a piano, the bar, and then the dessert buffet. My friend and I were seated next to a window overlooking the American River.For lunch I had a plate of chilled shellfish, seared scallops with caviar, chateaubriand filet steak, and the dessert buffet. The seafood was very fresh and delicious. The scallop was perfectly seared and had a delicious flavor. My steak was tender but not seasoned enough to my liking. While the desserts were beautiful, most of them were plain and the only standout was the valhrona hot chocolate.$65 lunch was pricey but worth the amazing experience. It was definitely one of the best meals I have had in Disneyland (and my first legal drink in the park!!!) It would've been a lot cooler to see a celeb (the theme park CEO did walk around but did not stop by our table since we were unimportant). I'd definitely want to revisit after reservations and maybe when they don't have Christmas decorations.If you ever get an invite, make sure to get a drink, take pics of everything, go outside on the balcony, walk around after you meal, and take some napkins from the bathroom :)

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posted on 23 April, 2014
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Welcome to the $100 buffet. Please wait outside until we whisper you in. Hold a moment while I answer this very important phone call. Soak in the red velvet interior- luxurious ain't it? Ooh we'll take you up this super special elevator. It's an experience, food was just ok in taste but beautifully presented. They made exclusive Club 33 cookies that again is just pretty. You know though, Mickey and Pluto came to each table and posed for pics!! That's cool.

darlene m.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 30 January, 2014
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I went to Club 33 for lunch with some close friends a week ago. This was my third time going to Club 33. I really like the lunch because of the soup, salad and shellfish buffet. We had lunch here about a week ago and the buffet was closed. They did have a dessert buffet. We started with the shellfish appetizer which was delicious. I ordered the salad and chateaubriand steak. The salad was not very impressive. My friends ordered the butternut squash bisque. The soup was amazing! I highly recommend the bisque! My steak was cooked perfectly. Everything was perfect. It is a very special place. It is rather expensive. Due to the buffet being closed the price was reduced to $65. I think lunch is normally $95 per person. If you have an opportunity to go, go and enjoy yourself.

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posted on 9 January, 2014
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I am lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend that was able to get reservations to Club 33 for my birthday. I won't go too far into the details because the experience is all the fun.We went for Sunday Brunch, which I hear is the better choice. There were things that I didn't get to do that I will save for next time, so I'll try to help you get the best experience that you can.- Start at the ticket booths in the front. They'll make a call to the Club to alert them that you're coming.- On Sunday, the Disney friends come by for some photo opportunities!- Sunday brunch comes with endless champagne.- Don't be shy to look around, and if you get the chance, ask for a tour.- Check out the balcony.- The food buffet is great, but save room for the main course!If you think you can't go, don't give up! It'll happen if you believe!

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posted on 21 December, 2013
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The exclusivity of the place is declining but as a Disneyland fan, it didn't matter. Went for my anniversary and had the best steak of my life. The amount of food you get for the Prix fix menu cost is actually substantial. A pre-appetizer of crab, shrimp and lobster followed by a regular appetizer and then a delicious entree. The dessert bar had some wonderful choices, and naturally the service, cocktails and decor are top notch.I can't wait to go again.

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posted on 10 December, 2013
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I have been fortunate to have been able to dine here several times. Perfection is the only word I can use to describe each experience. Tips, if you have the chance to be picky with reservation, the buffet brunch owns dinner any day! Although you still have to order an entree for lunch now.

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posted on 3 December, 2013
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Edited to add: I am not a member, and I can not help you get a reservation. Please do not message me trying to get into Club 33 as I can not assist you in any way with this.Oh man, where to begin?!#1 Matt, on the dinner crew, is phenomenal. Request him if possible. Hes an amazing server and easy on the eyes ;)Club 33 has been a bucket list item for me for YEARS, and I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a dinner and lunch reservation in one weekend. Dinner was preferable for me.The food is amazing, and like everyone says save room for dessert. I had the best old fashioned I have ever had at this restaurant. You are expected to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert and hopefully a beverage for dinner. For lunch, its more of a prix fixe menu and you choose options for a set cost, with beverages being additional. For lunch you get a glass of champagne thrown in. Don't forget to go out on the balcony for a plethora of photo ops. Make sure you visit the ladies room if you are of the feminine persuasion, and take as many photos as you possibly can. You will NOT be rushed at this fine dining establishment, I spent about 3 hours inside for each meal.Do NOT forget about the dress code, and make sure to visit the display case in the upstairs foyer to purchase exclusive Club 33 merchandise. If you hover, an associate will arrive to handle your purchases. They also have a coat check, so if you want you can wear comfy shoes for the park, then swap and check them.

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posted on 16 November, 2013
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Greatest experience you can have. Everyone is so nice and smiley. Curt was so awesome and funny and does everything so great and entertaining for us. Food was so good.

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posted on 14 November, 2013
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Overall the experience was magical thanks to great company and service at the restaurant. Must GO place. Tip: - take lots of pictures

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posted on 8 November, 2013
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The bf and I had the pleasure of dining inside for lunch. All I can say is "MAGICAL." The experience and opportunity to even step foot beyond the 33 doors was amazing. The staff was very friendly and willing to take pictures of us. We even rode Walt Disney's elevator. The three of us enjoyed our complimentary champagne. LOVE IT! The bathroom was also clean and cute. There's napkins in there with the Club 33 logo and yes I did take some, HA! I had to bc I don't know if we will ever come back ever again. You know?! My friend and I even stepped outside to the balcony. Feel free to ask one of the staff members.The aura of the place just took me back because you are thinking, "Dang, I'm actually inside." Once seated, the manager greeted us and we even got take a picture with Mickey and Pluto at our table. Awesome! I ordered a fish dish and it was pretty delish. The bf ordered a lamb dish. He really liked it and finished all his food. I loved how lunch comes with a buffet. All I can say is AYCE CRAB LEGS, nommy!The venue was definitely classic. The service and staff were very friendly and on point. Definitely fine dining for a theme park-- having lunch is worth the price bc you get to eat from a buffet as well as ordering your entree meal. BTW, at times I would forget I was still in Disneyland. The bf bought a key chain, souvenirs start at $15. Note, this is the only place in DL where you can order from a full alcohol bar. This place is definitely not cheap but it's worth it especially if it's on your bucket list!

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posted on 5 November, 2013
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Being a major disney fan, I was stoked when I was able to go here for my 21st birthday. Since it's the only place in the whole park that serves alcohol, I thought this was suiting for my festivities. The pros: The exclusivity factor gives this restaurant 3 stars already. You feel special as soon as they accept your call over the intercom. Our table wasn't ready upon arrival, so they offered us a few options of rides we could walk on to or a private tour of the restaurant. We opted for the tour which I highly recommend if you are a disney fan. The food was absolutely amazing. The chicken melted in my mouth, and the appetizer and dessert bars were wonderful. It's also a deal when you think about it as park hopper admission is included with your meal. The cons: The woman at the front desk was an absolute nightmare. She was incredibly rude and not what you would expect from someone employed at "the happiest place on earth". On the plus side, her hideous attitude did not ruin the once in a lifetime experience we had.If you ever get a chance to go here, I highly recommend you take it! And don't forget to purchase Club 33 exclusive merchandise on your way out!

Kenny I.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 29 October, 2013
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Club 33... The myth, the man, the legend.. Went here this past Saturday with a party of 5, reservation for 5:30 pm. The park was very busy with Halloween decorations and stampedes of people left and right, so we were all very excited to "get away" from all of them. They don't open the doors until exactly the time of your reservation, unfortunately they were running a bit late due to the lunch parties before and a large party of 22 at 5:30 as well. Unfortunately while you are waiting outside everyone is trying to take a picture of the famous 33 outside the door, annoying when all you want is to go inside and get away from everyoneOnce inside, it got chaotic as they were locating members of the party of 22, letting others in, that we were almost forgot about and didn't get seated till after 6.So minus one star for the delay and no real genuine apology for it.Food is mediocre at best and some steaks were over cooked so definitely order it medium rare if you are looking for something closer to medium.. Not worth the price Bread basket was good, drinks were strong which I liked, and you can go out to the patio, take pictures, buy cool souvenirs.More to say you have been there and take cool Instagram pictures to show off... Other than that, id take my 50$ paid for 3 lamb pieces and use that towards 4 fried chicken meals at plaza inn..

Joanne Y.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 23 October, 2013
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Don't get me wrong, I feel very, very lucky to have been able to dine here. It's one of Disney's magical wonders and with all intentions of Disney himself, this place is a little gem of its own. So pardon me, Disney, as I review this place for its food alone:If it costs thousands or whatever for membership every year, why is the food only mediocre at best? If I were wealthy enough to gain membership here I'd be disappointed by the quality of the dishes I get. I got the chicken dish that was pretty dry. I sampled a fish dish and their famous steak dish, but those were just okay as well. Good portion sizes, but otherwise nothing to get too excited about. Price-wise it's a bit too high for the quality, and c'mon, no free ticket into Disneyland for having a pass into Club 33? Dinner takes at least a couple hours - so keep that in mind if you're planning to spend time in the park. My friends and I agreed that we would have enjoyed the Disney theme park food and outside entertainment a lot more than actually going to Club 33.Overall, worth the one-time experience of being able to say you went to see and dine inside of one of Disney's most exclusive buildings, but I probably wouldn't jump on the opportunity to go again.

K W.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 22 October, 2013
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This was our first time walking through the mysterious doors leading to the exclusive Club 33. Our evening started a bit shakey when we had to ring the bell a dozen times before anyone noticed we were waiting outside, but quickly took a turn for the better as we rode the elevator up to the dining area.The food was much better than reviews had led us to expect. I enjoyed the American Kobe Hanger Steak and my husband a 5 course tasting menu - both of us very pleased with our choices. We decided to finish off our meal with a delicious Creme Brulee (the best we've tasted).The restaurant is small and although the prices depict an upscale atmosphere, it feels very cozy - almost as if you're enjoying dinner at a family member's home. The wait staff is all very friendly and we never had empty glasses or dirty plates on our table.Overall, we had an amazing night and cannot wait to return for their lunch buffet.

Linda W.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 20 October, 2013
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As Disney fans, we are all crazy curious about this place and envy those who get to walk behind that sorta secret door identified as "33" in New Orleans Square. Finally, the opportunity arrived (most of us called it a once in a lifetime chance) and my friends and I paid 2 arms and 2 legs to get in. Upon entry we were escorted upstairs. Immediately the excited ones (like us) took out our cameras and started snapping away. There are 2 dining rooms. One leads to the balcony area (where we sat...better area too) and the other room that they say will be remodeled next time.The old elevator was awesome looking. There's even a cute phone booth with a vintage looking telephone inside that actually works. The cold food was delicious!! Lobster, crab, shrimp and all kinds of salads that totally met my expectations. The hot foods didn't taste all that great. It was just ok. Desserts were plenty including a chocolate fondue fountain. The hot chocolate drink was too thick for my liking though, but you get to use these cute little coffee cups. You're not allowed to sneak home any desserts, so put that Mickey shaped sugar cookie back. And I think you only get to eat 2 hrs before they start cleaning up the foods. Desserts will be out all night. The restrooms were tight and tiny, but the toilet was epic. :) It looks like a chair. The napkins inside has the Club 33 logo on it. Souvenirs are displayed in a cabinet. You point out what you want and the staff will disappear somewhere to fetch it for you. My friends and I didn't like collecting anymore stuff, but figured we'd regret it if we didn't buy something. We ended up purchasing caps, shot glasses and key chains. We heard the Mickey ears hat sells out fast, so jump to it first if you want that stuff. The place is not large, so don't expect too much. It is very pricey to come here, but if by some miracle you were given a chance, I do recommend you should check it out just to satisfy your curiosity.

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posted on 17 October, 2013
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I had the privilege of dining here back in June. I was here with a party of 8 including my newlywed sister and her husband. It was also an early wedding present for my fiancee and I. Since my fiancee and I are hardcore Disney fans and have been annual passholders for almost the past decade, Club 33 was the last place in the park that we had yet to step foot in. So, when the opportunity was presented, we didn't hesitate. For my fiancee and I, it was surreal that my cousin's boyfriend was able to find a connection a get us in.Once we walked in, we took pictures of almost everything. We were gentlemen and let the ladies take the elevator to the second floor. Definitely an indescribable feeling walking through the restaurant and passing Disney history that not very many people have seen. Once we were seated, we HAD to order an alcoholic beverage since we are pretty sure that this will be the one and only time we'll ever eat here. Club 33 has a full service bar.Lunch at Club 33 consists of a buffet with pastas, salads, crab, and lobster. The buffet alone was so good that we were afraid that we wouldn't have enough room for the entree. My fiancee and I ordered the filet mignon, medium rare and rare respectively. The fillets were cooked to perfection! I snagged some lobster tails from the buffet and made a filet and lobster meal out of it.Dessert is also buffet style. We had Club 33 chocolate, smores, cookies, and just about everything that the buffet had to offer.We were never rushed through the meal. The staff even let us walk around the balcony so we could take pictures to remember this once in a lifetime visit. It was interesting seeing the look on some peoples faces down below wondering how we got up there. You definitely feel special standing on the Club 33 balcony.Between the 8 of us, the bill came out to just about a grand. Absurd? Yes. Money well spent? Well, in our eyes, it was a Disney dream come true and that in itself makes the visit priceless. We're grateful that we were able to dine here and see it in its original form before the makeover takes place next year.

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posted on 9 October, 2013
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It was amazing to go to the legendary Club 33 and having it live up to and even exceed your expectations.The restaurant itself was stunning, from the entrance foyer with the vintage elevator to the dining room with an elegance unmatched by pretty much anything else in the Disneyland Resort. It was filled with great Disney Parks artwork, many pieces of which are not shown outside the restaurant, which made the experience a real treat for Disney fans.In addition to the special occasion of visiting the Club itself, the food was fortunately amazing as well. For the lunch menu, you start with the appetizers buffet, which included salads, antipasta, sliced meats and cheeses, and a seafood chowder.The entree I ordered was the Sauteed Free Range Chicken Breast. If I were a chicken, I'd wanna be served at Club 33. It was prepared perfectly, with a crispy skin but without that deep-fried feeling you get at other Resort restaurants. It came with a side of the macaroni and cheese with truffles, which was pretty good but not as cheesy as I would like; but at the same time, we're grown-ups and you don't go to a fancy restaurant to get Easy Mac.The dessert buffet was also all-you-can-eat (and boy, did we eat) - we actually really enjoyed the Club 33 cookies as well as the s'mores cracker sandwiches.The icing on the cake, though, was the superb service and positive attitude of the Cast Members there. Everyone recognized what a special occasion this is for the guests visiting Club 33, so we were allowed to take our time to walk around, stroll the balconies overlooking New Orleans Square, and ask questions about the Club's history.Sure, it's a hefty price tag, but it's an event that you will always remember. By far one of my favorite experiences at the Disney Parks, and I feel so lucky that I got to visit prior to the controversial changes coming in early 2014. If you get a chance to Club here, don't pass it up!

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posted on 4 October, 2013
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posted on 1 October, 2013
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REVIEW NUMBER 300No clue what I reviewed for any of my previous review numbers but it's kind of fitting that Club 33 is my 300th. Came here To celebrate my friends' marriage (in their 3rd week). The more 3's the merrier! So here's the deal. Come to Club 33 if you like Disney. I think of Club 33 as a magical Disney experience with food on the side as a bonus. If you don't like Disney and end up coming here then imagine an overpriced meal with a NON magical experience. FOOD (4*)Buffet - Shrimp, crab claws and lobster. Meat platter, soup, pasta station. There was a bunch of other stuff like salad but I didn't touch that. I only tried a small sample of my friends pasta but it was pretty good. You get to choose what you want and the pasta chef cooks it up right in front of you. Entree - I got the steak. I asked for medium rare and that's exactly what I got. If anything, the steak leaned more toward the rarer side than medium. So maybe they saw the previous comments from people and improved their steak cooking. I also tried some of my friend's halibut. The fish was on the drier side. DRINK (4.5*)*So you can buy alcoholic drinks here. I guess that's cool. I don't really see this being that big of a deal though unless you are an alcoholic and you just need to get your fix. When you come here on Sunday, you get champagne or cider during lunch. It's "complementary" but I also believe that your meal cost a little more than any other day of the week. ($95 vs. $80 i think)I ordered a mojito. Not bad. SERVICE (5*)The service at Disney is generally very good. Service at Club 33 was pretty much on par. Several cast members helped us throughout our stay. The two we saw the most of, Angela and Vanessa, were both great. Friendly, helpful and non intrusive. AMBIANCE (5*)The bigger the Disney fan you are, the more magical your experience will be. The exclusivity of Club 33 paired with the club's beauty is enough to give even the casual Disney fan a Mickey Mouse high. It's pretty peaceful here. The noise level was pretty good. For example, we opened the balcny door next to our table and I started to feel like the outside noise from below might disturb the others inside. Mickey and Pluto made sure to visit every table there.

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posted on 28 September, 2013
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posted on 3 September, 2013
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This is the second time visiting for lunch and it was again...amazing. The filet of pan roasted chateaubriand cooked medium rare made the favors come out & oh so tender. The crab legs and shrimp at the buffet were perfect & the crab legs btw were pre-cracked. Definitely make a visit here if you can.

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posted on 3 September, 2013
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not much that i can say here except that if you are ever lucky enough in your lifetime to go here, don't hesitate. i was fortunate enough to go 2 times in 1 year thanks to a hook up from a friend of a member. from what i understand, that could all be changing. so if you have the chance, for sure go and do it soon. great food, amazing service and a 1 of a kind view of New Orleans square.

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posted on 29 August, 2013
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I mean, who wouldn't give this place 5 stars. With it being the only place in DLAND that you can purchase alcohol, my friends and I obviously took advantage. Probably the BEST mojito I have ever had, as well as the best "strong island" I've tasted. They I absolutely cater to your every need, and are so kind and Chase, who was our server, was HILARIOUS. He got me a rose for my birthday celebration, so fun!Of course, the buffet is the bomb. Best salad ever, with 4 different kinds of lettuce. The fruit bar is to die for, with the freshest fruits, and the display was amazing! And the best thing... Lobster, crab and shrimp... Just at the buffet? I mean, it DOES NOT GET BETTER.I ordered the lamb shank, and ..... It was cooked TO PERFECTION, medium rare, and juicy. Truffle Mac and cheese.. Phenomenal. I can see why this place is exclusive, and I was so lucky to have experienced it. All in all, their service is obviously amazing, the food was incredible, and their desserts were to DIE for. (It was like an open bar but for're kidding me...) The price was worth JUST the food. I know, I know, 125 to 130 dollars may be a little much, but HASHTAG LETS BE HONEST: the service, the atmosphere...just immaculate. I hope to go again for my birthday this year!

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posted on 25 August, 2013
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If you ever get the chance to dine here, do so. The price is well worth the experience. I knew someone who's family member was apart of a popular insurance company, which has a company membership. I have only been there twice, and both Sunday morning. I recommend Sunday mornings because 1.) Buffett: arrange of seafood, soups, appetizers depending on chefs choice, and desserts. 2.) you also get a choice of one main entree 3.) the best part of it all is that Mickey and friends come visit each table personally! It is a set price per person, I remember paying a little bit over $100 including tip. Cheers!

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posted on 20 August, 2013
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It was niceCute french decorGreat service, of courseGood foodSlightly overpriced...Kind of a scam by Disney if you ask me...

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posted on 18 August, 2013
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Great experience as a guest of a member. Loved the view from the balconies and was able to watch Fantasmic through the trees - priceless. The food was good but not spectacular. The food and service is better at Napa Rose, but the experience of wondering the halls and balconies was amazing. I would go again for that alone. The dining areas are small and comfortable making this a peaceful retreat in the otherwise busy park. Having a glass of wine didn't hurt either.

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posted on 30 July, 2013
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Worth the experience of coming to once for sure...pretty much just to say you did it.Fancy but quaint atmosphere...happy servers.We went for lunch; there were 5 items to choose from and each came with the buffet:Rack of Lamb: Heard this was good, but also heard the steak was better.Steak: Good. Tender, tasty. Great mashed potatoes. Chicken- No one orderedSalmon-Okay. Sauce was pretty much pure butter- mine was a little over cooked. Halibut- No one orderedThe Buffet:Peeled Shrimp CocktailCrab Claws (pre-cut)Lobster Claws(pre-cut)3 Different one bite apps (ie. puffed pastry with goat cheese)assorted fruitassorted cheeses & meatscream of potato and cheese soupAssorted Dessert Buffet:CakesPiesCookiesCreme Brulee$80 per person (this includes one entree, the buffet, & coffee)Full bar is available with average prices.After all was said and done it ended up being about $125 a person with food, 2 drinks, & tip. Definitely way too pricey for lunch but then again Disney likes to charge $3.75 for a damn churro. BTW. Did I tell you that I went to Club 33?!!!?!!!

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posted on 23 July, 2013
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Overpriced, but there were some unique, amazing things served here. And then there were ordinary lame items.Whatever, at the end of the day you can booze at Disneyland, the rest is details.

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posted on 22 July, 2013
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Have eaten here many times. Lunch and dinner. Food is always good and presentation is exceptional. Only bad experience was a bottle of expensive Champagne served at a less than properly chilled temperature. Would recommend the lunch with the extensive salad bar card legs and Champagne. Then go with the New York and a nice red.

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posted on 19 July, 2013
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Visited the exclusive Club 33 July 5, 2013 to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. It is definitely difficult to make reservations or get access to this restaurant without a direct connection. Luckily someone I knew had membership! Knowing how hard it is to get into Club 33 made the food and experience just that much more wonderful!We ordered the Vintner's menu with the filet chateaubriand substitution and I had the Lamb. The lamb was bombdiggity and definitely lived up to the Club 33 hype. We ordered the lamb medium-rare and it was cooked perfectly! Not to raw and not overcooked. I liked the filet as well but the lamb stole the show. The complimentary sample appetizer was delicious as well even though I don't remember what was in it exactly but it came with a shot of Watermelon Rosemary and the waiter said it was compliments of the chief.I really enjoyed eating the Minnie and Mickey Mouse Chocolate moose heads as a complimentary dessert for our anniversary. The staff was especially sweet. I really loved the asian waitress she was very attentive. All the waiters and waitresses are like ninjas! When you walk away for a split second their run over and fold your napkin so quickly.... The location is superb except for the trees that obstruct the view of Fantasmic. The decor and bathroom is really pretty and neat. This is the only place that serves alcohol in Disneyland. I enjoyed the mini ride on the elevator/lift as well. All the staff members are very sweet and polite. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our visit immensely and it definitely made our 5 year anniversary just that much more wonderful here at the happiest place on earth!

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posted on 8 July, 2013
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We recently came back and got the chateaubriand and I officially died and went to heaven. Going to the Club is one of the better experiences out there. Obviously it is exclusive but on an entirely other note, it's just darn fun and wonderful. If you every have a chance to visit, definitely go. You won't be sorry.

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posted on 2 July, 2013
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YES,Former member here....Let it lapse in 2008(or should I say stopped fighting with them to keep it)....Glad I did as just visited again and don't regret my 2008 decision.I remember when there were a few perks for the cost....sadly, tough to get a reservation...any special events are sent by mail so we would get them 3-4 days after the locals---and always hear "sorry sold out". Yes, food is great. Nice to visit---but, not worth it. Met Roy once at a non-disney event. Sadly, he agreed on the demise.

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posted on 13 June, 2013
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What can I say; I got lucky enough to score an invitation and took my very best Dis friend with me. If you get the chance, jump on it. Great food, Great service and a Great location to boot. Others say it is not worth it but in my book it was worth every penny including the plane fare, rent a car fare, price of the park, parking and the awesome lunch. The only thing that would have made it better is to have Walt there himself. Thanks Disney for keeping the dream alive.

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posted on 12 June, 2013
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I love going to the Club, I am truly blessed to have a Uncle who is a member and can make reservations for me anytime I want to go. And I go frequently lol. As a CM for Disney I love that I can go here and get away from work and just enjoy the ambiance of this Magical Place with Family & Friends and New Friends. So I made a reservation for May 18th 2013 for 10 people 9 wonderful people. I took 2 other CM'S who had been with me before and I took 7 new people who had never ventured behind that door. We showed up at 11 a.m for our check in and of course I always ask for Terri Jo to take care of me since she has for so long. I took my guests inside and we were seated and love was showered to me. I had not been back to the Club since December because my Dad died December 20th 2012 and my reservation for January 2013 had to be cancelled. Everyone was in awe of the place and they ordered their drinks and were taking pictures. Terri Jo always does Magical things for me. As Entree's were presented she came back with 2 big bowls of the Truffle Mac & Cheese that she always brings my guests. And if you have never had it then you MUST try it!! It is to die for. we passed the bowls around and my guests just harked about how great it is. The Magic didn't stop there. Terri also brought out some Mickey Mousse's for my table of guests and a special Dessert just for the Birthday girl. Chase another fine server (and I mean FINE) and a personal friend of mine came by my table to say hello and he also makes the best Adult drinks. He always pours LOVE into my cocktails. I love seeing him and I told my guests that I always blush when he comes by, and sure enough he comes by and there I go getting all red. I know many of you have either been or wish to go and I hope that you can go at some point. I am already planning my next trip in September pending construction. Yes Club 33 is going through a remodel. We are moving the entrance from 33 Royal St next to Blue Bayou over to the Court Of Angels and we are building another dining room above the Orleans Quick Service Restaurant. Rumor for the bids is that Construction is slated to begin in September through July 2014 with some closures to the club. So I do not know when the closure's will be to that side of the Club. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope that you like my Pictures and I hope you get to attend this wonderful place. I love going here and I am truly blessed.

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posted on 31 May, 2013
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All the reviews before me pretty much summed up the whole magical dining experience at Club 33. It is definitely worth it for that once in a life time experience and to say "I've been to Club 33!" If I ever get another chance to go, I would definitely go back in a heartbeat for sure!

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posted on 27 May, 2013
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OMG! Im a huge Disneyland fan and I got a chance to go. Bucket list like everyone says lol. Everyone's previous reviews are spot on. It was my birthday so I was presented a nice mickey mouse cake with candle. Loved watching fantasmic and fireworks show from balcony with great company and a little something to sip on lol.

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posted on 20 May, 2013
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I've always wanted to go to Club 33 just to say I've been. Bucket list item CHECK! I ate here for Sunday brunch which is an all you can eat cold appetizer buffet, an entree of your choice, and then an all you can eat dessert buffet. When you get there, you ring the doorbell and then someone lets you in. SUPER EXCLUSIVE! Inside, there was definitely a historic feel to the place. The ambiance was nothing special. The food was ok - nothing over the top - especially for the price. I definitely have had better food at half the price. I'm paying more for the experience of being at this super exclusive restaurant that many people don't even get a chance to try. While eating my cold crab, I found a small live spider and did not make a big deal about it. My boyfriend graciously had the busser pick up my entire plate. We didn't really get an apology nor was it acknowledged by our server. Since I was so excited to dine here, I think our party didn't want to bring any negativity to the day but I think our server should have addressed it at least. Aside from live spiders accompanying the meal, the entree was the best part of the meal. I really enjoyed the flavor of the crab stuffed lobster. I tried my boyfriends filet which was nothing special. I've had better filet at other fine dining establishments that specialize in their meat. I was really looking forward to dessert, especially because they were so pretty, but they were subpar and you could get better ones at Vegas buffets. For about $120 a person, I really wouldn't come back. But hell yea, now I can say I've been to Club 33.

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posted on 10 May, 2013
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Last week, I was invited by a very good friend to celebrate my early birthday here at Club 33 and I could not say no. Especially such a unique and exclusive opportunity to go here.The atmosphere is nothing you see at other restaurants at the park, the staff is very friendly and are very attentive to your needs. The decor is absolutely beautiful inside the restaurant, even the bathrooms all the way to the toilets (the toilets don't look like toilets at all!) The framed drawings were my favorite since they reminded me of fashion sketches which I love. Everything was incredibly beautiful and definitely a must-see.The food was delicious! They have an open cold bar for appetizers such as shrimp, crab legs, salad, cheese, cold meat, soup, bread, etc. as well as an open dessert bar, which was hard for me to resist before my entree came, but I did it. For my main course, I had the Chateaubriand which was delicious! It looked very small, but it sure did fill me up! It was very rich in flavor. For dessert, I tried a few things from the dessert bar but I just could not eat it all because of how filling my main entree was. As everyone was enjoying their dessert, I received a text that I was one of 15 students chosen to have breakfast with Disney Legend and former Disney Imagineer, Marty Sklar, on my real birthday. I started tearing and shared the news with my friends. A few moments later, a birthday cake came out. It was all perfect timing.I would have loved to have stayed longer but I had to rush as I had other priorities after lunch to attend to. I did leave with some pictures on their beautiful balcony and some souvenirs from their glass showcase (wait for a cast member and they will help you and ring you up by the glass case).If you are ever given the opportunity to be invited to this exclusive/secret restaurant, I'd say go for it! Some people that work in the park for years have never stepped foot in this restaurant so for some people it's a one in a lifetime moment. During my program, I'm hoping to go 1 or 2 more times. It is costly but you definitely pay for what you get-- let's just say, every time I left my table, I never came back to a dirty plate or an unfolded cloth napkin.

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posted on 9 May, 2013
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An amazing experience!Was surprised we actually got invitations to dine here at this secret club that's not open to the public. By the way, please do not private message me in regards to making a reservation. I cannot get anyone in, I'm not a member!Opened since May 1967, Club 33 is a private club located in the heart of New Orleans Square at Disneyland. As quoted from the Club 33 website, Walt Disney felt that a special place was needed where he could entertain visiting dignitaries and others in a quiet, serene atmosphere where superb cuisine and distinctive decor would complement one another. Club 33 is named after 33 Royal Street and the only place at Disneyland to serve beer and wine.Oh and they are serious about reservations. There is a no-show penalty fee. They don't tolerate people coming in late to their reservation. Previous visits ago we came across some guests that were freaking out that they were going to be late, now I know why. Our reservations were for 7:30 pm. We came like an hour early. I didn't think they would let us in early but they did. The minute the door was opened for us I was in utter amazement. We're now actually inside! The cast member was super friendly and welcoming. She led us to the elevator that took us to the second floor where all the festivities are. The elevators looked very simple and elegant. We were led to our tables. The server then introduced us to a variety of dishes.The cast member presented us with a dinner entree menu. There's also a 5 course meal menu ($90). They also have a big wine menu. They served us complimentary bread and butter along with some lamb. The lamb was super tender and delicious. I ordered a Grilled Prime Hanger Steak ($45). I got this medium rare. Thick cut slices of perfection. Super rich in flavor and possibly the most tender steak I've ever had. It also came with Rutabaga Puree Polenta which was really tasty.We also go Creme Brulee, Assorted Fruit, and Assorted Cookies ($14). The Creme Brulee was really good. Just the right amount of sweetness. My boyfriend enjoyed the steak as well. He finished his dish before I could even finish mine. He got chocolate cake for dessert which also came with butternut squash ice cream ($14) (There is a 33 chocolate square on top of the cake which is super hard to see in the picture). Regarding the chocolate cake, he said it was super rich in chocolate. He liked the desserts very much. After dessert, we were hanging out at the balcony for a while watching Fantasmic and the Magical Fireworks Show. It certainly wasn't that great of a view because of the trees blocking the way. But it felt nice to stand at a spot where you can see over everything. Some people did look up and wave. It was an interesting feeling to be up there.Gorgeous interior. Beautiful chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. I completely forgot to take picture of the wine bar. There aren't that many tables on the second floor. There are doors next to every table that lead out to the balcony. They also had very nice dinnerware!They also had a cabinet with Club 33 souvenirs. I ended up buying a latte mug ($20) and a shot glass ($15).Overall, we had a wonderful experience at this restaurant. The restaurant is quite beautiful in itself with superb service and delicious meals. Club 33 felt like another world outside of Disneyland. I don't know if we can get in again but this was certainly an experience I'll always remember.

Winston R.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 8 May, 2013
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So a few months back my wife and I were invited to go to Club 33 by our good friends Chris and Anissa.. To be honest I did not know how big of a deal it was until they told me.. Oh boy it was great.. The food, service and the ambiance was excellent.. Since it was a Sunday Mickey mouse and some of the Disney gang came to the table to take pictures with us.. The seafood buffet prior to the main course was spot on.. The main course was cooked to perfection.. The desserts were not only tastee it also was decked out with the 33 logo.. I ate so much it was uncomfortable.. Literally! This place is a great spot if you have the chance to dine there.. Truly a treat and thank you to our friends who made it possible!!

Dana J.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 24 April, 2013
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I went to dinner last night and have mixed feelings about my experience there. It was very cool to dine in the exclusive club (with its nondescript door next to Blue Bayou and hidden buzzer). I was super excited for dinner until we were informed that my boyfriend could not come to dinner with shorts on. This led to a frantic search in and around the park for a store that sold mens pants. We finally found a Quiksilver in Downtown Disney and rushed back to our party, where the rest of my family was waiting. Needless to say, this caused a huge damper in our evening. It's frustrating that they don't have an official website specifically stating their dress code. I was only able to find an unofficial one and wasn't sure how credible it was....sooo lesson learned - MEN, DO NOT WEAR SHORTS TO DINNER.Other than that, we had a good experience. I had the 5 course Vintner's tasting menu. Every course was pretty delicious, including my rack of lamb entree. Dessert was only ok. I'd come back of course, because well....who doesn't want to be a part of an exclusive club, even for just a night?

Jessica S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 20 April, 2013
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Eric K.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 29 March, 2013
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Mice and ducks everywhere.The food is top of the line, the filet mignon is hands down the best I've had.

Jenna B.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 25 March, 2013
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Club 33 completely lived up to my expectations! My parents took my boyfriend and I for lunch about a year ago and it was such a treat! The decor is very elegant- it looks the same as when Walt was still around which makes it feel very historic and classic. I enjoyed the lunch since they had a full appetizer bar filled with salads, fruit, soup, breads, cold shrimp and meats... I actually thought that's what the lunch consisted of; a full buffet little did I know that was just the first course. The menu was small, I believe there were only 6 or 7 options to chose from but everything sounded so good it was hard to choose! I ended up getting the salmon which was absolutely delicious! It was perfectly prepared and very filling. My boyfriend got the chicken with truffled mac n' cheese- oh my gosh- it was amazing! The truffle mac n' cheese was probably my favorite item on the menu. We were all very happy with our dishes and with the appetizer bar- I think we went back for seconds since there was so much variety it was hard to fit onto one plate! Once you are done with your meal, they offer a beautiful dessert bar with so many options to choose from! They serve cookies that are in the shape of Mickey's head which is cute and they have chocolate cakes with 33 printed on the top- very elegant. Of course it is very expensive, but it was worth every penny. The food was impeccable, the service was fantastic and the ambiance was beautiful. Definitely go on the outside patio to take pictures over New Orleans square. Also, you must check out the bathrooms (I know that sounds crazy!) but their toilets look like old elegant chairs... it's very cool. I would definitely go back again!

Jessie M.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 25 March, 2013
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Really not worth it. Maybe go once if someone else is paying. The food is incredibly forgetful and I'm pretty sure geared towards older execs whose taste buds have ceased to work properly. Stick with turkey legs, clam chowder in a bread bowl, and churros right outside of this restaurant.

Josh M.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 15 March, 2013
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Luckily for me, I was able to come in as a guest for a company that has membership here, and to sum up my entire experience in only one word I would say: Excellent. I ordered the pan seared chateaubriand, which was delicious, the kind of meat that melts in your mouth and is well worth the over $100 per plate you'll be paying for. The coke I ordered came with a cherry on top, the server stood beside us and refilled our water cups as we were eating. The Cast Members not only were nice, they actually wanted to keep the conversation alive and tell you all about this exclusive/hidden gem. Certainly one of those things where you say "you get what you pay for" this experience has one hell of a price tag, but being able to say that you've been inside and eaten here is priceless. Sure it costs a pretty penny, but the service you receive is remarkable and the food and atmosphere is worth every cent.

Jeff R.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 5 March, 2013
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I was lucky enough to get in here a couple months ago and it was everything I hoped for. Amazing atmosphere and history, delicious food, very friendly staff. I ordered the filet mignon, and I have to honestly say it was the best steak I've ever had in my life. I savored every bite. The deserts were pretty good, but if you have the chance to try them you should definitely not miss the smore cookies. We only took one on our way out, and wished we had grabbed a handful. Another tip, if you're a pin collector, they have exclusive Club 33 pins for sale only inside. They're $15, and unfortunately Annual Pass discounts do not work here. If you have the opportunity, it's fun to go out on the balcony. Just ask, and the waiter will go outside to take your picture from the street!

Ray Ray S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 17 February, 2013
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After all these years of waiting I finally made it in. This is an experience that is truly great. I'm fortunate that I get to go back now when I like (which wont be often) but just an amazing dinner which was more than excellent. To start off the service is by far the best I ever had, I took the 7 course meal, it of course started with a bread and butter and it actually had 3 different types of bread which were great then compliments of the chef, it was a soup spoon with a gelatin center a red sweeten union puree with a finely sliced strawberry caramelized, then came a chilled duck breast seasoned to perfection with a duck pate of some kind which was creamy and smooth, I then received some calamari with a lobster sauce which was fine but again calamari is calamari not much you could do to make it tasty although you are allowed to substitute any item which I would recommend the scallop with a side of puree cauliflower soup in a cappuccino cup which was perfect then came my main course which was lamb chomps nice and rare but a perfect char on the outside which some veggies on the side again just perfect, then we got some cheeses & crackers after our mean which i really enjoyed but these would be perfect to start with not after my meal but again just excellent to end they serve a very interesting dessert which consists of a circle caramelized exterior with a soft bread at the base and seasoned apples with cinnamon with a frozen yogurt on top what I really like was the fact I'm a water fan when I have a meal did I mention my water glass NEVER made it half way down and they use a fresh bottle of water to fill up each glass and if they notice your napkin is unfolded then they fold it up to a perfect design again as when you first sit down. The over all experience was just PERFECT/AMAZING if you ever get the chance to go don't ever think about it.

Bill S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 3 February, 2013
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I was lucky enough to dine here once and it was a cool experience for historical reasons, but the food was simply above average and not world class like it is in Victoria & Alberts in Disney World.The menus were in nice binders and there were many different choices, but no prices were displayed. I think everything is priced the same.I ordered the Monk fish with lobster bisque and a side or macaroni. My friend ordered the Chateaubriand with mashed potatoes and a maui style onion ring.We then went to the salad bar and had chilled shrimp, chilled lobster tails, and some other goodies.The meal came at perfect timing after we were done with the salad and appetizers and the food was perfect.The fish and sauce was spectacular and excellemt. The Chateaubriand was tender and succulent.After lunch, we then went to the dessert bar and we both PIGGED out here. I think I sampled everything here and it was all excellent.All in all...the food, ambiance, service, and exclusivity were very good.Then the bill came and I grabbed it as I wanted to pay.......OUCH!Fruit punch = $11.25 eachDiet coke = $3.00 eachLunch = $69.00 eachTip was not included so I left 20% and the grand total was OVER $200 for lunch for two people and NO alcoholic drinks were ordered.

Ethan S.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 7 January, 2013
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Club 33 has to be the ultimate Disney dining experience, but aside from that it's still one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. My party of four all got the prix fixe 5 course dinner, three of us also got the wine pairing. Our waiter Allistair was absolutely the best server/host I've ever had! He was instantly like an old friend. I would go back just to chat with him again.The food was absolutely incredible. One of the dishes was a lobster bisque that just blew my expectations out of the water. Every glass of wine was perfectly paired. Midway through the meal they took us out to the balcony to watch Fantastmic and when we came back in there was a little sweet treat waiting for us.Definitely going to go here again and again.

Michelle M.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 4 January, 2013
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I feel like a very lucky lady being able to eat a once in a lifetime dinner at Club 33. I've been wanting to come here for years, but never thought I would have the experience to since you either have to be a member of the club or you have to know someone to get in. I'm not a member, nor do I know anyone who could get me in, until this year. The company my boyfriend works for has some connections to get into Club 33. For our one year anniversary, he pulled some strings and was able to get us in for dinner this past weekend. I was (and still am) more than ecstatic. Located in New Orleans Square above The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is this mystical restaurant. It's so secluded and not so well known that guests even have to ring a doorbell to get in like it is a fancy club. My boyfriend and I got to Club 33 at 5:25pm (reservations at 5:30pm), but the staff ignored our ring until about 5:29pm. So punctual. We were the first guests in Club 33 for our Saturday night reservations and we got all the attention for awhile. I'm not used to fancy places to eat, so the fact a server put my napkin on my lap was a little unusual for me. But, I could easily get used to service like that anywhere I go. For food, my boyfriend and I ordered their cheese platter for an appetizer ($17). It came with three different types of cheese and crackers. It was pretty good, especially if you like cheese. For the main course, I ordered the Lobster Plate ($46) and my boyfriend ordered the steak plate ($53). Both were wonderful and melt in your mouth good. I just wasn't happy with the pasta that came with mine, but it didn't matter since I had more than enough food to fill me up. For dessert, I ordered their Cheesecake and my boyfriend ordered what they called a S'more ($14 each). The dessert was rich, but good. They also brought us out a Happy Anniversary Mickey and Minnie dessert (on the house), which was very cute and very good. For drinks, I got a red wine ($11.50 each glass) and a Bailey's Coffee ($8). My boyfriend got a mixed drink (about $11). The drinks were wonderful and hit the spot. I had a wonderful experience dinning at Club 33. All the employees were so wonderful and cheerful that I wanted to stay the whole night. I recommend looking at the pictures hanging on the walls in the restaurant and usually employees will stop and tell you a tid bit about the picture -- I found out that back in the day, if Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wasn't a success that the Disney Company would have gone under (that would have been drastic!). Check out their small gift shop -- my boyfriend bought me a Club 33 wine glass (what a great memory!). The bathroom is worth looking into as well, it's not like your typical restroom. And last, but not least, take their old fashioned lift at least once (even if you're terrified of small spaces!), it's fun and worth it!All in all, I had a great time at Club 33. I would love to be able to come back to this wonderful place, but that may be a far out wish for this girl. But, one could always dream!Cheers!

C C.  on Peaches Gentlemen Club

posted on 31 December, 2012
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My sister is moving to Europe and well, I was hoping, praying to get her and I in for NYE this year. So, am posting this in hopes maybe just maybe, there is a kind soul out there that will help us get in. :-)

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