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5052 Katella Avenue

Los Alamitos, California 90720

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joseph1k  on  Starting Gate

posted on September 19, 2016
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Food is horrible..dusty! Lady bar tender lazy! And young waitress so Rude! sell this place to me I'll make it way better.

williamr  on  Starting Gate

posted on September 16, 2016
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I love Tuesday night comedy stand up show. It really a lots of fun in would go again and recommend to other ignore you like to laugh

Jordanp  on  Starting Gate

posted on July 25, 2016
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It's 100 + degrees in the mutha. Don't bother it's not fun at all .. I wish I wasn't here

stripforme123  on  Starting Gate

posted on May 30, 2016
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I love it when I stop into a "drinking establishment" to check the scores of NBA and NHL games, only to find they have fabulous food. I mean some of the best burgers, pasta and...yes...steamed vegetables (no kidding). Everything is fresh and the service is great. Very good crowd too.

Moises H.  on Starting Gate

posted on May 1, 2016
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Me and my friends have been coming here for years! Tuesday's are fun. Live comedy at 9pm and they do a good job at rotating comedians to keep it fresh, taco specials (taste great) , and drinks are prices very reasonably.We've been several Friday & Saturdays and gets really busy. Top 40 cover bands. Nice size dance floor. Sound & Lighting is pretty hip also. I think you can reserve tables if you want to plan something but we usually just set up where ever we can. ( most tables were reserved) but plenty of room to walk around. On weekends we have stopped by with family for breakfast, great breakfast! Everyone left happy and full!

Weedman420  on  Starting Gate

posted on March 9, 2016
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I am so happy with the Starting Gate! Everyone was friendly! On the phone and in person. We went in as a family to celebrate my daughters 30th. A table was reserved for us up front. All of us at various ages from 21-53 were happy. We went in for food, drinks and karaoke and stayed for the band and dancing. We will be back! The only downside was that our waitress was super busy, but it was Friday night.

PJ B.  on Starting Gate

posted on December 20, 2015
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A small place, across from the Los Alamitos racetrack with an older crowd. My friend and I went on a Saturday night and it's definitely not a place to go if you're under 40 or actually under 50! The band was lively and played a variety of old and new school songs and the drinks were good, so we had a nice time dancing and drinking.

james1412  on  Starting Gate

posted on October 21, 2015
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Poor service. Do not wait on you. The servers do not ask if you want another drink. They do not refill ice tea. Take forever to give you a menu. Take forever to get your order. Servers do not work. They charge you for an ice tea each time

Crystal G.  on Starting Gate

posted on August 19, 2015
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Such a great place I love coming here I love that every night is different. The food is great the drinks are good a lil different from most places but hey it works and a shout out to the bartender who went far and beyond to help me get a table ...OK NOW AS FOR THE SERVICE by the waitress man she was awesome but man was she slow I know it's busy but I couldn't even catch a buzz I had to wait so long in between drinks and for that I only give 4 stars .

billtheguy12  on  Starting Gate

posted on August 6, 2015
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lived near this bar /grill for some time. first time going in and it was nice. we stopped in for breakfast wich was good. but the atmosphere looks like it is poppinat night. they have a stage and live music, dance floor a and pool tables. Good food and plenty of liquor.

Lola B.  on Starting Gate

posted on June 19, 2015
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If possible I would give this place a negative zillion ... had the worst possible service by a rude and nasty waitress named Danielle ... took forever to place an order and even longer to get it ... then the btch charged everyone at our table multiple times ... probably wanted to make sure she got a tip ... she ran my card for someone else's check and when I asked to have that one voided she said oh I have your card ... I now have 3 charges on my cc ... you bet I will dispute those ... they had a huge event today for bikers and breast cancer.. over 100 people and 2 servers ... the food was so greasy we were gonna change our oil with it ... it's dirty and a friend recently got food poisoning there. .. BIKERS and everyone else BEWARE ... manager was no better ... oh and if you order a soda be prepared to pay for a refill ... which by the way they don't tell you ... $2.50 each .UPDATE ... MY GUY GOT SICK FROM THE GREASY NACHOS

StripClub431  on  Starting Gate

posted on May 24, 2015
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##### watch out for hidden scams ####Would of gave it a 0 star if I could. Came tonight with friends to support their bike night . we orders the spaghetti dinner and ice tea. The tea Glasses were not that big, and the waitress kept going back to fill our glasses. I thought I would be nice and ask her to just drop off a pitcher of tea for the table so she didn't make so many trips. She said OK. After she sets it down she then tells us, just so you know the pitcher cost $10.00 and walks away. but refills are free with our meal. WTF ???? This place will try to screw you out of every dollar that can. It used to be so much better now its a joke... We will be back to support the bike night and it's cause, but I will never ever spend my money in here again. And their $7.00 all you can eat spaghetti w/ meatball and bread dinner means, you get ONE serving of spaghetti w/ meatball and bread and then just noodles and sauce for all refills.. No meatballs no bread. SMH this place is a joke now.....

Christopher P.  on Starting Gate

posted on November 11, 2014
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This place is the center of STEELER NATION in Southern California! I was staying in Buena Park for a class and searched for a Steeler bar to watch the steeler game and this was the first place that came up. Everyone was wearing a jersey and they were all very friendly. One guy was wearing a Pats jersey and nobody said anything negative to him, I was surprised at the respect and class displayed by the Steeler fans in there. As a native of Pittsburgh, I felt like I was in Pittsburgh (without the cold). The service was great and the bartender Emily was awesome! I had a bacon cheeseburger with some fries that were pretty good, nothing spectacular, but it was cheap and very filling. I will definitely be making this a regular stop when I'm in the area. Couldn't be happier with my experience at Starting Gate!

Janelle R.  on Starting Gate

posted on January 27, 2014
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Came here on a Tuesday and saw the comedy show. Drinks were cheap and the show was great! Cant wait to go back again.

Mini T.  on Starting Gate

posted on January 19, 2014
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This 5 star review is strictly for their Tuesday night comedy show. I absolutely loved each show that I attended. I hope they never stop hosting these shows. Too bad they don't do it on the weekends though. I can't say much about service. I don't come here for the drinks either. I only come for the raunchy comedy. And they get really raunchy, so don't come unprepared. Tips:1. Food sucks. Eat before you come here.2. Call to reserve seats for your party for the comedy show.

Stefanie F.  on Starting Gate

posted on January 6, 2014
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I grew up around the corner from this bar and have never been in. I've always wanted to go as it always looks so busy and fun. Finally when visiting my parents house for the holidays a friend and I decided to grab a drink around 11:15pm. Around 12:30 or so the bar was winding down and there was no one really left so we left. Unfortunately the next day I realized I had left my brand new leather jacket there! My mom and I were driving by the next day so we went in and spoke with the manager Carlos who was very accommodating and promised he'd look into the whereabouts of my jacket. He told me to give him a call a couple days later...I followed up with him and sure enough he had great news that he'd found my jacket! I am so pleased by the way this was handled. I'm excited that I finally experience the Starting Gate and can't wait to go back and have some more fun as it was a great venue!

Matt M.  on Starting Gate

posted on December 11, 2013
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Great dive bar for cheap drinks.Their Tues Night Comedy is unusually pretty good. Same line up you'd see at the Improv or Comedy Store on the weekends. Excellent street tacos!Thursday night salsa with a partial live band is also good.Make no mistake though, this is an old dirty dive bar. Don't expect too much!

Johnnyboy123  on  Starting Gate

posted on June 17, 2013
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I LOVE this bar! OK, so my friends and I REALLY love karaoke, and now and again, we go on "Karaoke Adventures" where we check out new bars, some times out of our area. Last night was one of those nights! Three of us girls made the trip out to the Starting Gate, for some Monday night karaoke.I'm guessing Mondays are not a big night for them, actually Mondays are pretty bad for most bars. There weren't a lot of people there, and this place can hold a LOT of people. But we still had a great time, and it's nice some times to sing where the rotation isn't too long.I LOVE the layout of this bar. There's lots of seating, and different little nooks and spaces, for groups, if you come with one. The bartender, Emily, was super friendly, and so was one of the owners that we met, and Scott, the KJ/DJ. They have an awesome stage and large dance floor. The karaoke sound system was good, and they didn't blast the volume so loud that you had to yell to have a conversation. I really wish this place was closer to my house, because I'd be a regular, for sure. Although I didn't try any of their drink specials, I noticed some interesting ones posted behind the bar, for very reasonable prices. We got there right around 9, and Emily immediately let us know that the kitchen had closed early, due to some work they were doing. We were really hungry, so the owner offered to make us any of the deep fried items. We took him up on his offer, and got an order of zucchini sticks and an order of jalapeno poppers. The zucchini was great, the poppers, not so much. They weren't hot, and the actual piece of jalapeno in each of them was thick and dry. But that is my only negative comment.I hope to return here, and could easily see myself upping my review to 5 stars, which I rarely give. Kudos to the owners & staff at the Starting Gate!

Ruth G.  on Starting Gate

posted on March 12, 2013
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fun neighborhood barservice was okthere is an odor around the bar

ryan123  on  Starting Gate

posted on June 30, 2012
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They do bike nights on Wednesday, so I gave them a chance- 3 times. The first night, I got there around 5:30 and it was pretty quiet. Walking through the swinging doors, one thing immediately hits you. It's pitch black in there. Give yourself a couple minutes to adjust, and you'll be alright. I ordered a jack and coke, it took a while, but the nice bartender finally poured it. Instantly disappointed. I wasn't there to get smashed, but the soda was flat and you couldn't taste the whiskey. If she had been behind the bar, I would have had her try it- but she disappeared somewhere. After a few minutes, she showed back up and I let her know. She rolled her eyes and poured another one. Better, but not great. I knew it wasn't going to get any better- so I just drank it.The redeeming quality to this place is the food. For what it is, they can cook some good stuff. Will I be going back? No, but that's me. They get a ton of business, so I might be the crazy one.

eddyL  on  Starting Gate

posted on March 17, 2012
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The whole night I was waiting for Cheech Marin to lock up the doors and for everyone to turn into vampires...especially because the Harley Davidson Mexican dude with his hair pulled back had his eye on me. I swear he looked like he wanted to drain the life outta me. I was also waiting for the band instruments to turn into body parts. Too bad Salma Hayek was nowhere to be found. I'd bite her back if she ever bit me. No lie. Major redeeming qualitative properties for the Starting Gate (SG) involve STIFF drinks. Yep, VERY STIFF. Fast bartender service and efficient waitstaff too. "It's like 15's but with an older but better crowd" says Alicia. Great. I gotta watch myself from getting stabbed...except from the veteranos of surenios or nortenios or whateverTF gang is predominant in this county. Not even 20 minutes in and there's this dude in a 4-man drunken circle jerk huddle bumping into me...Mexican dude: Sorry broMe: Sure man no problem.His friend: What did he say? I'll f*ck his ass up.Me (thinking): I'd LOVE to see you try, T-rex walkin' ass borracho.An hour or so later, we were having fun in our table laughing and this guy approaches...6 foot Barney Rubble: What are you guys laughing at?Me: Not you guys...yet.Barney: C'mon, let's dance. Take your girl out.Me: No thanks, you smell like sweat an hour after a carne asada with pico de gallo. Barney: *laughs*Me: It doesn't matter what I say, you can't hear anything and you're too drunk to be you can't spell coherent.Barney: *laughs some more and leaves*Hey SG, you're right down A-OK alley in my opinion. I see that private party room behind the stage, I bet throwing a party here would be pretty nice. You attract interesting older characters...not exactly my type of folks but that never stopped me from having fun amongst company. I hear they have comedy club Tuesdays and I'd love to see that! For all I know, my next update will warrant an additional star or so. Oh yea, I saw Sammy Haggar here and his celebrity personality is top notch! Not like other pretentious celebs. "...if you can find cheaper foozy anywhere, phuck-et!" -Cheech M.

adamrod  on  Starting Gate

posted on March 9, 2012
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This place was really impressive. From the outside it appears to be your typical divebar feeding off the left overs of the race track down the street. But my jaw absolutely dropped when I walked in. This place is HUGE. With 3 bars, a 25 ft stage with crazy lights, big ass dance floor, and a killer sound system. I felt like I was at a $20+ cover night club but I was right here in good ol Los Alamitos and they dont charge a cover. My experience didnt stop there... The drinks were quite tasty and the bartender(easy on the eyes i might add) pored heavy. Again, its not even funny how impressed I was. I found out that they are under new ownership as of a few years ago and the new owners are young and hip to what a bar/venue should look like.My advice... Come in a cab and be prepared to have an awesome time!

Emilio G.  on Starting Gate

posted on July 22, 2011
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I love live entertaintment, I love music, I love drinking... I feel home when I'm here. I first was invited to this place a couple of months ago when Cochino from Comedy Central started doing shows there on Tuesday. I said to myself that it would be crazy to pull an all nighter and go to work the following morning. I didn't care. So, I went in and had the best time of my life. The bartender at the main bars are very friendly and very knowledgeable about what is trendy about drinks. Did I happen to mention the drink specials after 11? Well, they got 2 for one specials, so yeah, ask for wednesday off cuz you are going to need a tow truck to take you home. Oh yeah, the bartenders are very cool and they also are very friendly. The food was delicious, including dollar tacos. I am mexican, dollar tacos sound as good as a corona for cinco de mayo to me! The place is conviniently located, there's a gas station at the corner, easy to find, good and big parking lot. The place itself is very clean. If there was a complaint I would have about this place, it would have to be the same waittress I get stuck with. I hate having to complaint about the people who handle my food/drinks but thsi particular time, it has to be done. This young lady always, always has a long face, an attitude and she's kind of pushy when taking orders. I know and understand that there is a lot to do in a single night, but that is not one of client's problems. We, pay to eat, have fun, drink and enjoy the night, not to see long faces and deal with staff problems. I hope this review is helpful

Garry M.  on Starting Gate

posted on April 27, 2011
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Great band tonight! Service was great! Had a great time! Band played a lot of oldies and we danced a lot!

Dawn N.  on Starting Gate

posted on January 30, 2011
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Really tired of the same bands every month! and some of them arent even that good! Bring some new ones in! Thanks!

Lars S.  on Starting Gate

posted on March 1, 2010
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Bad business practices & a jerky manager named Fernando. Came to visit a friend who is one of the cocktail servers. Bar was divy-er than expected, but I don't mind. Actually like dive bars. Ordered an appetizer and soda which they refilled a few times. Food was typical mediocre bar food. Since there was a shift change, they asked me to close my tab which i gladly did. At that point, there was no charge for refills. I decided to to stay an extra 2 hrs for the live entertainment and refilled my soda a few more times. As I got ready to leave, the manager presented me with another check for four sodas saying that refills were not free. When I tried to explain that I already paid a check that included free refills, he said very abrupt and with a jerky attitude that it was a mistake. From my perspective, it seems my food and soda was not enough business for my time spent there. So he arbitrarily decided to charge for refills when at first he was not. I am non-confrontational by nature and tried to explain that I am fine with the policy and paying the extra, but was bothered by the principle of their mistake and misleading message to a patron being my problem. He just blew me off. The server actually apologized for Fernando, the manager. To not charge for refills 1 minute, then change your mind is ridiculous. A business that is going to that extent to penny pinch will never gain good repute. I will not be going back. The Gate needs to re-evaluate their policies, get staff on the same page, fire Fernando & re-hire management with a better attitude and a good head to customer service practices. Is it really worth losing customers over $7.50 of soda which is a negligible overhead cost?

John G.  on Starting Gate

posted on January 19, 2010
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I used to really like the Starting Gate, or just the "Gate", as my friends and I call it. The closest I can come to describing this place is a Honky Tonk, but west coast style. On the weekends, there's dancing and the music is directed toward an older crowd, of which, I happen to be a member. On Wednesdays, they used to have a Bike Night but not anymore. Bike night was a place all of us of the Harley persuasion could get together for some camaraderie, act like teenagers again and generally have a mid week break from the day to day. Not anymore. The dumbass is bringing in a band. On Wednesday night. Wednesday night at 9 o'clock. What the hell is he thinking? It seems the owner doesn't like bikers. Either that, or he's trying to change the image of the Gate. I can't imagine him giving up all the money from Bike Night. You have to understand, on any given Wednesday night there, there are at least 200-400 People, bikers. During the summer, there are probably close to 600-800. Of course, I'm just going by the full tables and full parking lot I see,but you get the picture. I could easily drop 100 bucks on Wednesday. We have a table of at least 8 old geezers on any Wednesday and most tables have at least 4. As far as trying to change the image of the Gate, come on. It is what it is. He's have to completely tear the place down and rebuild it to change it's image. It's a dive bar with semi-decent food. OK, the food is bar food. Good bar food, but bar food. The Gate has been it's present configuration for many years. It is what it is. Leave it alone. Along with Bike, we used to go some Friday and Saturday night but I won't be going back. If the owner won't keep Bike night, I have no interest in going there any other time. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.