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2688 E South Street

Long Beach, California 90805

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joseph1k  on  Copacabana Night Club

posted on April 30, 2010
Joined 10 years ago
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Eek! Me thinks not!!! I will not be returning to this place again. I got dressed thinking I was about to go to a nice club and where did my friend take me??? To the Copa Cabana. We walk in and see only 5 people on the dance floor and 3 sitting at a table. So empty. After a while, more and more people showed up but as expected they were all NO NO's. Big mama walks in with her mini skirt on and started dancing all on the pole with some random dude. Then she must have gotten a little too excited because she worked the pole all the way down TO THE GROUND and showed all of her "business" to the crowd. Now, a few minutes pass and a group of other chicks come in looking a hot mess and they were kissing on each other...after seeing that I was done for the night. I bought 2 drinks and stil lwant drunk enough to block out how bored I was while at the Copa Cabana. I wil lnever be returning to this club. Its infested with dirty men, lesbians and fat chicks...not my cup if tea. Oh and btw, they have the nerve to charge 15 pp to enter. I'll stick to my Hollywood clubs.

party girl  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on June 20, 2007
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give me a call 7142325910

wondering  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on May 24, 2007
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hey I am thinking about moving to cali I live in arizona now and business gets slow here in the summer i was wondering if it is like that here also.And wondering what is the best place to live and work wold be and if this is a good club to be at. thanks for all you help. :)

Island Girl Mariah  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on March 7, 2007
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Hey Guys  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on November 4, 2006
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Im not dancing anymore. i just opened a nail salon so so long :)

Interested Dancer  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on June 6, 2005
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I am from WI but moving to Long Beach soon. I have danced here a lot but never in CA. Is your club hiring and if so how do I go about submitting an application?

SANDRA  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on May 2, 2005
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Ok there are a couple of fine women in the ranch like honey, peaches, lacy, oh yeah mel the bartender. these women make the ranch everyone else there are ugly and have attitudes . u should go check out these girls its worth your while.

East Cost/West Cost  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on February 27, 2005
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I want to thnk you for Bringing Regan Anthony to your club, she was alot of energy and alot of fun. I seen her in NY before, good job.

BigSexxxy  on Copacabana Night Club

posted on January 23, 2005
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A dancer by the name of Jennifer danced at the Fantasy Ranch about six months ago she worked there about a year. Does anyone know where she dances at now. She's about 5'9 with heels and about 5'5 without, shoulder lenght black curly hair, incredible rear end about a B or small C cup breast. Overall nice body pretty face I believe she's mixed with White, Black, Native American and Puerto Rican so she has a nice tan color. Her personality is pretty cool but she can have an attitude when she wants. The D.J at the Fantasy Ranch said he thought she went to Fritz Too in Anaheim CA. but not so I tried that and the original Fritz in Bellflower CA. Any help on theis would be great. Thanks