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10624 Hawthorne Boulevard

Lennox, California 90304

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Gabriel N.  on Jet Strip

posted on July 23, 2015
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Very fun!!! All the girls are wonderfully kind and sociable.I went on a slow night which I like better because there's more privacy, but I'm sure every night is s great one at Jet Strip."I'll be back"

adamrod  on  Jet Strip

posted on April 5, 2015
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Thus place gets no stars due to the fact that they disrespect woman patrons. They kicked out a female friend of mine and the dude with Ray Ban-esque glasses got very combative with my friend who is a female- it was overly aggressive and it ruined our night- he took her phone and we have right to believe he stole pictures/confidential information from her phone- he even went so far as to threaten legal action which was totally unwarranted- the manager tried to smooth things out gracefully buy we'll never go back there- sorry to the girls but this place should not be given a first chance

mathewater12  on  Jet Strip

posted on May 26, 2014
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I'd like to break the dude who counts the dances jaw. He's such an owners pet it's ridiculous, if you have to get on your knees and kiss the owners feet than maybe look for employment elsewhere lol. I got a good handjob here tho. Reaaaaaally good.

james1412  on  Jet Strip

posted on November 5, 2013
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Its a good club but there is hardly ever rock music played so if you rock like me try the clubs in hollywood.

DirtyHarry H.  on Jet Strip

posted on January 11, 2013
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Went there as it was near to the hotel. Less cover charge - got one day free entry which is nice. Few are good and others are awful.. But it was really the money's worth..